Thomas Ruff


Author: Thomas Ruff,Caroline Flosdorff

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Publishers


Category: Photography

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Essays by Caroline Flosdorff and Michael Stuber.

Thomas Ruff nudes

Author: Thomas Ruff,Michel Houellebecq

Publisher: Harry N Abrams Inc


Category: Art

Page: 149

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This collection of pictures, which are graphic and abstract at the same time, is accompanied by an excerpt from a forthcoming novel by controversial Frenchwriter Michel Houellebecq. 100 full-color illustrations.

Konstruiert oder authentisch?

Photographische "Wirklichkeit" als Inszenierung über die Inszenierung des Dokumentarischen in der Photographie

Author: Daniela Linck


ISBN: 3832400907

Category: Photography

Page: 162

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Inhaltsangabe:Zusammenfassung: Die Geschichte der Photographie wird von Anfang an von einem zweigliedrigen System begleitet: die ungestellt-dokumentarische Photographie auf der einen Seite und die gestellt-inszenierende Photographie auf der anderen Seite. Die Annahme der strikten Trennung von Subjektivität, Inszenierung und Manipulation von Wirklichkeit einerseits und Objektivität, Dokumentation, Authentizität und Abbildtreue gegenüber dem Aufgenommenen andererseits stellt die vorliegende Arbeit kritisch in Frage. Anhand der Entwicklung der Dokumentarphotographie wird chronologisch der Frage nachgegangen, ob sich in den Arbeiten der als bedeutende Dokumentaristen geltenden Photographen ebenfalls bildgestaltende Elemente und inszenierende Praktiken finden lassen. Dazu werden verschiedene Arten dokumentarischer Photographie wie z.B. Kriegsphotographie, sozialkritische Photographie und Pressephotographie aufgegriffen und durchleuchtet. Anhand der Darstellung der Arbeitsweisen bedeutender Vertreter der jeweiligen "Gattung" und der jeweiligen Epoche sowie anhand von begleitendem Bildmaterial wird die Annahme bestätigt, daß in der sogenannten Dokumentarphotographie von Anfang an arrangierte und konstruierte Elemente eine große Rolle gespielt haben. Zum Vergleich werden Techniken und (Bild-) Beispiele sogenannter Kunstphotographen aufgeführt. Unter dem Aspekt: "inwieweit ist Photographie überhaupt imstande Wirklichkeit, Objektivität und Wahrheit abzubilden?" werden dabei auch unterschiedliche Standpunkte verschiedener (Kunst-) Theoretiker dargestellt. Am Beispiel z.Z. tätiger Bildjournalisten wird gezeigt, daß die Einmischung in die (Bild-)Wirklichkeit heute ebenfalls ein aktuelles Thema ist. Der Vergleich mit den Arbeiten akademisch ausgebildeter Photo-Künstler (z.B. Bernd und Hilla Becher, Thomas Ruff) ist auch hier wieder interessant, da sich kulturhistorische-dokumentarische Ambitionen und Arbeitsweisen mit ästhetisch-künstlerischen Aspekten vermengen. In den Arbeiten von Photo-Künstlern und sogenannten Dokumentarphotographen/Photojournalisten kommt zum Ausdruck, daß sie häufig eine nahezu identische Vorstellung von Bildästhetik besitzen. Eine Aufteilung der Photographie in das zweigeteilte System der inszenierten, subjektiven, verfälschenden Photographie auf der einen Seite und der dokumentarischen, objektiven, authentischen Photographie auf der anderen Seite wird damit hinfällig. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Inhaltsverzeichnis: ERLÄUTERUNG DER [...]

The State of the Real

Aesthetics in the Digital Age

Author: Damian Sutton,Susan Brind,Ray McKenzie

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 9781845110772

Category: Art

Page: 241

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The notion of ""the real"" continues to be hotly debated in an era when the internet, virtual reality, cybertheory and bioethics challenge the very nature of ""reality."" Combining the advantages of a critical reader with the immediacy of cutting-edge debate, practitioners and commentators provide crucial insights into contemporary aesthetics, engaging with the ideas of critics and thinkers from Linda Nochlin through to Lyotard and Baudrillard.

