Trivia Madness Volume 4

1000 Fun Trivia Questions

Author: Bill O'neill

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781546354246


Page: 206

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Introducing Trivia Madness, Volume 4: The complete manual providing trivia, trivia facts, interesting facts, trivia questions, random facts, brain teaser quizzes, and brain games to strengthen your knowledge base! This is our fourth installment in the series, and you will not be disappointed with this newest installment. This book offer trivia in the following areas: TV, Movies, Music, Sports, Math, Science, History, and so much more! One of the trivia facts included in this installment: Question: What country won the World Cup in 1978? Answer - Argentina. You will amaze your friends and family with the wealth of knowledge you will gain from reading this trivia questions book! There are so many interesting facts to learn from the newest installment in this series. For example: Question - What makes a Mansard roof distinctive? Answer - All four sides are sloped. What average Joe would know these random facts? You will be the most wanted team player when it comes to playing a trivia game. The included quizzes will provide your family endless hours of family fun. Most families lack the opportunity to bond or have quality time together. You will be pleased with the vast variety of the questions included. There are numerous categories filled with random facts to expand your knowledge of the world around you. The brain games included will release any brain fog and make you the life of the party with all of the interesting facts that you will be able to provide. You can use this book in addition to the trivia questions that you already have in your personal arsenal. Trivia facts have a tendency to amaze those around you, it is a known fact! Assisting others to increase their brain power will make you feel better about yourself too! Quizzes should not be something humans fear, besides this one already contains the answer key! Brain games are invaluable. Check this out: Question - What is the meaning of numismatics? Answer - The study or collection of coins, paper currency, and medals. These trivia questions will expand your mind and increase your knowledge, guaranteed!

The Official James Bond 007 Movie Book

Author: Sally Hibbin

Publisher: Crown Pub


Category: Bond, James (Fictitious character)

Page: 128

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Describes the production and plot of each James Bond film from "Dr. No" to "The Living Daylights," with additional details on 007's women, colleagues, adversaries, and his ingenious gadgets and weaponry