The Land of Osiris

An Introduction to Khemitology

Author: Stephen S. Mehler

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press

ISBN: 9780932813589

Category: History

Page: 384

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"Was there a advanced prehistoric civilization in ancient Egypt? Who were the people who built the great pyramids and carved the Great Sphinx? Did the pyramids serve as energy devices and not as tombs for kings? Independent Egyptologist Stephen S. Mehler has spent over 30 years researching the answers to these questions and believes the answers are "Yes!" An indigenous oral tradition still exists in Egypt, and Mehler has been able to uncover and study it with the help of a living master of this tradition, Abd1El Hakim Awyan. He has also been given permission to share these teachings—presented heretofore in fragments by other researchers—to the Western World, teachings that unfold a whole new understanding of ancient Egypt"--Publisher's description.

Isis & Osiris

To the Ends of the Earth : an Egyptian Myth

Author: Jeff Limke

Publisher: Graphic Universe

ISBN: 0822530864

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

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Presents the myth of how Osiris, a god and king of Egypt, is killed by his brother, Set, and how his wife, Isis, searches for his body.

Esoteric Egypt

The Sacred Science of the Land of Khem

Author: J. S. Gordon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1591437776

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 416

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A study of the 100,000-year-old spiritual science of ancient Egypt • Examines the metaphysical structure of our universe as seen by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Celts, showing that each is based on the same central concepts from time immemorial • Reveals that the ancient Egyptians believed in reincarnation and a spiritual evolutionary process • Explains the connections between the movements of Orion and Sirius and the story of Osiris and Isis, the importance of the Pleiades and circumpolar stars to the Egyptians, and the fundamental unity of the Egyptian pantheon • Investigates the people who colonized greater Egypt 100,000 years ago, descendants of the Atlanteans In Esoteric Egypt, J. S. Gordon reveals how the sacred science and wisdom tradition of ancient Egypt--the Land of Khem--stems from an advanced prehistoric worldwide civilization. Examining the metaphysical structure of our universe as seen by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Celts, he shows that each tradition is merely a variation on the central concepts of the precession of the equinoxes and the obliquity of the ecliptic pole. He explores the connections between the cyclical movements of Orion and Sirius and the story of Osiris and Isis, the importance of the Pleiades and the circumpolar stars, and the ancient tradition of man as a divine being “born from the substance of the stars.” He investigates the people who colonized greater Egypt 100,000 years ago, the progenitors of ancient Egyptian civilization descended from the 4th- and 5th-Root Race Atlanteans. Gordon explores the magical and esoteric meanings behind Egyptian sacred ritual and temple art, drawing parallels to the Mystery School process of initiation. Explaining the fundamental unity of the Egyptian pantheon and the structure of the after-death state, he shows that the Egyptians clearly believed in reincarnation and a spiritual evolutionary process. Revealing the ancient sacred science of the Land of Khem, teachings passed down from the earliest times, he examines the psychospiritual nature of the human being and the function of our spiritual identity and our souls.

Reflections of Osiris

Lives from Ancient Egypt

Author: John Ray

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198036012

Category: History

Page: 192

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Spanning more than two millennia, Reflections of Osiris opens a small window into a timeless world, capturing the flavor of life in ancient Egypt through vivid profiles of eleven actual people and the god Osiris. Some of the figures profiled here are famous. Ray discusses Imhotep, whom he calls "Egypt's Leonardo"--the royal architect of the Step Pyramid, high priest of the sun cult, and a man of great medical skill. We meet Hatshepsut, a rare female Pharaoh, who had herself depicted as a male figure in temple scenes, ceremonial beard and all. Horemheb, who rose from local politician to general and finally to king. And the legendary magician, Pharaoh Nectanebo II, the greatest builder of temples. Equally intriguing are the lives of everyday Egyptians who are also resurrected here. There is Heqanakhte, a cantankerous peasant farmer who has problems with his sons--and they with their stepmother. And Petiese, a scribe whose petition to the authorities preserves a feud stretching back over generations. Most fascinating of all are the people of the Serapeum: a Greek recluse, his brother (a rootless adolescent and police informer), two temple dancers with financial difficulties, and a temple scribe. All of whom we come to know intimately--even their dreams. Last comes the god Osiris, judge of the netherworld, creator of the land of Egypt, before whom all would appear at the end of their lives. Reflections of Osiris captures the full spectrum of life in ancient Egypt. With more than twenty halftones and several maps, this superb volume will fascinate anyone interested in an inside look at the great ancient civilization of the Nile.

