Into the Kill Zone

A Cop's Eye View of Deadly Force

Author: David Klinger

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118429761

Category: True Crime

Page: 304

View: 919

What's it like to have the legal sanction to shoot and kill? This compelling and often startling book answers this, and many other questions about the oft-times violent world inhabited by our nation's police officers. Written by a cop-turned university professor who interviewed scores of officers who have shot people in the course of their duties, Into the Kill Zone presents firsthand accounts of the role that deadly force plays in American police work. This brilliantly written book tells how novice officers are trained to think about and use the power they have over life and death, explains how cops live with the awesome responsibility that comes from the barrels of their guns, reports how officers often hold their fire when they clearly could have shot, presents hair-raising accounts of what it's like to be involved in shoot-outs, and details how shooting someone affects officers who pull the trigger. From academy training to post-shooting reactions, this book tells the compelling story of the role that extreme violence plays in the lives of America's cops.

The Killing Zone, Second Edition

How & Why Pilots Die

Author: Paul Craig

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071798412

Category: Transportation

Page: 304

View: 5208

WARNING! Don't fly solo before you understand all the dangers of the killing zone. It could save your life! This survival guide for new pilots identifies the pitfalls waiting inside the killing zone, the period from 50 to 350 flight hours when they leave their instructors behind and fly as pilot in command for the first time. Although they're privately certified, many of these unseasoned aviators are unaware of the potential accidents that lie ahead while trying to build decision-making skills on their own -- many times falling victim to inexperience. Based on the first in-depth scientific study of pilot behavior and general aviation flying accidents in over 20 years, The Killing Zone, Second Edition offers practical advice to help identify the time frame in which you are most likely to die. Author and aviation specialist Paul Craig offers rare insights into the special risks new pilots face and includes updated preventive strategies for flying through the killing zone . . . alive: NEW to the Second Edition: Dealing with Glass Cockpits; GPS Moving Maps; Collision Avoidance Systems; including a new chapter on Available Safety versus Actual Safety Alerts you to the 12 mistakes likely to kill you Provides guidelines for avoiding, evading, diverting, correcting, and managing dangers Includes a "Pilot Personality Self-Assessment Exercise" for an individualized survival strategy

The Kill Zone

Author: Chris Ryan

Publisher: Coronet

ISBN: 1444710273

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 450

The guys in the Regiment know they face their fiercest enemies when they fight the Taliban. No-one is tougher, more deadly - or more cunning. And if they enter the Taliban's kill zone, they know just what to expect... When three deadly Stinger missiles go missing in Helmand Province, the Regiment is tasked to retrieve the weapons at all costs. SAS legend Jack Harker has a mission to lead an eight-man team into a suspected Taliban facility. He's suspicious about what the aims of the mission really are - and it's about to get noisy. Meanwhile, in Belfast, Siobhan Byrne, a highly trained surveillance operative, is infiltrating the drug crew of a former IRA commander. But are her motives professional or personal? Even she doesn't know any more. Neither Jack nor Siobhan can guess just how closely linked their operations are about to become, or just what's at stake. But as the President of the United States makes plans to visit the UK, a devastating plot unfolds. (P)2010 Hodder & Stoughton

Crosshairs on the Kill Zone

American Combat Snipers, Vietnam through Operation Iraqi Freedom

Author: Charles W. Sasser,Craig Roberts

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416503620

Category: History

Page: 384

View: 1218

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

In the Kill Zone: Surviving as a Private Military Contractor in Iraq

Author: Neil Reynolds

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781868428564

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 9653

When Neil Reynolds was first asked whether hed like to work in Iraq as a private military contractor, he didnt even know where it was on the map. But he would quickly learn the lay of the land and what it entails working in one of the worlds most violent conflict zones. When he left for the Middle East at the end of 2003, he was part of one of the first groups of South Africans to start private military security companies in Iraq. In this honest and often humorous account he tells of all the everyday and major challenges they had to face: from finding a braai-able chop, a safe hotel to stay in and buying guns on the black market and dodging bullets on several hair-raising protection missions. He also tells the story of four South African colleagues who were kidnapped and killed in Baghdad in 2006.

