The Last Best Place?

Gender, Family, and Migration in the New West

Author: Leah Schmalzbauer

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804792976

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

View: 2373

Southwest Montana is beautiful country, evoking mythologies of freedom and escape long associated with the West. Partly because of its burgeoning presence in popular culture, film, and literature, including William Kittredge's anthology The Last Best Place, the scarcely populated region has witnessed an influx of wealthy, white migrants over the last few decades. But another, largely invisible and unstudied type of migration is also present. Though Mexican migrants have worked on Montana's ranches and farms since the 1920s, increasing numbers of migrant families—both documented and undocumented—are moving to the area to support its growing construction and service sectors. The Last Best Place? asks us to consider the multiple racial and class-related barriers that Mexican migrants must negotiate in the unique context of Montana's rural gentrification. These daily life struggles and inter-group power dynamics are deftly examined through extensive interviews and ethnography, as are the ways gender structures inequalities within migrant families and communities. But Leah Schmalzbauer's research extends even farther to highlight the power of place and demonstrate how Montana's geography and rurality intersect with race, class, gender, family, illegality, and transnationalism to affect migrants' well-being and aspirations. Though the New West is just one among many new destinations, it forces us to recognize that the geographic subjectivities and intricacies of these destinations must be taken into account to understand the full complexity of migrant life.

The Last Best Place

A Montana Anthology

Author: William Kittredge

Publisher: Falcon PressPub Company

ISBN: 9781560441557

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 1164

View: 2336

A guided tour of Montana's literature, including Native American stories, autobiographies, journals, fiction, and poetry.

The Last Best Place

Lost In The Heart Of Nova Scotia

Author: John Demont

Publisher: Doubleday Canada

ISBN: 0385674414

Category: Travel

Page: 288

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A writer returns to Nova Scotia, and finding it almost unrecognizable, sets out to capture the essence of his ancestral province--a place as strange and wild as anywhere on the continent. John DeMont visits places as diverse as a Buddhist abbey; the first free black settlement outside Africa; an island that harbours pirate treasure; and a backwoods barndance where the music of 18th-century Scotland lives on. He visits tuna smugglers and moonshiners; the brooding painter Alex Colville; spiritual seekers from Japan, the US and Europe; and Anne Murray's greatest Austrian fans. He also races yachts with summer residents; patrols the coast for drug smugglers with the Mounties; and casts for salmon with the wisest fishing guides. A road book with a difference, and an endearing search for home, The Last Best Place is wry and wise, as quirky and lively as Nova Scotia itself.

Zero Waste in the Last Best Place

A Personal Account and How-To Guide on Landfill-Free Living

Author: Bradley Edward Layton PhD PE

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1532022670

Category: Nature

Page: 188

View: 3342

What will the world look like in fifty years? In one hundred years? Four hundred years? Will we still pollute our skies with carbon? Will we still build monuments by the curb to nameless waste gods only to have our diapers, wrappers, cartons, and packaging squished into a foul-smelling hell-on-wheels to be hauled to the methane-emitting monument of NIMBY our global civilization is creating? No! Lets drive cars, build gardens, and live in buildings that leave the earth cleaner than we found it! In this little book Professor Bradley Layton takes us on a journey through the bowels of MIT, the dumpsters of our cities, and shares his own personal account of moving away from the landfill in Missoula, Montana, home of A River Runs Through It, downtown river surfing, and epic fly fishing. Once youve made your way through this book, youll never look at garbage or trash the same way again. You will see and help create a future where nothing goes to waste. You will help restore the earth to The Garden that we were entrusted with in The Beginning.

