The Lion and the Woodcutter

Fun Time Jungle Stories

Author: Anita Gupta

Publisher: Mind Melodies

ISBN: 9350181886


Page: 20

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Jungle stories always fascinate the tiny tots. They not only offer the children wholesome entertainment, but also broaden their knowledge about nature and jungle life. Keeping this in mind, mind melodies has come out with a set of eight story books on jungle life. To make them more attractive, the stories are enriched with beautiful illustrations.

The Woodcutter

Author: Reginald Hill

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007343892

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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A fast-moving, stunning new standalone psychological thriller – from the award-winning author of the Dalziel and Pascoe series

Deer and the Woodcutter

A Korean Folktale

Author: Kim So-Un

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 146291053X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 3468

This popular Korean folktale tells children the story of why the rooster looks skyward and crows loudly at dawn. Long ago, deep in the Kumgang Mountains of Korea, a handsome woodcutter saves a deer from a certain death. In return he deer helps the young woodcutter marry a beautiful fairy. After a series of delightful adventures the woodcutter is transformed into a rooster and every day calls to his loved ones in Heaven. So whenever a crowing rooster is heard in Korea, this story is told. Tuttle Publishing presents the very best in Asian children’s books, with a growing list of multicultural titles that all children can identify with and enjoy. Other titles include Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories, Chinese Children’s Favorite Stories, and Korean Children’s Favorite Stories.

The Woodcutter

Author: Josephine Croser

Publisher: Era Publications

ISBN: 1741206421

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 16

View: 607

A poor woodcutter is granted three wishes, but he and his wife argue about what to wish for. Will they use the wishes wisely?

The woodcutter of Lebanon

and The exiles of Lucerna

Author: J. R. McDuff

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: N.A

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THE Woodcutter and the Fox

Author: Joseph Newns

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469125102

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

View: 8245

‘The Woodcutter and the Fox’ is a traditional children’s fairy-tale with adult themes. It is about conflict within the Care System. Kevin the fox is determined to save money and orders the closure of a perfectly successful children’s home. At the same time he makes arrangements for the Woodcutter’s key child to be placed in one of the most damaging environments imaginable. The Woodcutter is adamant that addressing the budget should not be done at the child’s expense and decides to fight the little girl’s corner, come-what-may. Inevitably, the conflict escalates when Kevin the fox interprets the Woodcutter’s actions as a direct attack upon his Management, particularly when the Woodcutter writes to the queen of the system and tells her of his concerns for the little girl. Determined that the Woodcutter should pay for his boldness, Kevin the fox calls the Woodcutter a whistle-blower and decides to mark his cards by engineering his future dismissal, which the fox does by ensuring that the Woodcutter is isolated professionally and is prevented from doing his job: being a key person involved in the little girl’s immediate future. Inevitably, the fox’s actions are executed at the child’s expense, when she is taken away in the middle of the night and becomes isolated from both her key worker and the land of her birth. Kevin the fox and his animal team dress in identical attire: grey suits with large lapels. The one exception is the fox’s large dickey-bow, which is the status symbol of his Management. The ‘Yes People’ will resort to anything in order to wear that dickey-bow one day and they are quite prepared to back the fox to the hilt, having no conscience whatsoever when it comes to blaming the Woodcutter for the failure of the child’s Care Plan. They are determined to please Kevin the fox, as he is the one who pays their wages. He is also the source of any future promotion, ensuring that both Sleazy the weasel and Toothy the white-headed rabbit do not displease him in any way whatsoever. Good intentions quickly go out of the window when they are encouraged by the fox to bear false witness against the Woodcutter, which they do without a moment’s hesitation. ‘The Woodcutter and the Fox’ is a fairy-tale which has the make-up to entertain children and the subject-matter to interest adults, depicting conflict that could so easily arise in any one of the many children’s homes that operate in the Care System today. The book is a battleground where animals concern themselves with budgeting, promotion and the continued delivery of their individual pay packets. The Woodcutter and the Good Witch, on the other hand, represent the humanity that is so important when looking after human offspring. When Kevin the fox closes a perfectly stable Children’s Home to save money, the Woodcutter - who is experienced enough to know that plans for his key child are not in her best interests – decides to fight her corner. It is also an attempt by the author to evaluate what a good Care Plan should be. It should certainly consider the views of all relevant persons prior to its formulation; and if the child’s best interests are to be served appropriately, the good Care Plan should not ignore the existence of the child’s own key worker, since the child relies on this ‘special’ link-person to ensure that his/her feelings and wishes are known to all relevant persons prior to the formulation of that action plan. A good Care Plan must always consider the views of the child and try to recognize and identify the overall needs of that child. It should not give priority to an abusive dad, particularly if he is in agreement with everything that makes his child unhappy. The inspiration behind ‘The Woodcutter and the Fox’ grew from a decision on the part of the author to explore the Woodcutter’s actions, particularly in the light of a Care Plan that had the potential to do real harm to a child in the local authority’s care. The Woodcutter is adamant that the pri

The Woodcutter of Gutech

Author: William Henry Giles Kingston

Publisher: Krill Press via PublishDrive

ISBN: 1531213103

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 55

View: 6903

W.H.G. Kingston was a 19th century American writer best known for writing kids adventure novels that were very popular with boys at the time. His books are still widely read today.

