The Return of the Native

Author: Thomas Hardy

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 1554810701

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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The Return of the Native was a radical departure for Thomas Hardy, ushering in his tragic literary vision of the world. Though set in a small space (Egdon Heath in the fictional county of Wessex) and short time (the main action spans a year and a day), the novel addresses the broad social and intellectual upheavals of the Victorian age. Much of this turmoil is embodied in the character of Eustacia Vye, the novel’s wilful female protagonist. A complex, independent young woman, Eustacia is a sympathetic but ultimately tragic figure, the epitome of what the narrator calls the “irrepressible New.” The appendices to this Broadview edition place the novel in the context of Hardy’s career and the scientific and social ideas of the time. Documents include contemporary reviews, related writings by Hardy, and materials on biology, geology, and the “Woman Question.” Illustrations from the original serialization in Belgravia magazine and Hardy’s performance text of the mummers’ play are also included.


Author: N.A

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 1613103174


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Die Rückkehr

Auf der Suche nach meinem verlorenen Vater

Author: Hisham Matar

Publisher: Luchterhand Literaturverlag

ISBN: 3641194407

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Ausgezeichnet mit dem Pulitzer-Preis und dem Geschwister-Scholl-Preis 2017 Hisham Matar wuchs als Kind in Libyen auf, doch die Diktatur unter Gaddafi hat seine Familie früh zerstört. Er selbst lebt seit langem in England, sein Vater wurde in das berüchtigtste Gefängnis von Libyen verschleppt. In dem kurzen Zeitfenster nach Gaddafis Sturz und vor dem neuen Bürgerkrieg kehrt Hisham Matar in seine Heimat zurück, um endlich vor Ort nach seinem Vater zu suchen. Sein Buch ist ein bewegendes Dokument.

Thomas Hardy's The return of the native

Author: Harold Bloom

Publisher: Chelsea House Pub


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 152

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A collection of eight critical essays on Hardy's novel "The Return of the Native" arranged in chronological order of publication.

Das Buch der seltsamen neuen Dinge

Author: Michel Faber

Publisher: Kein & Aber AG

ISBN: 303699386X

Category: Fiction

Page: 688

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Ich bin bei dir alle Tage bis ans Ende der Welt. Der junge Pastor Peter Leigh wird auf die Reise seines Lebens geschickt - nur darf seine Frau Bea ihn nicht begleiten. Um in Kontakt zu bleiben, schicken sie sich Briefe. Doch nie zuvor in der Geschichte der Menschheit musste eine Liebe eine derart große Distanz überbrücken. "Der bewegendste Abschiedsroman, den ich je gelesen habe." Clemens J. Setz (Indigo) "Ein Meisterwerk - wahnsinnig fesselnd." David Mitchell (Der Wolkenatlas) "Der Roman ist ein einziges Wunder." Yann Martel (Schiffbruch mit Tiger) "Verzweifelnd schön, traurig und unvergesslich." David Benioff (Game of Thrones)

The Return of the Native

Saint George Defeated

Author: Brian Thomas

Publisher: Twayne Pub


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 142

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Brian Thomas begins this insightful analysis of The Return of the Native by laying to rest the contention of some earlier critics that Hardy's was an "unconscious" sort of genius; on the contrary, Thomas argues, such narratives as The Return of the Native tend to be unified by carefully established antithetical polarities of metaphor and perspective. This novel is in fact constructed around the subtle alternation of different angles of vision, according to Thomas: people and things are constantly being seen, almost cinematically, from different visual distances and are thereby revealed in new ways or with new kinds of significance. Thomas examines how myths, Christian and pagan, apply to the novel, particularly the sun-hero myth and its merging with the Christian belief in a redeemer who comes to restore life. Thomas observes that many elements of this myth appear in the novel in virtually undisplaced form, which accounts for the wasteland imagery and for the central and subtextual motifs of loss, alienation, exile, and fall. Thomas points up the irony in Hardy's use of the sun-hero myth by paralleling the legend of Saint George slaying the dragon with a "hero" who turns out to be impotent and all but blind to the salvific role accorded him. The unique power of The Return of the Native is, Thomas observes, related to its operatic quality. Although conceived in naturalistic terms, Egdon Heath has an archaic strangeness that frees the story's social world from the confines of plausibility. While often melodramatic and sometimes verging on the absurd, the novel's sense of passion and pathos is, Thomas contends, always on the grand scale. Desire and fear are characterized by a peculiar operatic compulsiveness precisely because they resonate within the context of what seems to be a compulsion of a much larger and stranger kind - a primal force that both shapes those human emotions and is oblivious to them.

