Two Days That Rocked the World

Elton John Live at Dodger Stadium: Photographs by Terry O'neill

Author: Terry O'Neill

Publisher: ACC Distribution

ISBN: 9781851498062


Page: 224

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Photographs by world-renowned photographer Terry O Neill on stage with Elton John in one of the bigger moments in pop history150 sumptuous photographs bound in a beautiful slipcase with an introduction by Billie Jean King Looking at Terry s photographs is like gazing through a window at the most extraordinary and exciting moments of my life. I m so glad he was with us throughout the madness: in his evocative and stylish photos he captured those moments as no other photographer could. -Elton John On October 25 and 26, 1975, Elton John performed two sold-out shows in LA's Dodger Stadium. It would be the largest rock concert of its time and the first time a musical act was performed at the ballpark since The Beatles in 1966. With Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, the first ever album to debut straight at number one, and the impending release of his next #1 Billboard charts topper, Rock of the Westies, Elton s fame was at an all-time high. The biggest rock star in the world was going to stage two nights in one of America's most beloved and famous venues, and Terry O Neill, the restless photographer who documented The Beatles, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones, was there on stage to make sure posterity would see what thousands experienced for themselves. Through private moments as well as public ones, including backstage exchanges with fans as diverse as Cary Grant and Billie Jean King, O'Neill s Two Days that Rocked the World: Elton John Live at Dodger Stadium creates a visual record of a musician at the peak of his powers."


The Year That Rocked The World

Author: Mark Kurlansky

Publisher: Random House Incorporated

ISBN: 0345455827

Category: History

Page: 441

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Provides a detailed look at 1968, a pivotal year in the history of the twentieth century, exploring the turbulent events, politics, culture, economics, and social changes that marked a volatile year.

Boys Who Rocked the World

Heroes from King Tut to Bruce Lee

Author: Michelle Roehm McCann,David Hahn

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1582703620

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 256

View: 2666

Presents short profiles of famous men throughout history, from King Tut to Crazy Horse to Stan Lee to Shaun White.

Ultimate Star Guitars

The Guitars That Rocked the World, Expanded Edition

Author: Dave Hunter

Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)

ISBN: 0760352399

Category: Music

Page: 352

View: 830

Get to know the guitars so famous that their names are household words among enthusiasts. First published in 2010, the first-ever illustrated history of the specific guitars of the men and women who made the music is now expanded to include 32 additional iconic guitars and their owners. Ultimate Star Guitars showcases B.B. King';s "Lucille," Eric Clapton's "Blackie," Stevie Ray Vaughan's "First Wife," Billy F Gibbons's "Pearly Gates," Neil Young's "Old Black," and dozens upon dozens more. Other best-selling guitar histories look at the rank-and-file models, but Ultimate Star Guitars is unique in profiling the specific favorites of famous players - oftentimes million-dollar babies, such as the 1968 Stratocaster that Jimi Hendrix burned at Woodstock and which sold at Sotheby's in 1993 for $1.3 million. Guitar journalist Dave Hunter explains the stories behind each: the important sessions on which they were used, landmark tours and gigs on which they were played, modifications made by their owners, and more. From twangy country to scorching metal, from full-throttle punk to sophisticated jazz, and from gut-punch blues to lo-fi indie rock, Ultimate Star Guitars is illustrated with performance and candid photography of the artists with their star guitars, relevant memorabilia, and more often than not, studio shots of the guitars or signature models based on them. An information-packed visual feast for guitar enthusiasts!

