The Light in the Window

Whisperings from the Soul

Author: William Peters

Publisher: Inner Child Press

ISBN: 1466247053


Page: 186

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"the light in the window" is 160 pages of Divine Inspiring Poetry. This offering promises to carry you away on a flow of inspiration that will sweep your Heart, Soul and Mind away. As you experience this journey with Bill, you will feel his connection to the collective Universal Energies, the Soul of the very Earth, all of Nature and all People. His voice of Love, Understanding and Deep Passion for Life and Love are, indeed, the whisperings of his soul. Bill's gift of expression sheds an extraordinary light on those moments in life we so often allow to slip through our fingers, let go unnoticed or deem ordinary every day occurrences. For Bill, there-in lie the Treasures. If you asked him about his writing, he would simply say, "It's Not Me.", then he may tell you about a walk in nature, a ride on a bus or a moment stuck in rush hour traffic. His inspiration seemingly flows from a 4th person or on-looker's standpoint. He holds on to it only long enough to grab a pen and notebook where another voice takes over, and he acts as merely the scribe. Thoughtfully and lovingly included in this work are a few selected poems and writings by his children. Their hearts are right there, on the pages, their souls speaking in the clear and concise voice of living and feeling. How fortunate we are to hear them.Juliette ProbstLiterary ConsultantArtistMidway, Utah

The Light In The Window

Author: June Goulding

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448146143

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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'I promised that I would one day write a book and tell the world about the home for unmarried mothers. I have at last kept my promise.' In Ireland, 1951, the young June Goulding took up a position as midwife in a home for unmarried mothers run by the Sacred Heart nuns. What she witnessed there was to haunt her for the next fifty years. It was a place of secrets, lies and cruelty. A place where women picked grass by hand and tarred roads whilst heavily pregnant. Where they were denied any contact with the outside world; denied basic medical treatment and abused for their 'sins'; where, after the birth, they were forced into hard labour in the convent for three years. But worst of all was that the young women were expected to raise their babies during these three years so that they could then be sold - given up for adoption in exchange for a donation to the nuns. Shocked by the nuns' inhumane treatment of the frightened young women, June risked her job to bring some light into their dark lives. June's memoir tells the story of twelve women's experiences in this home and of the hardships they endured, but also the kindness she offered them, and the hope she was able to bring.

The light in the window


Author: Virginia Gabriel

Publisher: N.A


Category: Ballads, English

Page: 5

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Little Pearl's Reflection

The Light in the Window

Author: Sarah Kinnear

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781539791829


Page: 40

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On the eve of her 7th birthday, Little Pearl and her Mother travel to a nearby meadow and lie down side by side to watch the stars. Little Pearl falls asleep. Suddenly she is awakened by a loud CRACK! When she opens her eyes, she sees blue skies and no storm clouds - but she realizes that her Mother is GONE! Little Pearl decides to search for her lost Mother by following the Old Winding River around the Big Purple Mountain. Help Little Pearl search for her lost Mother! Come along on her birthday adventure! In Book 1, "The Light in the Window," you will meet five of Little Pearl's new friends: Miss Sophie, a blind, old woman, who gives her a surprise birthday gift; Rusty, an inquisitive, talking red bird; In-Out, a disappearing blue bunny; the Ponte V, a wise and beautiful ivy bridge; and Olivia, a shy, kind, and understanding gold fish. Read or listen as Little Pearl, now a teenager, relates the tale of her search for her lost Mother, and of her amazing birthday adventure. Follow the Old Winding River, and travel across the beautiful, small Pacific island toward the Big Purple Mountain. Little Pearl's Reflection is a children's educational, adventure series of 7 books. At the conclusion of each book, there are 3 questions for children and adults to discuss together, plus a surprise puzzle piece. Best of all - it's fun and exciting for all ages to read!

