The World of Saint Patrick

Author: Philip Freeman

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199372586

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 225

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The legend of Saint Patrick is irresistibly captivating-he drove the snakes out of Ireland, battled the druids, and used the three-leaf Shamrock to convert the pagan Irish to belief in the Christian Trinity. Yet, as so often happens, these stories are mere myths that fold under closer scrutiny. Snakes never plagued the Irish countryside, and the Emerald Isle's most beloved saint wasn't even Irish but a Briton of the Roman nobility. Fortunately, the truth is even more fascinating. In The World of Saint Patrick, classical scholar Philip Freeman offers the definitive account of Saint Patrick's life through new and vibrant translations of the greatest works of early Christian Ireland. This story of great violence, brutality, and even greater faith begins with two letters Patrick wrote describing his kidnapping by pirates at age sixteen and subsequent slavery. Although his grandfather was a priest and his father a deacon, at the time of his kidnapping Patrick had rejected his childhood faith in favor of atheism. Yet in this deeply moving narrative, Patrick recounts how he regained his faith during his captivity, and how the voice of God guided him both in his escape from bondage and in his eventual return to Ireland as a missionary to the very people who had enslaved him. The World of Saint Patrick delves into colorful tales of Patrick's struggles with pagan kings, soaring hymns of praise, and a prayer of protection against forces of evil such as "the magic of women, blacksmiths, and druids." Freeman also examines the life of Saint Brigid, Ireland's first female saint, and the legendary voyage of Saint Brendan and his monks across the western ocean. Both general readers with an interest in Ireland's saints and scholars studying religion or medieval history will be unable to put down this captivating tale of Ireland's greatest saint and the remarkable times in which he lived.

St Patrick

The Life and World of Ireland's Saint

Author: J.B. Bury

Publisher: Tauris Parke Paperbacks

ISBN: 0857731556

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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St Patrick is perhaps the most venerated saint of the modern age, whose feast day is marked each year by massive celebrations across the world, from Dublin to New York and Sydney to Rio de Janeiro. Yet, in spite of his popularity, very little is known of his life, which is clouded by myth and uncertainty. The facts that are known - that he was born in the late fourth century in Roman Britain, was captured by Irish raiders at the age of 16 and sold into slavery, escaped six years later to Britain where he became a priest and later a bishop before returning to Ireland to proselytise - give only a vague sense of the man behind the legends. J.B. Bury’s classic biography, which remains the definitive work on the saint, dispels many of the myths and paints a vivid and exacting portrait of the world around St Patrick, revealing the influences and inspirations that transformed him from a minor fifth century missionary into the patron saint of Ireland and a source of living inspiration for countless people - the Irish above all - some 1,500 years after his death. 'J.B. Bury was a great historian and he remains as readable and provocative as ever.' - Robert Conquest

St. Patrick of Ireland

A Biography

Author: Philip Freeman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743256346

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 216

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An authoritative modern portrait of Ireland's patron saint discusses his youth as a Roman citizen and Christian nobleman, his enslavement by Irish pirates, his decision to convert the Irish to Christianity, and the letters that revealed intimate information about his belief system and life in Ireland. Reprint. 17,500 first printing.

The Confession of Saint Patrick

The Classic Text in New Translation

Author: John Skinner

Publisher: Image

ISBN: 0307768848

Category: Religion

Page: 112

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The autobiography of one of the most popular saints in history, now available in a new translation. Beyond being recognized as the patron saint of Ireland (perhaps for having chased some nonexistent snakes off the Emerald Isle), little else is popularly known about Saint Patrick. And yet, Patrick left behind a unique document, his Confession, which tells us much about both his life and his beliefs. This autobiography, originally written in the fifth century, and short by modern standards, is nonetheless a work that fascinates with its glimpse into the life of an intriguing man, and inspires with its testament of faith. Here, in this new edition from internationally acclaimed translator John Skinner, the character of Patrick, his era, and his world vividly come to life. Also included in this volume is the only other document known to have been written by Patrick, a letter he wrote to the soldiers of Coroticus--also Christians--who had raided parts of Ireland and taken away prisoners who were then sold into slavery. This letter is a wonderful demonstration of Patrick's rhetorical fire. Quite irate, Patrick harangues his fellow Christians, and the results are every bit as autobiographically revealing as the Confession. John O'Donohue, author of Anam Cara, provides an insightful foreword that re-creates the unique spirituality of Patrick and of the Irish people, and shows how it applies to our lives today. From the Paperback edition.

