The Millennials

Americans Born 1977 To 1994

Author: New Strategist Press,New Strategist Publications, Inc,The New Strategist Editors

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781940308814

Category: Consumer behavior

Page: 558

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Provides a demographic and socioeconomic profile of the Millennial generation, which spanned the ages of 21 to 38 in 2015, and it includes a special supplement on the iGenerationchildren under age 20. --from publisher description.

The Baby Boom

Americans Born 1946 to 1964

Author: Cheryl Russell

Publisher: New Strategist Publications Incorporated

ISBN: 9781935114178

Category: Reference

Page: 308

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Reshaping Metropolitan America

Development Trends and Opportunities to 2030

Author: Arthur C. Nelson

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 1610912225

Category: Architecture

Page: 168

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Nearly half the buildings that will be standing in 2030 do not exist today. That means we have a tremendous opportunity to reinvent our urban areas, making them more sustainable and livable for future generations. But for this vision to become reality, the planning community needs reliable data about emerging trends and smart projections about how they will play out. Arthur C. Nelson delivers that resource in Reshaping Metropolitan America. This unprecedented reference provides statistics about changes in population, jobs, housing, nonresidential space, and other key factors that are shaping the built environment, but its value goes beyond facts and figures. Nelson expertly analyzes contemporary development trends and identifies shifts that will affect metropolitan areas in the coming years. He shows how redevelopment can meet new and emerging market demands by creating more compact, walkable, and enjoyable communities. Most importantly, Nelson outlines a policy agenda for reshaping America that meets the new market demand for sustainable places.

Law School 2.0

Legal Education for a Digital Age

Author: David I. C. Thomson

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 1422427005

Category: Law

Page: 158

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The Objects of Affection

Semiotics and Consumer Culture

Author: A. Berger

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 023010990X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 198

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In this book, pre-eminent semiotician Arthur Asa Berger decodes the meanings of common objects of consumption and their perceived 'sacredness' in consumerist cultures. Using semiotic theory, consumer culture is dissected in new and fascinating ways.

Reading the Adolescent Romance

Sweet Valley High and the Popular Young Adult Romance Novel

Author: Amy Pattee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136829792

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 202

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In this critical study, Pattee examines the series’ content, structure, and reader base, investigating an influential marketing and literary phenomenon, and interrogating the intersecting influences of history, audience positioning, and readability that allowed "Sweet Valley" to flourish, and continues to allow other teen series to enjoy popular acclaim.

True Story

How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business

Author: Ty Montague

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 142218756X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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Is your company a storyteller—or a storydoer? The old way to market a business was storytelling. But in today’s world, simply communicating your brand’s story in the hope that customers will listen is no longer enough. Instead, your authentic brand must be evident in every action the organization undertakes. Today’s most successful businesses are storydoers. These companies create products and services that, from the very beginning, are manifestations of an authentic and meaningful story—one told primarily through action, not advertising. In True Story, creative executive Ty Montague argues that any business, regardless of size or industry, can embrace the principles of storydoing. Indeed, our best-run companies—from small start-ups to global conglomerates—organize around a coherent narrative that is then broadcast through every action they take (from product design to customer service to marketing). Montague shows why storydoing firms are nimble, more adaptive to change, and more efficiently run businesses. Montague is a founder of the growth consultancy co:collective and the former president and CCO of J. Walter Thompson, the largest advertising agency in North America. He brings his depth of creative business experience to the book and provides a clear framework and proven process for bringing you and your customers together in the creation of your brand story. Montague introduces five critical elements—what he calls the “the four truths and the action map”—that are the foundation of storydoing: • the participants (your customers, partners, and employees) • the protagonist (your company today) • the stage (the world around your business) • the quest (your driving ambition and contribution to the world) • your action map (the actions that will make your story real for participants) The book is filled with examples of how forward-thinking organizations—including Red Bull, Shaklee, Grind, TOMS Shoes, and News Corporation—are effectively using storydoing to transform their organizations and drive extraordinary results.

Managing the New Workforce

International Perspectives on the Millennial Generation

Author: Eddy Ng,Sean T. Lyons,Linda Schweitzer

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 0857933019

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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Millennials, the latest generation to enter the global workforce, are changing the face of employment. This volume represents the most up-to-date research on the changes and issues from an international cast of generational researchers. Shifting demographics around the world have created a unique historical phenomenon in which a large cohort of employees (i.e., post-war Baby Boomers) are nearing retirement, and a new cadre of younger workers are being recruited to replace them. These twenty-something year-olds, often referred to as ÔGen YÕ or Millennials, represent the workforce of the future and come with their own set of expectations, demands, and work habits. The contributors to this volume, drawn from countries around the world, document the cultural, historical, and social context surrounding this phenomenon. The international perspective makes it possible to examine cross-cultural similarities and differences in HRM practices. This timely book provides an understanding of the new workforce in multiple countries and settings and a valuable reference as scholars and employers seek to understand the values, beliefs, and expectations of the next generation of workers. While scholars and instructors will find this book indispensable, the book will also have implications for domestic and multinational employers, managers, HR practitioners, and career counselors.

