The Pig

A British History

Author: Julian Wiseman

Publisher: Duckbacks


Category: History

Page: 124

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This fascinating history of one of our best-loved animals, first published in 1986 to much critical acclaim, traces the development of the pig as an integral part of agriculture and describes the remarkable changes that have taken place both in its breeding and in its husbandry. This new edition, richly illustrated with paintings, photographs and line drawings, includes the famous "Dissertation upon Roast Pig" by Charles Lamb, along with a new introduction and updated final chapter taking account of the most recent agricultural developments regarding the powerful pig in our society.

Big Pig, Little Pig

Darf man Tiere, die man liebt, trotzdem essen?

Author: Jacqueline Yallop

Publisher: Blanvalet Verlag

ISBN: 3641224519

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

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Lieben Sie Tiere? Essen Sie gerne Fleisch? Dann lesen Sie dieses Buch! Als Jacqueline mit ihrem Mann in den Südwesten Frankreichs zieht, möchte sie dem idealen Leben auf dem Land so nahe wie möglich kommen und kauft zwei Ferkel, die sie ein Jahr lang aufziehen und danach schlachten will. Aber je mehr sich die beiden Tiere in ihr Herz grunzen, desto stärker zweifelt Jacqueline an ihrem Vorhaben. Kann sie sich tatsächlich von ihren Schweinen trennen – und sie sogar selbst töten? Dieses wunderbare Memoir erzählt von einer außergewöhnlichen Entscheidung und eröffnet zugleich einen gefühlvollen Blick auf die Debatte, ob man Fleisch essen soll und ob man Tiere, die man isst, überhaupt lieben darf. Lieben Sie Tiere? Essen Sie gerne Fleisch? Dann lesen Sie dieses Buch! Ein inspirierender Blick auf die Debatte über bewusste Ernährung und artgerechte Tierhaltung. Für alle Leser von Jonathan Safran Foers Tiere essen und Karen Duves Anständig essen.

Ecology, Conservation and Management of Wild Pigs and Peccaries

Author: Mario Melletti,Erik Meijaard

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316953408

Category: Nature

Page: N.A

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Wild pigs inhabit vast areas in Europe, Southern Asia and Africa, and have been introduced in North and South America, while feral pigs are widespread in Australia and New Zealand. Many wild pig species are threatened with extinction, but Eurasian wild boar populations, however, are increasing in many regions. Covering all wild pig and peccary species, the Suidae and Tayassuidae families, this comprehensive review presents new information about the evolution, taxonomy and domestication of wild pigs and peccaries alongside novel case studies on conservation activities and management. One hundred leading experts from twenty five countries synthesise understanding of this group of species; discussing current research, and gaps in the knowledge of researchers, conservation biologists, zoologists, wildlife managers and students. This beautifully illustrated reference includes the long history of interactions between wild pigs and humans, the benefits some species have brought us and their role and impact on natural ecosystems.

Pigs and Humans

10,000 Years of Interaction

Author: Umberto Albarella

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0199207046

Category: Nature

Page: 454

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A collection of essays focusing upon the role wild and domestic pigs have played in human societies around the world over the last 10,000 years. The 22 contributors cover a broad and diverse range of themes, grounded within the disciplines of archaeology, zoology, anthropology, and biology, as well as art history and history.

The Pig War

The Most Perfect War in History

Author: E C Coleman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780750989183


Page: 224

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With a plot to grace any comic opera, the 1859-1872 "Pig War" broke out when an American living on a quietly disputed island in the Gulf of Georgia shot a British pig. The nearby Vancouver Island authorities and the military leadership of the Washington Territory both wanted to escalate the trivial incident into a full-blown war between the US and Great Britain. The hot-heads decided that the problem should become one of the earliest examples of international arbitration. The German Kaiser was brought in. The Pig War is a highly readable account of a little-known episode in Anglo-American history.