The Woodcutter

Author: Kate Danley

Publisher: 47North

ISBN: 9781612185408

Category: Fiction

Page: 271

View: 2640

Deep within the Wood, a young woman lies dead. Not a mark on her body. No trace of her murderer. Only her chipped glass slippers hint at her identity. The Woodcutter, keeper of the peace between the Twelve Kingdoms of Man and the Realm of the Faerie, must find the maiden s killer before others share her fate. Guided by the wind and aided by three charmed axes won from the River God, the Woodcutter begins his hunt, searching for clues in the whispering dominions of the enchanted unknown. But quickly he finds that one murdered maiden is not the only nefarious mystery afoot: one of Odin s hellhounds has escaped, a pixie dust drug trade runs rampant, and more young girls go missing. Looming in the shadows is a malevolent, power-hungry queen, and she will stop at nothing to destroy the Twelve Kingdoms and annihilate the Royal Fae unless the Woodcutter can outmaneuver her and save the gentle souls of the Wood."

The Woodcutter

Author: Denys Johnson-Davies,Sabine P. Moser

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789948431077

Category: Tales

Page: 28

View: 8472

Struggling to feed his family, the woodcutter discovers a genie in a tree in the forest. The genie takes pity on the poor woodcutter, but his foolishness leads him into trouble over and over again. Will he ever learn?

The Woodcutter's Gift / El regalo del leñador

Author: Lupe Ruiz-Flores

Publisher: Arte Publico Press

ISBN: 9781558855496

Category: Animals

Page: 34

View: 9416

One day, a terrible thunderstorm knocked down the giant mesquite tree that grew in the town square. After the storm, the townspeople gathered to gawk at the large obstruction blocking the street. They weren't sure what to do with it, but they all agreed that the wood was good for nothing except a fire. But the woodcutter Tomas sees something in the huge tree that the rest of the townsfolk don't. "The beauty of this tree is not on the outside but on the inside." Tomas tells them. In the following days, everyone watches curiously as the woodcutter carves and chips and whittles the wood into blocks. At one point, he moves the chunks into his shed, increasing everyone's curiosity. What could the woodcutter be doing with all that lumber? Finally, Tomas calls the townsfolk together to see his creations: a wonderful collection of life-sized animals for the children to enjoy. Children and adults alike are thrilled with their private zoo! But a few weeks later the woodcutter is visited by strangers from a folk art museum who want to buy the pieces for their collection. Will Tomas sell the town's new zoo animals so that others can enjoy them too?

The Woodcutter and his Family

Author: Frank McGuinness

Publisher: The O'Brien Press Ltd

ISBN: 1847179894

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 3343

My son betrayed me. It is a family tradition. Didn’t I do the same to my father? The World War intensifies in Europe. In Zurich a writer breathes his last imagining his life till now from his childhood in Dublin. The voices of his family circling him – wife, son, daughter – carry him to his end as he hears each separate chapter chronicling the power of their passion for their famous father, their love, their hate, their need, their sorrows and joys, their strangeness. And James Joyce has saved for them one last story to delight and defy them: The Woodcutter And His Children ...

Mystery of the Woodcutter

A Lesson Learned

Author: Teya Peck,Jerry A.K.A. J.P. Woodland

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781981918782


Page: 26

View: 9683

Angie didn't expect to find anything but rocks and green leaves on her walk in the woods. When she discovers a tiny man she's more than a little surprised. Unfortunately she joins the tiny man and together they have to figure out how to get unshrunk. Will a little ingenuity and magic be enough to set things right?

The Cave Painter

The Woodcutter

Author: Don Hannah

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

ISBN: 9781770911291

Category: Drama

Page: 44

View: 3071

Dianne is a printmaker who derives her imagery from pre-history?Neanderthal teeth, the Jericho skulls, old bones. Too many people close to her have passed away, and her only son has rebelled by embracing a life of religious fundamentalism. The Cave Painter is a funny, moving one-woman show about being an artist and dealing with loss.In The Woodcutter, a scruffy, exhausted man is lost in the woods at nightfall with only a few sentimental objects in his pockets. Alone in a clearing, he unloads his thoughts to the surrounding wilderness, ranting and raging, unravelling a story of a troubled past and of the family he adores, eventually coming to terms with the impossible truth of what he?s done.