Vampire Elite

A Novel of the Vampire Elite, Book 1

Author: Irina Argo

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 1457539667

Category: Fiction

Page: 444

View: 466

A millennia-long war between two immortal races is about to come to an end. Long ago, the Vampire Elite began capturing the immortals called the Amiti, attracted by their unique blood properties. Now most Amiti live in underground cells, forced to serve as vampires’ bloodstock. The few surviving free Amiti, preparing a final strike, have declared the Amiti Queen a traitor. Her execution makes possible the rise of a new Queen, her young daughter Arianna, who will inherit her mother’s mystical powers. Working with the Keepers of the Key, Arianna may be able to eliminate the vampires, once and for all, from the face of the earth. The new Queen is the last hope to save her dying race, and she’s ready to fight to the last drop of her blood. But the King of the Vampires has other plans. What neither expects is the passion that erupts between them.

Vampires Vs Aliens

A Dark Alliance

Author: P.A. Ross

Publisher: P.A. Ross

ISBN: 1370622074

Category: Fiction

Page: 190

View: 5880

Damien Argent, the captain of the vampire hunters, is ripped away from his loving family and is turned by the Queen of the Vampires. He suffers years of torture, still holding on to the idea of his human life. But eventually, he accepts the position of King of the Vampires and brokers a peace deal with the humans, saving hundreds of lives. Although not everyone is happy. Aliens arrive and with it the opportunity to win the feuds between humans and vampires. Factions conspire against him, setting human against vampire in a renewed battle, killing his beautiful wife and maker, Heloise. But first contact is not as peaceful as first thought; it is an alien invasion, wanting only to replenish its food supplies with the bodies of the local inhabitants. How will he cope with a reunion with his human family? How can he put aside his feud with Ridley, the vampire hunter, his wife’s killer? Embrace the sudden friendship of Lorna, a sultry dark witch, and trust, Jack, the alpha of the werewolf pack, if they are to survive against the monstrous alien race? Vampires Vs Aliens: A Dark Alliance, is a mash up of when the worlds of science fiction, paranormal and supernatural collide. This is what could happen if aliens and vampire battled. Keywords: vampires, aliens, alien invasion, witches, werewolves, action adventure, war. paranormal, science fiction, sci-fi, mashup

Encyclopedia of the Vampire

The Living Dead in Myth, Legend, and Popular Culture

Author: S. T. Joshi

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313378331

Category: Reference

Page: 453

View: 8406

Presents information about vampires in literature, film, television, folklore, religion, the theater, and world culture.

The Vampire Film

Undead Cinema

Author: Jeffrey Weinstock

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231850034

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 144

View: 8982

This introductory volume offers an elegant analysis of the enduring appeal of the cinematic vampire. From Georges Méliès' early cinematic experiments to Twilight and Let the Right One In, the history of vampires in cinema can be organised by a handful of governing principles that help make sense of this movie monster's remarkable fecundity. Among these principles are that the cinematic vampire is invariably about sex and the vexed human relationship with technology, and that the vampire is always an overdetermined body condensing what a culture considers other. This volume includes in-depth studies of films including Powell's A Fool There Was, Franco's Vampyros Lesbos, Cronenberg's Rabid, Kümel's Daughters of Darkness, and Merhige's Shadow of the Vampire.

Hollywood Vampire: The Apocalypse - An Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to the Final Season of Angel

Author: Keith Topping

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448132290

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

View: 8903

Leaving behind his life in Sunnydale and his relationship with Buffy Sunners, Angel atones for his sins by fighting for humanity in the dark seedy underworld of the superficially glamorous city of L.A. Angel Investigations has moved from the Hyperion Hotel to running Wolfram & Hart, but has their conviction to be champions survived the upheaval? In his comprehensive unofficial guide to Season Five of Angel's world, Keith Topping, bestselling author of Slayer, the unofficial guide to Buffy, looks at each episode in turn, considering the links and cross-references between Angel and Buffy, draws attention to logic flaws, points out numerous pop-culture references and discusses recurrent themes and coverage of Angel on the Internet. This essential guide to the final season of the popular show explores the world of Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Fred, Lorne and Spike as they fight their own personal demons and the loneliness of the Big City in their search for redemption.

