The Secret Pond

Author: Gerri Hill

Publisher: Bella Books

ISBN: 1642470031

Category: Fiction

Page: 316

View: 1597

Grieving over the loss of her family and feeling like her life is unraveling, Lindsey McDermott quits her job, gets a puppy, and retreats to her grandparents’ home in the Texas Hill Country. She spends her solitary days walking childhood trails and reminiscing, trying to reconcile the conflict within her as she struggles with survivor’s guilt. After the death of her husband, Hannah Larson needs a change. At the suggestion of her mother-in-law—and against her better judgment—she and her son Jack move to tiny Utopia and into her husband’s grandmother’s house. When Jack and Lindsey form an unlikely friendship, Hannah reluctantly joins them and the three spend the summer swimming and healing as laughter eventually replaces tears. After Jack goes back to school, Hannah assumes their summer fun is over. Instead, Lindsey continues to come around and now—as they find themselves alone—Hannah realizes just how close they’ve become. Soon, she finds herself struggling with her feelings as their friendship threatens to shift into something much deeper…something she fears she won’t be able to fight. Something she fears she won’t want to fight. A story of grief and healing…a story of love.

Daisy Dawson and the Secret Pond

Author: Steve Voake,Jessica Meserve

Publisher: Abdo Group

ISBN: 9781614792727

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

View: 667

Daisy wants to swim in the local pond and take pictures of the otters for a school project, but when rain clouds move in, she worries that she may not get her pictures in time.

Reflections on a Secret Pond

A Short Reflection on Life, Death and Rebirth

Author: Sally Evans

Publisher: Matador

ISBN: 9781848767102

Category: Bereavement

Page: 80

View: 5422

This book will take you on a journey into the beauty of nature as you reflect on life, death and rebirth through Anna’s imaginary world of the secret pond. The reader is plunged into the drama played out below the surface – avalanches, earthquakes and a mini apocalypse!Grieving the death of her grandma, Anna finds spiritual comfort in the turbulent world of central pond characters Norris Newt, Tom Toad, Bovis Beetle and, in particular, the mysterious connection between her grandma’s death and the metamorphosis of Della the dragonfly.Boundaries of imagination and reality blur as Anna becomes cocooned in her fantasy world where time no longer exists and death becomes the gateway to new life. The words and the illustrations, painted by author Sally, blend to create a soothing escape for young people and adults facing the emotional trials of life.Reflections On A Secret Pond is a work of fantasy fiction, inspired by Jonathan Livingston Seagull. “The author, Richard Bach, changed my life – I’d like to believe my book will do the same for others,” says Sally. Based on personal experience, the book is aimed at anyone who has suffered a sudden bereavement and is looking for answers.

The Secret Wishing Pond

Author: Princess Bazzell

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1524656755

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

View: 4820

King Silas and Queen Isabella couldnt be more pleased with their kingdom. They had nearly anything and everything a king and queen needed, but they were sad. What is it that made them so unhappy? And will the king and queen ever become happy again?



Author: Claire-Louise Bennett

Publisher: Luchterhand Literaturverlag

ISBN: 3641212928

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 4413

Vom Geheimtipp zur weltweit gefeierten literarischen Sensation. Claire-Louise Bennett erzählt vom Alltag in einem einsamen Cottage an Irlands Westküste und verwandelt persönliches Erleben in soghafte Sprache. „Eines der sensationellsten Debüts des Jahres.“ (Colum McCann). Sie lässt alles hinter sich – Freund, Job, Karriere - und zieht in ein kleines irisches Küstendorf. Sprachmächtig und fesselnd zeichnet Claire-Louise Bennett das Porträt einer jungen Frau, die allein in einem hundert Jahre alten Steincottage lebt - mitten in der Natur, abseits von den Zwängen der Gesellschaft. Ein Rückzug, der die Wahrnehmung schärft und den Blick auf die Welt verändert, dem Profanen eine besondere Schönheit entlockt. Mitreißend und kunstvoll beschreibt Claire-Louise Bennett ihren Alltag und zeigt, wie kleine Dinge mit einem Mal eine ungeahnte Tiefe gewinnen, wenn man auf alles Überflüssige verzichtet und die Welt auf sich wirken lässt.

George's Pond

Created in the Beloved Tradition of Charlotte's Web

Author: Scott Waring

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595421350

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 196

View: 5558

Ten-year-old fifth grader West Tate loves living in an old farmhouse in Sutherlin, Oregon, where he has seven acres of unused farmland for his backyard. But that happiness is threatened when the family receives a letter from the bank demanding they pay their loan or risk losing the farmhouse and the land forever. In West's adventures, he and his dog Friendly cleverly save the life of a baby turtle that West names George, and they rescue a baby squirrel they call Nadia. George uses a remote control helicopter to seek revenge on an evil crow and finds a secret pond! Along the way, George learns to understand the critical importance of friendship, family and freedom. The bare essentials of life itself! While helping West with a book report, the animals discover an old map of Sutherlin in a library book. The map doesn't show the farmhouse, but it does show something even better-B.B.'s Gold Mine! Determined to return the kindness West showed them, George and his pals set out to save the farm!

