Theory of Reality

Evidence for Existence Beyond the Brain and Tools for Your Journey

Author: David O. Wiebers

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780985937522

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 199

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"The Theory of Reality combines key elements of neuroscience, physics and metaphysical science to provide critical evidence for existence beyond the brain with practical everyday application for increased compassion, effectiveness and higher understanding in your life. Discover worldview-changing evidence regarding the most basic and profound questions of humankind, and explore the fundamental fabrics of our universe and the purpose of our lives. Equip yourself with new knowledge and empowering tools and techniques designed to help you "put it all together" and chart your own spiritual adventure. Take control of your own life journey and allow inspiration, uncommon creativity and greater happiness to unfold."

The Corruption of Reality

A Unified Theory of Religion, Hypnosis, and Psychopathology

Author: John F. Schumaker

Publisher: Prometheus Books

ISBN: 161592499X

Category: Psychology

Page: 289

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This groundbreaking volume examines our sometimes strained grasp of reality and sheds new light on three subject areas that continue to fascinate researchers: religion, hypnosis and psychopathology.The Corruption of Reality challenges many of the ideas in all three disciplines and paves the way for an exciting, far-reaching and unified theory of conscious and unconscious behavior. Schumaker argues that, despite their apparent differences, religion, hypnosis, and psychopathology are all expressions of the unique human ability to modify and regulate reality in ways that ultimately serve the individual and society. In turn, these same behaviors can be traced to the brain's remarkable capacity to process information along multiple pathways, thus allowing the person to manipulate reality in strategic directions aimed at improved coping. He includes a historical and cross-cultural analysis showing how reality reconstruction takes place, and outlines the shortcomings of current psychotherapeutic approaches as well as the promising trends toward a spiritualization of psychotherapy.Rigorously argued, this book challenges traditional ideas and paves the way for a far-reaching unified theory of conscious and unconscious behavior. -CHAOS!Schumaker has taken complex material and made it accessible to the lay-person. Readers of any religious, or non-religious, persuasion will find this book worthwhile, enlightening reading. -Amarillo News-GlobeHoping for something better for our society, Schumaker offers ideas to revitalize our sick Western culture, one of which proposes a new religion embodying current knowledge about our peculiar personal/global relationship. Controversial? Sure, but just about every new idea is controversial at the outset. There's a lot for an open mind to consider here. -Hypnotherapy TodaySchumaker's views and findings on the roles of ritual and perception in our lives and in our views of reality are fascinating. -Booklist

The Fabric of Reality

Author: David Deutsch

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 014196961X

Category: Science

Page: 400

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An extraordinary and challenging synthesis of ideas uniting Quantum Theory, and the theories of Computation, Knowledge and Evolution, Deutsch's extraordinary book explores the deep connections between these strands which reveal the fabric of realityin which human actions and ideas play essential roles.

A Comparative Study of the Jaina Theories of Reality and Knowledge

Author: Y. J. Padmarajiah

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 9788120800366

Category: Jaina philosophy

Page: 423

View: 8049

An attempt to determine the meaning and contents of the notion of dravya and distinguish between the two concepts of guna and paryaya. Cursorily also discusses notions of realtivity, continuity, divisibilty and negation. It presents an analytical account and a critical estimation of the methods of knowledge with an investigation into the nature and the logical evolution of the theory of manifoldness (anekantavada). The work has aimed throughout at a comparative treatment of the problems. Effort has been made to avoid strained and far-fetched comparisons and contrasts and to treat criticisms and controversies in a constructive spirit.

Theory of the Artificial

Virtual Replications and the Revenge of Reality

Author: Massimo Negrotti

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 9781871516555

Category: Computers

Page: 156

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This discusses what happens when people try to reproduce a natural object or process in any scientific field -- from artificial intelligence through bio-engineering to art and communication -- where the reproduction process is itself a central issue. What does it mean to create the artificial? What are its limits?The book is enriched by about 20 illustrations, ranging from technological objects to artistic ones, helping the reader to understand the common lines that define the artificial.

