Women, Gender and Everyday Social Transformation in India

Author: Kenneth Bo Nielsen,Anne Waldrop

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1783082690

Category: Social Science

Page: 262

View: 2196

The pace of socioeconomic transformation in India over the past two and a half decades has been formidable. This volume sheds light on how these transformations have played out at the level of everyday life to influence the lives of Indian women, and gender relations more broadly. Through ethnographically grounded case studies, the authors portray the contradictory and contested co-existence of discrepant gendered norms, values and visions in a society caught up in wider processes of sociopolitical change. ‘Women, Gender and Everyday Social Transformation in India’ moves the debate on gender and social transformation into the domain of everyday life to arrive at locally embedded and detailed, ethnographically informed analyses of gender relations in real-life contexts that foreground both subtle and not-so-subtle negotiations and contestations.

Science, Spirituality and the Modernization of India

Author: Makarand R. Paranjape

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 9781843317760

Category: History

Page: 296

View: 9015

Spirituality played a key role in the construction of Indian modernity. While science has certainly been an agent of modernization in India and other non-Western countries, what makes Indian modernity somewhat special is that spiritual leaders have also been instrumental in the process. Moreover, leading Indian scientists and spiritualists have recognized the immense potential for dialogue between the two disciplines. Post-colonial India, with its ready access to a holistic spirituality and significant achievements in science and technology, is a fertile site for such a dialogue. Each of the book’s four sections addresses specific themes: (1) The tension not just between science and spirituality, but also between the East and West; (2) how some key figures in India became carriers of modern consciousness, and explored the relationship between science and spirituality in the very process of trying to reform their society; (3) significant areas of research in which science and spirituality are both deeply implicated; and (4) the relationship of both scientific and spiritual practice with gender and social justice.

Aboard the Democracy Train

A Journey through Pakistan's Last Decade of Democracy

Author: Nafisa Hoodbhoy

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 0857288946

Category: History

Page: 268

View: 3891

‘Aboard the Democracy Train’ is about politics and journalism in Pakistan. It is a gripping front-line account of the country’s decade of turbulent democracy (1988-1999), as told through the eyes of the only woman reporter working during the Zia era at ‘Dawn’, Pakistan’s leading English language newspaper. In this volume, the author reveals her unique experiences and coverage of ethnic violence, women’s rights and media freedoms. The narrative provides an insight into the politics of the Pak-Afghan region in the post 9-11 era, and exposes how the absence of rule of law claimed the life of its only woman prime minister.

Land Dispossession and Everyday Politics in Rural Eastern India

Author: Kenneth Bo Nielsen

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1783087498

Category: Social Science

Page: 234

View: 6943

Over the past decade India has witnessed a number of land wars that have centred crucially on the often forcible transfer of land from small farmers or indigenous groups to private companies. Among these, the land war that erupted in Singur, West Bengal, in 2006, went on to make national headlines and become paradigmatic of many of the challenges and social conflicts that arise when a state-led policy of swiftly transferring land to private sector companies encounters resistance on the ground. Land Dispossession and Everyday Politics in Rural Eastern India analyses the movement by Singur’s so-called unwilling farmers to retain and reclaim their farmland. By foregrounding the everyday politics of popular mobilization, the book sheds new light on the movement’s internal politics as well as on contentious issues rooted in everyday caste, class and gender relations.

Valued Daughters

First-Generation Career Women

Author: Alice W. Clark

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 9351508870

Category: Social Science

Page: 212

View: 4290

This book studies the transition of agency and self-identity in young women aspiring for a career. Valued Daughters traces the spread of ambition for lifetime careers among young women in urban India, who are effecting many changes by stepping out of their traditional roles to pursue higher education and jobs. It analyses intersecting transitions—demographic, educational, economic, social, and cultural, with their individual histories and trajectories—that form the context of this study. Using first-hand narratives of women and their families, this book illustrates a new and changing sense of self among these daughters, whose mothers never had careers of their own. Focusing on the way these young career-oriented women engage with immediate society and the world at large, this book explores how they view traditional roles and how they are, in turn, viewed by the society.

Rural India Facing the 21st Century

Author: Barbara Harriss-White,Es Jan̲akarājan̲

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1843310880

Category: History

Page: 539

View: 2370

A profound analysis of a broad range of issues, providing a masterly overview of rural development in India.

