The Quest for the Original Horse Whisperers

Author: Russell Lyon,Vet on Call

Publisher: Luath Press

ISBN: 9781842820209

Category: Nature

Page: 184

View: 8168

The book tells the story of the Secret Society of Horsemen who were the Original Horse Whisperers. The Societies were formed originally in Scotland about two hundred years ago but spread throughout Britain and then across to Canada, United States and Australia. The roots of the Society are obscure but many of the customs and oaths go back to pagan times. The horsemen who formed these groups exploited their membership much like a primitive trade union and tried to use their membership to improve conditions on the farm for themselves and their horses.

Arguments about Animal Ethics

Author: Greg Goodale,Jason Edward Black

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739143001

Category: Social Science

Page: 262

View: 4511

Bringing together the expertise of rhetoricians in English and communication as well as media studies scholars, Arguments about Animal Ethics delves into the rhetorical and discursive practices of participants in controversies over the use of nonhuman animals for meat, entertainment, fur, and vivisection. Both sides of the debate are carefully analyzed, as the contributors examine how stakeholders persuade or fail to persuade audiences about the ethics of animal rights or the value of using animals.

The Dictionary of Magic & Mystery

Author: Melusine Draco

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 184694807X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 377

View: 6229

Every good reference book is both a product and a reflection of its time. The Dictionary of Magic & Mystery is not just another compendium or dictionary of occultism: it is a jumping-off point for further research. Here, the reader will find the ancient and modern interpretation for magical and mystical terms, together with explanations for the differences between the varied (and often conflicting) approaches to magic.


Author: Elaine Walker

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1861896298

Category: Science

Page: 224

View: 9827

From Pegasus to Black Beauty, horses have held a unique place in human society and imagination. Elaine Walker tackles the long and multifaceted history of a creature valued for both beauty and usefulness. Spanning the world from the wild steppes of Mongolia to the American plains, Horse chronicles the rich and complex natural history of the animal, from wild feral horses to the domesticated species that once played a central role in daily life as a means of transportation, an instrument of war, and a source of labour. Elaine Walker charts how the long-standing connection between people and horses is reflected in cultures around the world and the implications for both human and animal of such close interaction. She also traces the centrality of the horse in art, entertainment and literature, from the rich global traditions of horse-racing and equestrianism to literary classics such as Follyfoot. Ultimately, Walker contends, the continuing role of the horse in the modern world reveals telling changes in human society.

Shaman Pathways - Black Horse, White Horse

Author: Melusine Draco

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 1780997469

Category: Religion

Page: 90

View: 6554

The term 'power animal' was introduced into contemporary language in 1980 by anthropologist Michael Harner, in his classic work The Way of the Shaman, and refers to a broad-based animistic and shamanic concept where the animal is conceived as a tutelary spirit guide that helps or protects individuals, lineages and nations. Horses and humans became companions a long time ago, and the horse adopted as a power or totem animal represents power, speed, courage, nobility, freedom and chthonic energy. Black Horse, White Horse: Power Animals Within Traditional Witchcraft guides your footsteps on this most ancient of paths...

The Golden Menagerie

Author: Allan Cameron

Publisher: Luath Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 164

View: 664

From Lucian Heatherington-Jones, an adolscent from Croydon, his meeting with a mirth-seeking sect plunges him into a series of nightmarish metamorphoses from which he can only be saved by the wise and magnanumous Fotis. Drawing on mythology, eschewing with expected and engaging the reader, The Golden Menagerie defies our concept of the novel - and entertains.

A Long Stride Shortens the Road

Poems of Scotland

Author: Donald Smith

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd


Category: Poetry

Page: 125

View: 9315

Ranging from a celebration of the Holyrood parliament to a dialogue between Jamie Saxt and a skull, from a proposed national anthem to an autobiographical journey through pre-history, this book traverses a Scotland that is irrevocably independent of spirit, yet universal in outlook.