The Return of the Native

American Indian Political Resurgence

Author: Stephen Cornell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198020820

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

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An incisive look at American Indian and Euro-American relations from the 16th century to the present, this book focuses on how such relations have shaped the Native American political identity and tactics in the ongoing struggle for power. Cornell shows how, in the early days of colonization, Indians were able to maintain their nationhood by playing off the competing European powers; and how the American Revolution and westward expansion eventually caused Native Americans to lose their land, social cohesion, and economic independence. The final part of the book recounts the slow, steady reemergence of American Indian political power and identity, evidenced by militant political activism in the 1960s and early 1970s. By paying particular attention to the evolution of Indian groups as collective actors and to changes over time in Indian political opportunities and their capacities to act on those opportunities, Cornell traces the Indian path from power to powerlessness and back to power again.

The Return of the Native

Indians and Myth-Making in Spanish America, 1810–1930

Author: Rebecca Earle

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822340843

Category: History

Page: 367

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The Return of the Native offers a look at the role of preconquest peoples such as the Aztecs and the Incas in the imagination of Spanish American elites in the first century after independence.

Das Herz der Finsternis

Author: Joseph Conrad

Publisher: Null Papier Verlag

ISBN: 3954182076

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

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"Mit der Erzählung »Herz der Finsternis« gelangte Joseph Conrad zu Weltruhm. Der ungewöhnlich symbolreiche Text wird seit Erscheinen immer wieder aufs Neue interpretiert. Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts, der Flussdampferkapitän Marlow reist im Auftrag einer belgischen Handelskompanie tief in den Kongo. Auf seiner Reise erlebt er unverständliche Wirrnisse, Sinnlosigkeit und eine unvorstellbare Ausbeutung der Einheimischen. Die Reise auf dem Fluss entwickelt sich immer mehr zur Reise in sein eigenes Unterbewusstsein, in ein finsteres Labyrinth von Lüge und Schuld. Marlow trifft auf den berüchtigten Elfenbeinhändler Kurtz. Dieser hat aus seinem Handelsposten ein Zentrum des Bösen gemacht und sich so eine machtvolle Position erschaffen, von der aus er scheinbar frei schalten und walten darf. »Herz der Finsternis« hat von Anfang an Leser und Interpreten fasziniert und hat bis heute nichts von seiner Aktualität eingebüßt. Der Stoff diente als Vorlage mehrerer Verfilmungen. Am bekanntesten: »Apocalypse Now« von Francis Ford Coppola mit Marlon Brando in der Rolle des charismatischen und geheimnisvollen Ausbeuters (diesmal) asiatischer Einheimischer während des Vietnamkrieges und »Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes« von Herzog mit Klaus Kinski als wahnsinnigen Eroberer und Vollstrecker eines ausbeuterischen, europäischen Kolonialismus in Süd-Amerika. 1. Auflage, ISBN 978-3-95418-207-7 Umfang: 149 Normseiten bzw. 144 Buchseiten Null Papier Verlag -"

The Return of the Native (illustrated)

Author: Thomas Hardy

Publisher: Osmora Incorporated

ISBN: 2765905258

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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The novel takes place entirely in the environs of Egdon Heath, and, with the exception of the epilogue, Aftercourses, covers exactly a year and a day. The narrative begins on the evening of Guy Fawkes Night as Diggory Venn drives slowly across the heath, carrying a hidden passenger in the back of his van. When darkness falls, the country folk light bonfires on the surrounding hills, emphasising—not for the last time—the pagan spirit of the heath and its denizens. Venn is a reddleman; he travels the country marking flocks of sheep with a red mineral called "reddle", a dialect term for red ochre. Although his trade has stained him red from head to foot, underneath his devilish colouring he is a handsome, shrewd, well-meaning young man. His passenger is a young woman named Thomasin Yeobright, whom Venn is taking home. Earlier that day, Thomasin had planned to marry Damon Wildeve, a local innkeeper known for his fickleness; however, a minor change in disposition as regards to Wildeve delayed the marriage. Thomasin, in distress, ran after the reddleman's van and asked him to take her home. Venn himself is in love with Thomasin, and unsuccessfully wooed her a year or two before. Now, although he knows Wildeve is unworthy of her love, he is so devoted to her that he is willing to help her secure the man of her choice. with original illustrations

