The Social Thought of Erving Goffman

Author: Michael Hviid Jacobsen,Soren Kristiansen

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483320596

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

View: 8818

Part of the SAGE Social Thinker series, this book serves as a concise and inviting introduction to the life and works of Erving Goffman, one of the most prominent social theorists in postwar sociology. Goffman’s ideas continue to influence scholars in various fields and have also attracted many readers outside conventional academia. Goffman’s overall research agenda was the exploration of what he termed the interaction order—that is, the micro social order that regulates the co-mingling of people in each other’s immediate presence. He coined several new concepts (face-work, impression management, role distance, civil inattention, etc.) with which to grasp and understand the complexities and basic social restructuring of everyday life, many of which are now part of sociology’s standard vocabulary.

Wir alle spielen Theater

die Selbstdarstellung im Alltag

Author: Erving Goffman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783492238915

Category: Self-presentation

Page: 251

View: 7243

Kommunikation ; Soziologie ; Psychologie ; Alltag.

Interaktion, Identität, Präsentation

Kleine Einführung in interpretative Theorien der Soziologie

Author: Heinz Abels

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322956741

Category: Social Science

Page: 203

View: 3987

Die Einführung macht in verständlicher Sprache mit interpretativen Theorien vertraut. Es werden die wichtigsten Annahmen von George Herbert Mead zum Thema Identität und von Herbert Blumer zur symbolischen Interaktion dargestellt. Anschließend wird die phänomenologische Grundlegung der Soziologie durch Alfred Schütz nachgezeichnet und vor diesem Hintergrund die Theorie der gesellschaftlichen Konstruktion der Wirklichkeit von Peter L. Berger und Thomas Luckmann skizziert. Im letzten Teil wird die Ethnomethodologie nach Harold Garfinkel als eine Theorie des Handelns im Alltag vorgestellt und aus den Arbeiten von Erving Goffmann Techniken der Präsentation behandelt.

The Social Thought of Karl Marx

Author: Justin P. Holt

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483316076

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 9456

Part of the SAGE Social Thinkers series, this brief and clearly-written book provides a concise introduction to the work, life, and influences of Karl Marx, one of the most revered, reviled, and misunderstood figures in modern history. The book serves as an excellent introduction to the full range of Marx’s major themes—alienation, economics, social class, capitalism, communism, materialism, environmental sustainability—and considers the extent to which they are relevant today. It is ideal for use as a self-contained volume or in conjunction with other sociological theory textbooks.

Beyond the Enlightenment

Lives and Thoughts of Social Theorists

Author: Roger A. Salerno

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275977245

Category: Philosophy

Page: 242

View: 3644

Important ideas that helped shape 20th-century thought are made accessible in this illuminating volume.


Performativität, Performanz und Polittheater Seit 1990

Author: Birgit Haas

Publisher: Königshausen & Neumann

ISBN: 9783826030406

Category: Power

Page: 305

View: 1988


The Goffman Reader

Author: Charles Lemert,Ann Branaman

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: 9781557868947

Category: Psychology

Page: 368

View: 593

The Goffman Reader aims to bring the most complete collection of Erving Goffman's (1922-1982) writing and thinking as a sociologist. Among the most inventive, unique and individualistic of thinkers in American sociology, his works first appeared in the early 1950's at a time when a more formal, traditional sociology dominated the scene. In this collection, Goffman's work is arranged into four categories: the production of self, the confined self, the nature of social life, and the framing of experience. Through this arrangement, readers will not only be presented with Goffman's thinking in chronological order, but also with a framework of analysis that clearly introduces the social theoretical ideas by which Goffman shaped the direction of sociological thought through the late twentieth century.

The Social Thought of C. Wright Mills

Author: A. Javier Trevino

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483341755

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

View: 5422

This inaugural volume of the Pine Forge Press Social Thinkers series provides a concise introduction to the work, life, and influences of C. Wright Mills. Accessible and provocative, this book closely examines the writings and ideas of C. Wright Mills that now, over half a century later, remain crucial in better understanding today's world. The book's primary focus is on two of his lifelong intellectual concerns: the interrelationship between social structure and personality and the bureaucratization of modern society and the power relations it produces. The book is ideal for use as a self-contained volume or in conjunction with sociological theory textbooks.

Goffman's Legacy

Author: A. Javier Trevi-O

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742519787

Category: Social Science

Page: 294

View: 496

Erving Goffman (1922-82) was arguably one of the most influential American sociologists of the twentieth century. A keen observer of the interaction order of everyday life, Goffman's books, which have sold in the hundreds of thousands, continue to be widely read and his concepts have permanently entered the sociology lexicon. This volume consists of twelve original essays, all written by prominent Goffman scholars, that critically assess Goffman's many contributions to various areas of study, including functionalism, social psychology, ethnomethodology, and feminist theory.

Kriminologische Grundlagentexte

Author: Daniela Klimke,Aldo Legnaro

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658065044

Category: Social Science

Page: 376

View: 9343

Kriminalität ist ein zwar ungeliebtes, aber durch und durch soziales Verhalten, das nur in seinem gesellschaftlichen Kontext verstanden werden kann. Das macht dieser Reader deutlich, der eine Auswahl klassischer und aktueller Grundlagentexte zur Entwicklung kriminologischer Theorien bietet und dabei eine internationale Perspektive einnimmt. Den Anfang macht eine Standortbestimmung der Devianz-Forschung von H. S. Becker, die zum ersten Mal auf Deutsch vorgelegt wird. Thematisch behandelt der Band von Durkheim und seiner Analyse der Funktionen von Kriminalität bis zu den Konzeptualisierungen einer Disziplinar- und Kontrollgesellschaft in den Werken von Foucault, Deleuze und Garland die gesamte Palette kriminologisch relevanter Themen.