The Light in the Window

A Curious Cousins Mystery

Author: Will J. Headrick

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539513643


Page: 100

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Four young people and their grandfather set out to discover who has been breaking into their late grandmother's art studio. The people and the events that confront them along the way makes for lots of mystery and lots of fun for the four young crime solvers


Eine Mutter sucht ihren Sohn

Author: Martin Sixsmith

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 384370869X

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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Philomena Lee ist selbst noch fast ein Kind, als sie hochschwanger im Kloster Zuflucht sucht. Doch statt Barmherzigkeit erwartet sie dort ein unerbittliches System: Im Irland der 50er-Jahre verkaufen die Nonnen jedes uneheliche Kind, das in ihrem Konvent geboren wird, mit neuer Identität in die USA. Wie viele andere Mütter verliert auch Philomena ihren Sohn, aus Anthony Lee wird mit drei Jahren Michael Hess. Mutter und Sohn können einander nicht vergessen, doch erst 50 Jahre später erfährt Philomena, was aus ihrem Sohn geworden ist.

Der Lavendelgarten


Author: Lucinda Riley

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641099560

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

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Ein Herrenhaus in der Provence, eine adelige Familie und eine schicksalhafte Liebe in dunklen Zeiten. Jahrelang hat Emilie de la Martinières darum gekämpft, sich eine Existenz jenseits ihrer aristokratischen Herkunft aufzubauen. Doch als ihre glamouröse, unnahbare Mutter Valérie stirbt, lastet das Erbe der Familie allein auf Emilies Schultern. Sie kehrt zurück an den Ort ihrer Kindheit, ein herrschaftliches Château in der Provence. Der Zufall spielt ihr eine Gedichtsammlung in die Hände, verfasst von ihrer Tante Sophia, deren Leben von einem düsteren Geheimnis umschattet war – einer tragischen Liebesgeschichte, die das Schicksal der de la Martinières für immer bestimmen sollte. Doch schließlich erkennt Emilie, dass es noch nicht zu spät ist, die Tür zu einer anderen Zukunft aufzustoßen ...

Light In My Window

Author: Francena H. Arnold

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 0802490840

Category: Fiction

Page: 206

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Hope Thompson is new to the big city. However, instead of finding fulfillment in her work and service, she is bitter and struggles with herself, with God, and with her love for Stan. Sequel to the bestselling Not My Will, this dynamic story is one of searching, discovery, and peace.

A Light in the Window

Author: Janelle Jamison

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

ISBN: 1607429500

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

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After studying in Seattle for five years, Julie returns to the Alaska territory to begin her career as a public health nurse. She and her mother had dreamed of the day when Julie, smart Eskimo herself, would bring both health care and God's Word to the Eskimo villiages scattered around Nome. But now Julie's mother is dead, and the long treks across the Alaskan wilderness only accentuate her loneliness. Her discomfort is compounded by Sam Curtiss who persists in proposing a marriage that Julie fears would end her career. An outbreak of diptheria banishes such troubles from Julie's mind. The only cure lies hundreds of miles away, across the frozen frontier... the only beacon to pinpoint the blackness, the lights from rustic cabin windows.

A Light in the Window

Author: Georgene Pearson

Publisher: Logos to Rhema

ISBN: 9781575021430

Category: Colorado

Page: 119

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A light in the window is a story about the love, strength, devotion and struggles of the young Miller family during the depression years on a farm in Colorado.

Not My Will / The Light in My Window Set of 2

Author: Francena H. Arnold

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 0802490956

Category: Fiction

Page: 573

View: 7198

This two-book set includes Not My Will and The Light in My Window. In Not My Will, Eleanor's secret love for Chad could mean losing her inheritance and giving up a life-long dream. Will she follow her own will or make the hard choice to submit her life to Christ's leadership? Now available with a contemporary new look, this book is a classic story of love, loss, and surrender. In The Light in My Window, Hope Thompson is new to the big city. However, instead of finding fulfillment in her work and service, she is bitter and struggles with herself, with God, and with her love for Stan. Sequel to the bestselling Not My Will, this dynamic story is one of searching, discovery, and peace.

