Extracellular Glycolipids of Yeasts

Biodiversity, Biochemistry, and Prospects

Author: Ekaterina Kulakovskaya,Tatiana Kulakovskaya

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0124200966

Category: Science

Page: 124

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Extracellular Glycolipids of Yeasts: Biodiversity, Biochemistry, and Prospects provides a comprehensive view of the biochemistry, biological activity, and practical application of extracellular glycolipids of yeast. This book brings much-needed clarity to the complex topic of glycolipids and streamlines the rather confusing terminology used for glycolipids. It also provides a wealth of modern data on their composition, structure and properties, biosynthetic pathways, methods of isolation and identification, antifungal activity, and mechanisms of action. Studies of extracellular glycolipids of yeast now draw the attention of researchers in life science and biotechnology due to numerous recently revealed biological properties of these compounds. These compounds are scientifically and practically promising in medicine and agriculture due to their biosurfactant and fungicidal properties, as well as a number of other biological activities. Extracellular Glycolipids of Yeasts gives researchers studying biochemistry of microorganisms and related biologically active compounds a much-needed guide to the basic data that will aid in these increasingly generative pursuits. Provides a clear overview of the basic data on yeast biosurfactants using a simple survey-style approach Delivers comprehensive view of biochemistry, biological activity, and practical application of yeasts to aid in their scientific and practical use Clarifies and simplifies the complex topic of glycolipids, and its often-confusing terminology

Quantitative Understanding of Biosystems

An Introduction to Biophysics

Author: Thomas M. Nordlund

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420089730

Category: Science

Page: 588

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Quantitative Understanding of Biosystems: An Introduction to Biophysics focuses on the behavior and properties of microscopic structures that underlie living systems. It clearly describes the biological physics of macromolecules, subcellular structures, and whole cells, including interactions with light. Providing broad coverage of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics, this color text features: Mathematical and computational tools—graphing, calculus, simple differential equations, diagrammatic analysis, and visualization tools Randomness, variation, statistical mechanics, distributions, and spectra The biological micro- and nanoworld—structures, processes, and the physical laws Quantum effects—photosynthesis, UV damage, electron and energy transfer, and spectroscopic characterization of biological structures Through its active learning approach, the text encourages practical comprehension of the behavior of biosystems, rather than knowledge of the latest research. The author includes graph- and diagram-centered physics and mathematics, simple software, frequent checks of understanding, and a repetition of important ideas at higher levels or from different points of view. After completing this book, students will gain significant computational and project experience and become competent at quantitatively characterizing biosystems. CD-ROM Resource The accompanying CD contains multimedia learning tools, such as video clips and animations, that illustrate intrinsically dynamic processes. For students inexperienced in the application of mathematics and physical principles to naturally occurring phenomena, this multimedia component emphasizes what is most obvious about biological systems: living things move. Students can also manipulate and re-program the included Excel graphs.

PHP and MySQL 24-Hour Trainer

Author: Andrea Tarr

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118172930

Category: Computers

Page: 456

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Step-by-step lessons for using PHP and MySQL in a unique book-and-video combination Assuming no previous experience with PHP or MySQL, this book-and-video package is ideal reading for anyone who wants to go beyond HTML/CSS in order to provide clients with the most dynamic web sites possible. The approachable tone breaks down the basics of programming and PHP and MySQL in individual lessons starting with the installation of the programs necessary to run PHP. You begin with a static web site and then watch and learn as PHP functionality is added as you work through the lessons. When working with databases, the MySQL database is introduced with demonstrations that show how to interact with it. The accompanying videos enhance your learning experience, as each lesson in the book is portrayed in the video exercises. Lessons include: ? Getting started with PHP ? Setting up your workspace ? Adding PHP to a web page ? Learning PHP syntax ? Working with variables ? Debugging code ? Working with complex data ? Making decisions ? Repeating program steps ? Learning about scope ? Reusing code with functions ? Creating forms ? Introducing object-oriented programming ? Defining classes ? Using classes ? Using advanced techniques ? Handling errors ? Writing secure code ? Introducing databases ? Introducing MySQL ? Creating and connecting to the ? Creating tables ? Entering data ? Selecting data ? Using multiple tables ? Changing data ? Deleting data ? Preventing database security issues ? Creating user logins ? Turn the case study into a content management system Note: As part of the print version of this title, video lessons are included on DVD. For e-book versions, video lessons can be accessed at wrox.com using a link provided in the interior of the e-book.

