War and Survival in Sudan's Frontierlands

Voices from the Blue Nile

Author: Wendy James

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019929867X

Category: History

Page: 339

View: 9491

This book completes a trilogy by the anthropologist Wendy James. It is a case study of how the Uduk-speaking people, originally from the Blue Nile region between the 'north' and the 'south' of Sudan, have been caught up in and displaced by a generation of civil war. Some have responded by defending their nation, others by joining the armed resistance of the Sudan People's Liberation Army, and yet others eventually finding security as international refugees in Ethiopia, and even further afield in countries such as the USA. Sudan's peace agreement of 2005 leaves much uncertainty for the future of the whole country, as conflict still rages in Darfur. The Uduk case shows how people who once lived together now try to maintain links across borders and even continents through modern communications, and where possible recreate their 'traditional' forms of story-telling, music, and song.

Conflict in the Nuba Mountains

From Genocide-by-Attrition to the Contemporary Crisis in Sudan

Author: Samuel Totten,Amanda Grzyb

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135015341

Category: Political Science

Page: 314

View: 3891

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the embattled Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, where the Government of Sudan committed "genocide by attrition" in the early 1990s and where violent conflict reignited again in 2011. A range of contributors – scholars, journalists, and activists – trace the genesis of the crisis from colonial era neglect to institutionalized insecurity, emphasizing the failure of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement to address the political and social concerns of the Nuba people. This volume is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the nuances of the contemporary crisis in the Nuba Mountains and explore its potential solutions.

The Eu and Sudan

On the Brink of Change; 18th Report of Session 2010-12; Report

Author: Stationery Office (Great Britain),Great Britain: Parliament: House of Lords: European Union Committee

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 9780108473517

Category: Law

Page: 71

View: 8791

In this report the European Union Committee states that South Sudan needs the EU to invest time, finance and practical resources if it is to become a viable state following its declaration of independence on 9 July. The Committee concludes that there is a "high risk" that South Sudan will fail as a state. Its report calls on the EU to prioritise joining together with the United Nations, African Union and United States to resolve the most urgent issues threatening South Sudan's stability in order to avoid this. The Committee urges the EU to focus on four areas if the turning point of South Sudan's independence is not to be a missed opportunity for peace after decades of civil war: (1) the EU and international community must act together to calm violent inflammatory situations and to settle questions still in dispute between the North and South over debt, borders, citizenship And The distribution of oil revenues; (2) the EU must urgently establish the structures it needs to play a constructive role in South Sudan; (3) in the North the EU must find innovative ways to continue its development aid, despite the difficulties caused by the government of Sudan's lack of co-operation with the International Criminal Court; (4) the EU must not squander the respected role it has established for itself in supporting peacebuilding in Sudan - it must strengthen its measures against small arms proliferation and enforce its arms embargo.

The Borderlands of South Sudan

Authority and Identity in Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

Author: C. Vaughan,M. Schomerus,L. de Vries,Lotje de Vries

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137340894

Category: History

Page: 245

View: 8492

Moving beyond the current fixation on "state construction," the interdisciplinary work gathered here explores regulatory authority in South Sudan's borderlands from both contemporary and historical perspectives. Taken together, these studies show how emerging governance practices challenge the bounded categorizations of "state" and "non-state."

Just Wars, Holy Wars, and Jihads

Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Encounters and Exchanges

Author: Sohail H. Hashmi

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199755043

Category: Philosophy

Page: 434

View: 7160

Just Wars, Holy Wars, and Jihads explores the development of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish thinking on just war, holy war, and jihad over the past fourteen centuries.

The Force of Family

Repatriation, Kinship, and Memory on Haida Gwaii

Author: Cara Krmpotich

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442666072

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 7204

Over the course of more than a decade, the Haida Nation triumphantly returned home all known Haida ancestral remains from North American museums. In the summer of 2010, they achieved what many thought was impossible: the repatriation of ancestral remains from the Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford. The Force of Family is an ethnography of those efforts to repatriate ancestral remains from museums around the world. Focusing on objects made to honour the ancestors, Cara Krmpotich explores how memory, objects, and kinship connect and form a cultural archive. Since the mid-1990s, Haidas have been making button blankets and bentwood boxes with clan crest designs, hosting feasts for hundreds of people, and composing and choreographing new songs and dances in the service of repatriation. The book comes to understand how shared experiences of sewing, weaving, dancing, cooking and feasting lead to the Haida notion of “respect,” the creation of kinship and collective memory, and the production of a cultural archive.