The Land of the Body

Studies in Philo's Representation of Egypt

Author: Sarah Pearce

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161492501

Category: Religion

Page: 365

View: 1321

This book presents the first extended study of the representation of Egypt in the writings of Philo of Alexandria. Philo is a crucial witness, not only to the experiences of the Jews of Alexandria, but to the world of early Roman Egypt in general. As historians of Roman Alexandria and Egypt are well aware, we have access to very few voices from inside the country in this era; Philo is the best we have. As a commentator on Jewish Scripture, Philo is also one of the most valuable sources for the interpretation of Egypt in the Pentateuch. He not only writes very extensively on this subject, but he does so in ways that are remarkable for their originality when compared with the surviving literature of ancient Judaism. In this book, Sarah Pearce tries to understand Philo in relation to the wider context in which he lived and worked. Key areas for investigation include: defining the 'Egyptian' in Philo's world; Philo's treatment of the Egypt of the Pentateuch as a symbol of 'the land of the body'; Philo's emphasis on Egyptian inhospitableness; and his treatment of Egyptian religion, focusing on Nile veneration and animal worship.

The Land of the Pharaohs

Author: Samuel Manning

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 3849678601

Category: History

Page: 86

View: 5582

Dr. Manning has written freshly of scenes and places which are much 'done' by tourists; and now and then, when he is a little more beyond the ordinary track, he is really powerful. He has served a good apprenticeship to work of this kind, and it may be said of him that, while he never sacrifices dignity in retailing the trifling gossip of the journey, he does occasionally cast a very interesting glance into the social conditions of those amongst whom he moves; and sometimes he throws a gleam of humour around the strange, or squalid, or repellent things that he meets. The anecdote of the Arab, the opera-glass, and the two wives at the Great Pyramid, is very good indeed.

Osiris Land


Author: Wolfgang Jeschke

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641136032

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 8556

Nach dem Ende Jahre, nachdem die weißen Männer im Kampf um das Horn von Afrika alles mit ihren Bomben verwüstet haben, wagt sich erstmals wieder ein Weißer ins Land der Tuareg: Jack Freyman, genannt Master Jack. Zusammen mit einem Führer und einem Kameltreiber, dem jungen Beshîr, macht er sich auf den Weg durch das zerstörte Land, in dem es kein Wasser und kein anderes Leben gibt als die grausigen Mutanten, um den Rand der bekannten Welt zu erkunden ... Die Erzählung „Osiris Land“ erscheint als exklusives eBook Only bei Heyne und umfasst ca. 70 Seiten.

Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur

Author: Hartwig Altenmüller,Nicole Kloth

Publisher: Helmut Buske Verlag

ISBN: 3875489381

Category: History

Page: 402

View: 9703

Hartwig Altenmüller: Die Wandlungen des Sem-Priesters im Mundöffnungsritual. Alessia Amenta: ""The Vatican Mummy Project"". The restoration of the mummy of Ny-Maat-Re (MV 25011.6.1). Miroslaw Barwik: Two pilgrims from Armant at Deir el-Bahari. Stefan Bojowald: Randglosse zu einigen in ""d"" kulminierenden Schreibungen. Marc Brose: Ostrakon BM EA 50727 - ""An unknown literary text""? Manuela Gander: Materialimitationen - Bemalte Gefäße aus Gräbern des Neuen Reiches aus dem Ägyptischen Museum und Papyrussammlung Berlin. Stefan Grunert: Die Geburtsumstände der Jbhaty-Schlange. Eine Komposition von Sprüchen auf der Totenbahre zur Ehrfurcht vor dem Leichnam. Jochem Kahl / Mahmoud El-Khadragy / Ursula Verhoeven / Ahmed El-Khatib / Chiori Kitagawa: The Asyut Project: Sixth Season of Fieldwork (2008). Klaus Koschel: Salbgefäße ohne Ende? Königliche Miniatursalbgefäße eines undokumentierten Fundkomplexes Teil II. Rolf Krauss: Weisen die Pyramidenkorridore den Weg zum Himmel? Christian Leitz: Das Ichneumonweibchen von Herakleopolis - eine Manifestation der Bastet. Michel Malaise: Le calathos de Sérapis. Ludwig D. Morenz: Der Türkis und seine Herrin. Die Schöpfung einer besonderen Expeditionsreligion im Mittleren Reich. Diana Prell: Der Nil, seine Überschwemmung und sein Kult in Ägypten. Ilona Regulski: The beginning of Hieratic Writing in Egypt. Foy Scalf: Magical bricks. Danijela Stefanovic: Stela Bolton 1920.10.12: The Non-Royal Women of the Middle Kingdom II. Christoffer Theis: Die Pyramiden der 13. Dynastie. Ad A. J. Thijs: The Second Prophet Nesamun and his claim to the High-Priesthood. Silvia Wiebach-Köpke: Das Pflanzenwachstum unter den Sonnenstrahlen des Re.