What's Eating You?

Food and Horror on Screen

Author: Cynthia J. Miller,A. Bowdoin Van Riper

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1501322419

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 384

View: 3021

Divided into four thematic sections, What's Eating You? explores the deeper significance of food on screen-the ways in which they reflect (or challenge) our deepest fears about consuming and being consumed. Among the questions it asks are: How do these films mock our taboos and unsettle our notions about the human condition? How do they critique our increasing focus on consumption? In what ways do they hold a mirror to our taken-for-granteds about food and humanity, asking if what we eat truly matters? Horror narratives routinely grasp those questions and spin them into nightmares. Monstrous “others” dine on forbidden fare; the tables of consumption are turned, and the consumer becomes the consumed. Overindulgence, as Le Grande Bouffe (1973) and Street Trash (1987) warn, can kill us, and occasionally, as films like The Stuff (1985) and Poultrygeist (2006) illustrate, our food fights back. From Blood Feast (1963) to Sweeney Todd (2007), motion pictures have reminded us that it is an “eat or be eaten” world.

Eternal Love: Vampire Romance Boxed Set

Author: Felicity Heaton

Publisher: Felicity Heaton


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 616

New York Times and USA Today best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton presents: ETERNAL LOVE: VAMPIRE ROMANCE BOXED SET Step into the dark, dangerous and seductive world of vampires in this amazing limited time only boxed set of vampire romances packed with passion, emotion and suspense... and love that will last forever. HEART OF DARKNESS A vampire prince intent on avenging his murdered sister, Aleksandr Nemov won’t stop until the hunter’s line is extinct. Each kill pushes him towards the darkness all vampires hold within their hearts and devolving into a beast. Time is running out as he tracks the last hunter to Prague. There he finds a beautiful woman who could be his one chance for salvation, but is it already too late for him? SEDUCE Bloodlust runs in Antoine’s veins, a dark master waiting for the day it will reign over him. Now a woman with a pure soul and wicked intentions has him in her sights and is determined to crack the ice around his heart, and she might just save or damn him. When Sera discovers the shocking truth about his past and the darkness that lurks within, will she be strong enough to seize his heart or will she lose him to the ghosts that haunt him? A PROMISE OF PASSION Alicia is a vampire hunter, unable to find a man strong enough to love and accept her for who she is. When Kassian, a tall and seductively handsome vampire walks into her life and vows to protect her, she doesn't know what to think or feel. His eyes make promises that his searing touch backs up, but can she get past the fact that he’s a vampire and accept him for who he is? SEVENTH CIRCLE Lincoln is a powerful pureblood vampire with a problem. He's caught up in a prophecy and has little time left to unravel the mystery of the contract between his lord and the Devil before he dies. When witches foretell that a vampire hunter will save his life, he's prepared to work with his most hated enemy, but he isn't prepared for the forbidden desire he feels when he meets her. Love shapeshifter romance books too? Be sure to check out the new companion boxed set, ETERNAL LOVE: SHAPESHIFTER ROMANCE BOXED SET, containing five great werewolf and big cat shifter romance books!

The Vampire Gallery

A Who's who of the Undead

Author: J. Gordon Melton

Publisher: Visible Ink Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 500

View: 2871

Presents profiles of famous vampires since the 18th century, including Barnabas Collins, Count Dracula, Lord Ruthven, and Graf Orlock


Author: Hubbard J. Tozer


ISBN: 1105399583

Category: Fiction

Page: 732

View: 6579

A legion of warrior vampires must seek out the help of a mystical oracle to release them from their unwilling service to an evil creature known only as "The Seer." Cerrunos Mace has been the leader of the Elite for centuries and is desperate to free his warriors from the curse that he brought upon them before it's too late. Aron Ethos resents his responsibility to the temple of a goddess he does not believe in, but an event that threatens his sister's life forces him to choose between light and dark. Zackarius never wanted to be a part of the coven, but he never had a choice, and it will take a beautiful girl in white robes to give him a reason worth living. Eryka feels responsible for the unspeakable acts brought upon the people of Torrea, and is determined to make the Seer all costs.