Ghosts of the Last Best Place

Author: Ellen Baumler

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1439658218

Category: Social Science

Page: 128

View: 1334

Montana’s past embodied the rough, unforgiving and often vicious nature of the old Wild West. Unscrupulous gold camps and railroad expansion attracted the good, bad and ugly from all across the Union and as far as China. Many a soul shed blood under the Big Sky, leaving restless spirits to linger. Discover the famous cowboy artist who refuses to leave his Missoula home. Exhume the truth behind Stormit Butte, investigate the mystery at Brush Lake and become enraptured with the firsthand account of a Browning rancher’s attempts at reconciliation with the ghost of a murdered Chinese rail laborer. Historian and award-winning author Ellen Baumler presents this collection of Last Best Place hauntings.

The Last Best Place

Images of New Zealand Flyfishing

Author: Zane Mirfin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781877256844

Category: Fly fishing

Page: 196

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Kurze Antworten auf große Fragen

Author: Stephen Hawking

Publisher: Klett-Cotta

ISBN: 3608115102

Category: Political Science

Page: 160

View: 9527

Stephen Hawkings Vermächtnis In seinem letzten Buch gibt Stephen Hawking Antworten auf die drängendsten Fragen unserer Zeit und nimmt uns mit auf eine persönliche Reise durch das Universum seiner Weltanschauung. Seine Gedanken zu Ursprung und Zukunft der Menschheit sind zugleich eine Mahnung, unseren Heimatplaneten besser vor den Gefahren unserer Gegenwart zu schützen. Zugänglich und klar finden Sie in diesem Buch Hawkings Antworten auf die drängendsten Fragen unserer Zeit. - Warum gibt es uns Menschen überhaupt? - Und woher kommen wir? - Gibt es im Weltall andere intelligente Lebewesen? - Existiert Gott? - In welchem Zustand befindet sich unser Heimatplanet? - Werden wir auf der Erde überleben? - Retten oder zerstören uns Naturwissenschaften und Technik? - Hilft uns die künstliche Intelligenz, die Erde zu bewahren? - Können wir den Weltraum bevölkern? - Wie werden wir die Schwächsten – Kinder, Kranke, alte Menschen – schützen? - Wie werden wir unsere Kinder erziehen? Brillanter Physiker, revolutionärer Kosmologe, unerschütterlicher Optimist. Für Stephen Hawking bergen die Weiten des Universums nicht nur naturwissenschaftliche Geheimnisse. In seinem persönlichsten Buch beantwortet der Autor die großen Fragen des menschlichen Lebens und spricht die wichtigsten Themen unserer Zeit an. Zugänglich und klar erläutert er die Folgen des menschlichen Fortschritts – vom Klimawandel bis hin zu künstlicher Intelligenz – und diskutiert seine Gefahren. Hier finden Sie Hawkings Antworten auf die Urfragen der Menschheit. Ein großer Appell an politische Machthaber und jeden Einzelnen von uns, unseren bedrohten Heimatplaneten besser zu schützen.

Our Last Best Chance

The Pursuit of Peace in a Time of Peril

Author: King Abdullah II of Jordan

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141960396

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

View: 1554

When a dying King Hussein shocked the world by picking his son rather than his brother, the longtime Crown Prince, to be the next King of Jordan, no one was more surprised than the young head of Special Forces who discovered his life was in for a major upheaval. In this exceptionally candid memoir, King Abdullah tackles the single toughest issue he faces head on - how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian standoff - and reveals himself to be an invaluable intermediary between America and the Arab world. He writes about the impact of the Iraq war on his neighborhood and how to confront the threat from Iran. This is the inspirational story of a man who went to boarding school in America and military academy in Britain, and grew up believing he would be a soldier. Back home, he hunted down terrorists and modernized Jordan's Special Forces. Then, suddenly, he found himself king. Together with his wife, Queen Rania, King Abdullah transformed what it meant to be a monarch, going undercover to escape the bubble of the court while she became the Muslim world's most passionate advocate of women's rights. Why would a sitting head of state choose to write about the most explosive issues he faces? King Abdullah does so now because he believes we face a moment of truth: a last chance for peace in the Middle East. The prize is enormous, the cost of failure unimaginable