CliffsNotes on Hardy's The Return of the Native

Author: Frank H Thompson

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0544183657

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 66

View: 1881

The original CliffsNotes study guides offer expert commentary on major themes, plots, characters, literary devices, and historical background. The latest generation of titles in this series also feature glossaries and visual elements that complement the classic, familiar format. CliffsNotes on The Return of the Native carries you through this timeless romantic classic about an ambitious beauty and the two men who will seemingly sacrifice everything to claim her. CliffsNotes helps you explore this novel by providing you with summaries and commentaries, book by book. You’ll also gain insight into the author Thomas Hardy, and discover what led him to write The Return of the Native. Other features that help you study include A list of characters and their descriptions Analyses of the main characters to unravel their motivations Critical essays on the theme, setting, and point of view of the novel, and more Review questions and essay topics A selected bibliography for more study Classic literature or modern-day treasure—you'll understand it all with expert information and insight from CliffsNotes study guides.



Author: Katie Kitamura

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446256024

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 1811

Eine junge Frau reist im Auftrag ihrer Schwiegermutter nach Griechenland. Sie soll deren Sohn suchen. Die Schwiegermutter weiß nicht, dass das Paar längst getrennt lebt. In den steinigen, verbrannten Landschaften auf der Peloponnes geht die junge Frau den Spuren ihres Ex-Mannes nach. Sie beginnt Mutmaßungen anzustellen, die Vergangenheit zu hinterfragen. Gerade, als sie sich eingesteht, wie wenig sie ihren Mann eigentlich kannte, wird er tot aufgefunden. Warum hält sie nun, da die Trennung unwiderruflich ist und sie etwas wie Trauer empfindet, die Fiktion ihrer Ehe weiterhin aufrecht? Eine neue großartige Stimme aus Amerika – selten wurden die Abgründe der Gefühle so durchdrungen wie von Katie Kitamura.

Argonauten des westlichen Pazifik

ein Bericht über Unternehmungen und Abenteuer der Eingeborenen in den Inselwelten von Melanesisch-Neuguinea

Author: Bronislaw Malinowski

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783880744509

Category: Barter

Page: 585

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The Return of Ancestral Gods

Modern Ukrainian Paganism as an Alternative Vision for a Nation

Author: Mariya Lesiv

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 077358966X

Category: Religion

Page: 264

View: 8105

As Ukraine struggles to find its national identity, modern Ukrainian Pagans offer an alternative vision of the Ukrainian nation. Drawing inspiration from the spiritual life of past millennia, they strive to return to the pre-Christian roots of their ancestors. Since Christianity dominates the spiritual discourse in Ukraine, Pagans are marginalized, and their ideas are perceived as radical. In The Return of Ancestral Gods, Mariya Lesiv explores Pagan beliefs and practices in Ukraine and amongst the North American Ukrainian diaspora. Drawing on intensive fieldwork, archival documents, and published sources not available in English, she allows the voices of Pagans to be heard. Paganism in Slavic countries is heavily charged with ethno-nationalist politics, and previous scholarship has mainly focused on this aspect. Lesiv finds it important to consider not only how Paganism is preached but also the way that it is understood on a private level. She shows that many Ukrainians embrace Paganism because of its aesthetic aspects rather than its associated politics and discusses the role that aesthetics may play in the further development of Ukrainian Paganism. Paganism in Eastern Europe remains underrepresented within Pagan studies, and this work helps to fill that gap. Extensive comparative references to various forms of Western Paganism allows English-speaking readers to better understand the world of Ukrainian Pagans.

The Return of the Native

Author: Suky Best,Steven Bode

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781904270201

Category: Nature photography

Page: 64

View: 1581

"'The Return of the Native' was released to accompany the exhibition of the same name at Pump House Gallery, London, in 2005. This small-format publication, resembling the old fashioned Ladybird book of birds, chronicles this particular body of work by British artist, Suky Best. Highlighting the gradual disappearance of hitherto common types of wildlife from their former habitats across the UK, Best's work 'The Return of the Native' presents a series of vivid and disarming photographs and short video animations, through which she digitally reintroduces a number of birds and insects into landscapes where they were previously seen in significant numbers but where they are now virtually extinct. The slightly studied and stylised nature of each composition, in which the respective elements don't quite fit together, elicits a vague but deceptively disquieting sense of loss. This book features an introductory essay by one of Britain's best-known writers on birds and birdwatching, Stephen Moss author of Garden Birds (Collins) and Bird in the Bush: A Social History of Birdwatching (Arum Press). A further essay, by the artist and writer Nicky Coutts, considers the themes and motifs of these new works in the context of Best's broader artistic practice." [Publisher's statement].