Native Americans of the Plains

Author: Deborah Kops

Publisher: Benchmark Education Company

ISBN: 1450907040

Category: Indians of North America

Page: 32

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Learn about the traditional ways of life of some of the region's first people. See how horses and the loss of the buffalo changed their lives. How did settlers and people traveling west affect the Native Americans of the Plains? Find out how they live today.

The Great Plains

Author: Walter Prescott Webb

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803297029

Category: History

Page: 525

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A study of the changes initiated into the systems and culture of the plain dwellers

My Life on the Plains

Author: George Armstrong Custer

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 1429021047

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 270

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In 1874, just two years before General George A. Custer's death at Little Big Horn, a collection of his magazine articles was published as ""My Life on the Plains."" Custer, General in the U.S. Army's Seventh Cavalry, wrote personal accounts of his encounters with Native Americans during the western Indian warfare of 1867-1869. The collection was a document of its time and an important primary source for anyone interested in U.S. military affairs and U.S./Native American relations. Custer's references to Indians as ""bloodthirsty savages"" were tempered by his empathetic understanding of their reason for fighting: ""If I were an Indian, I often think I would greatly prefer to cast my lot among those of my people who adhered to the free open plains, rather than submit to the confined limits of a reservation ""

The Plains Cree

An Ethnographic, Historical, and Comparative Study

Author: David Goodman Mandelbaum,University of Regina. Canadian Plains Research Center

Publisher: University of Regina Press

ISBN: 9780889770133

Category: History

Page: 400

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Based on the author's thesis. Part I was previously published in 1940 by the American Museum of Natural History. This revised edition includes two additional comparative sections.

Voices of the Plains Cree

Author: Edward Ahenakew,University of Regina. Canadian Plains Research Center

Publisher: University of Regina Press

ISBN: 9780889770836

Category: History

Page: 130

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The papers in this collection deal with the traditions and past history of the Plains Cree, and the effects, fifty years ago, of a changing way of life. Topics covered are the following: a winter of hardship; Indian laws; revenge against the Blackfoot; Thunderchild takes his first horses from the Blackfoot; it is Pu-chi-to now who tells his story; Thunderchild takes part in a dangerous game; encounter with the Blackfoot in the Eagle hills; a fight with the Scarcee; a story of friendship; truce making and truce breaking; Buffalo pounds; the Buffalo chase; the Grizzly bear; walking wind tell his story of the Grizzly; Thunderchild's adventure with the bears; the foot-race; a faithless woman; the first man; the sun dance; the thirst dance; and, Thunderchild's conclusion.

Clearing the Plains

Disease, Politics of Starvation, and the Loss of Aboriginal Life

Author: James William Daschuk

Publisher: University of Regina Press

ISBN: 0889772967

Category: Social Science

Page: 318

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In arresting, but harrowing, prose, James Daschuk examines the roles that Old World diseases, climate, and, most disturbingly, Canadian politics--the politics of ethnocide--played in the deaths and subjugation of thousands of aboriginal people in the realization of Sir John A. Macdonald's "National Dream." It was a dream that came at great expense: the present disparity in health and economic well-being between First Nations and non-Native populations, and the lingering racism and misunderstanding that permeates the national consciousness to this day. "Clearing the Plains is a tour de force that dismantles and destroys the view that Canada has a special claim to humanity in its treatment of indigenous peoples. Daschuk shows how infectious disease and state-supported starvation combined to create a creeping, relentless catastrophe that persists to the present day. The prose is gripping, the analysis is incisive, and the narrative is so chilling that it leaves its reader stunned and disturbed. For days after reading it, I was unable to shake a profound sense of sorrow. This is fearless, evidence-driven history at its finest." -Elizabeth A. Fenn, author of Pox Americana "Required reading for all Canadians." -Candace Savage, author of A Geography of Blood "Clearly written, deeply researched, and properly contextualized history...Essential reading for everyone interested in the history of indigenous North America." -J.R. McNeill, author of Mosquito Empires

The People of the Plains

Author: Amelia M. Paget,University of Regina. Canadian Plains Research Center

Publisher: University of Regina Press

ISBN: 9780889771598

Category: History

Page: 78

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In People of the Plains (first published in 1909), Amelia McLean Paget records her observations of the customs, beliefs, and lifestyles of the Plains Cree and Saulteaux among whom she lived.

The Plains

Author: Gerald Murnane

Publisher: Text Publishing

ISBN: 1921921110

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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This haunting novel is a classic of Australian literature. A nameless young man arrives on the plains and begins to document the strange and rich culture of the plains families. As his story unfolds, the novel becomes, in the words of Murray Bail: a mirage of landscape, memory, love and literature itself.

Zen of the Plains

Experiencing Wild Western Places

Author: Tyra A. Olstad

Publisher: University of North Texas Press

ISBN: 1574415522

Category: Nature

Page: 288

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Although spare, sweeping landscapes may appear "empty," plains and prairies afford a rich, unique aesthetic experience--one of quiet sunrises and dramatic storms, hidden treasures and abundant wildlife, infinite horizons and omnipresent wind, all worthy of contemplation and celebration. In this series of narratives, photographs, and hand-drawn maps, Tyra Olstad blends scholarly research with first-hand observation to explore topics such as wildness and wilderness, travel and tourism, preservation and conservation, expectations and acceptance, and even dreams and reality in the context of parks, prairies, and wild, open places. In so doing, she invites readers to reconsider the meaning of "emptiness" and ask larger, deeper questions such as: how do people experience the world? How do we shape places and how do places shape us? Above all, what does it mean to experience that exhilarating effect known as Zen of the plains?