Come to the Secret Garden

Sufi Tales of Wisdom

Author: M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

Publisher: The Fellowship Press

ISBN: 9780914390466

Category: Religion

Page: 437

View: 9153


The Secrets of the Pond

Author: Mario Company

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781986941839


Page: 26

View: 3074

Cora and her two turtle friends experience the mean side of Haley at the school in the Pond. Not knowing who to talk to Cora keeps it secret from her mother and teachers.

The Secret - Das Praxisbuch für jeden Tag

Author: Rhonda Byrne

Publisher: Arkana

ISBN: 3641133904

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 384

View: 9324

365 Übungen und Inspirationen für jeden Tag. »The Secret« beschreibt klare Prinzipien, wie wir unser Leben in Übereinstimmung mit den universellen Gesetzen des Lebens führen können. Doch die entscheidende Herausforderung für jeden Menschen ist, die Prinzipien auch wirklich im Alltag umzusetzen. In diesem Praxisbuch begleitet Rhonda Byrne mit Weisheiten, Lehren und Einsichten durch das Jahr. So lernen wir in Harmonie mit den Gesetzen zu leben, die unser Sein bestimmen, und werden zum Schöpfer des Lebens, von dem wir schon immer geträumt haben. Auf der machtvollen Wahrheit von »The Secret« aufbauend wird sich das Wissen über das Gesetz der Anziehung in einem Ausmaß vertiefen, wie wir es uns jetzt noch nicht vorstellen können. Mehr Freude, Fülle und Großartigkeit – an jedem einzelnen Tag des Jahres.

The Secret of Ricena's Pond

Author: Riki Lipe

Publisher: Riki Lipe

ISBN: 9780965938105

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 8111

Lipe's first book is a fairy tale adventure, illustrated with her oil paintings. The sparkling, full-color reproductions of Lipe's illustrations in oils are reason enough to own a copy of "The Secret of Ricena's Pond." But if that's not enough, the fantasy-adventure story with its charming characters will capture the imagination of child & parent alike. The story is from her imagination as a child, of a delightful pond in an enchanting garden. The characters all have musical names. The little girl on page ten is the author. Lavinia knew she loved fairies. But she had never actually seen one. She first heard of the beautiful little creatures when she was a young girl. After that she would ask anyone who came to visit, "Have you seen the fairies?" Then she would sit in the moonlight at the edge of Ricena's Pond, where she would reflect upon the stories. The Pond lay in the middle of the ancient garden & Lavinia knew from the stories told her that the Water Fairy lived there. Ceny the water-fairy & Lola, the swan are very close. Lola teaches Ceny about the important things in life, according to Lola. The important things are: "music, laughter &---chocolate!"

Work the Pond!

Use the Power of Positive Networking to Leap Forward in Work and Life

Author: Darcy Rezac,Judy Thomson,Gayle Hallgren

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101483962

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 6779

Networking requires you to "kiss a lot of frogs" (i.e., meet a lot of people) to find your "princes"-those precious few who can make a difference in your life. But the real secret to networking is discovering what you can do for someone else. Networking guru Darcy Rezac helps redefine networking-his "what can I do for you?" approach has helped thousands overcome their fear of networking and find more success. Rezac uses his trademarked 7-step N.E.T.W.O.R.K. process to help readers avoid the "toads" and make the right connections-in business and in life. N: Never leave home without one's business cards E: Establish, exchange, engage-simple techniques that really work T: Travel in pairs-how to have more fun networking W:"Work the pond"-practice Positive Networking and use time wisely O: Opportunity is everywhere-discover "small-worlds" connections R: Repeat, repeat, repeat-the more networking one does, the better one gets K: Keep it going-the art of follow-up and relationship-building

The Legend of Dragonfly Pond

Book Three

Author: Alene Adele Roy

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449008348

Category: Art

Page: 60

View: 7018

This third book in the series Legend Of Dragonfly Pond Book Three has four illustrated short stories: Wings, Family And Friends Go Pond Soaring, (Learn The Planets) Wings And The Princess And The Mystery At Red Barn Farm, (Learn To Count) Wings And The Princess Discover The Secret Butterfly Meadow, (Learn The Alphabet) Wings And The Dragonfly Clan Celebrate Christmas, (Learn Christmas Traditions) an Epilogue (Learn About Dragonflies) and The Legend Of Dragonfly Pond Card Game (Learn Social Skills) at the back of the book. Rules are at the front of the book below the Table Of Contents.

The Secret World of Fairies

Author: P. Anderson


ISBN: 0557444012


Page: 116

View: 9351

A magical journey with fairies and the woodland forest they live in. Stories of gentle hearts and moments that should live in every child's dreams.An ideal illustrated book of bedtime stories

Pebbles in the Pond

Author: N.A

Publisher: Goodwill Trading Co., Inc.