Girl Groups

Fabulous Females Who Rocked The World

Author: John Clemente

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1477281282

Category: Music

Page: 642

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From the 1950s through the 1980s girl groups were hot— and not just because of their looks. These rocking women had a profound impact in our culture, and left us with a lifetime’s worth of memorable tunes. Now you can learn about all your favorite female artists, and you can build the ultimate girl-powered record collection for yourself! This all-new book features biographical information on over seventy of the most significant girl groups of rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm ‘n’ blues, everyone from The Supremes to The Go-Gos. These profiles contain complete discographies for each of the groups and quotes from members of the many of the featured groups. Also included: A comprehensive listing of all girl group and their labels Pricing for 500 of the most collectible girl group records More than 200 photos This book enables all music lovers to learn how those fabulous voices came together to form the harmonies that captured generations and also find out the most current values of the hottest collectible records.

More Girls Who Rocked the World

Heroines from Ada Lovelace to Misty Copeland

Author: Michelle Roehm McCann

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1582706409

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 320

View: 3751

"Young women today crave strong, independent role models to look to for motivation. In the follow-up to the 2012 bestseller Girls Who Rocked the World, More Girls Who Rocked the World offers a fun and inspiring collection of influential stories with forty-five more movers and shakers who rocked the world before turning twenty. A variety of achievements, interests, and ethnic backgrounds are represented, from Annie Oakley and Cleopatra to Malala Yousafzai and Misty Copeland--each with her own incredible story of how she created life-changing opportunities for herself and the world. Personal aspirations from today's young women are also interspersed throughout the book, as well as profiles of teenagers who are out there rocking the world right now"--

Girls Who Rocked the World

Heroines from Joan of Arc to Mother Teresa

Author: Michelle Roehm McCann,Amelie Welden,Daniel Hahn

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1582703027

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 256

View: 405

Tells the stories of forty-six girls who were younger than twenty years of age when they changed the history of the world through amazing accomplishments.

Music that Rocked the World

Author: Peter Murray

Publisher: Juta and Company Ltd

ISBN: 9780980382921

Category: Music

Page: 190

View: 9060

With the birth of rock ‘n’ roll, popular culture was changed completely. Before the rebellious sounds of Bill Haley and the Commets, Buddy Holly, or Elvis Presley, the music scene was far more conventional, as was the lifestyle. Activities such as unwed sexual relations, motorcycle rides, and certain types of dancing were socially prohibited. Rock ‘n’ roll music was first introduced by small, independent record companies and promoted by radio disc jockeys like Alan Freed, who used the term rock ‘n’ roll to help attract white audiences unfamiliar with black music. Music That Rocked the World features more than 270 artists who have influenced music over four decades.

The Ship that Rocked the World

How Radio Caroline Defied the Establishment, Launched the British Invasion and Made the Planet Safe for Rock and Roll

Author: Tom Lodge

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780910155823

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 242

View: 1532

Did you ever wonder why so much fantastic music started coming out of Britain in the 60s? Pirates did it. That's right, Pirates. The story of how they did it seems unbelievable, but it really happened, and it completely altered the course of rock and roll. Talent alone was not enough to break through the rigid broadcasting system that filtered anything it deemed "unsafe". Only bands approved by the BBC, which controlled radio across Britain, could get air time. That is, until "pirate radio" was born. The book tells of Radio Caroline, and how a band of pirates changed the world of music forever. Written by Tom Lodge, main DJ of Radio Caroline, with Foreword by Steven Van Zandt, this is the true inside story of the British Invasion.

Back to the Garden

The Story of Woodstock

Author: Pete Fornatale

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416591192

Category: History

Page: 303

View: 1072

An award-winning broadcaster's authoritative fortieth anniversary tribute to the first Woodstock event draws on original interviews with such performers as Roger Daltry, Joan Baez, and David Crosby to place the gathering against a backdrop of period history and culture.

