The Making of Jane Austen

Author: Devoney Looser

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421422824

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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"Returning author Devoney Looser has written a study of Jane Austen's legacy in high and popular culture, looking at stage and film adaptations of her work, how Austen has been taught in classrooms, Austen's depiction in visual culture, and Austen's role in the women's suffragist movement. Looser draws on popular print and unpublished archival sources, amassing evidence from high, middlebrow, and popular culture, in order to craft a more capacious history of posthumous reception. The book is a detailed and revealing account of what Looser calls the "public dimension" of Jane Austen, who is a "manufactured creation." Looser has dug deep and come up with brand-new material on Austen, something that is very hard to do. This is the kind of material that Janeites and Austen scholars live for"--

The Making of Pride and Prejudice

Author: Sue Birtwistle,Susie Conklin

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

ISBN: 9780140251579

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 117

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This book reveals in detail how Jane Austen's classic novel is transformed into a stunning television drama. Filmed on location at Wiltshire and Derbyshire, 'Pride and Prejudice', with its lavish sets and distinguished cast, was scripted by award-winning dramatist Andrew Davies. Chronicling 18 months of work - from the original concept to the first broadcast - 'The Making of Pride and Prejudice' brings vividly to life the challenges and triumphs involved in every stage of production of this sumptuous television series. Follow a typical day's filming, including the wholesale transformation of Lacock village into Jane Austen's Meryton. Discover how Colin Firth approaches the part of Darcy, how actors' costumes and wigs are designed and how Carl Davis recreates the period music and composes an original score. Piece together the roles of many behind-the-scenes contributors to the series, from researchers and fencing masters to experts in period cookery and gardening.

Jane Austen - Jagd auf das verschollene Manuskript

Historischer Roman

Author: Kathleen Flynn

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 3959677553

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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September 1815: Rachel und Liam, zwei Zeitreisende, landen auf einem Feld im ländlichen England. Sie tarnen sich als reiche Unternehmer, kommen aber in Wirklichkeit aus einer technologisch fortgeschrittenen Zukunft. Denn Rachel und Liam haben eine kühne Mission: Sie wollen Jane Austen treffen, sich mit ihr anfreunden und ihr verschollenes Manuskript retten - indem sie es stehlen! Über Austens Lieblingsbruder Henry infiltrieren sie Janes Umfeld und kommen der berühmten Autorin nahe. Doch je tiefer die Freundschaft wird, desto schwerer fällt es Rachel, sich auf ihren Auftrag zu konzentrieren. "Clever, fesselnd und originell. Wer würde nicht gern in der Zeit zurückreisen und Jane Austen treffen? Flynns Beschreibung von Jane ist wundervoll, genauso muss sie gewesen sein. Dieses Buch bekommt einen Ehrenplatz in meinem Austen-Regal." Syrie James, Bestsellerautorin von "Die geheimen Memoiren von Jane Austen "Ein bezaubernder Austen-artiger Stil und humorvolle Dialoge.” Booklist

The Regency Revolution

Jane Austen, Napoleon, Lord Byron and the Making of the Modern World

Author: Robert Morrison

Publisher: Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1786491249

Category: History

Page: N.A

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The fascinating story of the Regency period in Britain - an immensely colourful and chaotic decade that marked the emergence of the modern world. The Regency began on 5 February 1811 when the Prince of Wales replaced his violently insane father George III as the sovereign de facto. It ended on 29 January 1820, when George III died and the Prince Regent became King as George IV. At the centre of the era is of course the Regent himself, who was vilified by the masses for his selfishness and corpulence. Around him surged a society defined by brilliant characters, momentous events, and stark contrasts; a society forced to confront a whole range of pressing new issues that signalled a decisive break from the past and that for the first time brought our modern world clearly into view. The Regency Revolution is the most thorough and vivid exploration of the period ever published, and it reveals the remarkably diverse ways in which the cultural, social, technological and political revolutions of this decade continue both to inspire and haunt our world.