Horrific Tales of Woodland Manor

The Light in the Window

Author: Amanda Tremblay,Patrick Tremblay

Publisher: Rattledash Media, LLC

ISBN: 9780988313521


Page: 248

View: 2944

Recently adopted children, Willard, Mark, and Gwenny learn the horrific truth about their new home. Woodland Manor is a haunted house that seems to have a mind of its own. If that wasn't bad enough, the kids find out that their new parents are in the middle of a frightening feud between a Witch named Reuben Ezra, and a two hundred year old ghost named Wesley. The young trio set out to discover who is leaving them mysterious notes, the reason behind the Dark Spell that plagues Woodland Manor, and its connection to the countless ghosts living on the third floor. Determined to make contact with one spirit in particular, the children begin to explore the haunted mansion. They find secret passageways and hidden tombs throughout the property but when they accidentally open a sealed room called the Void, it proves to be hazardous to everyone. In order to survive living there, the children must avoid being captured by Wesley's ghoulish henchmen, as they struggle to break the Dark Spell (a curse as old as the Salem Witch Trials). When Willard, Mark and Gwenny realize their parents are in danger of being cursed by the Dark Spell and becoming ghosts themselves, there is one thing the children are determined to prove; family comes first.

A Light in the Window

Author: Jan Karon

Publisher: Penguin Books

ISBN: 9780143035046

Category: Fiction

Page: 508

View: 8493

Father Tim, rector in a small village, seeks divine intervention when his attractive neighbor, an aggressive widow, and his niece are more than he can handle alone.

The Light in the Woods

An Unforgettable Christmas Tale

Author: Jean Marie Pierson

Publisher: Post Hill Press

ISBN: 1682614026

Category: Fiction

Page: 372

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Joe McNallys Hot Shoe Diaries

Groß inszenieren mit kleinem Blitz

Author: Joe McNally

Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH

ISBN: 9783827328670


Page: 303

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Das Licht ferner Tage


Author: Arthur C. Clarke,Stephen Baxter

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641219094

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Wurmloch-Spione Im 22. Jahrhundert fand eine der größten technologischen Revolutionen in der Geschichte der Menschheit statt, nach der nichts mehr so ist, wie es einmal war: Physikern ist es gelungen, stabile Wurmlöcher zu erzeugen, durch die man praktisch jeden Ort auf der Erde zu jeder Zeit überwachen kann – auch in der Vergangenheit. Jegliche Privatsphäre fiel dieser Technik sofort zum Opfer. Doch es ist kein übermächtiger Staat, der sich der neuen Technologie bemächtigt, sondern die Reichen der Erde, die ihre voyeuristischen Gelüste befriedigen. Nur eine kleine Gruppe stellt sich der totalen Überwachung entgegen...

Das smaragdene Licht in der Luft

Author: Donald Antrim

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644048916

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 7416

Donald Antrim ist der große Unbekannte der zeitgenössischen US-Literatur: Autoren wie Jonathan Franzen, Thomas Pynchon, Richard Ford und Jeffrey Eugenides verehren sein schmales, geheimnisvoll funkelndes Werk – allem voran seine jüngsten, sämtlich im renommierten «New Yorker» vorab publizierten Storys. Da kauft ein untreuer Mann seiner Frau einen Blumenstrauß für 350 Dollar, während sie mit seinem besten Freund, der ihr Geliebter ist, und dessen Frau, die seine Exgeliebte ist, in einem Lokal auf ihn wartet («Noch ein Manhattan»). Eine Schulinszenierung von Shakespeares «Mittsommernachtstraum», getragen vom anarchischen Furor der Texte, von zu viel Dope und pubertärer Lust, endet in einer Orgie («Ein Schauspieler bereitet sich vor»). Und in der Titelstory fährt ein trauriger Kunstlehrer in die Berge, um dort die Gemälde seiner Exfreundin zu entsorgen. Die Menschen in Antrims Erzählungen sind ständig mit ihrem unkooperativen Ich konfrontiert, größenwahnsinnig, verzweifelt. Aber sie sind lebenshungrig. Sie lieben und wollen geliebt werden. Antrim ist ein Erforscher psychologischer Grenzbereiche, der stets das Komische, Groteske im hartnäckig tragischen Alltag findet. Seine Storys sind kunstvoll komponierte, atemberaubend elegante Meisterwerke voller Mitgefühl und Zartheit.