Windows Registry Forensics

Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis of the Windows Registry

Author: Harlan Carvey

Publisher: Syngress

ISBN: 0128033355

Category: Computers

Page: 216

View: 1700

Windows Registry Forensics: Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis of the Windows Registry, Second Edition, provides the most in-depth guide to forensic investigations involving Windows Registry. This book is one-of-a-kind, giving the background of the Registry to help users develop an understanding of the structure of registry hive files, as well as information stored within keys and values that can have a significant impact on forensic investigations. Tools and techniques for post mortem analysis are discussed at length to take users beyond the current use of viewers and into real analysis of data contained in the Registry. This second edition continues a ground-up approach to understanding so that the treasure trove of the Registry can be mined on a regular and continuing basis. Named a Best Digital Forensics Book by InfoSec Reviews Packed with real-world examples using freely available open source tools Provides a deep explanation and understanding of the Windows Registry—perhaps the least understood and employed source of information within Windows systems Includes a companion website that contains the code and author-created tools discussed in the book Features updated, current tools and techniques Contains completely updated content throughout, with all new coverage of the latest versions of Windows

Computer-Forensik (iX Edition)

Computerstraftaten erkennen, ermitteln, aufklären

Author: Alexander Geschonneck

Publisher: dpunkt.verlag

ISBN: 3864914906

Category: Computers

Page: 388

View: 2535

Unternehmen und Behörden schützen ihre IT-Systeme mit umfangreichen Sicherheitsmaßnahmen. Trotzdem werden diese Systeme immer wieder für kriminelle Zwecke missbraucht bzw. von böswilligen Hackern angegriffen. Nach solchen Vorfällen will man erfahren, wie es dazu kam, wie folgenreich der Einbruch ist, wer der Übeltäter war und wie man ihn zur Verantwortung ziehen kann. Dafür bedient man sich der Computer-Forensik. Ähnlich der klassischen Strafverfolgung stehen auch für den Computer-Forensiker folgende Informationen im Vordergrund: Wer, Was, Wo, Wann, Womit, Wie und Weshalb. Dieses Buch gibt einen Überblick darüber, wie man bei der computerforensischen Arbeit vorgeht - sowohl im »Fall der Fälle« als auch bei den Vorbereitungen auf mögliche Angriffe bzw. Computerstraftaten. Ausführlich und anhand zahlreicher Beispiele wird gezeigt, welche Werkzeuge und Methoden zur Verfügung stehen und wie man sie effizient einsetzt. Der Leser lernt dadurch praxisnah, • wo man nach Beweisspuren suchen sollte, • wie man sie erkennen kann, • wie sie zu bewerten sind, • wie sie gerichtsverwendbar gesichert werden. Ein eigenes Kapitel befasst sich mit der Rolle des privaten Ermittlers, beschreibt die Zusammenarbeit mit den Ermittlungsbehörden und erläutert die Möglichkeiten der zivil- und strafrechtlichen Verfolgung in Deutschland. In der 6. Auflage wurden Statistiken und Toolbeschreibungen aktualisiert sowie neueste rechtliche Entwicklungen aufgenommen. Hinzugekommen sind neue Ansätze der strukturierten Untersuchung von Hauptspeicherinhalten und die Analyse von Malware.

Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems

Digital Forensics Field Guides

Author: Cameron H. Malin,Eoghan Casey,James M. Aquilina

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1597494739

Category: Computers

Page: 560

View: 946

Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems is a handy reference that shows students the essential tools needed to do computer forensics analysis at the crime scene. It is part of Syngress Digital Forensics Field Guides, a series of companions for any digital and computer forensic student, investigator or analyst. Each Guide is a toolkit, with checklists for specific tasks, case studies of difficult situations, and expert analyst tips that will aid in recovering data from digital media that will be used in criminal prosecution. This book collects data from all methods of electronic data storage and transfer devices, including computers, laptops, PDAs and the images, spreadsheets and other types of files stored on these devices. It is specific for Windows-based systems, the largest running OS in the world. The authors are world-renowned leaders in investigating and analyzing malicious code. Chapters cover malware incident response - volatile data collection and examination on a live Windows system; analysis of physical and process memory dumps for malware artifacts; post-mortem forensics - discovering and extracting malware and associated artifacts from Windows systems; legal considerations; file identification and profiling initial analysis of a suspect file on a Windows system; and analysis of a suspect program. This field guide is intended for computer forensic investigators, analysts, and specialists. A condensed hand-held guide complete with on-the-job tasks and checklists Specific for Windows-based systems, the largest running OS in the world Authors are world-renowned leaders in investigating and analyzing malicious code