Changing Identifications And Alliances In North-east Africa

Volume II: Sudan, Uganda, and the Ethiopia-Sudan Borderlands

Author: Gunther Schlee,Elizabeth E. Watson

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1782383328

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

View: 5072

Forms of group identity play a prominent role in everyday lives and politics in north-east Africa. These volumes provide an interdisciplinary account of the nature and significance of ethnic, religious, and national identity in north-east Africa. Case studies from Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya illustrate the way that identities are formed and change over time, and how local, national, and international politics are interwoven. Specific attention is paid to the impact of modern weaponry, new technologies, religious conversion, food and land shortages, international borders, civil war, and displacement on group identities. Drawing on the expertise of anthropologists, historians and geographers, these volumes provide a significant account of a society profoundly shaped by identity politics and contribute to a better understanding of the nature of conflict and war, and forms of alliance and peacemaking, thus providing a comprehensive portrait of this troubled region.

Early Human Kinship

From Sex to Social Reproduction

Author: Nicholas J. Allen,Hilary Callan,Robin Dunbar

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444338781

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

View: 2059

Early Human Kinship brings together original studies from leading figures in the biological sciences, social anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics to provide a major breakthrough in the debate over human evolution and the nature of society. A major new collaboration between specialists across the range of the human sciences including evolutionary biology and psychology; social/cultural anthropology; archaeology and linguistics Provides a ground-breaking set of original studies offering a new perspective on early human history Debates fundamental questions about early human society: Was there a connection between the beginnings of language and the beginnings of organized 'kinship and marriage'? How far did evolutionary selection favor gender and generation as principles for regulating social relations? Sponsored by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland in conjunction with the British Academy

Alms for Jihad

Charity and Terrorism in the Islamic World

Author: Millard Burr,Robert O. Collins

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521857309

Category: History

Page: 348

View: 1603

There has been a dramatic proliferation of Islamic charities recently. While most are legitimate, considerable evidence reveals that others have more questionable intentions, and that funds have been diverted to support terrorist groups, such as al-Qaeda. The authors examine the contention through a detailed investigation of the charities involved, their financial intermediaries, and the terrorist organizations themselves. What they discover is that money from these charities has funded conflicts across the world, from the early days in Afghanistan, to subsequent terrorist activities in Asia, Africa, Palestine and, most recently, Europe and the United States.

South Sudan

A New History for a New Nation

Author: Douglas H. Johnson

Publisher: Ohio University Press

ISBN: 0821445847

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 1707

Africa’s newest nation has a long history. Often considered remote and isolated from the rest of Africa, and usually associated with the violence of slavery and civil war, South Sudan has been an arena for a complex mixing of peoples, languages, and beliefs. The nation’s diversity is both its strength and a challenge as its people attempt to overcome the legacy of decades of war to build a new economic, political, and national future. Most recent studies of South Sudan’s history have a foreshortened sense of the past, focusing on current political issues, the recently ended civil war, or the ongoing conflicts within the country and along its border with Sudan. This brief but substantial overview of South Sudan’s longue durée, by one of the world’s foremost experts on the region, answers the need for a current, accessible book on this important country. Drawing on recent advances in the archaeology of the Nile Valley, new fieldwork as well as classic ethnography, and local and foreign archives, Johnson recovers South Sudan’s place in African history and challenges the stereotypes imposed on its peoples.

The Sudan Handbook

Author: John Ryle

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 184701030X

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 220

View: 1030

The handbook offers a concise introduction to all aspects of the country, rooted in a broad historical account of the development of the Sudanese state. --from publisher description

Why Nations Fail

The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty

Author: Daron Acemoglu,James A. Robinson

Publisher: Crown Books

ISBN: 0307719227

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 529

View: 1765

An award-winning professor of economics at MIT and a Harvard University political scientist and economist evaluate the reasons that some nations are poor while others succeed, outlining provocative perspectives that support theories about the importance of institutions. Reprint.