ISBN: 9789711110857


Page: N.A

View: 9155


Cold Blood

Adventures with Reptiles and Amphibians

Author: Richard Kerridge

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448155681

Category: Nature

Page: 304

View: 3958

As a boy, Richard Kerridge loved to encounter wild creatures and catch them for his back-garden zoo. In a country without many large animals, newts caught his attention first of all, as the nearest he could get to the African wildlife he watched on television. There were Smooth Newts, mottled like the fighter planes in the comics he read, and the longed-for Great Crested Newt, with its huge golden eye. The gardens of Richard and his reptile-crazed friends filled up with old bath tubs containing lizards, toads, Marsh Frogs, newts, Grass Snakes and, once, an Adder. Besides capturing them, he wanted to understand them. What might it be like to be cold blooded, to sleep through the winter, to shed your skin and taste wafting chemicals on your tongue? Richard has continued to ask these questions during a lifetime of fascinated study. Part natural-history guide to these animals, part passionate nature writing, and part personal story, Cold Blood is an original and perceptive memoir about our relationship with nature. Through close observation, it shows how even the suburbs can seem wild when we get close to these thrilling, weird and uncanny animals.

A Secret Garden

Author: Annie Bullen

Publisher: Jarrold Publishing

ISBN: 9781841651408

Category: Gardening

Page: 80

View: 1456

Whether you long to be surrounded by roses or something on a grander scale, this beautifully illustrated book written by nursery woman and garden expert Annie Bullen is full of ideas for creating a green and secret place where the pressures of the world can be forgotten.


An Autobiographical Introspection

Author: Ted Merritt

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496918495

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 80

View: 8710

This small book has three strands. First, it is about escaping from the workaday world. Second, it is about using art and to some extent music to escape; and it is about Block Island, Rhode Island, which is a popular tourist escape destination. Block Island, referred to by some as one of the five most beautiful places in the world, is an outdoor paradise well worth a visit. With a setting fifteen miles due south from Rhode Island out into the Atlantic Ocean, it offers its entire perimeter of beaches and bluffs to the public as well as its interior greenway walking trails. Approximately 43 percent of the island land is open space. It is therefore no surprise that the island population swells from approximately a thousand in the winter to more than fifteen thousand in the summer. The painting on the cover depicts a double-ender sailboat of the type that Block Islanders used in the 1920s and 1930s. Block Islanders used the double ender to fish and travel back and forth to the mainland. The boat is remembered in the Block Island annual Fourth of July double-ender parade as a small, versatile craft that could sail well in heavy air, be hauled out on the beach for safekeeping at night, and could carry large loads of fish. The hull comes to a point at the bow and again at the stern to split the waves breaking in the front and back. It carried stones from the beach for ballast until they were jettisoned and replaced by a like weight in fish. From twenty-five to forty feet in length, with a crew of two, this was the only mode of transportation to and from the island for many years. The painting reflects an image in my head, and I created it on an eleven-by-fourteen-inch canvas in heavy body acrylic. The robust and almost primitive style of the art is offered to represent the weather-oriented life and nature of early islanders. I often escape from daily life by imagining my hand on the tiller of this boat in a storm. It was with that feeling that I used the paintbrush to cut the unique curves in the painting. In this book I talk of looking into one’s head for escape, satisfaction, and comfort. Most Block Islanders, because of the nature of their isolation, also have learned, in my opinion, to look inward for satisfaction and comfort and to escape. During the past decade, I have come to know Island visitors as a resident, as a water taxi driver in New Harbor, and as an artist in the Spring Street Art Gallery. It appears to me that most people come to the island with visions of escape in their minds. Island visitors and residents, for the most part, have chosen to escape from the mainland—or America, as Islanders describe it—to enjoy a more relaxed life surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Willy-nilly describes life on the island, spontaneous and haphazard! This story is autobiographical with a philosophical flavor. The paintings reproduced in these pages are my interpretation on the escapist theme. The paintings argue that for me becoming an artist was a good way to escape. Singing was another! Singing and painting are two of the ways I have chosen to escape. When painting, I never use a photo or any other document to guide my artistic production. Reaching into my head has turned out to be fun, and writing about escapism has also turned out to be fun! I conclude that it is fun to escape! Perhaps an exploration of what is in your head will result in a new artistic pursuit!

The Secret Police and the Revolution

The Fall of the German Democratic Republic

Author: Edward Norman Peterson

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275973285

Category: History

Page: 286

View: 8429

The opening of the secret files of the East German Ministry of State Security after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 enabled this study. The reports of thousands of spies at the local levels, the analysis at the local and district level, and the integration of nationwide reports in Berlin reveal the secrets once kept within sealed files. These reports are surprisingly honest in describing the problems that would bring about the collapse of the Communist regime.