Theory of Nothing

Author: Russell Standish

Publisher: BookSurge Australia

ISBN: 9781921019630

Category: Philosophy

Page: 250

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The "Theory of Nothing" explores the radical idea that the reality we see around us is but one of an infinite "library" of alternate realities, the sum of which contains no information and is in fact "Nothing". The necessity for observed reality to be consistent with the observer's existence implies a strong connection between fundamental physics and cognitive science. A revolutionary understanding of why physics has the form it does, and why our minds are the way they are is forged.

Genetic Theory of Reality

Being the Outcome of Genetic Logic as Issuing in the Aesthetic Theory of Reality Called Pancalism, with an Extended Glossary of Terms

Author: James Mark Baldwin

Publisher: N.A


Category: Reality

Page: 335

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The Doctrine of Energy

A Theory of Reality

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Force and energy

Page: 108

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Unified Reality Theory

The Evolution of Existence into Experience

Author: Steven Kaufman

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 150434376X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 472

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“Unified Reality Theory demonstrates that the source of reality is a universal consciousness, and that we are in no way separable from that source, and so in no way truly separable from each other or any other aspect of reality. I recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding the nature of reality and their place in it.” —Deepak Chopra Unified Reality Theory describes how all reality evolves from an absolute existence. It also demonstrates that this absolute existence must have consciousness as an attribute that’s intrinsic to its being. Thus, Unified Reality Theory shows that consciousness, rather than being a product of the evolution of physical reality, is itself the source of what we experience as physical reality, and that physical reality is itself but one aspect of an evolving universal consciousness. Unified Reality Theory shows that, most fundamentally, this absolute consciousness-existence evolves into reality by means of a single process: self-relation. That is, consciousness-existence becomes reality by forming relationships with itself, analogous in a very limited way to what happens to a rubber band that’s twisted upon itself, i.e., it remains whole while differentiating into other forms. Thus, Unified Reality Theory demonstrates that reality is a state of existential self-relation. The idea that the universe consists of existence which has formed relationships with itself isn’t new; Taoists have understood this idea for at least a couple of thousand years. What’s new here is the presentation of this idea in the form of a detailed and defined structural model that correlates with the behavior of physical reality as described by science in general and physics in particular. Ultimately, Unified Reality Theory uses science and logic to make the case that God exists, as a pervasive and absolute consciousness that transcends the realities of space and time, and that we, as well as everything else, are that!

Theory of Potential – the Illusion of Reality

Author: Dr. Ray LeSage

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1543920268

Category: Science

Page: 7

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Where did everything that we perceive come from? If there is an answer, from where did the resulting answer come? Keep asking these questions and see where it takes you. There is a theoretical answer to this question that will take the reader into a new world of possibilities.

Reality Revealed

The Theory of Multidimensional Reality

Author: Douglas B. Vogt,Gary Sultan

Publisher: N.A


Category: Parapsychology

Page: 460

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Theory and Reality

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science

Author: Peter Godfrey-Smith

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226300610

Category: Science

Page: 288

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How does science work? Does it tell us what the world is "really" like? What makes it different from other ways of understanding the universe? In Theory and Reality, Peter Godfrey-Smith addresses these questions by taking the reader on a grand tour of one hundred years of debate about science. The result is a completely accessible introduction to the main themes of the philosophy of science. Intended for undergraduates and general readers with no prior background in philosophy, Theory and Reality covers logical positivism; the problems of induction and confirmation; Karl Popper's theory of science; Thomas Kuhn and "scientific revolutions"; the views of Imre Lakatos, Larry Laudan, and Paul Feyerabend; and challenges to the field from sociology of science, feminism, and science studies. The book then looks in more detail at some specific problems and theories, including scientific realism, the theory-ladeness of observation, scientific explanation, and Bayesianism. Finally, Godfrey-Smith defends a form of philosophical naturalism as the best way to solve the main problems in the field. Throughout the text he points out connections between philosophical debates and wider discussions about science in recent decades, such as the infamous "science wars." Examples and asides engage the beginning student; a glossary of terms explains key concepts; and suggestions for further reading are included at the end of each chapter. However, this is a textbook that doesn't feel like a textbook because it captures the historical drama of changes in how science has been conceived over the last one hundred years. Like no other text in this field, Theory and Reality combines a survey of recent history of the philosophy of science with current key debates in language that any beginning scholar or critical reader can follow.