King of the Killing Zone

Author: Orr Kelly

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group


Category: Political Science

Page: 288

View: 7053

Traces the development of the M-1 tank, discusses the criticism of opponents, and explains how it has affected battle strategy

Kill Zone

A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza

Author: Craig Roberts

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781494985660

Category: True Crime

Page: 250

View: 8744

In 1997, former U.S. Marie sniper Craig Robers, a seasoned veteran of the Vietnam war, stood for the first time at the 6th floor "sniper's nest" window of the Texas School Book Depository. As he looked down into what the U.S. Government maintains was the kill zone used by Lee Harvey Oswald, he immediately knew that the Warran Commission's verdict--that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone from that position, fired three shots in 5.6 seconds from a bolt-action rifle, with the fatal head shot being the last fired--was a lie. Why? Because Roberts, a combat experienced marksman, knew that he could not have duplicated Oswald's supposed feat--even if armed with the much more modern sniper rifle he used with devastating accuracy in Vietnam. At that moment, Roberts, a 20 year veteran police officer, investigator, and recognized authority on sniping, began an investigation that would last six years, take him into the shadow world of clandestine intelligence operations--and beyond--to discover the existence of a sinister organization that resides far above the CIA, KGB, the Mafia, and even government itself. An entity so powerful that, the elimination of a country's leader was little more than business as usual.

Kill Zone

A Sniper Novel

Author: Sgt. Jack Coughlin,Donald A. Davis

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781429928175

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 4652

An American general is captured in the Middle East by terrorists who threaten to behead him within days. One strange fact: moments before he is rendered unconscious during the attack, the general notices that his captors speak American English. What's going on? Gunnery Sgt. Kyle Swanson, a top Marine sniper, is vacationing on a yacht in the Mediterranean when he receives orders to mount a top secret mission to rescue the general. But as the Marines prepare to land in the Syrian desert, they fall victim to a terrible accident. Swanson, the only survivor, then discovers they were also flying into an ambush. How did the enemy have details of a mission known only to a few top American government officials? Swanson takes off across the desert alone to find the captured general and realizes he is fighting a particularly ruthless and dangerous enemy: American mercenaries working for a very-high-level group of U.S. officials with ties to the White House itself, part of a clandestine conspiracy whose hidden goal is nothing less than total control of the American military. Their sworn enemy is the captured general whose fate now rests in Swanson's hands. Filled with the kind of action that author Jack Coughlin lived during his career as a Marine sniper, Kill Zone marks the debut of an extraordinary new series.

The Kill Zone

Author: David Hagberg

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 1429912413

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 2178

From the USA Today bestselling author of Joshua's Hammer The President of the United States has appointed Kirk McGarvey interim director of the CIA while his nomination winds its way through Congressional hearings. But what should have been the culmination of McGarvey's career, has activated a twenty-year-old Russian plot sponsored by his former archenemy, General Baranov. Now, McGarvey is in the Kill Zone. He finds himself part of a plot that does know the Cold War is over, a plot that comes at McGarvey full throttle--from the grave of an enemy McGarvey had buried decades before. Step by inexorable step, the assassin—a sleeper agent for all these years—is awakened from a holding state of mind. Brainwashed by KGB doctors to pull the trigger, the killer has unknowingly waited for a signal that has finally arrived. And as the story races toward its breathtaking climax, it's becoming clearer to McGarvey and his associates that the killer is someone within his inner circle. A colleague or a friend. Somebody very close. Is there anyone McGarvey can trust when trust itself can kill him? At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Kill Order

Author: James Dashner

Publisher: Chicken House

ISBN: 1908435690

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 352

View: 6307

When sun flares hit the Earth, intense heat, toxic radiation and flooding followed, wiping out much of the human race. Those who survived live in basic communities in the mountains, hunting for food. For Mark and his friends, surviving is difficult, and then an enemy arrives, infecting people with a highly contagious virus. Thousands die, and the virus is spreading. Worse, it's mutating, and people are going crazy. It's up to Mark and his friends to find the enemy - and a cure - before the Flare infects them all ...

Killzone: Ascendancy


Author: Sam Bradbury

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241956048

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 3075

'There is no poetry or romance in war, it is brutal and ugly and terrifying and it turns men into animals - shrieking, screaming and running while destroying all in their path. It is survival' Visari, the vicious Helghast dictator, is vanquished, lying dead at the feet of ISA forces soldiers Sev and Rico. Yet the battle is far from over. Visari's death has wreaked havoc in the Helghast Empire, leaving a legacy of destruction. His last act of violence - a nuclear bomb - has decimated the Special Forces. Sev and Rico must complete their mission alone. They will fight to the death to keep the ruthless Helghast troops at bay. Based on Sony's bestselling game Killzone 3

Kill Zone

Author: William W. Johnstone

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 9780786016891

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 2885

Ex-CIA agent John Barrone, head of an elite strike force, must stop a vicious Cali cocaine king's reign of terror when he forms his own country--spawned from drug money, bribery, and murder--with the help of corrupt U.S. government officials. Original.