Vamps #3: After Dark

Author: Nancy A. Collins

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061920274

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 192

View: 1761

What good is a designer dress if someone puts a stake through it? It's the most important event of the season in New York's upper-crust vampire society. The Rauhnacht Grand Ball has everything you need for a night of scandal and intrigue: gala dresses, stolen boyfriends, forbidden love . . . Then a team of vampire hunters shows up and ruins everything! The surprise attack by Van Helsings is the worst gate-crashing ever. In the aftermath, half sisters Lilith and Cally scramble to regain their footing at the exclusive Bathory Academy—and in the world of high fashion, where both have star potential. When new suitors turn the romance up a notch, it's almost enough to make the half sisters forget their intense rivalry. Almost. But shared blood between vampires is not easy, and before long Lilith and Cally find themselves face-to-face again.

Vengeance Is

Author: Chris Urso

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1503534820

Category: Fiction

Page: 190

View: 7808

It is about young naïve woman, who' life's choices are never in her control; those decisions are in other people's hands or governed by the circumstances or environment. She fights constantly with herself over moral dilemmas while trying to stays alive long enough to discover her true calling. This leads her on an adventure through time and space. From a world that couldn't accept her, thrust into a vampiric world through her DNA that welcomes her, but she can't accept. Where she discovers her biological father is a well-known vampire warrior and a world ambassador with a past seeped in violence, deception and vengeance. Worlds of violence were only power and class have relevance, Alcina is forced to accept a new life, endure or perish. Her marriage a scheme for her husband and father to gain a unique power and she was just a pawn. Who can she trust she needs allies who will be loyal to her? Her principles are tested and the all beings she trusted in her past life have betrayed her in one way or another. Her husband secret is a magnet for danger, will they survive or will his secret past destroy them. Alcina become a seasoned warrior, her morals and sanity are tested as she is plunged into worlds of greed, violence, sex, and power.

Racheengel der Vampire 3

Sieg - Suche - Sucht

Author: Angel Wanger,Revenge Angel

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 3730994166

Category: Fiction

Page: 739

View: 3972

Endlich war Terrag Geschichte und Angel erhoffte sich einen kurzen Atemzug, um zur Ruhe zu kommen ... Pustekuchen. Kaum bei Dalia Conner in Sicherheit, unterbreiten ihr ihre beiden Vampire, dass sie in den Krieg gegen die Halbhirne und Eisjäger ziehen wollen! Ohne sie! Kinder hüten und darauf lauern, dass Jack und Konga jede Nacht wieder heile zurück kämen? Nein, nicht mit Angel! Aber was sollte sie machen? Diese Entscheidung wurde ihr durch eine Vision abgenommen. Mit dieser Vision einhergehend musste Konga blankziehen und markerschütternde Wahrheiten auf den Tisch legen, denn Angel durfte ihrem Weg diesmal nicht allein folgen! Alle erfuhren von einer Vampirrasse, die sich ausschließlich von ganzen Vampiren nährte und zu diesem Zweck Menschen wandelte. Tja, was Konga noch offenbarte, ließ alle ahnen, hier wurde nur die Spitze des Eisberges angekratzt. Durch einen Hinterhalt gelang es obendrein einigen von Terrag zuvor gefangen gehaltenen geborenen Vampiren Angel zu entführen. Nun drehte Konga durch. Allerdings erfolglos. In seiner Not griff er nach dem letzten Strohhalm und suchte eine Person auf, von der er bis vor ein paar Jahren dachte, es gäbe sie nur in Märchen. Dann stand er in Robert M. Dragonbloods Nacht-Club und inmitten von etlichen Drachenwandlern. Pah! Es gab ja auch keine echten Vampire! Rob war nicht begeistert, denn aus Menschenangelegenheiten hielten sich die Dragots strikt heraus! Doch da hatte der Vater die Rechnung ohne den Sohn gemacht. Jason M. Dragonblood war begeistert einem Vampir behilflich zu sein, denn auch er hatte eine Vision, die ihn mit Angel verband.

Vampires Today

The Truth about Modern Vampirism

Author: Joseph Laycock

Publisher: Praeger Publishers

ISBN: 9780313364723

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 200

View: 972

What does it mean to be a vampire? Is vampirism a religion? Is it a fantasy? Today's vampires are best understood as an identity group that has caused a profound change in how individuals choose to define themselves. Readers will meet "lifestyle" vampires, who adopt a culture and a gothic ascetic associated with the vampires of art and legend, and "real" vampires, who feel they must consume blood and/or psychic energy for their well being.