The Land of Light

The Tarot

Author: Hilton Hotema

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 9780787304201


Page: 176

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Die Mühle des Hamlet

Ein Essay über Mythos und das Gerüst der Zeit

Author: Giorgio de Santillana,Hertha v. Dechend

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783709193853

Category: Computers

Page: 522

View: 2347

Die Mühle des Hamlet enthält den Bericht über eine faszinierende Expedition der Autoren durch die Kulturgeschichte der Menschheit. Gestützt auf zahllose Dokumente aus fast aller Welt und eine entsprechend umfangreiche Bibliographie gelingt es den Autoren, überzeugend und detailliert nachzuweisen, daß die großen universellen Mythen - unter denen die Mühle des Hamlet, oder vielmehr die des skandinavischen Amlodhi, nur als das Ende einer langen Kette zu sehen ist - einen gemeinsamen Ursprung haben, der nicht auf der Erde zu finden ist, sondern im Sternenhimmel: Der Mythos ist eine Sprache für die Darstellung, die Überlieferung und die Handhabung eines umfangreichen und komplexen Korpus astronomischer Kenntnisse gewesen und damit - als Sprache der astronomisch berechenbaren und strukturierbaren Zeit - der Ursprung des wissenschaftlichen Denkens. Das Buch läßt die Unhaltbarkeit der gängigen Vorstellung deutlich werden, die Weltbilder unserer Vorfahren ließen sich allein aus den vermeintlichen Inhalten der Mythen ermitteln, als handle es sich dabei um wörtlich zu nehmende Beschreibungen.

Osiris N.

The Victim and the American Novel

Author: Biyot Kesh Tripathy

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789060322642

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 282

View: 8155


Christianity in the Land of the Pharaohs

The Coptic Orthodox Church

Author: Jill Kamil

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415242530

Category: History

Page: 311

View: 5463

^DA detailed yet accessible evaluation of the importance of Christianity to the identity of Egypt and the parallel importance of Egyptian Coptic Christianity to the evolution of Christianity as a whole. Kamil demonstrates the role of Pharaonic Egypt in the development of Christian theology, notably the female figures of Isis and the Virgin Mary, both of whom were central to Egyptian religion. The study also considers the characteristics of Coptic Christianity, particularly the devotion to the monastic vows, the influence of Egyptian hermits, Gnostic texts, persecution by Rome, the separation from western Christianity, Coptic art and theology, the establishment of dogma at councils and the impact of Islam. The study is illustrated throughout and includes brief biographies of prominent figures and a glossary.

Religion of the Ancient Egyptians

Author: Alfred Wiedemann

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486149404

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 2394

Highly readable, factual account of principal deities, myths, and doctrines, with particular emphasis on the Egyptian's dedication to recording their rich history and belief in an afterlife.

The Shaping of Western Civilization, Volume I

From Antiquity to the Mid-Eighteenth Century

Author: Michael Burger

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442607580

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 7032

Michael Burger's goal in this inexpensive overview is to provide a brief, historical narrative of Western civilization. Not only does its length and price separate this text from the competition, but its no-frills, uncluttered format and well-written, one-authored approach make it a valuable asset for every history student. The Shaping of Western Civilization: From Antiquity to the Mid-Eighteenth Century begins with the ancient Near East and ends with the mid-eighteenth century. Unlike other textbooks that pile on dates and facts, Shaping is a more coherent and interpretive presentation. Burger's skills as writer and synthesizer will enable students to obtain the background required to ask meaningful questions of primary sources. In addition to suggestions for further reading, this overview includes over 40 images and 14 maps.