Perspectives on Manet

Author: Therese Dolan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351554379

Category: Art

Page: 244

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Bringing forth fresh perspectives on Manet's art by established scholars, this volume places this compelling and elusive artist's painted ?uvre within a broader cultural context, and links his artistic preoccupations with literary and musical currents. Rather than seeking consensus on his art through one methodology, or focusing on one crucial work or period, this collection investigates the range of Manet's art in the context of his time and considers how his vision has shaped subsequent interpretations. Specific essays explore the relationship between Manet and Whistler; Emile Zola's attitude toward the artist; Manet's engagement with moral and ethical questions in his paintings; and the heritage of Charles Baudelaire and Clement Greenberg in critical responses to Manet. Through these and other analyses, this volume illuminates the scope of Manet's career, and indicates the crucial position the artist held in generating a modernist avant-garde aesthetic.

Noise Matters

Towards an Ontology of Noise

Author: Greg Hainge

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1441152865

Category: Music

Page: 240

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Everyone knows what noise is. Or do they? Can we in fact say that one man's noise is another teenager's music? Is noise in fact only an auditory phenomenon or does it extend far beyond this realm? If our common definitions of noise are necessarily subjective and noise is not just unpleasant sound, then it merits a closer look (or listen). Greg Hainge sets out to define noise in this way, to find within it a series of operations common across its multiple manifestations that allow us to apprehend it as something other than a highly subjective term that tells us very little. Examining a wide range of texts, including Sartre's novel Nausea and David Lynch's iconic films Eraserhead and Inland Empire, Hainge investigates some of the Twentieth Century's most infamous noisemongers to suggest that they're not that noisy after all; and it finds true noise in some surprising places. The result is a thrilling and illuminating study of sound and culture.

Thomas Ruff

Author: Régis Durand,Centre national de la photographie (France),Actes sud (Firm)

Publisher: N.A


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Thomas Ruff : Ma.r.s, Substrats, Jpegs. ; Thomas Ruff : Nudes

Author: Thomas Ruff,Hans-Ulrich Obrist,Geoff Dyer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781935263616

Category: Mars (Planet)

Page: 37

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Thomas Ruff is acknowledged as a leading innovator in the generation of German artists that propelled photography into mainstream art. For more than two decades, he has pushed the limits of the photographic medium, harnessing technologies both old and new. Traditionally, photograms are made by placing objects onto photosensitive paper and exposing the paper to light, thereby recording the silhouettes of the objects. Captivated by this method but seeking to work beyond its limitations, Ruff collaborated with a 3-D imaging expert to design a virtual darkroom that would enable him to experiment with an infinite range of forms.Negatives are a direct result of Ruff's photogram process; the white and slate-blue images are inverted versions of early-twentieth-century nude studies.

Thomas Ruff

Author: Thomás Ruff

Publisher: Whitechapel Gallery

ISBN: 9780854882601


Page: 232

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For over thirty years Thomas Ruff has approached every genre of photography and coolly reinvented it. One of the greatest artists to use photography in the 21st century, Ruff came of age in the 1980s alongside Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer and Thomas Struth, in what was to become known as the Dusseldorf School. Creating photographic images on the scale of history paintingbut with a cool hyperrealism, Ruff moves from the micro to the macro, from portraying friends to picturing the cosmos. He also oscillates between the laboratory and the archive, experimenting with digital technologies to create photograms with virtual objects and rescuing discarded press photographs to reveal lost histories.Unlike many other publications on his work which assess Ruff's work series by series, this catalogue provides a thematic exploration of his output including portraits, disasters, sky and cityscapes, internet nudes, photograms, manga images, magnetically generated images and found photographs.00Exhibition: Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK (09.27.2017?01.21.2018).