Zero to One

Wie Innovation unsere Gesellschaft rettet

Author: Peter Thiel,Blake Masters

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593501600

Category: Political Science

Page: 200

View: 7911

Wir leben in einer technologischen Sackgasse. Zwar suggeriert die Globalisierung technischen Fortschritt, doch das vermeintlich Neue, sind vor allem Kopien des Bestehenden. Peter Thiel, Silicon-Valley-Insider und in der Wirtschaftscommunity bestens bekannter Innovationstreiber ist überzeugt: Globalisierung ist kein Fortschritt, Konkurrenz ist schädlich und nur Monopole sind nachhaltig erfolgreich. Er zeigt: Wahre Innovation entsteht nicht horizontal, sondern sprunghaft - from Zero to One. Um die Zukunft zu erobern, reicht es nicht, der Beste zu sein. Gründer müssen aus dem Wettkampf des Immergleichen heraustreten und völlig neue Märkte erobern. Wie man wirklich Neues erfindet, enthüllt seine beeindruckende Anleitung zum visionären Querdenken. Ein Appell für einen Startup der ganzen Gesellschaft.

The Last Good Water

Prose and Poetry, 1988-2003

Author: Michael Delp

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814331712

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 96

View: 1096

In his latest collection of poetry and prose, Michael Delp takes the reader back to nature and details his spiritual awakening within the freshwater of Michigan.


A Collection of Photographs by Craig W. Hergert: Skiing the Last Best Place: SKIING the LAST BEST PLACE

Author: Craig W. Hergert

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780988491304

Category: Montana

Page: 226

View: 8094

MONTANA: SKIING THE LAST BEST PLACE Photographs by Craig W. Hergert Stories by Brian Hurlbut Foreword by Warren Miller From big-mountain resorts to small town ski hills only open a few days a week, Montana is the last frontier for skiing in the West. It’s a place where farmers and ranchers share the slopes with snowboarders and twin-tip skiers, a place where snow lovers can still experience skiing at a mountain not yet contaminated by the sport’s increasingly commercial atmosphere. Vintage chairlifts and A-frame lodges are as much a part of Montana’s skiing landscape as high-speed quads and glitzy resorts, yet they seamlessly blend together and coexist to create a winter experience like no other: Wide-open spaces, expansive mountain vistas, dry, light powder, friendly locals and a laid-back feel. This is what skiing in Montana is like, as seen through the camera lens of award-winning photographer Craig W. Hergert in this breathtaking new volume. Compiled over many years and thousands of miles, "Montana: Skiing the Last Best Place" highlights all of the state’s seventeen ski areas in stunning photographs that brilliantly depict the lifestyle, atmosphere and charm of winter in the Treasure State. Combined with stories about each mountain, these timeless photos capture the people and places that make Montana a special place to ski, creating a one-of-a-kind book that uniquely and beautifully chronicles Montana’s skiing culture. For skiing, Montana truly is the Last Best Place, recorded here in photographs, no doubt to be treasured for years to come.

The Last Best Cure

My Quest to Awaken the Healing Parts of My Brain and Get Back My Body, My Joy, a nd My Life

Author: Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101609907

Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

View: 1379

One day Donna Jackson Nakazawa found herself lying on the floor to recover from climbing the stairs. That’s when it hit her. She was managing the symptoms of the autoimmune disorders that had plagued her for a decade, but she had lost her joy. As a science journalist, she was curious to know what mind-body strategies might help her. As a wife and mother she was determined to get her life back. Over the course of one year, Nakazawa researches and tests a variety of therapies including meditation, yoga, and acupuncture to find out what works. But the discovery of a little-known branch of research into Adverse Childhood Experiences causes her to have an epiphany about her illness that not only stuns her—it turns her life around. Perfect for readers of Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project, Nakazawa shares her unexpected discoveries, amazing improvements, and shows readers how they too can find their own last best cure.

