The Official 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia tm Fact File

The Official 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia tm  Fact File

Presents a guide to the 2018 World Cup held in Russia, including profiles of each team, players to watch, information on the host cities and stadiums, and trivia questions.

Author: Kevin Pettman


ISBN: 1783123370


Page: 64

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Nothing beats the sporting spectacle of the World Cup, and this official fact file for kids helps them get ready for the excitement of Russia 2018. Illustrated with more than 120 amazing images, it presents all 32 teams, plus profiles of 36 star players, including Thomas Müller, Antoine Griezmann, Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Along with special features, there's a fill-in match chart for fans to complete as the drama unfolds.

Torkildsen s Sport and Leisure Management

Torkildsen s Sport and Leisure Management

Sport and Recreation : An Economic Analysis . Routledge , Abingdon . IOC . ( 2020 ) . Olympic marketing fact file Fact - File.pdf ( accessed 12 June 2020 ) ... ( 2018a ) . 2018 FIFA world cup Russia global broadcast and audience summary .

Author: Rob Wilson

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000713640

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 532

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For nearly 40 years Torkildsen’s Sport and Leisure Management has been the most comprehensive and engaging introduction to sport and leisure management available to students at all levels. Now in its seventh edition, it is still the only textbook that covers all the key topics taught within contemporary sport and leisure management courses. This new edition includes expanded coverage of the practical managerial skills that students must develop if aiming for a career in the sport and leisure industry, from planning and managing people to marketing, entrepreneurship, and the law. It includes four completely new chapters on the global sport and leisure economy, historical development, cross-sector collaboration, and management consultancy, reflecting important developments in contemporary sport and leisure. This edition retains the hallmark strengths of previous editions, including in-depth discussion of the social and cultural context of sport and leisure; full analysis of the public, private, and voluntary sectors; and a review of key products and services. Richly illustrated throughout with up-to-date evidence, data, case-studies, and international examples, each chapter also contains a range of useful pedagogical features, such as discussion questions, practical tasks, and structured guides to further reading and resources. This is an important resource for students working in fields such as sport management, sport business, sport development, leisure management, and events management. Dedicated online resources offer additional teaching and learning material for students and lecturers.
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Managing Sport Organizations

Managing Sport Organizations

Each of 13 partners pays upwards of $100 million in cash and value-in-kind for a four-year sponsorship (IOC Olympic Marketing Fact File, 2018). □ FIFA earned $6 billion from the 2018 World Cup in Russia, about 25% more than the 2014 ...

Author: Daniel Covell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429776533

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 370

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Now in a fully revised and updated fourth edition, Managing Sport Organizations introduces the fundamentals of sport management across every industry sector, from youth and intercollegiate sport to professional leagues. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, it covers every key topic, issue and concept in contemporary sport management, including understanding management and its relationship to sport strategy decision making organizational design leadership human resource management managing change facility management sport media and new technologies This new edition contains expanded coverage of current topics such as international sport, ethics, new technologies and career pathways in sport management. Each chapter includes a full range of useful features, such as case studies, career insights, management exercises, study questions and definitions of key terms and concepts. No other textbook combines the rigor of the business school with the creativity and dynamism of modern sport business. Accompanied by additional online resources, this is the perfect foundation for any course in sport management, sport administration or sport business.
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Mega Events City and Power

Mega Events  City and Power

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) n.d.a, 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM: Global Broadcast and Audience ... FIFA, Zurich, viewed 15 September 2019, < ...

Author: Nelma Gusmão de Oliveira

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429515842

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

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This book examines the power relations that emerge from the convergence of the universe in which the sporting spectacle is produced and the universe in which a city is produced. The book adopts Bourdieu’s concept of field to explore the interests and disputes involved in the production of sports mega-events across different times and spaces, and the role of host cities in these processes. It aims to identify the bases that give these spectacles the power to produce disruptions in the social fabric of the host cities and countries and to enable the production of authoritarian forms of exercising power. By observing the historical constitution of the field of production of sport spectacle as an autonomous field, this book explores how sport mega-events create both an arena and a context for radical expressions of authoritarianism of neoliberal planning models. The book will be of interest to students, scholars, and professionals in architecture and urban studies, urban planning, municipal governance, sport and leisure studies as well as those interested in the relationship between state and capital in the production of urban space.
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Managing Sport Events

Managing Sport Events$File/eysports-newsreel.pdf. ESPN News Services. 2008, March 15. ... New York: McGraw-Hill. FIFA. 2018. “Impact and Legacy of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia: Facts and Figures.