South Asian Media Cultures

Audiences, Representations, Contexts

Author: Shakuntala Banaji

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 0857284096

Category: History

Page: 276

View: 6613

South Asian Media Cultures' is a collection of essays that pulls together field-based audience and textual research in areas such as the politics of new media, contemporary television and film in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and their audiences. Through a careful analysis of the various media cultures and practices from across South Asia, this collection addresses pertinent issues such as how discourses on gender, nationalism, ethnicity and class are being expressed by mainstream media texts across South Asia, and how different groups within the public discern meanings from such discourses. With this collection, Banaji aims to reduce the reliance on commercial Hindi cinema ('Bollywood') for reference on the politics and history of South Asian Media. Instead, key current research and theoretical debate are presented in an accessible manner. They are organised around three clear themes: 'Audiences, meanings and social contexts', which focuses on the responses of particular social groups to specific media formats, ideas or genres; 'Media Discourse, Identity and Politics', which discusses the complex links between media representations and socio-political identities; and 'Alternative Producers: New Media, Politics and Civic Participation', which describes and assesses the various civic practices and possibilities opened up in South Asia by digital and mobile communications.

Men and Masculinities in South India

Author: Caroline Osella,Filippo Osella

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 9781843313991

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 9649

'Men and Masculinities in South India' aims to increase understanding of gender within South Asia and especially South Asian masculinities, a topic whose analysis and ethnographising in the region has had a very sketchy beginning and is ripe for more thorough examination.

Rabindranath Tagore's The Home and the World

A Critical Companion

Author: Pradip Kumar Datta

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1843310996

Category: History

Page: 204

View: 4292

Designed as a companion to Rabindranath Tagore's 'Ghare-Baire' (The Home and the World), the ten essays of this volume cover the novel in terms of the complexity of colonial modernity. The book will be of great value and interest to those studying Indian literature, post-coloniality, gender representations and nationalism.

Producing Power

Ethnicity, Gender, and Class in a Caribbean Workplace

Author: Kevin Yelvington

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781439904459

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

View: 7134

In a small, locally owned Trinidadian factory that produces household goods, 80 percent of the line workers are women, almost all black or East Indian. The supervisors are all men, either white or East Indian. Kevin Yelvington worked for a year in this factory to study how ethnicity and gender are integral elements of the class structure, a social and economic structure that permeates all relations between men and women in the factory. These primary divisions determine the way the production process is ordered and labor divided. Unlike women in other industries in "underdeveloped" parts of the world who are recruited by foreign firms, Caribbean women have always contributed to the local economy. Within this historical context, Yelvington outlines the development of the state, and addresses exploitation and domination in the labor process. Yelvington also documents the sexually charged interactions between workers and managers and explores how both use flirting and innuendo to their advantage. Weddings and other social events outside the factory provide insightful details about how the creation of social identities carries over to all aspects of the local culture.

Bengal Partition Stories

An Unclosed Chapter

Author: Bashabi Fraser

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 184331357X

Category: History

Page: 640

View: 6872

Through oral histories, interviews and fictional retellings, 'Bengal Partition Stories' unearths and articulates the collective memories of a people traumatised by the brutal division of their homeland.

Navigating Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Contemporary India and Beyond

Structures, Agents, Practices

Author: Uwe Skoda,Kenneth Bo Nielsen,Marianne Qvortrup Fibiger

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 0857283227

Category: Social Science

Page: 238

View: 5665

‘Navigating Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Contemporary India and Beyond’ contains a collection of lucid, empirically grounded articles that explore and analyse the structures, agents and practices of social inclusion and exclusion in contemporary India and beyond. The volume combines a broad range of approaches to challenge narrow conceptualisations of social inclusion and exclusion in terms of singular factors such as caste, policy or the economy. This collaborative endeavour and cross-disciplinary approach, which brings together younger and more established scholars, facilitates a deeper understanding of complex social and political processes in contemporary India.

Memory Machines

The Evolution of Hypertext

Author: Belinda Barnet

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 0857281968

Category: Computers

Page: 192

View: 9579

This book explores the history of hypertext, an influential concept that forms the underlying structure of the World Wide Web and innumerable software applications. Barnet tells both the human and the technological story by weaving together contemporary literature and her exclusive interviews with those at the forefront of hypertext innovation, tracing its evolutionary roots back to the analogue machine imagined by Vannevar Bush in 1945.