Who was Saint Patrick?

Author: E. A. Thompson

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 9780851157177

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 190

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The classic study of the saint's life, presented with new introduction and bibliography.

Saint Patrick

Author: David N. Dumville

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 9780851157337

Category: History

Page: 334

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Extremely scholarly and contains many important studies... impossible to do justice to the depth of scholarship which is on display here. BRITANNIA

St. Patrick's Day

Author: Molly Aloian

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780778747581

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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On March 17th of each year, millions of people all over the world celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Taste the foods, hear the music, and dance the dances that make up his celebration. The history of this celebration will captivate children and teach them about Irish culture and traditions.

Der Sohn der grünen Insel

Historischer Roman

Author: Steve Lawhead


ISBN: 9783404156030

Category: Fiction

Page: 685

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405 n. Christus: Als der junge Brite Succat von irischen Piraten als Sklave verschleppt wird, ist dies der Beginn eines gewaltigen Abenteuers. Mehrere Fluchtversuche Succats scheitern kläglich; doch als die Lage schon aussichtslos erscheint, erregt Succat die Aufmerksamkeit der Druiden, die ihn in ihre Lehren einweihen. Schließlich kehrt er wieder in seine Heimat zurück, um das Erbe seiner Väter anzutreten - eine Heimat, die in Trümmern liegt. In seiner Verzweiflung macht Succat sich auf eine abenteuerliche Reise quer durch Europa, die ihn über die blutigen Schlachtfelder des von der Völkerwanderung heimgesuchten Galliens bis nach Rom führen wird. Aber was er auch tut, die Sehnsucht nach Irland bleibt, denn tief in seinem Herzen weiß Succat, dass er dort noch eine Mission zu erfüllen hat, wenn der Kreis sich schließen soll. Eine Mission, die Irland für immer verändern wird ...

Saint Patrick

Author: Jonathan Rogers

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418584258

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 160

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Patrick was born the son of privilege and position, but he was only a teenager when he was taken from his home in Roman Britain by marauders and sold into slavery in Ireland. Despite his terrible circumstances, young Patrick did not give way to despair. As he worked as a shepherd in the pastures of his new owner, he kindled the faith he’d inherited from his family and eventually escaped to freedom. Then, after returning home, he experienced a dream that changed everything: God wanted him to go back and take the Gospel to the country of his captors. Patrick heeded the call. Both humble enough to minister to beggars and bold enough to confront kings, Patrick led the Irish through his brave and compassionate service into the Christian faith and baptized thousands. Separating the many myths from the facts, Jonathan Rogers weaves a wonder-filled tale of courage, barbarism, betrayal, and hope in God’s unceasing faithfulness. Countless miracles have been attributed to Saint Patrick, but perhaps one of the simplest and most amazing is that he won the hearts and souls of the same fierce and indomitable people who had enslaved him.

