Watercolours Unleashed

Author: Jane Betteridge

Publisher: Search PressLtd

ISBN: 9781782210351

Category: Art

Page: 144

View: 1815

Creativity and imaginative use of the popular watercolour medium suffuses every part of Jane Betteridge's work. In this, her first book, she shares her painting techniques and methods with you. Learn to use watercolour paints in unusual and surprising ways to create works bursting with vibrancy and beauty.

Dynamic Watercolours

An Exploration of Colour, Texture and Technique

Author: Jane Betteridge

Publisher: Search Press(UK)

ISBN: 9781782215578

Category: Art

Page: 144

View: 7727

Push your watercolor painting to new heights with this exciting and inspirational book that will give you innovative additional routes to vibrancy, texture and dynamism in your art. Brimming over with exciting innovative techniques, this book pushes watercolour to new heights, introducing vibrancy, texture and dynamism to this subtle medium. Including techniques and examples of gilding, relief, texture medium, crackle paste, using gauze and many more, plus a fascinating insight into generating ideas and turning inspiration into finished artwork, this is an absorbing guide to innovating and revitalising your watercolours. Jane Betteridge's follow-up to the successful Watercolours Unleashed, this is a perfect companion title that complements without overlapping its predecessor.

(Fast) alles zeichnen

Über 2000 Motive mit Schritt-für-Schritt-Abbildungen

Author: Miyatachika

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783772483158


Page: 221

View: 939

Das Vorlagenbuch zeigt eine grosse Motivvielfalt an Tieren, Menschen, Pflanzen, Lebensmitteln, Architektur, Fahrzeugen usw. Einfach nachvollziehbare Schritt-für-Schritt-Abbildungen helfen gerade zeichnerisch Ungeübten beim Nachzeichnen.

Coaching Unleashed

Set yourself free...

Author: Michel Lavoie,Patricia Lavoie

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460268652

Category: Self-Help

Page: 132

View: 1943

Overwhelmed? Uncertain? Stuck? If you're not getting what you want in life, Coaching Unleashed will help you coach yourself to success. Through authentic case studies and a playful, engaging narrative, you'll be equipped to: - Overcome obstacles - Establish balance in your life - Create new opportunities - Get results...


A Story from Auschwitz

Author: Lidia Ostałowska

Publisher: Zubaan

ISBN: 9385932330

Category: History

Page: 264

View: 7534

A many-layered work of historical reportage, Watercolours draws on the real life story of Dina Gottliebova-Babbitt (1923-2009), a Czech-American artist of Jewish ancestry, who was a prisoner at Auschwitz, and whose story came to light in the late 1990s. It was at this time that Gottliebova attempted once more to recover the art she had created in the concentration camp, and which had become the property of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. The dispute escalated into an international scandal, with the American Department of State and the Polish government becoming involved. Here, journalist Lidia Ostalowska reconstructs Gottliebova's time in the camp, while looking also at broader issues of historical memory, trauma, racism and the relationship between the torturer and the victim. In Gottliebova's case, SS Doctor Josef Mengele took a special interest in her talent, commissioning her to paint portraits (the watercolours of the title) of Roma prisoners. Mengele himself is one of the many characters in this narrative. Ostalowska draws on hundreds of studies and accounts of the hell of the camps, and tells the story of one woman's incarceration and her battle for survival, bringing in many other supporting lives. Before she worked for Mengele, Gottliebova had decorated the children's barracks at Auschwitz with images from the Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After the war, she worked as an animator for Warner Brothers and married Walt Disney animator Art Babbitt, the man behind many of the world's best-known cartoon characters including Goofy and Dumbo. Gottlibova (under the name Dina Babbitt) lived in California until her death in 2009 at the age of 86.



Author: Paul Celan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518390047


Page: 102

View: 4927



Author: Catherine Ingram

Publisher: Cadeau

ISBN: 9783455381429


Page: 79

View: 5941


50 zeitgenössische Künstler, die man kennen sollte

Author: Brad Finger,Christiane Weidemann

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783791345291

Category: Art, Modern

Page: 157

View: 496

Zeitgenössische Kunst ist unmittelbar, spannend, global und vielfältig. Der neueste Band der erfolgreichen Reihe porträtiert die 50 wichtigsten heute lebenden Maler, Fotografen und Installationskünstler. Ihre Werke sind einzigartig in ihrer Ausdrucksweise und zeigen eine enorme Bandbreite an Einflüssen und Techniken. Anschauliche Einführungen und zahlreiche Abbildungen stellen Künstler wie Matthew Barney, Olafur Eliasson, Cindy Sherman, Damien Hirst und Sophie Calle vor und schaffen einen leicht verständlichen Zugang zur Kunst der Gegenwart.

Natürlich Acryl

Neue Ansätze für Naturbilder in Mischtechnik

Author: Waltraud Nawratil

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783863557560


Page: 112

View: 9375


Struktur der Natur

Ein Spaziergang durch die Jahreszeiten in Acryl und Mischtechniken

Author: Waltraud Nawratil

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783863551452


Page: 112

View: 7618


Gott ist rot

Author: Vine Deloria

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783889774590


Page: 191

View: 5184


The Nazis and the Occult

The Dark Forces Unleashed by the Third Reich

Author: Paul Roland

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing

ISBN: 1788884450

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: N.A

View: 7245

'No one can deny Paul Roland is a complete master of his subject.' Colin Wilson, author of The Occult and A Criminal History of Mankind Why did the country which produced Goethe, Beethoven, Bach, Schiller, Einstein, Kant and Hegel allow itself to be led to the precipice of self-destruction by a ragged collective of criminals, misfits, sadists and petty bureaucrats? The Nazis and the Occult reveals the true nature of the Third Reich's link with arcane influences and of evil itself, as well as explaining how an illeducated, psychologically unbalanced nonentity succeeded in mesmerizing an entire nation. Forget what you have read, seen and heard. This is the real secret history of Nazi Germany and its dark Messiah - Adolf Hitler.


Anatomie für Künstler

Author: Michel Lauricella

Publisher: Stiebner Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3830714386

Category: Art

Page: 320

View: 9991

Mit der Darstellung des menschlichen Körpers beschäftigen sich bildende Künstler seit jeher. Michel Lauricella stellt in diesem Buch seine sowohl künstlerische wie systematische Methode zum Zeichnen des menschlichen Körpers vor mit Zeichentechniken vom Écorché bis zur Skizze vom lebenden Modell. Auf über 1000 Abbildungen zeigt er den menschlichen Körper aus ganz neuen Perspektiven vom Knochenbau bis zur Muskulatur, vom anatomischen Detail bis zum Körper in Bewegung. Ein reichhaltiges, faszinierendes Skizzenbuch, das zum ständigen Begleiter werden kann.

Show Your Work!

10 Wege, auf sich aufmerksam zu machen - Zeig, was du kannst! - New York Times Bestseller

Author: Austin Kleon

Publisher: Mosaik Verlag

ISBN: 3641178835

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

View: 5414

Die 10 ultimativen Regeln, um entdeckt zu werden Wie werde ich entdeckt? Austin Kleon weiß, wie‘s geht. In „Alles nur geklaut“ beschrieb er, wie man die eigene Kreativität findet. Nun erklärt er, wie man den entscheidenden nächsten Schritt macht: zeigen, was man kann. Dazu muss man so präsent und interessant sein, dass andere die eigene Arbeit gar nicht ignorieren können. In 10 einfachen Regeln zeigt Kleon, wie man auf die eigenen Ideen aufmerksam macht. Ein Handbuch für alle, die es eigentlich hassen, Werbung für sich selbst zu machen.