Globalizing India

Perspectives from Below

Author: Jackie Assayag,Chris Fuller

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1843313820

Category: Political Science

Page: 245

View: 7795

This is one of the earliest books to present a collection of writings on the effects of globalization on India and Indian society. The editors have assembled a team of eminent academics to present a series of critical discussions about important issues of economy and agriculture, education and language, and culture and religion, based on ethnographic case studies from different localities in India. Globalizing India is a major contribution to South Asian Studies, interrogating a topic of contemporary importance – both within the region and internationally.

India's Living Constitution

Ideas, Practices, Controversies

Author: Zoya Hasan,Eswaran Sridharan,R. Sudarshan

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1843311364

Category: History

Page: 446

View: 5083

An examination of the ideas, practices and controversies surrounding the Indian Constitution.

Labour Migration and Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia

Critical Perspectives

Author: Michele Ford,Lenore Lyons,Willem van Schendel

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136328009

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

View: 2591

Since the signing of the UN Trafficking Protocol, anti-trafficking laws, policies and other initiatives have been implemented at the local, national and regional levels. These activities have received little scholarly attention. This volume aims to begin to fill this gap by documenting the micro-processes through which an anti-trafficking framework has been translated, implemented and resisted in mainland and island Southeast Asia. The detailed ethnographic accounts in this collection examine the everyday practices of the diverse range of actors involved in trafficking-like practices and in anti-trafficking initiatives. In demonstrating how the anti-trafficking framework has become influential – and even over-determining – in some border sites and yet remains mostly irrelevant in others, the chapters in this collection explore the complex connections between labour migration, migrant smuggling and human trafficking.

Curried Cultures

Globalization, Food, and South Asia

Author: Krishnendu Ray,Tulasi Srinivas

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520952243

Category: Cooking

Page: 328

View: 7789

Although South Asian cookery and gastronomy has transformed contemporary urban foodscape all over the world, social scientists have paid scant attention to this phenomenon. Curried Cultures–a wide-ranging collection of essays–explores the relationship between globalization and South Asia through food, covering the cuisine of the colonial period to the contemporary era, investigating its material and symbolic meanings. Curried Cultures challenges disciplinary boundaries in considering South Asian gastronomy by assuming a proximity to dishes and diets that is often missing when food is a lens to investigate other topics. The book’s established scholarly contributors examine food to comment on a range of cultural activities as they argue that the practice of cooking and eating matter as an important way of knowing the world and acting on it.

The “Slumdog” Phenomenon

A Critical Anthology

Author: Ajay Gehlawat

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1783083255

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 242

View: 3274

“The ‘Slumdog’ Phenomenon” addresses multiple issues related to “Slumdog Millionaire” and, in the process, provides new ways of looking at this controversial film. Each of the book’s four sections considers a particular aspect of the film: its relation to the nation, to the slum, to Bollywood and its reception. The volume provides a critical overview of the key issues and debates stemming from the film, and allows readers to reexamine them in light of the anthology’s multiple perspectives.

The World Factbook

Author: Central Intelligence Agency

Publisher: Masterlab

ISBN: 8379912136

Category: Reference

Page: 3100

View: 1111

The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities. The World Factbook is prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency. Comprehensive guide full of facts, maps, flags, and detailed information. A must for travellers, businessmen, politicians, and all who wants to know more about our fascinating world. -- We share these facts with the people of all nations in the belief that knowledge of the truth underpins the functioning of free societies (From official webpage). Tags: world, guide, facts, almanach

Dalit Women

Vanguard of an Alternative Politics in India

Author: S. Anandhi,Karin Kapadia

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1351797190

Category: Political Science

Page: 368

View: 3752

Through its investigation of the underlying political economy of gender, caste and class in India, this book shows how changing historical geographies are shaping the subjectivities of Dalits across India in ways that are neither fixed nor predictable. It brings together ethnographies from across India to explore caste politics, Dalit feminism and patriarchy, religion, economics and the continued socio-economic and political marginalisation of Dalits. With contributions from major academics this is an indispensable book for researchers, teachers and students working on new political expressions, gender identities, social inequalities and the continuing use of the notion of ‘caste’ identity in the oppression of subalterns in contemporary India. It will be essential reading in the disciplines of politics, gender, social exclusion studies, sociology and social anthropology.