The Last Launch

The Mission: Catronauts Fly on the Sts-135 Mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis

Author: Pam Carothers

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780989352239


Page: 74

View: 2638

What was the STS-135 Mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis? To find the answer, follow the adventures of two cats, or catronauts, as they work aboard the International Space Station. The fearless felines' final flight is full of fun and frolic, and follows the actual activities of the astronauts of the Atlantis. The story ends with the last landing and final wheels stop of the shuttle program. Read how the adventure began. In The Last Launch: Liftoff, Book 1, two curious kittens watched a shuttle launch, learned about space missions, and fulfilled their dream to become astronauts. Book 1 ends with the last launch of the shuttle program.

American Thighs

The Sweet Potato Queens' Guide to Preserving Your Assets

Author: Jill Conner Browne

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416594352

Category: Humor

Page: 256

View: 4940

"If I can save one woman from these thighs, I will not have lived in vain," #1 New York Times bestselling humorist Jill Conner Browne writes in American Thighs, her handbook and memoir for the Hot and Flashy. Whether young enough to look "hot" or of the age to only feel that way (in flashes with buckets of sweat), every woman has given, or will give, ample thought to preserving her best "assets" (thighs included), so that the dread transition from "cute girl" to "ma'am" won't be quite so unsettling. Here are stories of growing up and learning about life -- usually the hard way! From disastrous haircuts and color jobs to fashion or verbal faux pas committed, from the kiss wished for but never gotten to the one that should have been skipped, these are the moments that mark each of our journeys from what we thought back then to what we now know. Since to say that Youth is wasted on the Young has got to be the understatement of all time, it falls upon Browne, as one older and wiser, to take a "Hit and Run" down Memory Lane for the sake of offering "Asset-Preserving Tips," with astonishing disclosures about: Why women have risked their lives just to get a little bit blonder How the muumuu has been fashionably resurrected as the "patio dress" Why it's important to always have a good photo of yourself on hand -- just in case How, no matter what skin you're in, to make it last a lifetime Why you can never trust anyone over eighty-five

Homeric Whispers

Intimations of Orthodoxy in the Iliad and Odyssey

Author: Roberto Salinas Price

Publisher: Scylax Press

ISBN: 0910865116

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 286

View: 4780

"Homeric Whispers" is divided into three basic parts: (1) A comparison between the geography of Asia Minor and the Dalmatian Coast that shows contradictions in the presumed site of Troy in Asia Minor. (2) A full geography of Troy in the Dalmatian Coast and its corresponding placenames and archaeological ruins. (3) How the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey" originally written in a Slavic dialect entered the Greek world and became translated by a bicultural community into the Greek language.

Top 10 Jazz Standards

Author: Sharon Aaronson

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing

ISBN: 9780739042397

Category: Music

Page: 32

View: 7272

Included are familiar songs from Broadway and the movies as well as popular songs of the day such as "Fascinating Rhythm," "Nice Work If You Can Get It," "That's All" and "Summer Wind." Some of the outstanding composers and lyricists whose music is featured in this collection include George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer. Aaronson's arrangements are rich, musically satisfying and remain true to the original scores.

Horicon and Horicon Marsh

Author: Susan Brunner,Jennee Harmuth

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9780738561356

Category: History

Page: 128

View: 6532

The city of Horicon has grown beyond its mill town roots to become home to John Deere, Gardner Manufacturing, and many community events. Meanwhile, Horicon Marsh has loomed to the north with its own story to tell. Over the years, what was once the land of the Winnebagos has been flooded, drained, dredged, and farmed. However, thanks to a restoration movement that began in the 1920s, Horicon Marsh stands today as the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States.

Vegan Fire & Spice

200 Sultry and Savory Global Recipes

Author: Robin Robertson

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 0988949288

Category: Cooking

Page: 268

View: 2096

Spice up your life! - Take a trip around the world with delicious, mouth-watering, meatless, dairy-free, and egg-free recipes ranging from mildly spiced to nearly incendiary. Explore the spicy vegan cuisines of the U.S., South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Asia with: Red-Hot White Bean Chili Vindaloo Vegetables Moroccan Tagine Spicy Szechuan Noodles Jambalaya Thai Coconut Soup Penne Arrabbiata Satays with Ginger Peanut Sauce Organized by global region, this book offers inventive and delicious spicy vegan recipes of traditional dishes using readily available ingredients. Best of all, the recipes are designed so you can adjust your own heat tolerance allowing you to enjoy it hot - or not. With the bold and scintillating recipes of Vegan Fire & Spice, you can travel the globe without ever leaving home - while still enjoying meals that are healthy and 100% vegan.

Lost Directions

Author: Shakuntala Bharvani

Publisher: Orient Blackswan

ISBN: 9788125006893


Page: 172

View: 4182

Shakuntala Bharvani s story of a thirty-six-year-old woman, widowed at an early age and a Reader in English, presents a protagonist in whom are blended innocence and naivete with an urge for independence and feminist ideas. Sangeeta Chainani is banished by her aristrocratic Sindhi family to the quiet ashram of Dukh Door, a Gandhian haven of simple living and high thinking, where, they hope, she will pursue her doctoral dissertation on Dorothy Richardson and forget her love affair with Iqbal, a divorced Muslim dentist. But matters other than literature and the quiet life keep intruding her childhood memories, the stories of Sind and its folk tales narrated to her by elderly relations as Bharvani presents a cross-section of Indian society with a touch of satire and humour.