The World Broke in Two

Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, D. H. Lawrence, E. M. Forster, and the Year That Changed Literature

Author: Bill Goldstein

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1627795294

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

View: 7279

A Lambda Literary Awards Finalist Named one of the best books of 2017 by NPR's Book Concierge A revelatory narrative of the intersecting lives and works of revered authors Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, E. M. Forster and D. H. Lawrence during 1922, the birth year of modernism The World Broke in Two tells the fascinating story of the intellectual and personal journeys four legendary writers, Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, E. M. Forster, and D. H. Lawrence, make over the course of one pivotal year. As 1922 begins, all four are literally at a loss for words, confronting an uncertain creative future despite success in the past. The literary ground is shifting, as Ulysses is published in February and Proust’s In Search of Lost Time begins to be published in England in the autumn. Yet, dismal as their prospects seemed in January, by the end of the year Woolf has started Mrs. Dalloway, Forster has, for the first time in nearly a decade, returned to work on the novel that will become A Passage to India, Lawrence has written Kangaroo, his unjustly neglected and most autobiographical novel, and Eliot has finished—and published to acclaim—“The Waste Land." As Willa Cather put it, “The world broke in two in 1922 or thereabouts,” and what these writers were struggling with that year was in fact the invention of modernism. Based on original research, Bill Goldstein's The World Broke in Two captures both the literary breakthroughs and the intense personal dramas of these beloved writers as they strive for greatness.

How to Rock the World When You Get Rocked

Author: Shary Duff

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781599322803

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 162

View: 6155

Come, listen, learn, surrender, heal. Look no further for the inspiration to change your life. Shary Duff’s world was rocked. In 2003, she was living the modern American dream. She was a mother, a wife, a successful business owner and a pinnacle in her community. Out of the blue, she was hit with a catastrophic change. She went from being a woman at the top of her game to a woman in crisis—emotional, physical and most importantly, spiritual crisis. We all face things that rock our world to the core: illness, divorce, death, lawsuits and losses. How do we come back? How do we begin to live again? Through a process of healing and recovery, inspired by the teachings of Dr. Deepak Chopra, and instigated by her son Jason, Shary had her eyes opened, and now she wants to help open yours. Only when you are willing to accept complete responsibility for your thoughts can you author and co-create your own life. This book is for any woman seeking a fulfilling, peaceful, joyful existence. In How to Rock the World When You Get Rocked, Shary shares specific tools and practices to help you manifest your dreams, overcome fear and anxiety, and be free to be happy. She guides women through the process of becoming unstuck from the negative self-talk that prevents them from being spiritually and emotionally open. She guides readers to a liberating state of awareness and celebration. Through Shary’s journey, and the wisdom she gained along the way, you too can experience profound success, in any area of your life, through intention and desire. Stop making excuses; celebrate and enjoy each moment of each day. Illustrated by Wanda Stahler & Mila Duning-Hamilton

The Bettencourt Affair

The World's Richest Woman and the Scandal That Rocked Paris

Author: Tom Sancton

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101984473


Page: 396

View: 6339

Liliane Bettencourt is the world's richest woman, and the tenth wealthiest in the entire world. But at 93, she's embroiled in incredible controversy - controversy so great it almost took down the French government. It's all become Europe's biggest scandal in years, uncovering a shadowy corporate history, a buried WWII secret, and much more - so much that the former President of France has become embroiled in the controversy.

Self-Care for the Real World

Practical self-care advice for everyday life

Author: Nadia Narain,Katia Narain Phillips

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 147354470X

Category: Self-Help

Page: 272

View: 9439

THE TOP TEN BESTSELLER 'Unusually practical, non-patronising and authentic. Think Marie Kondo for the mind, if you will, or the Hemsleys for the soul.' Sunday Times Wellness pioneers Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips have spent decades helping others to feel their best. But it took them a bit longer to learn to care for themselves. Here they share the small, achievable steps they picked up on a lifetime’s journey towards self-care, and how you can apply them to your life, wherever you are. Right now, you may be deep in the waves of life, being tossed around. Learning self-care is like building your own life boat, plank by plank. Once you’ve got your boat, you’ll still be rocked by the same waves, but you’ll have a feeling of safety, and a stability that means you can pick other people up on your way.