The Other Israel

The Radical Case Against Zionism

Author: Arie Bober

Publisher: Akiva ORR

ISBN: 9780385014670

Category: Israel

Page: 264

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Wild Socialism

Workers Councils in Revolutionary Berlin, 1918-21

Author: Martin Comack

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0761859039

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 97

View: 433

Wild Socialism examines the rise, development, and decline of revolutionary councils of industrial workers in Berlin at the end of the First World War. This popular movement spread throughout Germany, and was without precedent in either the theory or practice of the Social Democratic party and the trade unions allied to it. These workers councils were most highly developed in Berlin, within its particular industrial, political, and cultural milieu. The Berlin Shop Stewards group provided a hard core of militant revolutionaries within the movement, many of whose adherents were more moderate or ambiguous in their views. Externally, the councilists faced a hostile Social Democratic-trade union bureaucracy who characterized council rule as wilde Sozialismus, a reconstituted and repressive state power, and a revolutionary rival in the rise of German Bolshevism. This work considers the experience of the Berlin councils as alternative institutions outside of traditional union, party, and governmental structures."

Antenna Analysis and Design Using FEKO Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Author: Atef Z. Elsherbeni,Payam Nayeri,C. J. Reddy

Publisher: SciTech Publishing

ISBN: 9781613532058

Category: Science

Page: 237

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This book combines theory with practical applications for the analysis and design of a wide variety of antenna configurations simulated on FEKO, the leading real-world commercial software programme.

Beat Fatigue with Yoga

A Simple Step-by-Step Way to Restore Energy

Author: Fiona Agombar

Publisher: Cherry Red Books

ISBN: 9781901447453

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 210

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Yoga can help combat feelings of tiredness or even chronic fatigue. A completely integrated system for healing and wellbeing, it is the ideal, gentle way to address and even remove the causes of exhaustion. Beat Fatigue With Yoga is designed to help with all levels of fatigue—from general tiredness to long-term exhaustion. This new edition includes two new chapters looking at the special needs of those who suffer from chronic fatigue and includes yoga routines designed specifically for this purpose.

National Geographic Traveler Madrid

Author: Annie Bennett,Tino Soriano

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9781426204067

Category: Travel

Page: 272

View: 2775

Takes you to the 'musts' of Madrid such as: the refurbished Museo del Prado with its masterpieces of European art; Las Ventas, the mecca of bullfighting; and, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofia collections, representing European and modern Spanish movements, respectively.

Journey Through Stuttgart

Author: Tina Herzig,Michael Kühler,Horst Herzig

Publisher: Verlagshaus Wurzburg Gmbh & Company Kg

ISBN: 9783800341139

Category: Photography

Page: 136

View: 5911

"Around 200 photos show Stuttgart in all its glorious variety, with four special [sections] focusing on the history of Württemberg's ducal and royal seat, mineral water, Mercedes, Porsche and the city of cars and the daring designs and constructions of pioneering modern and post-modern architecture"--From publisher description.

Art and the Early Photographic Album

Author: Stephen Bann

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780300135909

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 277

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Studies in the History of Art, Volume 77. This is a publication by the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts (CASVA), the Gallery's research institute. The development of photography from the mid-nineteenth century onward transformed the conditions of appreciation, marketing, and distribution of works of art. The role of the photographic album in this history has not been previously explored in a published study. Here, in twelve collected essays, scholars discuss the many different types of albums that were pioneers in this change, the photographic processes they represent, and their relationship to older reproductive media, with examples drawn mainly from nineteenth-century France, Great Britain, and Germany.