The Witch Elm

A Novel

Author: Tana French

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0735224633

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

View: 9960

Named a best book of the fall by Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Elle, PopSugar, The Millions, and Parade A brilliant new work of suspense from "the most important crime novelist to emerge in the past 10 years." (Washington Post) From the writer who "inspires cultic devotion in readers" (The New Yorker) and has been called "incandescent" by Stephen King, "absolutely mesmerizing" by Gillian Flynn, and "unputdownable" (People), comes a gripping new novel that turns a crime story inside out. Toby is a happy-go-lucky charmer who's dodged a scrape at work and is celebrating with friends when the night takes a turn that will change his life - he surprises two burglars who beat him and leave him for dead. Struggling to recover from his injuries, beginning to understand that he might never be the same man again, he takes refuge at his family's ancestral home to care for his dying uncle Hugo. Then a skull is found in the trunk of an elm tree in the garden - and as detectives close in, Toby is forced to face the possibility that his past may not be what he has always believed. A spellbinding standalone from one of the best suspense writers working today, The Witch Elm asks what we become, and what we're capable of, when we no longer know who we are.

The Killing Zone

The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America

Author: Stephen G. Rabe

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190216252

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 8858

The Killing Zone: The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America, Second Edition, is a comprehensive yet concise analysis of U.S. policies in Latin America during the Cold War. Author Stephen G. Rabe, a leading authority in the field, argues that the sense of joy and accomplishment that accompanied the end of the Cold War, the liberation of Eastern Europe, and the collapse of the Soviet Union must be tempered by the realization that Latin Americans paid a ghastly price during the Cold War. Dictatorship, authoritarianism, the methodical abuse of human rights, and campaigns of state terrorism characterized life in Latin America between 1945 and 1989. Countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, and Guatemala endured appalling levels of political violence. The U.S. repeatedly intervened in the internal affairs of Latin American nations in the name of anticommunism, destabilizing constitutional governments and aiding and abetting those who murdered and tortured. Rabe supplements his strong, provocative historical narrative with stories about the fates of ordinary Latin Americans, an extensive chronology, a series of evocative photographs, and an annotated bibliography.

Surviving Inside the Kill Zone

The Essential Tools You Need to Survive Deadly Combat

Author: Ernest Emerson

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781507785966


Page: 116

View: 4320

This is not a book of techniques. This is a book about what you need to know in order to make any technique work when a real bad guy is trying to kill you. Ernest Emerson is an instructor, author and lecturer. He is a Black Belt Hall of Fame member, owner of the Black Shamrock Combat Academy and one of the most sought after tactical instructors in the world. One of his most popular lectures, is titled "Surviving Inside the Kill Zone." He has often been asked the question, "When are you going to put this in a book?" That question is now answered. In the brutal arena of life and death combat, there are things that you can do and things you can't. There are also things you should always do and there are things you should never do. And the right things that you are able to do in combat are the ones that will enable you to survive a deadly attack. Emerson always starts this lecture with the question; "How many first responders are in this room?" There are always several police, firemen, or paramedics in the audience who raise their hands. And then the lecture starts. In this book you will learn the principles, concepts, strategies, and tactics behind the training methods Ernest Emerson has been teaching to members of Special Operations Units, Government Agencies, and Counter-terrorist Units for over two decades. The book breaks down the subject into seven related but distinct chapters that starts with Education, stressing the importance of learning strategies, tactics, weapons, and methodologies of the bad guys. Emerson then follows with a further exploration and recommendation for choosing the right weapons, how to judge a training system, and how to identify what you really need to know and how to learn it. Emerson explains why half of what you know, won't work in combat and only about half of what really works in combat is what you'll actually be able to do. That only leaves about 25% combat effectiveness, when you're up against someone is who trying to take your life. This book gives you the tools that make that 25% and make it more effective and powerful than the other 75% left behind. The book introduces you to the rules of combat, the important role of goals and the right strategic objectives and how to apply them to both training and combat. Emerson provides valuable insight into the predator/prey relationship and how you can use it to work against a predator and effectively take you off their radar as a potential prey. Learn how to identify and break the sequence of events that leads to a surprise attack. Mr. Emerson also teaches the CIA maxim of Detect, Deny, Destroy, and explains how a system that works so well for their officers can be used to work just as well for you. Knowing that the physical battle is only part of any aggressive or violent confrontation, Emerson devotes an entire chapter to the Warrior Mindset and also the importance of the Will in developing the absolute conviction that you will never quit and never, ever give up, using the same techniques as taught to U.S. Navy SEALs. There is also very valuable information on developing the Mental Trigger, material that until now has never been covered in any other civilian source. And you will learn how functional conditioning and strength play a vital role in your ability to fight and prevail against the attacker. Combat strength conditioning is explained in terms that allow you to reevaluate your training regimen and fine tune it for optimum combat performance. It was mentioned that at the beginning of his lecture, "Surviving Inside the Kill Zone" he asks how many first responders are in the room? Emerson asks the same question at the end of the lecture. This time every hand in the room goes up. Read this book and get ready to raise your hand.