The Vampire Diaries - Stefan's Diaries - Fluch der Finsternis

Author: Lisa J. Smith

Publisher: cbt Verlag

ISBN: 3641093902

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 272

View: 5715

Wenn Jäger zu Gejagten werden. Für alle Fans von »The Vampire Diaries«. Faszinierend, fesselnd, leidenschaftlich: Stefans Tagebuch enthüllt erstmals, was wirklich geschah – und wie eine unsterbliche Hassliebe ihren Anfang nahm ... Samuel ist wild entschlossen, die Salvatore-Brüder zu zerstören. Da bekommen Stefan und Damon überraschend Hilfe von einem geheimen Hexen-Zirkel. Und was sie zusammen herausfinden, lässt ihnen das Blut in den Adern gefrieren: Samuel hat es nämlich nicht nur auf die beiden Vampire abgesehen, sondern will ganz London unter seine Kontrolle bringen! Jetzt beginnt ein atemberaubender Wettlauf auf Leben und Tod ...

The Vampire's Bride

Author: Gena Showalter

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1459247175

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 7967

He is Layel, king of the vampires, a master seducer no woman can deny. But since a rogue horde of dragons killed his beloved over two centuries ago, Layel has existed only for vengeance…until he meets Delilah. Wary of love, the beautiful Amazon wants nothing to do with the tormented vampire. Yet there's no denying their consuming desire every time he nears her. Neither trusts the other—nor can they survive alone. For in an impossible game of the gods' devising, they've been trapped on an island, about to face the ultimate challenge: surrender to the passion that will bind them forever…or be doomed to an eternity apart.

Trahison (Livre #3 Mémoires d'un Vampire)

Author: Morgan Rice

Publisher: Morgan Rice

ISBN: 1632911191

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 250

View: 7683

« TRANSFORMATION est un livre qui rivalise avec la saga FASCINATION (TWILIGHT) et JOURNAL D’UN VAMPIRE (VAMPIRE DIARIES), et un livre qui vous donnera envie de continuer à lire jusqu’à la toute dernière page! Si vous adorez l‘aventure, l’amour et les vampires ce livre est pour vous! » (Transformation) TRAHISON est le livre #3 de la série Mémoires d'un Vampire, commençant avec le livre #1 (TRANSFORMATION)—un téléchargement GRATUIT avec plus de 500 revues à cinq étoiles sur Amazon! Dans TRAHISON, Caitlin Paine émerge d’un coma profond pour découvrir qu’elle a été transformée. Maintenant un véritable vampire, elle s’émerveille de ses nouveaux pouvoirs, incluant sa capacité à voler et sa force suprahumaine. Elle découvre que son véritable amour, Caleb, est toujours à ses côtés, attendant patiemment qu’elle se rétablisse. Elle a tout ce dont elle pourrait rêver. Jusqu’à ce que tout, soudainement, change pour le pire. Caitlin est horrifiée de découvrir Caleb avec son ex-femme, Sera et, avant que Caleb ait une chance de s’expliquer, Caitlin lui ordonne de partir. Le cœur brisé, confuse, Caitlin veut se blottir dans un coin et mourir. Sa seule consolation est son chiot loup, Rose. Caitlin trouve aussi une consolation dans son nouvel environnement. Elle découvre qu’elle se trouve sur une île secrète sur la rivière Hudson—Pollepel—parmi une bande élite de vampires adolescents, garçons et filles, 24 en tout, incluant Caitlin. Elle apprend que c’est un endroit pour les bannis, juste comme elle et elle rencontre sa nouvelle meilleure amie, Polly. Elle commence son entrainement dans le combat élite entre vampires. Elle réalise qu’elle a peut-être finalement découvert son foyer. Mais une guerre de vampires majeure est imminente et son frère Sam est toujours là-bas, kidnappé par Samantha. Le diabolique Kyle, aussi, maintenant en possession de l’Épée mythique, est toujours sur le sentier de la guerre et ne reculera devant rien pour éliminer New York. Caitlin, malgré son nouveau chez-soi, et malgré son nouvel amoureux, l’insaisissable vampire Blake, sait qu’elle ne peut rester sur cette île que pour un certain temps avant que sa destinée l’appelle. Après tout, elle est l’Élue et tous les espoirs reposent sur elle pour retrouver son père et l’autre arme qui peut les sauver tous. Déchirée entre ses nouveaux amis et ses sentiments persistants pour Caleb, elle doit décider où se trouve sa loyauté et si elle est prête à tout risquer pour retrouver Caleb et l’avoir dans sa vie une fois de plus…. « TRAHISON a un rythme rapide, est plein d’action, d’amour, de suspense et d’intrigue. » VampireBookSite « Le cliffhanger à la fin de TRAHISON laissera le lecteur en voulant plus et TRAHISON reçoit un solide A pour sa lecture rapide et son intrigue pleine d’imagination. » --The Dallas Examiner « TRAHISON a une bonne romance, une intrigue solide, plein d’action et un rythme rapide. Morgan Rice a amené sa série à un niveau différent. Il y a tellement de surprises merveilleuses que vous ne voulez pas vous arrêter de lire avant la fin. » --The Romance Reviews