Life of St. Patrick and His Place in History

Author: J. B. Bury

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 1605204021

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 428

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This renowned biography of the great Catholic saint, famous for converting Ireland to Christianity, is also a stunningly vivid portrait of life in the British Isles in the fifth century. Born in Britain as a Roman citizen and kidnapped by raiders to Ireland as a teenager, where he remained to do his holy work, Patrick's life encapsulates the themes of the era, as the new religion won out of paganism as the Roman Empire fell. Almost as valuable as the biography itself are Bury's complex appendices, which comprise more than half the book, and include such important scholarly details as the author's notes on Patrick's own writings, the memoirs of the saint by other writers including Trechn and Muirchu, an examination of other Irish source materials, and a look at the historical evidence for such events as the dates of Patrick's birth and captivity, his possible visit to Rome in 432, his consecration, the location of his burial, and much more. British historian JOHN BAGNELL BURY (1861-1927) was professor of modern history at Cambridge. His writings, known for a readability combined with a scholarly depth, include History of the Later Roman Empire (1889), History of Greece (1900), and Idea of Progress (1920).

Rediscovering Saint Patrick

Author: Marcus Losack

Publisher: Columba Press (IE)

ISBN: 9781782180173

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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A new theory of the origin of St. Patrick, based upon four years of research, which proposes that St. Patrick was in fact from Brittany.

St. Patrick's Day

A Celebration

Author: Karen Farrington,Nick Constable

Publisher: Booksales

ISBN: 9780785809500

Category: Social Science

Page: 144

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Details the history of Saint Patrick's Day, its historical importance, myths and legends, and various parades and celebrations

Saint Patrick

Author: William J. Federer

Publisher: Amerisearch, Inc.

ISBN: 9780965355759

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 95

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This is the real history of the amazing life of St. Patrick that went from tragedy to triumph as he founded 300 churches and reevangelized Europe.

Sons of Saint Patrick

A History of the Archbishops of New York, from Dagger John to Timmytown

Author: George J. Marlin,Brad Miner

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 1621641139

Category: Religion

Page: 506

View: 9108

Sons of Saint Patrick tells the story of America's premiere Catholic see, the archdiocese of New York—from the coming of French Jesuit priests in the seventeenth century to the early years of Cardinal Timothy Dolan. It includes many intriguing facets of the history of Catholicism in New York, including: the early persecution of and legal discrimination against Catholicsthe waves of catholic immigrants, most notably from Irelandthe Church's rise to power under New York's first archbishop, "Dagger" John Hughesthe emerging awareness in the Vatican of New York's preeminencethe clashes between America and Rome over the "Americanist" heresythe role New York's archbishops have played in the life of America's greatest city—and in the world The book focuses on the ten archbishops of New York and shows how they became the indispensable partners of governors and presidents, especially during the war-torn twentieth century. Also discussed are the struggles of the most recent archbishops in the face of demographic changes, financial crises, and clerical sex-abuse cases. Sons of Saint Patrick is an objective but colorful portrait of ten extraordinary men—men who were saints and sinners, politicians and pastors, and movers and shakers who as much as any other citizens have made New York one of the greatest cities in the world. All ten archbishops have been Irish, either by birth or heritage, but given New York's changing ethnic profile, Cardinal Timothy Dolan may be the last son of Saint Patrick to serve as its archbishop.

The Wearing of the Green

A History of St Patrick's Day

Author: Mike Cronin,Daryl Adair

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415359122

Category: History

Page: 328

View: 9125

The full history of St. Patrick's day is captured here for the first time in The Wearing of the Green. Illustrated with photos, the book spans the medieval origins, steeped in folklore and myth, through its turbulent and troubled times when it acted as fuel for fierce political argument, and tells the fascinating story of how the celebration of 17th March was transformed from a stuffy dinner for Ireland's elite to one of the world's most public festivals. Looking at more general Irish traditions and Irish communities throughout the world, Mike Cronin and Daryl Adair follow the history of this widely celebrated event, examining how the day has been exploited both politically and commercially, and they explore the shared heritage of the Irish through the development of this unique patriotic holiday. Highly informative for students of history, cultural studies and sociology, and an absolute delight for anyone interested in the fascinating and unique culture of Ireland.