The Kill Zone

Day to Day Convoys in Iraq

Author: Gerald L. Hunt

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1434326314

Category: History

Page: 88

View: 5032

Twin brother and sister CJ and PJ Wyndham are outside playing when they witness the fantastic - an alien spaceship crashing to Earth. Before they can react, light flares, the ground shakes, and a strange technology reaches out from the crashed ship to transform the twins into Galactic Guardians. Now CJ and PJ have to leave Earth to attend the Guardian Academy on the distant planet Jaarwahst. Surrounded by strange aliens, fantastic technology, and incredible alien sights, CJ and PJ are drawn into a 5000-year old mystery behind how and why the ship crashed on Earth. Even as they make new friends and learn how to control their amazing Guardian abilities, forces on Jaarwahst are plotting. Was the crash an accident? Or is there a galaxy-wide conspiracy aimed at Earth? CJ and PJ must use science, intellect, and their wits to solve the mystery before

Into the Killing Zone

The Real Story from the Frontline in Afghanistan

Author: Sean Rayment

Publisher: N.A


Category: Afghan War, 2001-

Page: 264

View: 7388

Leading commentator, Sean Rayment, has followed the conflict in Afghanistan from the first moment and tells the story of the rise and fall of the British effort in Afghanistan.The current conflict in Afghanistan is unlike any other war in the world. Since 2006 British soldiers have been living in impossible conditions, under the searing desert sun (on occasions reaching 50°C) and facing continual fire from elusive Taliban forces. With access to many members of the Parachute Regiment, the Royal Marines, and The Royal Anglian Regiment as well as the undercover operations of special forces, Sean Rayment recounts the lives and battles of the British forces at the centre of the most difficult conflict of our times.Included here is the dramatic two-week siege of Sangin in August 2006, in which 120 members of the Parachute regiment stood against an unseen desert force: in the turmoil, under heavy fire, Corporal Bryan Budd of the Paras headed off a Taliban assault and was killed; he won a posthumous VC. During the most dangerous periods solders were forced to sleep standing at their battle positions.Sean Rayment_s dispatches from the campaign, also cover the battles of Musa Quala and Nawzad and form a compelling and gruelling account of what_s really been happening in a war that is often conducted beyond the lenses of the media.He reveals a riveting portrait of courage and endurance amongst the ordinary men and women of the modern British Army.

Killing Floor

Author: Lee Child

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0515153656

Category: Fiction

Page: 536

View: 2125

Ex-MP Jack Reacher goes into action to find his brother's killers after a series of brutal crimes terrorize tiny Margrave, Georgia, only to uncover the dark and deadly conspiracy concealed behind the town's peaceful facade.

An Unquiet Grave

Author: P.J. Parrish

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0786037199

Category: Fiction

Page: 431

View: 6059

The body of a long-dead woman is stolen—leading to a twisted modern-day mystery—in “a quality read that will remind many of Dennis Lehane” (Publishers Weekly, starred review). In a remote corner of the Michigan woods, behind rusted iron gates and crumbling stone walls, lie one of the country’s most notorious sanitariums and its forgotten cemetery. The sprawling ruin is empty now, and the bulldozers have come to raze it. But as they do, a terrifying secret begins to emerge. What happened to the woman who should be buried there? Private investigator Louis Kincaid has traveled all the way from Florida to find out, at the request of his foster father, who shared a secret past with her. It’s a question no one will answer—and it leads Kincaid to the long, dark tunnels below the asylum and crimes of unimaginable depravity . . . Now, in a place where the walls are stained with secrets, the air thick with the lingering history of screams, Kincaid is on his darkest journey yet, matching wits with a monster whose work will not be silenced. From a New York Times–bestselling author, this is a “gripping and atmospheric” novel in the Edgar Award–nominated series by an author “in the front rank of thriller writers” (Publishers Weekly, starred review). “[Kincaid] and P. J. Parrish get better with every book.” —Orlando Sentinel “A really fine writer.” —John Sandford

A Thousand Bones

Author: P. J. Parrish

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416559574

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 7767

A woman cop. A haunting memory.... The only female detective in the Miami PD's Homicide division, Joe Frye has memories that haunt her, and a past that not even her lover, detective Louis Kincaid, truly knows. It began when Joe was an ambitious rookie cop in a small Michigan town called Echo Bay.... The bones found in the woods were the first clue in a string of unimaginably brutal murders of young women. Plunged into a heated investigation -- and caught between the dictates of a reluctant local sheriff and the state police -- Joe soon uncovers the chilling truth: In the dead of winter in the Michigan woods, she must face down a predator who has chosen her as a worthy opponent -- or become his next victim.