The Pig War

The United States, Britain, and the Balance of Power in the Pacific Northwest, 1846-72

Author: Scott Kaufman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780739107294

Category: History

Page: 206

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Scott Kaufman carefully examines, and places into both an American and an international context, the origins and the resolution of this tense stand-off over contested colonial territory. His story not only reveals a tense dispute between a burgeoning imperial power and a waning empire but also highlights the changing Reconstruction-era U.S. national ideology, foreign diplomacy, and control over foreign markets."--Jacket.

The Pig War

The Last Canada-US Border Conflict

Author: Rosemary Neering

Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co

ISBN: 1926936019

Category: History

Page: 142

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On May 15, 1859, an American settler on San Juan Island shot a pig belonging to the Hudson's Bay Company. This seemingly insignificant act was the spark that almost set aflame the strangest of many confrontations between Britain and the United States on the northwest coast of North America. On one side of the border dispute over the strategically located San Juan Islands was Governor James Douglas, determined to protect the interests of the Hudson's Bay Company and prove the military superiority of Britain. On the other side was General William Selby Harney, spoiling for a fight and believing in America's manifest destiny to rule the continent. In this lively account of the conflict that became known as the Pig War, Rosemary Neering traces the events that led to the standoff in the San Juans and brings to life the memorable characters who played leading roles in the drama. The book is an excellent travel companion to anyone visiting the San Juans and the original American and British camps that are open to the public.

The English Pig

A History

Author: Robert Malcolmson,Stephanos Mastoris

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781852851743

Category: Nature

Page: 160

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The English Pig is an account of pigs and pig-keeping from the sixteenth century to modern times, concentrating on the domestic, cottage pig, rather than commercial farming. In Victorian England the pig was an integral part of village life: both visible and essential. Living in close proximity to its owners, fed on scraps and the subject of perennial interest, the pig when dead provided the means to repay social and monetary debts as well as excellent meat. While the words associated with the pig, such as 'hoggish', 'swine' and 'pigsty', and phrases like 'greedy as a pig', associate the pig with greed and dirt, this book shows the pig's virtues, intelligence and distinctive character. It is a portrait of one of the most recognisable but least known of farm animals, seen here also in many photographs and other representations. The pig has a modest place in literature from Fielding's pig-keeping Parson Trulliber to Hardy's Jude the Obscure and to Flora Thompson's Lark Rise to Candleford. In modern times, while vanishing from the sight of most people, it has been sentimentalised in children's stories and commercialised in advertisements.

The Complete Pig

An Entertaining History of Pigs of the World

Author: Sara Rath

Publisher: Voyageur Press

ISBN: 9780896586475

Category: House & Home

Page: 144

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Sara Rath provides readers with an overview if popular breeds, the history of wild boars and domesticated pigs, and tales of pigs in pop culture and folklore. With additional information on flying pigs, hog calling, greased pigs, pigs as pets, collecting pig memorabilia, and pig phrases, The Complete Pig has something for every piggy lover!

The Pig War

Author: Mike Vouri

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9780738558400

Category: History

Page: 127

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Historian Mike Vouri has selected nearly 200 historical images to illustrate the history of the Pig War on San Juan Island in Washington state. Each image has a descriptive caption.

Illustrations of British history, biography, and manners, in the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth, & James I

exhibited in a series of original papers, selected from the mss. of the noble families of Howard, Talbot, and Cecil; containing ... a great part of the correspondence of Elizabeth and her ministers, with George, Sixth Earl of Shrewsbury, during the fifteen years in which Mary, Queen of Scots, remained in his custody

Author: Edmund Lodge

Publisher: N.A


Category: Great Britain

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British Historical Statistics

Author: B. R. Mitchell

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521330084

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 886

View: 6299

A standard reference book that gives the major economic and social statistical series for the British Isles from the earliest available, in the twelfth century, to 1980-81. It comprehensively updates and supplants the author's two previous volumes, Abstract and Second Abstract of British Historical Statistics.

A Short History of British India

Author: E. S. Carlos

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107621836

Category: History

Page: 124

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Originally published in 1889, this book is a surprisingly sensitive description of India before and during British rule.