Parallel Worlds

Poems in Shetlandic and English

Author: Christine De Luca

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd


Category: Poetry

Page: 118

View: 2023

Written in the beautiful Scots of the Shetland Islands - a blend of Old Scots and Norn - the poems in this title evoke a simple and pure way of life. These are poems with a sense of place, sympathy, commitment to language and the urge to celebrate life itself.

Into the Blue Wavelengths

Love Poems and Elegies

Author: Roderick Watson

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd


Category: Poetry

Page: 84

View: 8666

Roderick Watson is a poet of introspection and retrospection. In the rich distillation of his language, the images of a remembered picnic, a Tuscan encounter, an out-of-date postcard, a holiday cottage -all these assume an iconic intensity in the quiet deliberation of this verse. Roderick Watson is a poet who ponders rather than postures. Each one of these poems, in his accomplished Scots as well as in English, is a pleasure to read, to re-read and to remember. --Philip Hobsbaum

Napiers history of herbal healing, ancient, and modern

Author: Tom Atkinson

Publisher: Luath Press Limited


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

View: 2618

- A concise history of herbal healing in the UK, and the world around, from ancient times to present day. - An account of Napiers Herbalists of Edinburgh, the famous herbalist clinic.

The Horse Lover

A Cowboy's Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs

Author: H. Alan Day,Lynn Wiese Sneyd

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803254997

Category: Nature

Page: 256

View: 2244

He already owned and managed two ranches and needed a third about as much as he needed a permanent migraine: that’s what Alan Day said every time his friend pestered him about an old ranch in South Dakota. But in short order, he proudly owned 35,000 pristine grassy acres. The opportunity then dropped into his lap to establish a sanctuary for unadoptable wild horses previously warehoused by the Bureau of Land Management. After Day successfully lobbied Congress, those acres became Mustang Meadows Ranch, the first government-sponsored wild horse sanctuary established in the United States. The Horse Lover is Day’s personal history of the sanctuary’s vast enterprise, with its surprises and pleasures and its plentiful dangers, frustrations, and heartbreak. Day’s deep connection with the animals in his care is clear from the outset, as is his maverick philosophy of horse-whispering, with which he trained fifteen hundred wild horses. The Horse Lover weaves together Day’s recollections of his cowboying adventures astride some of his best horses, all of which taught him indispensable lessons about loyalty, perseverance, and hope. This heartfelt memoir reveals the Herculean task of balancing the requirements of the government with the needs of wild horses.

Vet in the Country

Author: Russell Lyon

Publisher: Luath Press

ISBN: 9781842820674

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

View: 7864

From the author of The Quest for the Original Horse Whisperers (1 84282 020 6) Russell Lyon has written his memoirs as a country vet. From his first day in the job, practising lassoing animals on an oil drum, to his thoughts on current veterinary trends, animal rights and farming this is an entertaining and absorbing read. Full of anecdotes, incidents and characterful patients and customers. Who will read this book? Those interested in country life People who care about animals, farming and rural communities Vets and training vets.

Film Review

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Motion pictures

Page: N.A

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Im Schatten das Licht

Author: Jojo Moyes

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644498210

Category: Fiction

Page: 576

View: 6719

Sarah und ihren Großvater verbindet die Liebe zu Pferden. Einst war Henri ein gefeierter Dressurreiter, bis das Schicksal seine Karriere beendete. Täglich trainiert er die Vierzehnjährige und ihr Pferd. Seit dem Tod von Mutter und Großmutter haben die beiden nur einander. Und als Henri einen Schlaganfall erleidet, bleibt seine Enkelin allein zurück. Natasha und ihren Mann Mac verbindet nur noch wenig. Ihre Ehe ist gescheitert, doch bis das gemeinsame Haus verkauft ist, müssen sie sich arrangieren. Für Natasha nicht leicht, denn ihre Gefühle für den Mann, der einmal die Liebe ihres Lebens war, sind alles andere als lauwarm. Als zufällig Sarah in ihr Leben tritt, nehmen die beiden das verschlossene Mädchen bei sich auf. Das Zusammenleben ist schwierig. Gibt es überhaupt etwas, was die drei miteinander verbindet? Plötzlich ist Sarah verschwunden. Und Natasha und Mac machen sich widerstrebend gemeinsam auf die Suche. Ein turbulenter Roadtrip durch England und Frankreich beginnt ...