Author: T. Christopher Greenwell

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492590668

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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Running a successful sporting event—whether it’s a local event, state championship, or international competition—requires the knowledge and skills to plan, organize, promote, lead, and communicate effectively. Managing Sport Events, Second Edition With Web Resource, will prepare readers to manage events with ease, guiding them through the entire process, from event conception to postevent evaluation. Merging research findings with best practices, Managing Sport Events, Second Edition, presents the key principles of event management to prepare students to enter the field with the skills needed to immediately engage in event production and evaluation. With updated references throughout, the second edition emphasizes practical application by offering plenty of contemporary examples and learning opportunities for students: New industry profiles at the beginning of each chapter showcase professionals putting theory into practice Added sections address emerging trends and topics, such as sustainability and event security Examples show how new technologies can be utilized for event management and event presentation Scenarios highlighting recreational and community events better represent smaller-scale events such as a local 5K run or a youth basketball tournament Case studies and learning activities at the end of each chapter allow students to put theory into practice A new web resource offers mini case studies with multiple-choice questions that provide immediate feedback to help students gauge their comprehension Managing Sport Events, Second Edition, leads students through the reality of what it takes to conduct a successful event. Starting with event conception and development, the text then addresses key planning areas, including staffing, budgeting, marketing, promotion, sponsorship, and legal and risk management. It then moves into key operational areas such as services, logistics, and on-site management, and it concludes the process with postevent duties and considerations. Managing Sport Events, Second Edition, integrates the traditional business segments of sport management with the unique requirements of event management. This guide is an essential resource for current and future professionals working in parks and recreation, tourism and hospitality, and sports at all levels—youth, high school, college, amateur, minor league, professional, and international competition.
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The Business of the FIFA World Cup

The Business of the FIFA World Cup

Available at: mm/document/affederation/administration/02/56/80/39/fr2014weben_neutral.pdf FIFA (2018) 2018-FIFA-world-cup-russia-global-broadcast-and-audience-executive-summary.pdf.

Author: Simon Chadwick

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000575019

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 276

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The FIFA World Cup is arguably the biggest sporting event on earth. This book is the first to focus on the business and management of the World Cup, taking the reader from the initial stages of bidding and hosting decisions, through planning and organisation, to the eventual legacies of the competition. The book introduces the global context in which the World Cup takes place, surveying the history and evolution of the tournament and the geopolitical background against which bidding and hosting decisions take place. It examines all the key issues and debates which surround the tournament, from governance and corruption to security and the media, and looks closely at the technical processes that create the event, from planning and finance to marketing and fan engagement. Analysis of the Women’s World Cup is also embedded in every chapter, and the book also considers the significance of World Cup tournaments at age-group level. No sport business or management course is complete without some discussion of the FIFA World Cup, so this book is essential reading for any student, researcher or sport business professional looking to fully understand global sport business today.
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Football Corruption and Lies

Football  Corruption and Lies

Here we focus on ethical issues stemming from the award of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup Finals to Russia and Qatar, ... The Ugly Game,16 based on what they labelled the “FIFA Files”, which were in fact files from the server of the AFC, ...

Author: John Sugden

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134811748

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 290

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World football is in crisis. The corruption scandal engulfing FIFA is arguably the biggest story in the history of modern sport and a watershed for sport governance. More than a decade ago, John Sugden and Alan Tomlinson laid the foundations for subsequent investigations with the publication of Badfellas, a groundbreaking work of critical sport sociology that exposed the systematic corruption at the heart of world football. It was a book that FIFA and Sepp Blatter tried to ban. Now re-issued to combine the original contents of Badfellas with new chapters covering the current crisis, this book points to the ways in which FIFA’s new administration can learn from the Blatter story. The prequel traces the course of Sugden and Tomlinson’s game-changing investigation into FIFA, while the sequel updates the FIFA story from 2002 onwards and provides a chronology of crises and scandals within the FIFA narrative. Demonstrating the vital importance of critical investigative methods in sport studies, Football, Corruption and Lies: Revisiting Badfellas, the book FIFA tried to ban is essential reading for anybody looking to understand Blatter’s rise and fall.
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Homelessness Social Exclusion and Health

Homelessness  Social Exclusion and Health

20–6 Statista (2017) 'Film industry in India: Statistics and facts' (online). ... 25; doi:10.3390/ijerph14010025 Stewart, W. (2018) 'FIFA World Cup: Russia denies claims that the homeless have been beaten and removed from the city ...

Author: Fiona Cuthill

Publisher: Dunedin Academic Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781780466040