Prince of Pleasure

The Prince of Wales and the Making of the Regency

Author: Saul David

Publisher: Grove Press

ISBN: 9780802137036

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 484

View: 1141

The Prince of Pleasure is the immaculately researched and engaging story of George IV (1762-1830), a rakish and contradictory figure who became one of the most controversial and outrageous monarchs in British history. Critically acclaimed biographer Saul David has captured the passions and foibles of this monarch -- infamous for being overweight, overdressed, and oversexed -- who epitomized England's regency period. George IV was marked throughout his life by financial ruin and domestic entanglements. Though known primarily for his scandalous lifestyle, he was also a man of high intelligence with a great appreciation for art and literature. In addition to encouraging the works of both Jane Austen and Sir Walter Scott, as well as purchasing the Elgin Marbles, he promoted England's Regency style of architecture. In fast-moving and incisive prose, Saul David paints a brilliantly detailed portrait of the Regency period.

The Making of Mrs. Hale

Author: Carolyn Miller

Publisher: Kregel Publications

ISBN: 0825445353

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Marry in haste, repent in leisure--Mrs. Hale is about to find out how painful that repentance can truly be. Julia Hale ran off to be married in Gretna Green, following romance instead of common sense. But her tale isn't turning into a happily ever after. Her new husband is gone and she doesn't know where--or if he's ever coming back. Julia has no option but to head home to the family she betrayed by eloping and to hope they'll forgive her. Especially now that she might be carrying a baby from her brief marriage. Carolyn Miller's clean and wholesome Regency romances continue with The Making of Mrs. Hale, following familiar characters as they learn how restoration can occur by finding hope and healing through a deep relationship with God. Full of rich historical details and witty banter, this series continues to draw in fans of Jane Austen, Sarah Ladd, and Julie Klassen. "Carolyn Miller gets better and better with each book!" Becky "This entire series is going straight to my all-time favorites shelf!" Beth Erin "My girls and I have fallen in love with the Regency Brides series." Ann Hibbard Regency Brides: A Legacy of Grace The Elusive Miss Ellison The Captivating Lady Charlotte The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey Regency Brides: A Promise of Hope Winning Miss Winthrop Miss Serena's Secret The Making of Mrs. Hale

Jane Austen and Mozart

Classical Equilibrium in Fiction and Music

Author: Robert K. Wallace

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820333913

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 295

View: 4578

Literary critics such as Virginia Woolf and Lionel Trilling had noted intuitive affinities between the art of Jane Austen and that of Mozart, but this 1983 book was the first to compare their artistic style and individual works in a comprehensive way. Extended comparisons are of course difficult because of the intrinsic differences between prose fiction and instrumental music. In Jane Austen and Mozart, Robert K. Wallace has succeeded in making illuminating comparisons of spirit and form in the work of these two artists. His book celebrates the achievements of Austen and Mozart by comparing their stylistic significance in the history of their separate arts and by offering comparisons of three Austen novels with three Mozart piano concertos. In exploring precise similarities between the two artists, Wallace shows how the art and criticism of one field can illuminate the art and criticism of another. Above all, Jane Austen and Mozart attempts to show the degree to which three masterpieces by each artist have comparable meaning and value.

Poetry and the Making of the English Literary Past, 1660-1781

Author: Richard G. Terry

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780198186236

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 354

View: 8754

Concentrating on the period 1660-1781, this book explores how the English literary past was made. It charts how antiquarians unearthed the raw materials of the English (or more widely) British tradition; how scholars drafted narratives about the development of native literature; and how critics assigned the leading writers to canons of literary greatness. Poetry and the Making of the English Literary Past also analyzes the various kinds of occasion on which the contents of the literary past are rehearsed. Discussed, for example, is the rise of Poets' Corner as a national shrine for the consecration of literary worthies; and the author also considers a wide range of poetic genres that lent themselves to recitals of the literary past: the funeral elegy, the progress-of-poesy poem and the session of the poets poem. The book concludes that the opening up and ordering of the English literary past occurs earlier than is generally supposed; and the same also applies to the process bywhich women writers achieve their own distinctive form of canonical recognition.