Visas for Al Qaeda

CIA Handouts That Rocked the World: An Insider's View

Author: J. Michael Springmann

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780990926207


Page: 282

View: 2114

Thousands of American soldiers and civil servants have lost their lives in the War on Terror. Innocent citizens of many nations, including Americans killed on 9/11, have also paid the ultimate price. While the US government claims to stand against terror, this same government refuses to acknowledge its role in creating what has become a deadly international quagmire. "Visas for al-Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked the World "sets the record straight by laying the blame on high-ranking US government officials. During the 1980s, the CIA recruited and trained Muslim operatives to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Later, the CIA would move those operatives from Afghanistan to the Balkans, and then to Iraq, Libya, and Syria, traveling on illegal US visas. These US-backed and trained fighters would morph into an organization that is synonymous with jihadist terrorism: al-Qaeda. J. Michael Springmann, a former US diplomat, names individuals and organizations that deny culpability. He analyzes the effects of a nebulous war on the US economy and infrastructure. After thirteen bloody years, Springmann exposes hypocrisy and deceit wrapped in a sullied flag of patriotism and honor.

Seven Days That Divide the World

The Beginning According to Genesis and Science

Author: John C. Lennox

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 031049219X

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 5254

What did the writer of Genesis mean by “the first day”? Is it a literal week or a series of time periods? If I believe that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, am I denying the authority of Scripture? In response to the continuing controversy over the interpretation of the creation narrative in Genesis, John Lennox proposes a succinct method of reading and interpreting the first chapters of Genesis without discounting either science or Scripture. With examples from history, a brief but thorough exploration of the major interpretations, and a look into the particular significance of the creation of human beings, Lennox suggests that Christians can heed modern scientific knowledge while staying faithful to the biblical narrative. He moves beyond a simple response to the controversy, insisting that Genesis teaches us far more about the God of Jesus Christ and about God’s intention for creation than it does about the age of the earth. With this book, Lennox offers a careful yet accessible introduction to a scientifically-savvy, theologically-astute, and Scripturally faithful interpretation of Genesis.

The Collectors

Author: David Baldacci

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 9780759569041

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 9500

Oliver Stone and his Camel Club are in a race to stop a man who is determined to auction off America to the highest bidder: Roger Seagraves is selling America to her enemies, one devastating secret at a time. On a local level, Annabelle Conroy, the most gifted con artist of her generation, is becoming a bit of a Robin Hood as she plots a monumental scam against one of the most ruthless businessmen on earth. As the killings on both fronts mount, the Camel Club fights the most deadly foes they've ever faced.

Shake the Devil Off

A True Story of the Murder that Rocked New Orleans

Author: Ethan Brown

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 0312534426

Category: True Crime

Page: 301

View: 6888

Documents the sensational murder of bartender Addie Hall by suicide victim Zackery Bowen, an Iraq veteran whose relationship with Addie had caused them to be featured by news outlets as symbolic of the New Orleans spirit, in an account that features the author's investigation into Bowen's motivations. Reprint.

The Book Thief

Author: Markus Zusak

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 9780307433848

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 592

View: 937

DON’T MISS BRIDGE OF CLAY, MARKUS ZUSAK’S FIRST NOVEL SINCE THE BOOK THIEF. The extraordinary #1 New York Times bestseller that is now a major motion picture, Markus Zusak's unforgettable story is about the ability of books to feed the soul. When Death has a story to tell, you listen. It is 1939. Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier, and will become busier still. Liesel Meminger is a foster girl living outside of Munich, who scratches out a meager existence for herself by stealing when she encounters something she can’t resist–books. With the help of her accordion-playing foster father, she learns to read and shares her stolen books with her neighbors during bombing raids as well as with the Jewish man hidden in her basement. In superbly crafted writing that burns with intensity, award-winning author Markus Zusak, author of I Am the Messenger, has given us one of the most enduring stories of our time. “The kind of book that can be life-changing.” —The New York Times “Deserves a place on the same shelf with The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.” —USA Today