Category: Political Science

Page: 176

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In a globalised world, the wealthy elite and the rough sleeper negotiate the same streets, jostling for space in the doorways of shops selling luxury goods, thus the winners and losers of global capitalism meet in the same urban spaces. While the visibility of rough sleepers has become a shorthand to frame poverty and inequality, homelessness is not confined to the doorways of cities. It is experienced in a multitude of different ways: as single homeless people living in hostels, shelters and temporary supported accommodation, as those sofa-surfing and living in overcrowded accommodation and as those who are termed statutory homeless, waiting for a house from a social housing provider.Homelessness is recognised as a multi-dimensional phenomenon. The issue of homelessness and social exclusion has received increasing attention in the wider arena of health and social care policy and practice, the issue of homelessness and health has been the focus of recent Public Health attention in Scotland. Positioned within a health inequalities framework, homelessness is understood to be both a consequence and a cause of poverty, social and health inequality. Homeless people experience poorer physical and mental health than the general population and present a higher prevalence of physical, mental and substance misuse issues.The main aim of this book is to support readers wishing to understand issues of homelessness, social exclusion and health at a local level but to do so by framing these issues in a global context. It expands notions of health by drawing on disciplines outside the fields of housing and health to better comprehend the ways that stigma, identity and urban geographies shape, frame and present homelessness, especially for those who are rough sleeping.
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Panics Without Borders

Panics Without Borders

Matthew Brown, “Fact Check: Mask- Wearing Not Connected to Child Trafficking,” USA Today, August 11, 2020. 4. ... “A Stage for Human Trafficking: The World Cup in Russia,” The Russia File: A Blog of the Keenan Institute, June 18, 2018.

Author: Gregory Mitchell

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520381766


Page: 320

View: 713

We are living in a time of great panic about "sex trafficking"--an idea whose meaning has been expanded beyond any real usefulness by evangelicals, conspiracy theorists, anti-prostitution feminists, and politicians with their own agendas. This is especially visible during events like the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games, when claims circulate that as many as 40,000 women and girls will be sex trafficked. Drawing on extensive fieldwork in Brazil as well as interviews with sex workers, policymakers, missionaries, and activists in Russia, Qatar, Japan, the UK, and South Africa, Gregory Mitchell shows that despite baseless statistical claims to the contrary, sex trafficking never increases as a result of these global mega-events--but police violence against sex workers always does. While advocates have long decried this myth, Mitchell follows the discourse across host countries to ask why this panic so easily embeds during these mega-events. What fears animate it? Who profits? He charts the move of sex trafficking into the realm of the spectacular--street protests, awareness-raising campaigns, telenovelas, social media, and celebrity spokespeople--where it then spreads across borders. This trend is dangerous because these events happen in moments of nationalist fervor during which fears of foreigners and migrants are heightened and easily exploited to frightening ends.

Social Issues in Sport

Social Issues in Sport

More than half the world watched record-breaking 2018 World Cup. upload/2018-fifa-world-cup-russia-global-broad- cast-and-audience-executive-summary.pdf?cloudid=n- jqsntrvdvqv8ho1dag5.

Author: Ron Woods

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492593867

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 464

View: 951

Social Issues in Sport, Fourth Edition With HKPropel Access, introduces students to the study of sport as a social phenomenon. It explores current trends in sport and examines complex connections between sport and politics, economics, religion, race, gender, youth, and more. Author Ronald Woods draws on his experience of more than 40 years as a professor, coach, and sport administrator to explore modern sport from historical and cultural perspectives. New coauthor B. Nalani Butler offers a fresh perspective to the study of sport from an emerging generation of Black female scholars. She draws on her background as an athlete and professor, and leverages her international experience from working with the Center for Sport, Peace and Society and the International Olympic Academy (IOA). The text’s presentation style, full-color design, and ample learning tools are designed to keep students engaged. Social Issues in Sport, Fourth Edition, addresses the Common Professional Component topics outlined by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). The text remains grounded in practical application and provides opportunities for students to examine real-world issues through the lens of social theory. The fourth edition also features the following enhancements: Online learning tools delivered through HKPropel: case studies on current events, video lectures, and essay and multiple-choice questions to support applied learning and encourage critical thinking Increased emphasis on emerging issues such as sport wagering, the use of social protest by athletes, sexual harassment of or by athletes, and sport safety Discussions on the rise in popularity of esports and on the exploding influence of social media on athletes, spectators, and fans Updated sidebars that address current topics such as the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on sport, offering a contemporary context to which students can apply the concepts in the text Social Issues in Sport, Fourth Edition, is streamlined into three parts, maintaining an accessible and student-friendly format that aligns with a 16-week semester. Part I sets the stage for studying sport from a sociological perspective by defining key terms and presenting crucial social theories. This section examines participation in sport, from spectators to performers, and explores sport economics through sport management, sport marketing, and sport media. Part II discusses sport institutions at all levels, from youth sport to Olympic competition. Part III is devoted to current issues and critically analyzes the effects of gender, race, economic status, religion, and government on sport. It also offers a detailed look at both ethics and deviance in sport. Social Issues in Sport, Fourth Edition, provides the foundations for critically examining the multifaceted roles of sport and physical activity in society. The information and activities offered by the text invite students to evaluate the sociocultural issues intertwined with sport and relate these themes to their own lives. Through this in-depth examination of sociocultural issues, students will be able to understand and appreciate the development of sport as a part and reflection of our society. Note: A code for accessing HKPropel is not included with this ebook but may be purchased separately.
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