The Film Review, 1999-2000

The Definitive Film Yearbook

Author: James Cameron-Wilson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781903111000

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 192

View: 1658

The Film Review is the world's longest-running annual film publication. It is a definitive reference guide to the year in film, video releases and film-related web sites. This year's Film Review includes: Reviews, full cast lists and full credits for all of 1999's new releasesA review of the top 10 box office starsDetails of major award winners and film festivalsNew faces of the yearComprehensive coverage of the year's video releasesThe year's best soundtracksEffective photographic coverage of the year's releases. Special features include: Addresses and information for the best film-related web sitesFilm entries designed to split reviews, cast and credits into separate paragraphs.

Movie Awards

The Ultimate, Unofficial Guide to the Oscars, Golden Globes, Critics, Guild & Indie Honors

Author: Thomas O'Neil

Publisher: Perigee

ISBN: 9780399529221

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 869

View: 9964

A comprehensive listing of the winners in all categories for thirteen major film awards, including the Oscars, Golden Globe, New York Film Critics Circle, Los Angeles Film Critics, and many other awards, from 1922 to 2003, featuring a detailed list of more than six thousand winners, along with a host of facts and trivia, scandals, controversies, surprises, and more than two hundred photographs. Original.

This is My Father's World

A Unique Perspective on Environmental Ethics

Author: Gale Heide

Publisher: Joy Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780939513390

Category: Religion

Page: 243

View: 4372

This book critically engages contemporary environmental ethics and provides Christians with a theological foundation for appropriately relating to the world they call God's creation - a creation ethic. It is refreshingly and thoroughly Scriptural. However, what the Bible says may shock many people who often read Scripture with conservative or liberal presuppositions already in mind. Author Data Gale Heide grew up on a farm/ranch in Montana giving him insight into the beautiful and sometimes forceful movements of God in creation. He also learned a great deal during the three years he worked for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Montana. These insights have been honed through his education in theology and ethics at Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, Duke Universtiy, and Marquette University. He is currently Professor of theology and Biblical Languages at Montana Bible College.

Die wir am meisten lieben


Author: Nicholas Evans

Publisher: Aufbau Digital

ISBN: 3841203671

Category: Fiction

Page: 367

View: 5137

Der Autor vom „Pferdeflüsterer“ ist zurück! England 1959: Es gibt wenig Liebe im Leben des achtjährigen Tommy; seine Helden sind die Cowboys in den Westernserien, doch er selbst ist ein schüchterner Junge. Sein einziger Lichtblick ist seine Schwester Diane, die versucht, in Hollywood ihr Glück als Schauspielerin zu machen. Als Tommy in ein Internat kommt, in dem die Devise herrscht „Immer tapfer sein“, wird er von allen anderen gehänselt und gequält. Diane rettet ihn und nimmt ihn mit nach Hollywood – doch dann kommt es zu einer Katastrophe, die Tommys Leben für immer verändert. Vierzig Jahre später ist Tom ein anerkannter Journalist und Dokumentarfilmer. Das Geheimnis seiner Vergangenheit trägt er immer noch mit sich herum. Bis plötzlich sein Sohn, den er kaum kennt, in Schwierigkeiten gerät. Man wirft Danny vor, im Irak an einem Massaker an Zivilisten beteiligt zu sein. Tom begreift, dass er eine Familie hat – und dass er eine alte Schuld begleichen muss. Ein Roman über Liebe, Schuld und die Erkenntnis, dass man die Vergangenheit manchmal doch ändern kann.