Jane's Fame

How Jane Austen Conquered the World

Author: Claire Harman

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 9781429952637

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 9305

Jane's Fame tells the fascinating story of Jane Austen's renown, from the years of rejection the author faced during her lifetime to the global recognition and adoration she now enjoys. Almost two hundred years after her death, Austen remains a hot topic, constantly open to revival and reinterpretation and known to millions of people through film and television adaptations as much as through her books. In Jane's Fame, Claire Harman gives us the complete biography—of both the author and her lasting cultural influence—making this essential reading for anyone interested in Austen's life, works, and remarkably potent fame.

The Making of Home

The 500-year story of how our houses became homes

Author: Judith Flanders

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 1782393781

Category: Social Science

Page: 368

View: 5394

The idea that 'home' is a special place, a separate place, a place where we can be our true selves, is so obvious to us today that we barely pause to think about it. But, as Judith Flanders shows in this revealing book, 'home' is a relatively new concept. When in 1900 Dorothy assured the citizens of Oz that 'There is no place like home', she was expressing a view that was a culmination of 300 years of economic, physical and emotional change. In The Making of Home, Flanders traces the evolution of the house across northern Europe and America from the sixteenth to the early twentieth century, and paints a striking picture of how the homes we know today differ from homes through history. The transformation of houses into homes, she argues, was not a private matter, but an essential ingredient in the rise of capitalism and the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Without 'home', the modern world as we know it would not exist, and as Flanders charts the development of ordinary household objects - from cutlery, chairs and curtains, to fitted kitchens, plumbing and windows - she also peels back the myths that surround some of our most basic assumptions, including our entire notion of what it is that makes a family. As full of fascinating detail as her previous bestsellers, The Making of Home is also a book teeming with original and provocative ideas.

The Life of Jane Austen

Author: John Halperin

Publisher: Johns Hopkins Univ Pr


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 399

View: 6480

Featuring a new preface by the author, this paperback edition of John Halperin's acclaimed and controversial biography moves beyond the usually vague account of Austen's life and away from the serene and untroubled image of Austen created by a protective family. In The Life ofJane Austen, Halperin reveals a robust, vigorous, and at times difficult woman with a large and diverse circle of family and acquaintances. He documents her troubled relationship with a hypochondriacal mother and her frank dislike of the sister-in-law who usurped her childhood home, sheds new light on the shadowy existence of a retarded older brother, and sets forth in greater detail than ever before the number and nature of Austen's relations to her suitors, the romantic passages of her life, and her attitude about childbearing. Making fuller use of Austen's correspondence than previous biographers, Halperin shows us the costs exacted on a sensitive and critical personality by a society--and, frequently, a family--that paid too little attention to the predicament of unmarried women, especially those with inadequate financial means.

The Making of Modern Britain

Author: Andrew Marr

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0230747175

Category: History

Page: 464

View: 5525

In The Making of Modern Britain, Andrew Marr paints a fascinating portrait of life in Britain during the first half of the twentieth century as the country recovered from the grand wreckage of the British Empire. Between the death of Queen Victoria and the end of the Second World War, the nation was shaken by war and peace. The two wars were the worst we had ever known and the episodes of peace among the most turbulent and surprising. As the political forum moved from Edwardian smoking rooms to an increasingly democratic Westminster, the people of Britain experimented with extreme ideas as they struggled to answer the question ‘How should we live?’ Socialism? Fascism? Feminism? Meanwhile, fads such as eugenics, vegetarianism and nudism were gripping the nation, while the popularity of the music hall soared. It was also a time that witnessed the birth of the media as we know it today and the beginnings of the welfare state. Beyond trenches, flappers and Spitfires, this is a story of strange cults and economic madness, of revolutionaries and heroic inventors, sexual experiments and raucous stage heroines. From organic food to drugs, nightclubs and celebrities to package holidays, crooked bankers to sleazy politicians, the echoes of today's Britain ring from almost every page.