The Contemporary Goffman

Author: Michael Hviid Jacobsen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135168792

Category: Political Science

Page: 396

View: 8338

The Contemporary Goffman highlights the continued relevance of Goffman to sociology and related disciplines – to theoretical discussions as well as to substantive empirical research – through contributions dealing with a variety of topics and themes.

Erving Goffman

Author: Greg Smith

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134252676

Category: Social Science

Page: 152

View: 3141

Decades after his death, the figure of Erving Goffman (1922–82) continues to fascinate. Perhaps the best-known sociologist of the second half of the twentieth century, Goffman was an unquestionably significant thinker whose reputation extended well beyond his parent discipline. A host of concepts irrevocably linked to Goffman's name – such as 'presentation of self', 'total institutions', 'stigma', 'impression management' and 'passing' – are now staples in a wide range of academic discourses and are slipping into common usage. Goffman's writings uncover a previously unnoticed pattern and order in the minutiae of everyday interaction. Readers are often shocked when they recognize themselves in his shrewd analyses of errors, awkwardness and common predicaments. Greg Smith's book traces the emergence of Goffman as a sociological virtuoso, and offers a compact guide both to his sociology and to the criticisms and debates it has stimulated.

Critical and Cultural Interactionism

Insights from Sociology and Criminology

Author: Michael Hviid Jacobsen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781138306233


Page: 282

View: 390

One of the longest standing traditions in sociology, interactionism is concerned with studying human interaction and showing how society to a large part is constituted by patterns of interaction. In spite of the work of figures such as Robert E. Park, Everett C. Hughes, Erving Goffman, Herbert Blumer, Norman K. Denzin and Gary Alan Fine, interactionism - perhaps owing to its association with the perspective of symbolic interactionism - remains something of an odd man out in mainstream sociology. This book seeks to rectify this apparent neglect by bringing together critical social theories and microsociological approaches to research, thus revealing the critical and cultural potentials in interactionism - the chapters arguing that far from being oriented towards the status quo, interactionism in fact contains a critical and cultural edge. Presenting the latest work from some of the leading figures in interactionist thought to show recent developments in the field and offer an overview of some of the most potent and prominent ideas within critical and cultural criminology, Critical and Cultural Interactionism will appeal to scholars of sociology with interests in interactionism, social theory research methods and criminology.

Zur Aktualität von Erving Goffman

Author: Michael Dellwing

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3531192612

Category: Social Science

Page: 233

View: 415

Erving Goffmans zeitlose Klassiker liefern eine unprätentiöse, alltagsnahe und hinterlistige Soziologie: Er holt seine Leser an ihrer Alltagserfahrung ab, verfremdet diese langsam und führt sie so zu Grundeinsichten der Disziplin: Er zeigt an leicht nachvollziehbaren Szenen der face to face-Interaktion, wie bemerkenswert das scheinbar Unbemerkenswerte ist. Es geht Goffman um Erkenntnis der Tänze, Spiele, Rituale, Darstellungen - wie auch immer man es nennen mag - in denen wir uns in Interaktionen aufeinander beziehen und eine gemeinsame Realität sichern. Das geschieht immer im Wissen, dass diese Realität delikat und zerbrechlich ist und es an uns und unserer Handlung in Situationen liegt, sie zu sichern, Gesichter zu schützen und Stabilität zu leisten. Goffman legt das Skalpell an diese kleinen, unscheinbaren Interaktionen an und deckt so auf, welche Leistung und welcher Aufwand hinter dem steckt, was wir für selbstverständlich halten: was für ein kleines Wunder Alltagsinteraktion sein kann.

Relations in Public

Author: Erving Goffman

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 141284519X

Category: Psychology

Page: 396

View: 3975

Until recently, to be in a "public place" meant to feel safe. That has changed, especially in cities. Urban dwellers sense the need to quickly react to gestural cues from persons in their immediate presence in order to establish their relationship to each other. Through this communication they hope to detect potential danger before it is too late for self-defense or flight. The ability to read accurately the "informing signs" by which strangers indicate their relationship to one another in public or semi-public places without speaking, has become as important as understanding the official written and spoken language of the country. In Relations in Public, Erving Goff man provides a grammar of the unspoken language used in public places. He shows that the way strangers relate in public is part of a design by which friends and acquaintances manage their relationship in the presence of bystanders. He argues that, taken together, this forms part of a new domain of inquiry into the rules for co-mingling, or public order. Most people give little thought to how elaborate and complex our everyday behavior in public actually is. For example, we adhere to the rules of pedestrian traffic on a busy thoroughfare, accept the usual ways of acting in a crowded elevator or subway car, grasp the delicate nuances of conversational behavior, and respond to the rich vocabulary of body gestures. We behave differently at weddings, at meals, in crowds, in couples, and when alone. Such everyday behavior, though generally below the level of awareness, embodies unspoken codes of social understandings necessary for the orderly conduct of society.

The Social Lens

An Invitation to Social and Sociological Theory

Author: Kenneth Allan

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483315835

Category: Social Science

Page: 632

View: 3035

This fully updated Third Edition of Kenneth Allan’s acclaimed The Social Lens emphasizes the diversity of classical and contemporary theory, critical thinking, and the importance of historical context. Chosen for the diversity of their perspectives and their suitability for introducing students to contemporary social thought, a wide variety of theorists appear in the text with their individual voices vividly intact. The author engages students in the historic and contemporary changes that have spawned diverse social theories and invites them to see theory as an element within a broader range of critical thinking skills that can be applied to current social problems.