The portrait of a lady

an authoritative text, Henry James and the novel, reviews and criticism

Author: Henry James,Robert D. Bamberg

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Fiction

Page: 755

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The text of this Second Edition of one of Henry James's most important novels is that of the New York Edition (1908).

Portrait of a Novel: Henry James and the Making of an American Masterpiece

Author: Michael Gorra

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0871403285

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 416

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A revelatory biography of the American master as told through the lens of his greatest novel. Henry James (1843–1916) has had many biographers, but Michael Gorra has taken an original approach to this great American progenitor of the modern novel, combining elements of biography, criticism, and travelogue in re-creating the dramatic backstory of James’s masterpiece, Portrait of a Lady (1881). Gorra, an eminent literary critic, shows how this novel—the scandalous story of the expatriate American heiress Isabel Archer—came to be written in the first place. Traveling to Florence, Rome, Paris, and England, Gorra sheds new light on James’s family, the European literary circles—George Eliot, Flaubert, Turgenev—in which James made his name, and the psychological forces that enabled him to create this most memorable of female protagonists. Appealing to readers of Menand’s The Metaphysical Club and McCullough’s The Greater Journey, Portrait of a Novel provides a brilliant account of the greatest American novel of expatriate life ever written. It becomes a piercing detective story on its own.

New Essays on 'The Portrait of a Lady'

Author: Joel Porte

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521347532

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 166

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The Portrait of a Lady is arguably Henry James' most appealing and accessible novel. The introduction to this volume of specially written essays situates the novel in its cultural and historical context and discusses the important revisions that James later made to the text. The essays that follow address the novel's place in the tradition of modern narrative, its relation to popular women's fiction on the question of marriage, the influence of Henry James' brother William, and the character of the heroine seen from a psychoanalytic point of view.

Im Käfig

Author: Henry James

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783927482166


Page: 147

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Out on Assignment

Newspaper Women and the Making of Modern Public Space

Author: Alice Fahs

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 0807834963

Category: Social Science

Page: 360

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Out on Assignment illuminates the lives and writings of a lost world of women who wrote for major metropolitan newspapers at the start of the twentieth century. Using extraordinary archival research, Alice Fahs unearths a richly networked community

Screening the Dark Side of Love

From Euro-Horror to American Cinema

Author: Karen A. Ritzenhoff,Karen Randell

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 0230341543

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 256

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This edited collection unpicks the ways in which love can be understood globally as a problematic and often violent transgression rather than the narrative of 'happy endings' that Classical Hollywood has offered. The contributors utilize varying methodologies of history, textual analysis, psychoanalytic models, and cultural critique and engage with films that have been made from the margins to the mainstream of cinema to explore issues surrounding gender identity and spectatorship.

Victorian Vogue

British Novels on Screen

Author: Dianne F. Sadoff

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 0816660913

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 329

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Ranging from cinematic images of Jane Austen's estates to Oscar Wilde's drawing rooms, Dianne F. Sadoff looks at popular heritage films, often featuring Hollywood stars, that have been adapted from nineteenth-century novels. Victorian Vogue argues that heritage films perform different cultural functions at key historical moments in the twentieth century. According to Sadoff, they are characterized by a double historical consciousness-one that is as attentive to the concerns of the time of production as to those of the Victorian period. If James Whale's Frankenstein and Tod Browning's Dracula exploited post-Depression fear in the 1930s, the horror films of the 1950s used the genre to explore homosexual panic, 1970s movies elaborated the sexuality only hinted at in the thirties, and films of the 1990s indulged the pleasures of consumption. Taking a broad view of the relationships among film, literature, and current events, Sadoff contrasts films not merely with their nineteenth-century source novels but with crucial historical moments in the twentieth century, showing their cultural use in interpreting the present, not just the past.

Acting Beautifully

Henry James and the Ethical Aesthetic

Author: Sigi Jottkandt

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791482758

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 196

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Addresses ethical and aesthetic issues in three major works by Henry James.