The Governance of Rangelands

Collective Action for Sustainable Pastoralism

Author: Pedro M. Herrera,Jonathan Davies,Pablo Manzano Baena

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317665171

Category: Nature

Page: 298

View: 7267

Rangelands are large natural landscapes that can include grasslands, shrublands, savannahs and woodlands. They are greatly influenced by, and often dependent on, the action of herbivores. In the majority of rangelands the dominant herbivores are found in domestic herds that are managed by mobile pastoralists. Most pastoralists manage their rangelands communally, benefitting from the greater flexibility and seasonal resource access that common property regimes can offer. As this book shows, this creates a major challenge for governance and institutions. This work improves our understanding of the importance of governance, how it can be strengthened and the principles that underpin good governance, in order to prevent degradation of rangelands and ensure their sustainability. It describes the nature of governance at different levels: community governance, state governance, international governance, and the unique features of rangelands that demand collective action (issues of scale, ecological disequilibrium and seasonality). A series of country case studies is presented, drawn from a wide spectrum of examples from Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and North America. These provide contrasting lessons which are summarised to promote improved governance of rangelands and pastoralist livelihoods.

The Listening Ebony

Moral Knowledge, Religion, and Power Among the Uduk of Sudan

Author: Wendy James

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780198234166

Category: Social Science

Page: 391

View: 1095

Notions of the person and of the foundations of bodily and moral experience lie at the heart of this second ethnographic volume devoted to the Uduk-speaking people of Sudan. The first part discusses enduring elements of personal knowledge in the context of a hunters' worldview. The second part gives an account of how alien religious discourse has confronted the Uduk in the course of the region's political history. The third section tells the story of the contemporaneous rise of a new diviners' movement, in part an antithetical response drawing upon the older cultural strata. The key act of the diviners is oracular consultation of the burning ebony wood: through the ebony, personal healing is sought and the foreign gods are kept at bay. The author abandons a number of older anthropological paradigms and their relativist assumptions. In drawing upon general moral philosophy, historical writing, and literary criticism, she offers a modern, humane analysis with important implications for the cross-cultural study of religion. In a new introduction Wendy James explains how the Sudan-Ethiopian borderlands were overrun by war in 1987, and how all the villages described in the original edition were destroyed. Having revisited the Uduk for various UN agencies she is able to provide an indication of the way in which they have since been embroiled in the war, and how the survivors have increasingly embraced Christianity in the course of their exile. She refers to her own reports and publications written since 1988 and to the TV documentary on the Uduk and other refugees which she made with Granada in 1993. Details of other recently published work on the region and to relevant new emphases in anthropology which focus on displacement, violence, and memory have also been added.

Medieval Africa, 1250-1800

Author: Roland Anthony Oliver,Anthony Atmore

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521793728

Category: History

Page: 251

View: 1897

A revised edition of The African Middle Ages 1400-1800, ideal for University and college teaching.

Re-distribution from Above

The Politics of Land Rights and Squatting in Coastal Kenya

Author: Karuti Kanyinga

Publisher: Nordic Africa Institute

ISBN: 9789171064646

Category: Law

Page: 126

View: 4955

Using empirical evidence from the coastal district of Kenya, an area with a long history of private land owner-ship, this report challenges the key assumptions of the proponents of land individualization. The author points to the many dysfunctionalities associated with land privatization, and reinforces the growing critique that customary land tenure is far more complex and flexible than its critics are prepared to concede.

Singapore in Global History

Author: Derek Thiam Soon Heng,Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9048514371

Category: Social Science

Page: 317

View: 2694

This important overview explores the connections between Singapore's past with historical developments worldwide until present day. The contributors analyse Singapore as a city-state seeking to provide an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of the global dimensions contributing to Singapore's growth. The book's global perspective demonstrates that many of the discussions of Singapore as a city-state have relevance and implications beyond Singapore to include Southeast Asia and the world. This vital volume should not be missed by economists, as well as those interested in imperial histor.

Social Dimensions of Climate Change

Equity and Vulnerability in a Warming World

Author: Robin Mearns,Andrew Norton

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 9780821381427

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 344

View: 6642

While major strides have been made in the scientific understanding of climate change, much less understood is how these dynamics in the physical enviornment interact with socioeconomic systems. This book brings together the latest knowledge on the consequences of climate change for society and how best to address them.

In the absence of the sacred

the failure of technology and the survival of the Indian Nations

Author: Jerry Mander

Publisher: Random House (NY)

ISBN: 9780871567390

Category: History

Page: 446

View: 4063

Focuses on modern society's techno-war against indigenous peoples, arguing that such peoples' philosophy of the sacredness of the natural world offers a way to recover