Digital Forensic Science

Issues, Methods, and Challenges

Author: Vassil Roussev

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers

ISBN: 1627054650

Category: Computers

Page: 155

View: 5247

Digital forensic science, or digital forensics, is the application of scientific tools and methods to identify, collect, and analyze digital (data) artifacts in support of legal proceedings. From a more technical perspective, it is the process of reconstructing the relevant sequence of events that have led to the currently observable state of a target IT system or (digital) artifacts. Over the last three decades, the importance of digital evidence has grown in lockstep with the fast societal adoption of information technology, which has resulted in the continuous accumulation of data at an exponential rate. Simultaneously, there has been a rapid growth in network connectivity and the complexity of IT systems, leading to more complex behavior that needs to be investigated. The goal of this book is to provide a systematic technical overview of digital forensic techniques, primarily from the point of view of computer science. This allows us to put the field in the broader perspective of a host of related areas and gain better insight into the computational challenges facing forensics, as well as draw inspiration for addressing them. This is needed as some of the challenges faced by digital forensics, such as cloud computing, require qualitatively different approaches; the sheer volume of data to be examined also requires new means of processing it.

Windows 10 für Senioren für Dummies

Author: Peter Weverka

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 352781549X

Category: Computers

Page: 360

View: 2994

Mit diesem Buch können Sie sich ganz leicht in Windows 10 einarbeiten. Wenn Sie die wesentlichen Grundlagen verstehen wollen, ohne sich durch verwirrendes Computerkauderwelsch graben zu müssen, suchen Sie nicht weiter! Dieses Buch nutzt einen Schritt-für-Schritt-Ansatz, der speziell für Windows-10-Anfänger entwickelt wurde. Leicht verständliche Texte in großer Schrift und eine Fülle hilfreicher Abbildungen machen auch aus Ihnen einen Windows-10-Profi.

Microsoft Windows internals

Windows 2000, Windows XP und Windows Server 2003 ; [aus der Insider-Perspektive für Entwickler und Administratoren]

Author: David A. Solomon,Mark E. Russinovich

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783860639771


Page: 897

View: 8435


Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit

Advanced Analysis Techniques for Windows 8

Author: Harlan Carvey

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0124171745

Category: Computers

Page: 350

View: 1932

Harlan Carvey has updated Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit, now in its fourth edition, to cover Windows 8 systems. The primary focus of this edition is on analyzing Windows 8 systems and processes using free and open-source tools. The book covers live response, file analysis, malware detection, timeline, and much more. Harlan Carvey presents real-life experiences from the trenches, making the material realistic and showing the why behind the how. The companion and toolkit materials are hosted online. This material consists of electronic printable checklists, cheat sheets, free custom tools, and walk-through demos. This edition complements Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit, Second Edition, which focuses primarily on XP, and Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit, Third Edition, which focuses primarily on Windows 7. This new fourth edition provides expanded coverage of many topics beyond Windows 8 as well, including new cradle-to-grave case examples, USB device analysis, hacking and intrusion cases, and "how would I do this" from Harlan's personal case files and questions he has received from readers. The fourth edition also includes an all-new chapter on reporting. Complete coverage and examples of Windows 8 systems Contains lessons from the field, case studies, and war stories Companion online toolkit material, including electronic printable checklists, cheat sheets, custom tools, and walk-throughs