The Quantum World

The Disturbing Theory at the Heart of Reality

Author: New Scientist

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey

ISBN: 185788969X

Category: Science

Page: 228

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Quantum theory is our very best description of the microscopic world of atoms and their constituents. It has given us lasers, computers and nuclear reactors, and even tells us how the sun shines and why the ground beneath our feet is solid. Yet the quantum world defies our sensibilities - it is a place where objects can be in two places at once, influence each other at opposite sides of the cosmos and nothing is as it seems until you measure it. Why is the quantum world so strange? Where does it begin and end? And what does this mean for the bedrock of reality? In attempting to address such frontier questions, physicists have come to realise that the quantum world promises exciting new technologies: the ability to communicate with absolute security, computers more powerful than anything built before and even quantum teleportation. In The Quantum World, leading physicists and New Scientist take us on journey through the quantum world, its mind-bending properties and the technologies transforming our world. There is a sting in the tale: is quantum theory truly the ultimate theory of reality?

Margins of Reality

The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World

Author: Robert G. Jahn,Brenda J. Dunne

Publisher: ICRL Press

ISBN: 1936033003

Category: Philosophy

Page: 432

View: 4910

WHAT HAS MODERN SCIENCE SWEPT UNDER THE RUG? This pioneering work, which sparked intense controversy when it was first published two decades ago, suggests that modern science, in the name of rigor and objectivity, has arbitrarily excluded the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality. Drawing on the results of their first decade of empirical experimentation and theoretical modeling in their Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program, the authors reach provocative conclusions about the interaction of human consciousness with physical devices, information-gathering processes, and technological systems. The scientific, personal, and social implications of this revolutionary work are staggering. MARGINS OF REALITY is nothing less than a fundamental reevaluation of how the world really works.

EVA as the best financial performance measure: the theory of reality

Author: Alina Ignatiuk

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 3640312066

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 17

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Seminar paper from the year 2008 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: A, St. Mary's University San Antonio, Texas, language: English, abstract: In this paper these issues will be discussed: •the main purpose and functions of the financial performance management and how it is related to the problem of shareholders value creation, company growth and managers decision making process and management motivation; •the appropriate measures of management performance from the shareholders point of view; •contradictions or goal incongruence between shareholders, management and company long-term growth.

A Theory of Reality

An Essay in Metaphysical System Upon the Basis of Human Cognitive Experience

Author: George Trumbull Ladd

Publisher: N.A


Category: Knowledge, Theory of

Page: 556

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The Social Construction of Reality

A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge

Author: Peter L. Berger,Thomas Luckmann

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453215468

Category: Social Science

Page: 219

View: 1313

The classic work that redefined the sociology of knowledge and has inspired a generation of philosophers and thinkers In this seminal book, Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann examine how knowledge forms and how it is preserved and altered within a society. Unlike earlier theorists and philosophers, Berger and Luckmann go beyond intellectual history and focus on commonsense, everyday knowledge—the proverbs, morals, values, and beliefs shared among ordinary people. When first published in 1966, this systematic, theoretical treatise introduced the term social construction,effectively creating a new thought and transforming Western philosophy.

Theory of Reality

Author: John Keyes


ISBN: 0557193451

Category: Science

Page: 56

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Einstein's 'Theory of Relativity' has been the backbone of Physics for more than a century. Einstein was faced with the incompatibility between the constancy of the speed of light and the principle of relativity. It should have been obvious to him that the speed of light was not constant. The original experiments that led to this belief were flawed. Instead, Einstein dropped two of what he called unjustifiable hypothesis from classical mechanics; that time and space were fixed. 'Theory of Reality' is a short allegory. Logic is used to replace the concepts of relativity with new concepts of reality. Johnbat, the main character, systematically examines the logic behind the theory of relativity pointing out flaws in the original definitions, experiments and logical conclusions that were used to develop special relativity. A new 'Theory of Reality' is presented as its replacement.