The Big Book of Random Facts Vol 3

1000 Interesting Facts and Trivia

Author: Bill O'Neill

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539870258


Page: 122

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If you love trivia or just learning new and interesting facts, The Big Book of Random Facts is for you! This book is loaded with 1000 random facts from history to geography to nature to pop culture. Funny facts, obscure facts, amazing facts, it's all here. Become a master of trivia nights and quizzes or even start your own trivia game with this book jam-packed with fun and exciting facts! The Big Book of Random facts is chock full of fun facts from a wide range of subjects and fields. There's trivia about movies, animals, world events, video games, the body, amazing firsts, art, sports, music, history and so much more. Every one of the facts here has been thoroughly researched for accuracy, and laid out in a fun and exciting format. You'll find engaging and interesting facts on every single page. In fact, you'll probably find it hard to put down. Ever wonder what the first TV show on DVD was, who has the largest recorded family tree in the world, who made the first forward pass in football, what bubble wrap was originally made for, or what the first Bitcoins were used to buy? These trivia facts and so many more will be at your fingertips. It doesn't matter if you're a pub trivia veteran, quizmaster, online trivia gamer, or just someone who wants to learn a slew of new fun and interesting facts to stay sharp, you will find a wealth of new and intriguing trivia facts in The Big Book of Random Facts.

1000 Facts about Superhero Movies

Author: James Egan


ISBN: 1326487574

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 182

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Superman was nearly played by Muhammad Ali. Jack Nicholson was paid $60 million to play the Joker. When he was a teenager, Robert Downey Jr. bullied a kid for reading Iron Man comics. In China, Guardians of the Galaxy is called Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team. Oprah Winfrey nearly played Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad. Deadpool was in development for 16 years. Wonder Woman was nearly played by Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Megan Fox, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Beyonce. Chris Evans turned down Captain America three times. The tagline for Justice League was "Unite the Seven" even though there are six superheroes in the film. Jerry Seinfeld convinced Hugh Jackman to retire from the X-Men series. Shawarma sales skyrocketed after The Avengers was released. An alternative ending for Amazing Spider-Man 2 shows that Peter Parker's father is alive. Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the role of Thor. Michael Jackson desperately wanted to play the X-Men's mentor, Professor X.

Chronological Crue Vol. 1 - The Eighties

The Complete History of Mötley Crüe in the 1980s

Author: Paul Miles

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781795460132


Page: 188

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From the highly-acclaimed rock history website read millions of times, Chronological Crue is THE definitive source of fact on the world's most notorious rock band: Mötley Crüe. It is used worldwide by TV networks, music industry journalists, critics, and fans as an invaluable reference on Mötley Crüe. First published in paperback during 2006 and having been out-of-print for many years, fans have been asking for this expanded and updated second edition. It includes a Foreword by Neil Strauss: best-selling author of The Dirt. There's over a quarter-million words on Motley Crue in over 1,000 pages across all 4 volumes in this series - Vol 1. The Eighties, Vol 2. The Nineties, Vol 3. The Naughties, Vol 4. The Onesies - collect them all! The brand-new Vol 4. takes readers through to the last concert of The Final Tour on Crue Year's Eve 2015, and also contains a bonus Gigography that lists every Motley Crue performance - over 1,700 in total. "Nobody on the planet has dedicated their life to documenting the entire history of Mötley Crüe more accurately, thoroughly, and continuously than Paul Miles. Rather than recount the story of the most reckless musical act the world has ever seen in the past tense, this book will guide you through every step of the way as it all unfolded. Pulling no punches and telling no lies, Paul Miles will reveal facts that have been covered up, forgotten, or falsified by every previous account. Get ready to find out the real truth behind the highest highs and lowest lows in the Crüe's perilous kingdom of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll..." Steve-O, of MTV's Jackass and Wildboyz infamy "Paul knows more about us than we know." Tommy Lee "I've read it before and gone, we did THAT?" Nikki Sixx "Chronological Crue is without a doubt the definitive Mötley Crüe reference work. I used it extensively in writing the script of The Dirt and I highly recommend it to not only fans of the band, but anyone with an interest in the history of rock n' roll. For contained on these sweaty pages is a treasure trove of sleazy tidbits on not just the band but the slew of other musicians, critics, groupies, scum sucking corporate-types, famous wives and infamous playthings who came across their path. If Mötley played with them, partied with them or shagged them silly, it's here for all to see. It is a compulsive completist's dream, filled with the sort of arcane minutia that can settle arguments, win bets, or simply allow you to sleep after pondering for hours the exact date of Nikki Sixx's first overdose in the back alleys of Hammersmith. Now hurry up and buy it so Paul Miles can finally feel as if his life has meaning." Rich Wilkes, screenwriter of Mötley's movie The Dirt

Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting - E-Book

Author: Sandy Fritz,Leon Chaitow,Glenn Hymel

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323070698

Category: Medical

Page: 848

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Covering advanced massage therapy skills, this practical resource prepares you to work with medical professionals in a clinical setting, such as a hospital, hospice, long-term care, or other health-related practice. It discusses the many skills you need to succeed in this environment, helping you become a contributing member of an integrated team. Also covered are the essentials of clinical massage, such as indications and contraindications, review of massage methods, range of motion testing, SOAP note documentation, and a massage therapy general protocol. Case studies show how a multidisciplinary approach applies to real-world clients. By coordinating your work with other health professionals, you can enhance patient care in any clinical setting! Includes a DVD with: Two hours of video showing specific applications, featuring author Sandy Fritz. A complete general protocol for massage. State-of-the-art animations depicting biologic functions and medical procedures. 700 full-color illustrations accompany procedures, concepts, and techniques. An integrated healthcare approach covers the healthcare environment and the skills necessary to be a contributing member of an integrated healthcare team. A research-based focus emphasizes research, clinical reasoning, and outcome-based massage application — for effective massage application in conjunction with healthcare intervention. A complete general protocol provides a guide to treating disorders and maintaining wellness, with recommendations for positioning and interventions, using a step-by-step sequence that can easily be modified to meet a patient's specific needs. A palliative protocol helps you temporarily relieve a patient's symptoms of disorders or diseases. Case studies focus on outcome-based massage for individuals with multiple health issues, detailing assessment, medical intervention, justification for massage, and session documentation. Coverage of advanced massage therapy skills and decision-making skills includes specific themes for effective massage application, allowing you to consolidate massage treatment based on the main outcomes — useful when working with individuals with multiple pathologies or treatment needs. A discussion of aromatherapy provides safe recommendations for the use of essential oils in conjunction with massage, to promote healing of the body and mind. Descriptions of illness and injury include relevant anatomy/physiology/pathophysiology, as well as strategies and massage applications to use for pain management, immune support, stress management, chronic illness, and post-surgical needs. Coverage of insurance and reimbursement issues relates to you as a massage professional. Strategies for general conditions such as substance abuse, mental health, orthopedic injury, and cardiovascular disorders help you specialize in clinical massage. Expert authors provide knowledge in research, massage therapy in healthcare, and manual therapies. Learning resources include chapter outlines, chapter learning objectives, key terms, and workbook-style exercises. A companion Evolve website includes: PubMed links to research supporting best practices and justification for massage application. More information on topics such as insurance, pharmacology, and nutrition. More information on anatomy and physiology and other subjects. A comprehensive glossary with key terms and some audio pronunciations.