Saint Patrick's of Montreal

the biography of a basilica

Author: Alan Hustak

Publisher: Vehicule Press


Category: Travel

Page: 175

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Son of Ireland

Author: Stephen R. Lawhead

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061749186

Category: Fiction

Page: 592

View: 695

Slave, soldier, lover, hero, saint,—his life mirrored the cataclysmic world into which he was born. His memory will outlast the ages. Born of a noble Welsh family, he is violently torn from his home by Irish raiders at age sixteen and sold as a slave to a brutal wilderness king. Rescued by the king's druids from almost certain death, he learns the arts of healing and song, and the mystical ways of a secretive order whose teachings tantalize with hints at a deeper wisdom. Yet young Succat Morgannwg cannot rest until he sheds the strangling yoke of slavery and returns to his homeland across the sea. He pursues his dream of freedom through horrific war and shattering tragedy—through great love and greater loss—from a dying, decimated Wales to the bloody battlefields of Gaul to the fading majesty of Rome. And in the twilight of a once-supreme empire, he is transformed yet again by divine hand and a passionate vision of "truth against the world," accepting the name that will one day become legend . . . Patricius!

Saint Patrick Retold

The Legend and History of Ireland's Patron Saint

Author: Roy Flechner

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691190011

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: N.A

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A gripping biography that brings together the most recent research to shed provocative new light on the life of Saint Patrick Saint Patrick was, by his own admission, a controversial figure. Convicted in a trial by his elders in Britain and hounded by rumors that he settled in Ireland for financial gain, the man who was to become Ireland’s patron saint battled against great odds before succeeding as a missionary. Saint Patrick Retold draws on recent research to offer a fresh assessment of Patrick’s travails and achievements. This is the first biography in nearly fifty years to explore Patrick’s career against the background of historical events in late antique Britain and Ireland. Roy Flechner examines the likelihood that Patrick, like his father before him, might have absconded from a career as an imperial official responsible for taxation, preferring instead to migrate to Ireland with his family’s slaves, who were his source of wealth. Flechner leaves no stone unturned as he takes readers on a riveting journey through Romanized Britain and late Iron Age Ireland, and he considers how best to interpret the ambiguous literary and archaeological evidence from this period of great political and economic instability, a period that brought ruin for some and opportunity for others. Rather than a dismantling of Patrick’s reputation, or an argument against his sainthood, Flechner’s biography raises crucial questions about self-image and the making of a reputation. From boyhood deeds to the challenges of a missionary enterprise, Saint Patrick Retold steps beyond established narratives to reassess a notable figure’s life and legacy.

The experience of God in the writings of Saint Patrick: reworking a faith received

Author: Swan William Declan

Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop

ISBN: 8878392669

Category: Religion

Page: 432

View: 3463

This dissertation is a theological study of the writings of Saint Patrick of Ireland, composed in the fifth century, that are the oldest surviving pieces of Christian literature in the Irish Church. It is a response to Ad Gentes 22 at the Second Vatican Council where every local Church was invited to return to its own history and time when the Christians, this task leads back to St. Patrick and the faith in the Triune God he brought to a previously pagan land. The study represents an attentive listening to Patrick in his own words and his experience of God that he narrates and shares with his audience. The thesis is Trinitarian in content and form. Having introduced the reader to Patrick’s story, the sources and the ressourcement method employed to reinterpret Patrick’s teaching, emergent themes are then grouped together under Trinitarian headings: first Patrick’s experience of God as Father, his experience of Jesus Christ and his experience of the Holy Spirit. The final chapter of the thesis represents a meditatio on the previous chapters and explores new interpretations that have emerged from a lectio of Patrick’s writings. These interpretations are also grouped under Trinitarian headings and show how Patrick’s transformative experience of God is accessible to all modern Christians. In this sense, Patrick’s writings are invaluable sources of ressourcement that serve the ongoing need for an aggiornamento for how the Christian faith can be understood and lived. The study seeks a spiritual and theological communion with Patrick at a vital moment in the history of Irish Christianity: a communion that seeks to nourish and rejuvenate Christian faith in the twenty-first century.