A Change in the Weather

Author: Michael Allaby

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 1438108613

Category: Science

Page: 221

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Discusses climatic change throughout history, including atmospheric changes, global warming, ice ages, and sea level variations.

A Change in the Weather

Modernist Imagination, African American Imaginary

Author: Geoffrey Jacques

Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press

ISBN: 1558496882

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 185

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This book explores the impact of African American culture on modernist poetic language by placing black literature and culture at the center of an inquiry into the genealogy of avant-garde poetics. Geoffrey Jacques looks at how blackface minstrelsy, ragtime, vernacular languages, advertising copy, Freud's idea of the Uncanny, vaudeville, the cliché, and Tin Pan Alley-style song all influenced modernist poetry. In a key insight, Jacques points out that the black urban community in the United States did not live in ghettos during the years before World War I, but in smaller enclaves spread out among the general population. This circumstance helped catalyze African American culture's dramatic and surprising impact on the emergent avant-garde. By using a wide range of theoretical tools, Jacques poses new questions about literary, cultural, and social history, the history and structure of modernist poetic language, canon formation, and the history of criticism.This contribution to the ongoing debate over early twentieth-century culture presents modernism as an interracial, cross-cultural project, arguing for a new appreciation of the central role black culture played within it. Writers and artists whose works are discussed include Marianne Moore, Charles Chesnutt, Jean Toomer, Wallace Stevens, James A. Bland, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Gertrude Stein, Bert Williams, Zora Neale Hurston, Samuel Beckett, W. C. Handy, Hart Crane, and Clement Greenberg.

Astronomy, Weather, and Calendars in the Ancient World

Parapegmata and Related Texts in Classical and Near-Eastern Societies

Author: Daryn Lehoux

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521851815

Category: History

Page: 566

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This 2007 book explains the popular instruments and texts (parapegmata) used in antiquity for astronomical weather prediction.

A Change in the Weather

Author: Raymond Welch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780615734095


Page: 412

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A Change in the Weather follows the Russell family during the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of the polar ice cap, from March 2028 through May 2029. The Arctic has inverted from heat reflector to heat sink, and the jet stream has broken from its age-old trajectory to whip the globe like an unattended fire hose. Rainfall patterns shift seasons, location, and intensity the world over. Agriculture fails. The international economy collapses. Terrorism surges. In the ensuing panic, the United States embraces President Roland Strauch, a Biblical literalist who heads the American Homeland Party and its armed militia, the Order of the Eagle and Cross. Each member of the Russell family does what he or she thinks is right in an America where democracy and Christianity struggle to survive. What each thinks is right couldn't be more different. "Ray intertwines key dynamics of the global environment and American society to explore how individuals and families will be forced to respond to intersecting global crises. This is a heck of a story with a large cast of compelling characters." - Charles Hugh Smith, author/blogger, Of Two Minds "Earth's climate is unstable, and we are pushing it hard towards a sudden shift to a new state by pumping huge quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. A radical shift in the climate between the years 2018-2028 as envisioned by Welch is entirely plausible." - Dr. Jeff Masters, Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground "We are already seeing (as predicted) outsized warming of the Arctic compared to other parts of the globe. There is growing evidence that we are already seeing weather patterns being influenced by loss of Arctic sea ice." - Dr. Mark Serreze, Director, National Snow and Ice Data Center, U. of Colorado at Boulder "Ray has worked in the energy business for years and knows it inside out." - Chris Rafael, Editor, California Energy Markets "A Change in the Weather is a well-written and disturbing page-turner. Ray has composed an edgy mix of fact and fiction that kept each of us up late each night." - Arjan Khalsa, CEO, Conceptua Math - Dalbir Khalsa, Physician Assistant, Community Medicine

Change in the Weather

Author: Philip Eden

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826480293

Category: Science

Page: 256

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Provides an investigation on the extremes of weather we experience and the dire consequences for farmers, builders and above all insurance companies who live by a calculation of actuarial risk. This book reconnects to have proper historical and scientific contexts in which to place the sequence of interesting and unusual meteorological phenomena.

Arctic Alpine Ecosystems and People in a Changing Environment

Author: Jon Børre Ørbaek,Roland Kallenborn,Ingunn Tombre,Else N. Hegseth,Stig Falk-Petersen,Alf H. Hoel

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540485147

Category: Science

Page: 434

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The European Arctic and Alpine regions are experiencing large environmental changes. These changes may have socio-economic effects if the changes affect the bioproduction, which form the basis for the marine and terrestrial food chains. This uniquely multidisciplinary book presents the various aspects of contemporary environmental changes in Arctic and Alpine Regions.