The Tools of Asclepius

Surgical Instruments in Greek and Roman Times

Author: Lawrence Bliquez

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004283595

Category: Medical

Page: 476

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In The Tools of Asclepius Lawrence Bliquez provides a comprehensive, up-to-date treatment of the surgical instruments and paraphernalia used by Greco-Roman pharmacists, physicians and surgeons.

Sorani quae feruntur. Quaestiones medicinales

Author: Klaus-Dietrich Fischer

Publisher: Ediciones de la Universidad de Castilla La Mancha

ISBN: 8490442568

Category: Medical

Page: 532

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Das Genre der έρωταποκρίσεις (Erschließung von Wissen in Frage-und-Antwort-Form), das wir für eine Reihe verschiedener Fachgebiete kennen, findet seit einigen Jahren größeres Interesse. Im Bereich der antiken Medizin gibt es nur zwei einschlägige Werke, die pseudogalenischen ‛Όροι ίατρικοί (Definitones medicae, Kühn Band 19), deren kritische Ausgabe noch immer nicht vorliegt, und von ähnlichem Umfang, jedoch in lateinischer Sprache (nach einem griechischen, jedoch verlorenen Original), die Quaestiones medicinales, dem Soran zugeschrieben. Diese Quaestiones werden hier erstmals auf der Grundlage sämtlicher drei Textzeugen mit einer deutschen Übersetzung und kommentierenden Bemerkungen sprachlicher und sachlicher Art vorgelegt, der zum Teil ausgefallene und auch für die Erforschung des Spätlateins interessante Wortschatz ist durch lateinische und griechische Indices erschlossen. Für alle, die sich für die antike Medizin und ihre fachsprachliche Ausprägung interessieren, also für Philologen und Medizinhistoriker gleichermaßen, wird damit eine wichtige Quelle zugänglich gemacht.

Soldier, Priest, and God

A Life of Alexander the Great

Author: F. S. Naiden

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190875356

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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Whatever we may think of Alexander--whether Great or only lucky, a civilizer or a sociopath--most people do not regard him as a religious leader. And yet religion permeated all aspects of his career. When he used religion astutely, he and his army prospered. In Egypt, he performed the ceremonies needed to be pharaoh, and thus became a god as well as a priest. Babylon surrendered to him partly because he agreed to become a sacred king. When Alexander disregarded religion, he and his army suffered. In Iran, for instance, where he refused to be crowned and even destroyed a shrine, resistance against him mounted. In India, he killed Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus by the hundreds of thousands until his officers, men he regarded as religious companians, rebelled against him and forced him to abandon his campaign of conquest. Although he never fully recovered from this last disappointment, he continued to perform his priestly duties in the rest of his empire. As far as we know, the last time he rose from his bed was to perform a sacrifice. Ancient writers knew little about Near Eastern religions, no doubt due to the difficulty of travel to Babylon, India, and the interior of Egypt. Yet details of these exotic religions can be found in other ancient sources, including Greek, and in the last thirty years, knowledge of Alexander's time in the Near East has increased. Egyptologists and Assyriologists have written the first thorough accounts of Alexander's religious doings in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Recent archaeological work has also allowed scholars to uncover new aspects of Macedonian religious policy. Soldier, Priest, and God, the first religious biography of Alexander, incorporates this recent scholarship to provide a vivid and unique portrait of a remarkable leader.

Medicine and Healing in the Ancient Mediterranean

Author: D. Michaelides

Publisher: Oxbow Books

ISBN: 1782972382

Category: Medical

Page: 446

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There are many recoverable aspects and indications concerning medicine and healing in the ancient past Ð from the archaeological evidence of skeletal remains, grave-goods comprising medical and/or surgical equipment and visual representations in tombs and other monuments thorough to epigraphic and literary sources. The 42 papers presented here cover many aspects medicine in the Mediterranean world during Antiquity and early Byzantine times, bringing together both internationally established specialists on the history of medicine and researchers in the early stages of their career. The contributions are grouped under a series of headings: medicine and archaeology; media (online access to electronic corpus); the Aegean; medical authors/schools of medicine; surgery; medicaments and cures; skeletal remains; new research in Cyprus; Asklepios and incubation; and Byzantine, Arab and medieval sources. These subject areas are addressed through a combination of wide ranging archaeological and osteological data and the examination and interpretation of philosophical, literary and historiographical texts to provide a comprehensive suite of studies into early practices in this fundamental field of human experience.

Text and Transmission

Studies in Ancient Medicine and Its Transmission : Presented to Jutta Kollesch

Author: Klaus-Dietrich Fischer,Diethard Nickel,Paul M. J. Potter

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004110526

Category: Science

Page: 340

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This collection of thirteen studies by leading experts is devoted to particular problems of the textual transmission of ancient medicine in papyri, manuscripts and printed books, and to select questions relating to the interpretation of these sources and their historical significance.

Trends in History

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

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Author: Society for Ancient Medicine

Publisher: N.A


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Alexandria, Real and Imagined

Author: Anthony Hirst,M. S. Silk

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: History

Page: 401

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Alexandria, Real and Imagined offers a complex portrait of an extraordinary city, from its foundation in the fourth century BC up to the present day: a city notable for its history of ethnic diversity, for the legacies of its past imperial grandeur - Ottoman and Arab, Byzantine, Roman and Greek - and, not least, for the memorable images of 'Alexandria' constructed both by outsiders and by inhabitants of the city. In this volume of new essays, Alexandria and its many images - the real and the imagined - are illuminated from a rich variety of perspectives. These range from art history to epidemiology, from social and cultural analysis to re-readings of Cavafy and Callimachus, from the impressions of foreign visitors to the evidence of police records, from the constructions of Alexandria in Durrell and Forster to those in the twentieth-century Arabic novel.

Mental Health - Psychiatric Nursing

A Holistic Life-Cycle Approach

Author: Ruth Parmelee Rawlins,Sophronia R. Williams

Publisher: C.V. Mosby


Category: Medical

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Author: Gebhard Löhr

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161466168

Category: Religion

Page: 402

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Originally presented as the author's Habilitationsschrift--G'ottingen, 1994.

The Archaeology of Medicine in the Greco-Roman World

Author: Patricia A. Baker

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107292131

Category: Social Science

Page: 210

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This book teaches students and scholars of Greco-Roman medical history how to use and critically assess archaeological materials. Ancient medicine is a subject dominated by textual sources, yet there is a wealth of archaeological remains that can be used to broaden our understanding of medicine in the past. In order to use the information properly, this book explains how to ask questions of an archaeological nature, how to access different types of archaeological materials, and how to overcome problems the researcher might face. It also acts as an introduction to the archaeology of medicine for archaeologists interested in this aspect of their subject. Although the focus is on the Greco-Roman period, the methods and theories explained within the text can be applied to other periods in history. The areas covered include text as material culture, images, artifacts, spaces of medicine, and science and archaeology.

Ausgewählte Werke

Author: Matthias Claudius

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783150016916


Page: 488

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Kommentierte Auswahl aus dem Werk des Wandsbecker Boten (1740-1815). Enthält Teile der zeitgenössischen Werkausgabe Asmus omnia sua secum portans sowie Texte aus Zeitschriften, Briefe, Rezensionen und Übersetzungen.

Papyros Ebers

Das älteste Buch über Heilkunde

Author: H. Joachim

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3111521761

Category: History

Page: 234

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