Computer-Forensik Hacks

Author: Lorenz Kuhlee,Victor Völzow

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 3868991220

Category: Computers

Page: 344

View: 3038

Computer-Forensik Hacks ist eine Sammlung von Methoden, Tipps und Tricks – kurz: Hacks – aus allen Bereichen der Computer-Forensik. Die Autoren, die bei der Polizei Forensiker ausbilden, haben praktische Lösungen für echte Problemstellungen aus dem Computer-Forensik-Alltag in kleine, bekömmliche Portionen gepackt, die direkt angewendet werden können. Zu jeder praktischen Lösung gibt es auch das notwendige Hintergrundwissen mit auf den Weg, das benötigt wird, um sowohl das Problem wie auch den Lösungsansatz nachvollziehen zu können. Nicht nur für Forensiker Nicht nur Forensiker müssen heutzutage wissen, wie sie den Zustand eines Computersystems sichern können, damit dies bei späteren Gerichtsverhandlungen juristisch wasserdicht ist. Auch für Systemadministratoren aus der freien Wirtschaft gehört mittlerweile ein computer-forsensisches Grundwissen zum Arbeitsalltag. Und auch Rechtsanwälte benötigen immer wieder Wissen darüber, was bei einer Datensicherung beachtet werden muss. 100 spannende Hacks rund um das Thema Computer-Forensik Computer-Forensik Hacks beginnt mit Hacks zur Vorbereitung und Daten­sicherung, gefolgt von Tipps und Tricks zu Dateisystemen. Der Hauptteil dreht sich um Datenwiederherstellung und das Analysieren der unterschiedlichsten digitalen Spuren, bevor Kapitel zu den Themen Hacking und Virtualisierung folgen. Alle Hacks arbeiten mit Open-Source- oder freier Software Die Hacks in diesem Buch benutzen grundsätzlich kostenlose Software, also Open-Source- oder Freeware Software. Bei wenigen Lösungen verweisen die Autoren aber auch auf Software, die für die Privatnutzung kostenlos, für gewerbliche oder behördliche Nutzung jedoch kostenpflichtig ist. Die beschriebenen Programme laufen durchgängig auf den Betriebssystemen Microsoft Windows oder Linux.

Windows 8.1 für Senioren für Dummies

Author: Peter Weverka,Mark Justice Hinton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527685448

Category: Computers

Page: 376

View: 5555

Wer einen Computer nutzen m?chte, wird um das Betriebssystem Windows kaum herumkommen. In diesem Buch erfahren Sie Schritt f?r Schritt die wichtigen Arbeitsabl?ufe und lernen hilfreiche Werkzeuge sowie geniale Abk?rzungen kennen, die Ihnen die Arbeit mit Ihrem PC leichter machen. Installieren Sie neue Programme, gehen Sie ins Internet, schreiben Sie Briefe und E-Mails und nutzen Sie Ihren PC als Multimedia-Zentrale, mit der Sie Fotos verwalten, Musik anh?ren und Videos anschauen.

Mehr Hacking mit Python

Eigene Tools entwickeln für Hacker und Pentester

Author: Justin Seitz

Publisher: dpunkt.verlag

ISBN: 3864917530

Category: Computers

Page: 182

View: 1849

Wenn es um die Entwicklung leistungsfähiger und effizienter Hacking-Tools geht, ist Python für die meisten Sicherheitsanalytiker die Sprache der Wahl. Doch wie genau funktioniert das? In dem neuesten Buch von Justin Seitz - dem Autor des Bestsellers »Hacking mit Python« - entdecken Sie Pythons dunkle Seite. Sie entwickeln Netzwerk-Sniffer, manipulieren Pakete, infizieren virtuelle Maschinen, schaffen unsichtbare Trojaner und vieles mehr. Sie lernen praktisch, wie man • einen »Command-and-Control«-Trojaner mittels GitHub schafft • Sandboxing erkennt und gängige Malware-Aufgaben wie Keylogging und Screenshotting automatisiert • Windows-Rechte mittels kreativer Prozesskontrolle ausweitet • offensive Speicherforensik-Tricks nutzt, um Passwort-Hashes abzugreifen und Shellcode in virtuelle Maschinen einzuspeisen • das beliebte Web-Hacking-Tool Burp erweitert • die Windows COM-Automatisierung nutzt, um einen Man-in-the-Middle-Angriff durchzuführen • möglichst unbemerkt Daten aus einem Netzwerk abgreift Eine Reihe von Insider-Techniken und kreativen Aufgaben zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie die Hacks erweitern und eigene Exploits entwickeln können.