The Making of a Ruling Class

The Glamorgan Gentry 1640-1790

Author: Philip Jenkins

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521521949

Category: History

Page: 380

View: 5153

A study of the formation of a new ruling class in the years prior to British industrialisation.



Author: Jane Austen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783423126663


Page: 379

View: 4418

Bei Jane Austen geht es wie immer ums Ehestiften, diesmal ist der Schauplatz der idyllische englische Badeort Sanditon. Als Charlotte Heywood dort eintrifft, gerät sie sofort in eine turbulente Gesellschaft. Als Jane Austen 1817 starb, war der Roman unvollendet. 1975 unternahm es die Austen-Verehrerin Marie Dobbs, die Handlung kunstvoll fortzuspinnen, und brachte auf so unterhaltsame Weise etliche glückliche Paare zusammen, daß es schwerfällt zu glauben, Jane Austen habe nicht selbst den Schlußpunkt gesetzt.

A Jane Austen Encyclopedia

Author: Paul Poplawski

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313300172

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 411

View: 7287

Examines Austen's life, work, and her era, and includes a chronology of her life, her work, and of historical events

Edith Wharton and the Making of Fashion

Author: Katherine Joslin

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1584657790

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 209

View: 9782

Edith Wharton and the Making of Fashion places the iconic New York figure and her writing in the context of fashion history and shows how dress lies at the very center of her thinking about art and culture. The study traces American patronage of the Paris couture houses from Worth and Doucet through Poiret and Chanel and places Wharton’s characters in these establishments and garments to offer fresh readings of her well-known novels. Less known are Wharton’s knowledge of and involvement in the craft of garment making in her tales of seamstresses, milliners, and textile workers, as well as in her creation of workshops in Paris during the First World War to employ Belgian and French seamstresses and promote the value of handmade garments in a world given to machine-driven uniformity of design and labor. Pointing the way toward further research and inquiry, Katherine Joslin has produced a truly interdisciplinary work that combines the best of literary criticism with an infectious love and appreciation of material culture.

The Making of the English Middle Class

Business, Society, and Family Life in London, 1660-1730

Author: Peter Earle

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520068261

Category: History

Page: 446

View: 4296

This is the first major study of a neglected yet extremely significant subject: the London middle classes in the period between 1660 and 1730, a period in which they created a society and economy that can be seen with hindsight to have ushered in the modern world. Using a wealth of material from contemporary sources--including wills, business papers, inventories, marriage contracts, divorce hearings, and the writings of Daniel Defoe and Samuel Pepys--Peter Earle presents a fully rounded picture of the "middling sort of people," getting to the hearts of their lives as men and women struggling for success in the biggest, richest, and most middle-class city in contemporary Europe. He examines in fascinating and convincing detail the business life of Londoners, from apprenticeship through the problems and potential rewards of different occupational groups, going on to look at middle-class family, social, political and material life--from relationships with spouses, children, servants, and neighbors, to food and clothes and furniture, to sickness, death, and burial. Stimulating, scholarly, and constantly illuminating, this book is an important and impressive contribution to English social history.

The Talk in Jane Austen

Author: Jane Austen Society of North America

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 9780888643742

Category: Social Science

Page: 269

View: 5692

Jane Austen’s novels have been widely read and discussed, but one topic that is rarely studied is her use of speech. In this volume, writers from around the world consider Austen’s sometimes playful, always witty and significant use of dialogue. Features contributions from Juliet McMaster, Isobel Grundy, Linda Bree, Gary Kelly, Jan Fergus, Jocelyn Harris, Kay Young and others.

Consumption and the Making of Respectability, 1600–1800

Author: Woodruff Smith

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136793941

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

View: 7608

Tying together of several distinct cultural patterns during this century to create a culture of respectability and its impact on popular culture, trade, politics, social dynamics, and literature, this original and thoughtful work provides a comprehensive and much-needed understanding of the origins of modern consumption and all of its cultural implications.