Sag nicht, wir hätten gar nichts


Author: Madeleine Thien

Publisher: Luchterhand Literaturverlag

ISBN: 3641194083

Category: Fiction

Page: 656

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Ein preisgekrönter Roman über China von den 1940ern bis heute, über zwei eng verbundene Musikerfamilien und ihr Schicksal. Die herzzerreißenden Lebensgeschichten der Musiker, ihrer Freunde, Familien und Geliebten, die in den Strudel der Politik geraten, in das Auf und Ab von Revolution, Gewalt und Unterdrückung, führen zu der universellsten und zugleich privatesten aller Fragen: Wie kann der Mensch sich selbst treu bleiben, lieben und kreativ sein, wenn er sich verstellen und verstecken muss, weil er um sein Leben fürchtet? Erzählerin dieses vielschichtigen Epos ist Marie, die mit ihrer Mutter in Kanada lebt und nicht versteht, warum ihr Vater nach China zurückgekehrt ist. Als sie zehn Jahre alt war, haben sie einen Gast bei sich aufgenommen, die junge Ai-ming, die nach dem Massaker am Platz des Himmlischen Friedens aus Peking geflohen ist. Marie ahnte bald, dass sie eine gemeinsame Geschichte haben, und nun versucht sie, Licht ins Dunkel der Vergangenheit zu bringen.

The Critical Reception of Henry James

Creating a Master

Author: Linda Simon

Publisher: Camden House

ISBN: 9781571133199

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 162

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Comprehensive survey and analysis of the scholarship and criticism on perhaps the greatest American writer.

Constance Fenimore Woolson: Portrait of a Lady Novelist

Author: Anne Boyd Rioux

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393245101

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 432

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"Biography at its best aims at resurrection. Anne Boyd Rioux has brought the novelist Constance Fenimore Woolson back to life for us. Hurrah!" —Robert D. Richardson, author of the Bancroft Prize–winning William James: In the Maelstrom of American Modernism Constance Fenimore Woolson (1840–1894), who contributed to Henry James’s conception of his heroine Isabelle Archer in The Portrait of a Lady, was one of the most accomplished American writers of the nineteenth century. Yet today the best-known (and most-misunderstood) facts of her life are her relationship with James and her probable suicide in Venice. This first full-length biography of Woolson provides a fuller picture that reaffirms her literary stature. Uncovering new sources, Anne Boyd Rioux evokes Woolson’s dramatic life. She was a grand-niece of James Fenimore Cooper and was born in New Hampshire, but her family’s ill fortunes drove them west to Cleveland. Raised to be a conventional woman, Woolson was nonetheless thrust by her father’s death into the role of breadwinner, and yet, as a writer, she reached for critical as much as monetary reward. Known for her powerfully realistic and empathetic portraits of post Civil–War American life, Woolson created compelling and subtle portrayals of the rural Midwest, Reconstruction-era South, and the formerly Spanish Florida, to which she traveled with her invalid mother. After her mother’s death, Woolson, with help from her sister, moved to Europe where expenses were lower, living mostly in England and Italy and spending several months in Egypt. While abroad, she wrote finely crafted foreign-set stories that presage Edith Wharton’s work of the next generation. In this rich biography, Rioux reveals an exceptionally gifted and committed artist who pursued and received serious recognition despite the difficulties faced by female authors of her day. Throughout, Rioux goes deep into Woolson’s character, her fight against depression, her sources for writing, and her intimate friendships, including with Henry James, painting an engrossing portrait of a woman and writer who deserves to be more widely known today.

Tales of Henry James

The Texts of the Stories, the Author on His Craft, Background and Criticism

Author: Henry James

Publisher: W. W. Norton

ISBN: 9780393953596

Category: Fiction

Page: 491

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Critical essays and excerpts from James' notebooks, letters, and prefaces accompany nine stories that deal with ghosts, tyranny, the impact of Europe on Americans, and social manipulation

Das Erwachen

Author: Kate Chopin

Publisher: edition fünf

ISBN: 3942374765

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 216

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Sommerfrische am Meer, Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts: Mit 28 Jahren ist Edna Pontellier längst Ehefrau und Mutter. Ihre Ehe scheint harmonisch, das Leben geordnet. Doch dann leistet ihr der aufmerksame Robert Gesellschaft, und Edna verliebt sich. Als die beiden ihre Gefühle füreinander entdecken, flieht der junge Mann erschrocken auf eine Geschäftsreise. Edna wartet vergeblich auf Post. Alleingelassen kehrt sie in die Stadt zurück und lässt alle gesellschaftlichen Konventionen hinter sich — mit fatalen Folgen ...