Daily Life in the Colonial City

Author: Keith Krawczynski

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313334196

Category: History

Page: 554

View: 2157

An exploration of day-to-day urban life in colonial America.

The Bones You Own

A Book about the Human Body

Author: Becky Baines

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9781426304101

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 27

View: 6575

Presents facts about the 206 bones in the body.

Faith against reason

religious reform and the British Chief Rabbinate, 1840-1990

Author: Meir Persoff

Publisher: Mitchell Vallentine & Company


Category: History

Page: 476

View: 9005

From the Reform secession of the 1840s and the founding of Liberal Judaism six decades later, to the 'Jacobs Affair' and the rise of Conservative (Masorti) theology towards the end of the twentieth century, the British Chief Rabbinate has faced challenges and controversy on an ever-deepening scale. Using contemporary accounts, broadsides and hitherto unpublished archival material, Faith Against Reason is an incisive and indispensable contribution to an understanding of the fissures and fragmentation besetting Anglo-Jewry in modern times. At its core are the mavericks, ministers, grandees and God-fearers who grappled with the currents and complexities of the hour -and with each other -in their pursuit of communal power and pulpit supremacy. The chroniclers ofAnglo-Jewry have not always been kind to Britain's Chief Rabbis. In truth, the verdicts have been mixed, and sometimes muted, but, with communal censure and strife continuing unabated, they have become increasingly forthright as the centuries have turned. In Faith Against Reason, some of these verdicts are subjected to scrutiny; others emerge and, with them, a clearer picture of the Chief Rabbinical stance on religious pluralism.

The Playboy interview II

Author: G. Barry Golson

Publisher: Perigee

ISBN: 9780399507694

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 511

View: 5251

A second collection of interviews from Playboy magazine includes conversations with Edward Koch, Lech Walesa, Johnny Carson, Jean-Paul Sartre, and other celebrities, scholars, authors, political leaders, artists, and philosophers

Iguana Dreams

New Latino Fiction

Author: Delia Poey

Publisher: Harper Perennial

ISBN: 9780060969172

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 9362

With an introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Oscar Hijuelos, this important anthology of contemporary fiction represents the wide range of cultures and experiences that mark the diverse ethnic groups of the Latino community.

Rise to the Divinity Within You

Talks from the 2006 BYU Women's Conference

Author: Women's Conference

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

ISBN: 9781590387122

Category: Religion

Page: 260

View: 2460


My First Train Trip

Author: Emily Neye

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780448419985

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 6474

Photographs and text depict the excitement of a boy's first train trip as he meets the conductor and engineer, eats in the dining car, and goes to bed in the sleeping car.

You're a Cat!

Author: Carol MacLennan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780195969450

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 16

View: 9222

These imaginative graded stories and factual writing relate to young learners own experiences and provide a delightful introduction to reading.

A Quick Guide to Teaching Persuasive Writing, K-2

Author: Sarah Picard Taylor,Lucy Calkins

Publisher: Firsthand Books

ISBN: 9780325025971

Category: Education

Page: 80

View: 1676

Children have voices that need to be heard and ideas that need to be understood. Building on this premise Sarah describes why you should try a persuasive writing unit of study, describes two units of study for the primary classroom, and lists tips and ideas for helping students get their persuasive writing out into the world. A Quick Guide to Teaching Persuasive Writing is part of the Workshop Help Desk series. About the Workshop Help Desk series The Workshop Help Desk series is designed for teachers who believe in workshop teaching and who have already rolled up their sleeves enough to have encountered the predictable challenges. If you've struggled to get around quickly enough to help all your writers, if you've wondered how to tweak your teaching to make it more effective and lasting, if you've needed to adapt your teaching for English learners, if you've struggled to teach grammar or nonfiction writing or test prep...if you've faced these and other specific, pressing challenges, then this series is for you. Provided in a compact 5" x 7" format, the Workshop Help Desk series offers pocket-sized professional development. For a comprehensive overview of the Units of Study for Teaching Writing series, including sample minilessons, sample videos, curricular calendars, overview presentations, frequently asked questions, and information on the companion principal's guide and the Workshop Help Desk series visit

Europe in the Contemporary World: 1900 to Present

A Narrative History with Documents

Author: Bonnie G. Smith

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312406998

Category: History

Page: 764

View: 9973

Offering a twenty-first century perspective on twentieth-century Europe, pre-eminent scholar Bonnie Smith's engaging new synthesis is the first text to provide both a thorough integration of social and cultural material with political history and substantive treatment of Europe's broader global context. Each of the twelve chapters combines compelling narrative with a wonderfully rich set of primary texts and picture essays, reinforcing for students the importance of primary sources to the study of history. Neither overtly triumphalist nor disparaging, this even-handed and thoughtful account takes the full measure of Europe's negative and positive legacies at home and its impact on and interactions with the world at large.

Puffin Rescue!

Author: Rob Waring

Publisher: National Geographic

ISBN: 9781424043750

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 24

View: 2315

Puffins are a kind of bird that lives in Iceland. Each year baby puffins, or pufflings, leave their homes to find the sea. Sometimes the pufflings get lost and cannot find their way. Groups of people must rescue, or help, the pufflings. How do people rescue the pufflings?