The Business of Good

Social Entrepreneurship and the New Bottom Line

Author: Jason Haber

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 161308336X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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The Business of Good narrates the story behind social entrepreneurship as told by the individuals compelled to create a change in the world--not just another business. Serial and social entrepreneur Jason Haber intertwines case studies, anecdotes, and initiatives that have become part of the larger narrative of entrepreneurship. From Main Street to Wall Street, today’s social entrepreneurs are rebooting capitalism, challenging the charitable industrial complex, and are disrupting the way companies do business with exciting innovations designed to solve society’s most vexing problems. In this book, Haber examines Capitalism 2.0, philanthropy, and the role and power of media alongside the world’s response as social entrepreneurship changes how we give, how we invest, and who we are.

Generation We

How Millennial Youth Are Taking Over America and Changing Our World Forever

Author: Eric H. Greenberg,Karl Weber

Publisher: Pachatusan

ISBN: 0982093101

Category: Political Science

Page: 247

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Looks at the attitudes and the emerging power of the Millennial Generation in the United States.


The History of America's Future, 1584 to 2069

Author: Neil Howe,William Strauss

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0688119123

Category: History

Page: 544

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Hailed by national leaders as politically diverse as former Vice President Al Gore and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Generations has been heralded by reviewers as a brilliant, if somewhat unsettling, reassessment of where America is heading. William Strauss and Neil Howe posit the history of America as a succession of generational biographies, beginning in 1584 and encompassing every-one through the children of today. Their bold theory is that each generation belongs to one of four types, and that these types repeat sequentially in a fixed pattern. The vision of Generations allows us to plot a recurring cycle in American history -- a cycle of spiritual awakenings and secular crises -- from the founding colonists through the present day and well into this millenium. Generations is at once a refreshing historical narrative and a thrilling intuitive leap that reorders not only our history books but also our expectations for the twenty-first century.

Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids

Author: Murray Milner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135919968

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids argues that the teenage behaviors that annoy adults do not arise from ""hormones, "" bad parenting, poor teaching, or ""the media, "" but from adolescents' lack of power over the central features of their lives: they must attend school; they have no control over the curriculum; they can't choose who their classmates are. What teenagers do have is the power to create status systems and symbols that not only exasperate adults, but also impede learning and maturing. Ironically, parents, educators, and businesses are inadvertently major contributors to these ou.

American Reference Books Annual

Author: Bohdan S. Wynar

Publisher: N.A


Category: Reference books

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1970- issued in 2 vols.: v. 1, General reference, social sciences, history, economics, business; v. 2, Fine arts, humanities, science and engineering.

Millennials Rising

The Next Great Generation

Author: Neil Howe,William Strauss

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307557944

Category: Social Science

Page: 432

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By the authors of the bestselling 13th Gen, an incisive, in-depth examination of the Millennials--the generation born after 1982. In this remarkable account, certain to stir the interest of educators, counselors, parents, and people in all types of business as well as young people themselves, Neil Howe and William Strauss provide the definitive analysis of a powerful generation: the Millennials. Having looked at oceans of data, taken their own polls, talked to hundreds of kids, parents, and teachers, and reflected on the rhythms of history, Howe and Strauss explain how Millennials have turned out to be so dramatically different from Xers and boomers. Millennials Rising provides a fascinating narrative of America's next great generation.

American sexual behavior

demographics of sexual activity, fertility, and childbearing

Author: New Strategist Publications, Inc

Publisher: New Strategist Pubns Inc

ISBN: 9781933588094

Category: Medical

Page: 408

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The Emerging Democratic Majority

Author: John B. Judis,Ruy Teixeira

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743254786

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

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Builds on the tradition of Kevin Phillips's The Emerging Republican Majority, forecasting a progressive era as indicated by a rise of a diverse post-industrial society and current opinions on such topics as health care and the environment. Reprint.

The baby boom

Americans born 1946 to 1964

Author: Cheryl Russell

Publisher: New Strategist Pubns Inc

ISBN: 9781885070906

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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Reference Sources for Small and Medium-sized Libraries

Author: Jack O'Gorman

Publisher: Amer Library Assn

ISBN: 9780838909430

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 329

View: 1948

An annotated bibliography lists reference sources for small and medium-sized libraries and includes updates information on such resources as CD-ROMs, electronic databases, the Internet, and Web 2.0.


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Category: Academic libraries

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