The Wings of the Dove

Authoritative Text, the Author and the Novel, Criticism

Author: Henry James

Publisher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated

ISBN: 9780393978810

Category: Fiction

Page: 627

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The text of this 1902 novel is again that of the fully corrected and annotated reprint of the New York Edition (1909), together with James s preface and the two frontispieces he commissioned for the New York Edition of The Wings of the Dove."

Im Käfig und andere Erzählungen

Author: Henry James

Publisher: ars vivendi Verlag

ISBN: 386913612X

Category: Fiction

Page: 405

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Dieser Band vereint vier großartige Beispiele für Henry James' unvergleichliche literarische Kunst. 'Im Käfig' ist die faszinierende Geschichte einer namenlosen Protagonistin, die am Postschalter eines Gemischtwarenladens arbeitet und dort mit den Telegrammen der High Society in Berührung kommt. Die kurzen Nachrichten ermöglichen ihr ungeahnte Einblicke in die von Heimlichkeiten, Verabredungen, Missverständnissen und Seitensprüngen geprägte, glamouröse Welt der Schönen und Reichen. In 'Eine transatlantische Episode' und 'Daisy Miller' bringt James die schwierige Beziehung zwischen Amerika und Europa in fulminanten Liebesgeschichten raffiniert zum Ausdruck. 'Die Drehung der Schraube' schließlich zeigt James' grandiose Qualitäten als psychologischer Horrorautor: Eine junge Erzieherin, die auf einem abgeschiedenen Landgut als Gouvernante eingestellt wird, droht wahnsinnig zu werden, als ihr die Geister zweier verstorbener Angestellter erscheinen.

Krieg und Frieden

Author: Leo Tolstoi

Publisher: Null Papier Verlag

ISBN: 3954181711

Category: Fiction

Page: 1300

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Zwischen 1863 und 1869 schuf Leo Tolstoi dieses Werk, das in seiner erzählerischen Breite auf bis dahin unerreicht kunstfertige Weise einen Historien-, Familien- und Bildungsroman vereinte. Hintergrund ist der Krieg zwischen Russland und Frankreich. Der mit über 200 Figuren überreich bevölkerte Roman schildert die Schicksale dreier Familien über mehrere Generationen hinweg. Tolstoi spring kunstvoll zwischen familiären, privaten Szenen und der Schilderung von Schlachten und kriegerischen Manövergesprächen hin und her und bietet so ein einen einmaligen Einblick in die russisch-aristokratische Seelenlage der damaligen Zeit. Das Buch ist psychologischer Spiegel und kulturphilosophisches Brennglas in einem. Der geschickte Aufbau des Buches und die sprachlich bis ins Letzte ausgefeilte Intensität ließen Tolstois Werk schnell zu einem Klassiker von Weltrang werden. »O Himmel, welch heftiger Überfall!« erwiderte der Fürst, ohne durch diesen Empfang in Aufregung zu geraten. Der Fürst trug die goldgestickte Uniform des Hofes mit Ordenssternen, seidene Strümpfe und Schnallenschuhe. Sein Gesicht zeigte beständig ein liebenswürdiges Lächeln. Er sprach Französisch, jenes gewählte Französisch, in dem unsere Großväter nicht nur sprachen, sondern auch dachten, und in dem gemessenen, herablassenden Ton eines einflußreichen Würdenträgers, der am Hofe alt geworden ist. Er näherte sich Anna Pawlowna, küßte ihr die Hand, indem er sein kahles, parfümiertes Haupt neigte, und ließ sich dann bequem auf einem Sofa nieder. »Vor allem, verehrte Freundin, beruhigen Sie mich über den Zustand Ihrer Gesundheit«, fuhr er in galantem Tone fort, der aber nicht frei von Spott war. Null Papier Verlag

The Soul of Man, and Prison Writings

Author: Oscar Wilde

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780192839619

Category: History

Page: 224

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`All limitations, external or internal, are prison-walls, and life is a limitation.' Presenting the less familiar, serious Wilde before and after his fall, this volume includes The Soul of Man, a manifesto on Individualism, De Profundis, the self-analysing piece he wrote in gaol, two open letters to the Daily Chronicle on prison injustice, and The Ballad of Reading Gaol, inspiredby the execution of a fellow-prisoner.