The Last Best of All Times

Author: Robert A. Semenza

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 142574348X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 166

View: 5667

Robert Semenza has always considered himself fortunate to have been brought up in what may have been, in his mind, the "last best of all times" "an era that spanned only a little more than a decade and a half, from the early forties to the midfifties, from World War II to the Korean police action,' from FDR to Harry [the buck stops here] Truman to Ike." He was even more blessed to be raised in an environment where he was "surrounded by a wealth of love and warmth from our parents and a seemingly unlimited number of relatives and "piasians"; however, the adults in our lives were there only when we needed them sort of a Charlie Brown' type of existence but without his anxiety." He felt that all his wonderful memories would be lost forever and wanted to preserve them for the generations to follow. His tale is told in a self-effacing way and from the perspective of a young boy being raised in "the West," a neighborhood in New Rochelle, New York; "of Italians and colored people" (you never called them "blacks" or "African Americans" unless you were prepared for a fight); and the rest of civilization, referred to simply as the Americans.It tells of his Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn type of youthful adventures and mishaps centered around a cast of colorful and unforgettable "characters" that roamed the streets of the West, from the likes of the "Goat Man," who would "proudly parade his goats down Union Avenue" and whose "route was undeniably marked by a trail of small round soft black pellets, which the goats expelled as they merrily strolled to their noonday repast [presumably to make more pellets]" to the "Iron Horse" to Louie "Chicken Breast," and to a whole host of other characters. As he explains, they "were just there and accepted as they were, except that they, like everyone else in the neighborhood, had a nickname, which was generally linked to their physical appearance, which, in each case, was obvious." He has attempted the impossible task of trying to list all of these nicknames his nickname was "Chesty" the reader will learn why. His personal memories transport the reader back to that time and to his boyish recollections of his family, the school, the church, the Boys Club, the games they invented, and the special joys brought by each season of the year.

Living The Big Sky Life

Urban Tales of my Tortured Tenure in "The Last Best Place"

Author: DK King

Publisher: EmPress DK Publications


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 294

View: 7521

Living The Big Sky Life is a clever memoir by DK King that will take you on a healing journey from the outside in - from the coastlines of Orange County, California, to the big sky resort town of Whitefish, Montana. In a written voice that can be described as nothing short of audacious - real, raw and irreverent - DK King portrays her powerful passage through the peaks and valleys of love and life on her quintessential quest to turn the lemons in her life into an ocean of lemonade. Recounting her personal ordeal with vivid clarity and unparalleled recall, DK King chronicles an unforgettable series of transformational experiences like only a great storyteller can. Her fearless account is truly captivating, and should be a must-read for anyone who dreams of exchanging their robust urban lifestyle for the simple life in any small town U.S.A. This is a book you won’t be able to put down until the startling end!

The Last Best Day

A Trout Fisher's Perspective

Author: Michael Altizer

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9780977855155

Category: Nature

Page: 272

View: 2094

Skyhorse Publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for fishermen. Our books for anglers include titles that focus on fly fishing, bait fishing, fly-casting, spin casting, deep sea fishing, and surf fishing. Our books offer both practical advice on tackle, techniques, knots, and more, as well as lyrical prose on fishing for bass, trout, salmon, crappie, baitfish, cat fish, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Mapping Tourism

Author: Stephen P. Hanna,Vincent J. Del Casino

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816639564

Category: Social Science

Page: 219

View: 2384

At first glance, the relationships among tourists, tourism maps, and the spaces of tourism seem straightforward enough: tourists use maps to find their way to and through the sites of history, culture, nature, or recreation represented there. Less apparent is how tourism maps and those using them construct such spaces and identities. As the essays in Mapping Tourism clearly demonstrate, the extraordinary interaction of work with leisure and the everyday with the exotic makes tourism maps ideal sites for exploring the contested construction of place and identity. Construction sites in the "New Berlin, " Alabama's civil rights trail, Quebec City, a California ghost town, and Bangkok's sex trade are among the spaces the essays examined. Taken together, these essays allow us to see tourist space as it truly is: contested, ever changing, and replete with issues of power.