The Vampire Book

The Encyclopedia of the Undead

Author: J Gordon Melton

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: 1578593506

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 944

View: 6770

The Ultimate Collection of Vampire Facts and Fiction Death and immortality, sexual prowess and surrender, intimacy and alienation, rebellion and temptation. The allure of the vampire is eternal. The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead, Third edition, explores the historical, literary, mythological, biographical, and popular aspects of one of the world's most mesmerizing paranormal subject. This vast reference is an alphabetical tour of the psychosexual, macabre world of the soul-sucking undead. In the first fully revised and updated edition in a decade, Dr. J. Gordon Melton (president of the American chapter of the Transylvania Society of Dracula) bites even deeper into vampire lore, myths, reported realities, and legends that come from all around the world. From Vlad the Impaler to Dracula and from modern literature to movies and TV series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, Twilight, and The Vampire Lestat, this exhaustive guide furnishes more than 400 essays to quench your thirst for facts, biographies, definitions, and more.

Double Disaster!

Author: Sienna Mercer

Publisher: Egmont UK

ISBN: 1780312768

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 2624

Perfect for fans of Goth Girl, this addictive supernatural series is ideal for girls of 9+ to sink their fangs into... Olivia’s living it up in London on the set of her film, Eternal Sunset. But all she can think about is ex-boyfriend and co-star, Jackson Caulfield. Meanwhile Ivy is in for a shock when she starts High School: suddenly the Goths are the in-crowd! How will Ivy cope when she becomes instantly popular and her trademark death-squint loses its power to stop a bunny at ten paces? These kinds of situations only happen in My Sister the Vampire. A vampire book for girls who want to read about young love and innocent paranormal romance. Ideal for fans of Jacqueline Wilson, Meg Cabot, and Zoe (Zoella) Sugg. Have you collected all of ‘My Sister the Vampire’? Switched Fangtastic! Revamped! Vampalicious! Take Two Love Bites Lucky Break Star Style Twin Spins! Date with Destiny Flying Solo Stake Out! Double Disaster! Flipping Out! Secrets and Spies Fashion Frightmare Spooktacular! Fangs for the Memories Look out for Sienna Mercer’s other great series, ‘My Brother the Werewolf’. Sienna Mercer grew up in Toronto, Canada. She was an only child, and always wanted a brother or sister – especially a twin. A twin would have been awesome! Sadly, she never got that sister so, when she was grown up, she did the next best thing - she wrote stories for girls about a girl who reminded her of herself, and gave her the most fun, fabulous twin she could imagine . . . a vampire twin.

The Beloved of My Beloved

Author: Ian Watson,Roberto Quaglia

Publisher: Newcon Press


Category: Erotic stories

Page: 288

View: 5174

British science fiction meets Italian surrealism in a unique combination.Tattooed upon a woman-sized tumour, these tales told to it as bedtime stories are surreal, satiric, erotic, ingenious and hilarious, forming a very weird love story, unlike anything told before.