Prairie Flower

A Year on the Plains

Author: Barbara Brackman

Publisher: Kansas City Star Books

ISBN: 9780971292000

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 124

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New applique patterns in the Kansas City Star heritage.

God of the Plains

Author: Gail Robinson

Publisher: Coteau Books

ISBN: 9781550503470

Category: Fiction

Page: 435

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The God of the Plains arrives with European settlers in 1892, who immediately begin the construction of a windmill. It is a fitting god for people who insist on living there, representing the necessary effort to provide themselves life-giving water. At the same time it suggests their Quixotic attitude that the human spirit can prevail over the harsh facts of environment.

Dress Clothing of the Plains Indians

Author: Ronald P. Koch

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806121376

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 219

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Assembles information on and photographs of the shirts, robes, moccasins, headdresses, and ceremonial clothing of various Plains Indian tribes, illuminating their history and culture

Images of the Plains

The Role of Human Nature in Settlement

Author: Brian W. Blouet,Merlin P. Lawson

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803208391

Category: History

Page: 214

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Sixteen papers by foremost American, Canadian, and English historical geographers examine the sources of Imagery of the American and Canadian Great Plains, the processes of image formation, and the behavioral implications of various kinds of images. The papers deal with exploratory images of the Plains, resource evaluation in the prefrontier West, governmental appraisal of the western frontier, real and imagined climatic hazards, the desert and garden myths, and adaptations to reality.

Nations of the Plains

Author: Bobbie Kalman

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780778703686

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Ages 4 to 8 years.The plains region was home to many native nations. For hundreds of years, these peoples followed the giant, wandering herds of buffalo upon which they were dependent. Clear, informative text and beautiful illustrations help describe the cultures and the ways of life of the different native nations who called the plains their home.

Island in the Plains

A Black Hills Natural History

Author: Edward Raventon

Publisher: Big Earth Publishing

ISBN: 9781555663261

Category: Nature

Page: 288

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The Black Hills are a land of incredible biological diversity steeped in the legends and mystique of many different cultures. Edward Raventon chronicles the natural history of the Black Hills from the geologic rumblings that shaped the landscape to the contemporary conservation issues that threaten its special ecosystems. Here are tales of prehistoric dinosaurs and Ice Age mammoths, mighty bison and tiny mountain pine beetles, industrious beavers and majestic elk. Other chapters discuss the migrations of Plains Indians, the cultural history of Inyan Kara Mountain, and the search for fossil cycads.

The Plains Cree

Trade, Diplomacy, and War, 1790 to 1870

Author: John S. Milloy

Publisher: Univ. of Manitoba Press

ISBN: 9780887553837

Category: History

Page: 178

View: 6272

The first economic, military, and diplomatic history of the Plains Cree from contact with the Europeans in the 1670s to the disappearance of the buffalo from Cree lands by the 1870s, focussing on military and trade relations between 1790 and 1870.Milloy describes three distinct eras, each characterized by a paramount motive for war--the wars of migration and territory, the horse wars during the 'golden years' of Plains Indian life, and buffalo wars, which mark the trail to the reserves. Intimately linked to each era was a particular trade pattern and a military system that linked the Cree with other Plains tribes and non-Natives. By tracing these themes, Milloy charts the ability of the Cree to serve their economic interests by forging alliances or undertaking military or diplomatic offensives.

The Hoe and the Horse on the Plains

A Study of Cultural Development Among North American Indians

Author: Preston Holder

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803258099

Category: History

Page: 176

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On the Plains with Custer and Hancock

The Journal of Isaac Coates, Army Surgeon

Author: Isaac Taylor Coates,W. J. D. Kennedy

Publisher: Big Earth Publishing

ISBN: 9781555661847

Category: History

Page: 182

View: 708


Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians

Author: David J. Wishart

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803298625

Category: History

Page: 252

View: 3346

Until the last two centuries, the human landscapes of the Great Plains were shaped solely by Native Americans, and since then the region has continued to be defined by the enduring presence of its Indigenous peoples. The Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians offers a sweeping overview, across time and space, of this story in 123 entries drawn from the acclaimed Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, together with 23 new entries focusing on contemporary Plains Indians, and many new photographs. ΓΈ Here are the peoples, places, processes, and events that have shaped lives of the Indians of the Great Plains from the beginnings of human habitation to the present?not only yesterday?s wars, treaties, and traditions but also today?s tribal colleges, casinos, and legal battles. In addition to entries on familiar names from the past like Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, new entries on contemporary figures such as American Indian Movement spiritual leader Leonard Crow Dog and activists Russell Means and Leonard Peltier are included in the volume. Influential writer Vine Deloria Sr., Crow medicine woman Pretty Shield, Nakota blues-rock band Indigenous, and the Nebraska Indians baseball team are also among the entries in this comprehensive account. Anyone wanting to know about Plains Indians, past and present, will find this an authoritative and fascinating source.