Die Jagd auf die deutschen Hacker, die das Pentagon knackten

Author: Clifford Stoll

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3105607242

Category: Fiction

Page: 454

View: 4506

›Kuckucksei‹ schildert bis ins Detail die hochdramatische Jagd nach deutschen Hackern, die in amerikanische Computernetze eingedrungen waren. Es ist der autobiografische Report eines amerikanischen Computercracks, der leidenschaftlich für die Sicherheit der Datennetze kämpft. (Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)

Angewandte Kryptographie

Protokolle, Algorithmen und Sourcecode in C

Author: Bruce Schneier

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783827372284

Category: Computer security

Page: 844

View: 962


Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigation

Author: Steven Anson,Steve Bunting,Ryan Johnson,Scott Pearson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118236084

Category: Computers

Page: 696

View: 7963

An authoritative guide to investigating high-technology crimes Internet crime is seemingly ever on the rise, making the need for a comprehensive resource on how to investigate these crimes even more dire. This professional-level book--aimed at law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, and corporate investigators--provides you with the training you need in order to acquire the sophisticated skills and software solutions to stay one step ahead of computer criminals. Specifies the techniques needed to investigate, analyze, and document a criminal act on a Windows computer or network Places a special emphasis on how to thoroughly investigate criminal activity and now just perform the initial response Walks you through ways to present technically complicated material in simple terms that will hold up in court Features content fully updated for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Covers the emerging field of Windows Mobile forensics Also included is a classroom support package to ensure academic adoption, Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigation, 2nd Edition offers help for investigating high-technology crimes.

Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics, Second Edition

Computer Forensics Secrets & Solutions

Author: Aaron Philipp,David Cowen,Chris Davis

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071626786

Category: Computers

Page: 656

View: 2082

"Provides the right mix of practical how-to knowledge in a straightforward, informative fashion that ties it all the complex pieces together with real-world case studies. ...Delivers the most valuable insight on the market. The authors cut to the chase of what people must understand to effectively perform computer forensic investigations." --Brian H. Karney, COO, AccessData Corporation The latest strategies for investigating cyber-crime Identify and investigate computer criminals of all stripes with help from this fully updated. real-world resource. Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics, Second Edition explains how to construct a high-tech forensic lab, collect prosecutable evidence, discover e-mail and system file clues, track wireless activity, and recover obscured documents. Learn how to re-create an attacker's footsteps, communicate with counsel, prepare court-ready reports, and work through legal and organizational challenges. Case studies straight from today's headlines cover IP theft, mortgage fraud, employee misconduct, securities fraud, embezzlement, organized crime, and consumer fraud cases. Effectively uncover, capture, and prepare evidence for investigation Store and process collected data in a highly secure digital forensic lab Restore deleted documents, partitions, user activities, and file systems Analyze evidence gathered from Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems Use the latest Web and client-based e-mail tools to extract relevant artifacts Overcome the hacker's anti-forensic, encryption, and obscurity techniques Unlock clues stored in cell phones, PDAs, and Windows Mobile devices Prepare legal documents that will hold up to judicial and defense scrutiny

System Forensics, Investigation and Response

Author: Adjunct Professor Collin College Texas Chuck Easttom,Chuck Easttom

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 128403108X

Category: Computers

Page: 500

View: 792

PART OF THE NEW JONES & BARTLETT LEARNING INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY & ASSURANCE SERIES Completely revised and rewritten to keep pace with the fast-paced field of Computer Forensics! Computer crimes call for forensics specialists, people who know how to find and follow the evidence. System Forensics, Investigation, and Response, Second Edition begins by examining the fundamentals of system forensics, such as what forensics is, the role of computer forensics specialists, computer forensic evidence, and application of forensic analysis skills. It also gives an overview of computer crimes, forensic methods, and laboratories. It then addresses the tools, techniques, and methods used to perform computer forensics and investigation. Finally, it explores emerging technologies as well as future directions of this interesting and cutting-edge field. New and Key Features of the Second Edition: Examines the fundamentals of system forensics Discusses computer crimes and forensic methods Written in an accessible and engaging style Incorporates real-world examples and engaging cases Instructor Materials for System Forensics, Investigation, and Response include: PowerPoint Lecture Slides Exam Questions Case Scenarios/Handouts Instructor's Manual

Incident Response & Computer Forensics, 2nd Ed.