Author: Tessa Hadley

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 3492977766

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 6857

»Sie waren auf dem Land, am Ende der Welt, und es gab kein Zurück.« – Nach dem Tod ihrer Eltern kehren sie für einen Sommer zurück in das alte englische Landhaus: Die vier Geschwister Harriet, Roland, Alice und Fran. Jetzt, in ihren Vierzigern und Fünfzigern, müssen sie entscheiden, ob sie das Haus ihrer Jugend, Erbe ihrer Vergangenheit, bewahren oder verkaufen sollen. Alice, gescheiterte Schauspielerin und unbelehrbare Romantikerin, bringt Kasim, den gerade erwachsenen Sohn ihres Ex-Partners mit, und Roland seine junge Tochter Molly, hübsch und unkonventionell. Sie alle zieht das alte Anwesen in seinen Bann, längst überwunden geglaubte Spannungen lodern wieder auf, und neue erotische Verwicklungen bahnen sich an. Doch auch dieser Sommer geht zu Ende, und über das Haus muss eine Entscheidung getroffen werden.

Atlas Obscura

Entdeckungsreisen zu den verborgenen Wundern der Welt

Author: Joshua Foer,Ella Morton,Dylan Thuras

Publisher: Mosaik Verlag

ISBN: 3641207118

Category: Social Science

Page: 480

View: 7151

Der außergewöhnlichste Reiseführer der Welt Der Atlas Obscura sieht nur auf den ersten Blick aus wie ein Reiseführer. Es ist vor allem ein Buch zum Lesen und Träumen – eine Wunderkammer voller unerwarteter, bizarrer und mysteriöser Orte, die gleichermaßen Wunderlust und Wanderlust hervorrufen. Jede einzelne Seite dieses außergewöhnlichen Buchs erweitert unseren Horizont und zeigt uns, wie wunderbar und schräg die Welt in Wirklichkeit ist. Fesselnde Texte, hunderte von fantastischen Fotos, überraschende Fakten und Karten für jede Region des Globus machen es nahezu unmöglich, nicht gleich die nächste Seite aufzuschlagen und weiterzuschmökern! Eine erstaunliche Liebeserklärung an die Welt, in der wir leben.

H wie Habicht

Author: Helen Macdonald

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 384371147X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 1331

Der Spiegel-Bestseller Der Tod ihres Vaters trifft Helen unerwartet. Erschüttert von der Wucht der Trauer wird der Kindheitstraum in ihr wach, ihren eigenen Habicht aufzuziehen und zu zähmen. Und so zieht das stolze Habichtweibchen Mabel bei ihr ein. Durch die intensive Beschäftigung mit dem Tier entwickelt sich eine konzentrierte Nähe zwischen den beiden, die tröstend und heilend wirkt. Doch Mabel ist nicht irgendein Tier. Mabel ist ein Greifvogel. Mabel tötet. »Um einen Greifvogel abzurichten, muss man ihn wie einen Greifvogel beobachten, erst dann kann man vorhersagen, was er als Nächstes tun wird. Schließlich sieht man die Körpersprache des Vogels gar nicht mehr – man scheint zu fühlen, was der Vogel fühlt. Die Wahrnehmung des Vogels wird zur eigenen. Als die Tage in dem abgedunkelten Raum vergingen und ich mich immer mehr in den Habicht hineinversetzte, schmolz mein Menschsein von mir ab.« Helen Macdonald Ein Buch über die Erinnerung, über Natur und Freiheit - und über das Glück, sich einer großen Aufgabe von ganzem Herzen zu widmen. »[Macdonalds] anschaulicher Stil – verblüffend und außerordentlich präzise – ist nur ein Teil dessen, was dieses Buch ausmacht. Die Geschichte vom Abrichten Mabels liest sich wie ein Thriller. Die allmählich und behutsam anwachsende Spannung lässt den Atem stocken ... Fesselnd.« Rachel Cooke Observer * New York Times Bestseller * Costa Award für das beste Buch des Jahres 2014 * Samuel Johnson Prize