Author: Kevin Mandia,Chris Prosise

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0072230371

Category: Computers

Page: 544

View: 9968

Written by FBI insiders, this updated best-seller offers a look at the legal, procedural, and technical steps of incident response and computer forensics. Including new chapters on forensic analysis and remediation, and real-world case studies, this revealing book shows how to counteract and conquer today’s hack attacks.

Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime

First International ICST Conference, ICDF2C 2009, Albany, Ny, USA, September 30 - October 2, 2009, Revised Selected Papers

Author: Sanjay Goel

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3642115349

Category: Computers

Page: 171

View: 8870

The First International Conference on Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime (ICDF2C) was held in Albany from September 30 to October 2, 2009. The field of digital for- sics is growing rapidly with implications for several fields including law enforcement, network security, disaster recovery and accounting. This is a multidisciplinary area that requires expertise in several areas including, law, computer science, finance, networking, data mining, and criminal justice. This conference brought together pr- titioners and researchers from diverse fields providing opportunities for business and intellectual engagement among attendees. All the conference sessions were very well attended with vigorous discussions and strong audience interest. The conference featured an excellent program comprising high-quality paper pr- entations and invited speakers from all around the world. The first day featured a plenary session including George Philip, President of University at Albany, Harry Corbit, Suprintendent of New York State Police, and William Pelgrin, Director of New York State Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination. An outstanding keynote was provided by Miklos Vasarhelyi on continuous auditing. This was followed by two parallel sessions on accounting fraud /financial crime, and m- timedia and handheld forensics. The second day of the conference featured a mesm- izing keynote talk by Nitesh Dhanjani from Ernst and Young that focused on psyc- logical profiling based on open source intelligence from social network analysis. The third day of the conference featured both basic and advanced tutorials on open source forensics.

Computer Forensics: Investigating File and Operating Systems, Wireless Networks, and Storage (CHFI)

Author: EC-Council

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305883489

Category: Computers

Page: 272

View: 2480

The Computer Forensic Series by EC-Council provides the knowledge and skills to identify, track, and prosecute the cyber-criminal. The series is comprised of four books covering a broad base of topics in Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation, designed to expose the reader to the process of detecting attacks and collecting evidence in a forensically sound manner with the intent to report crime and prevent future attacks. Learners are introduced to advanced techniques in computer investigation and analysis with interest in generating potential legal evidence. In full, this and the other three books provide preparation to identify evidence in computer related crime and abuse cases as well as track the intrusive hacker’s path through a client system. The series and accompanying labs help prepare the security student or professional to profile an intruder’s footprint and gather all necessary information and evidence to support prosecution in a court of law. File and Operating Systems, Wireless Networks, and Storage provides a basic understanding of file systems, storage and digital media devices. Boot processes, Windows and Linux Forensics and application of password crackers are all discussed. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Das Geschenk


Author: David Baldacci


ISBN: 3838717171

Category: Fiction

Page: 366

View: 2241

Eine winterliche Reise mit Bestsellerautor David Baldacci Eine Eisenbahnfahrt von Washington bis nach Los Angeles, wie einst Mark Twain sie unternahm, damit will Tom Langdon seine Freundin zu Weihnachten überraschen. An Bord lernt er eine Vielzahl von ganz unterschiedlichen Menschen kennen. Mit im Gepäck hat ein jeder von ihnen Sorgen und Träumen, Ängste und Hoffnungen. Während sich an Bord dramatische und amüsante Verwicklungen entspinnen, fährt der Zug durch das Land, hinauf zu den Rocky Mountains. Ein Unwetter zieht herauf. Wird der Zug sein Ziel erreichen? Und welches Geschenk wird die Weihnachtszeit für die Passagiere bereithalten? David Baldacci hat eine berührende Geschichte für alle geschrieben, "die Eisenbahnzüge und Weihnachten lieben"