Groundwater Resources Modelling

A Case Study from the UK

Author: M. G. Shepley

Publisher: Geological Society of London

ISBN: 9781862393448

Category: Science

Page: 378

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The UK is a country with over 150 years of widespread exploitation of its principal aquifers for public water supply. Increasing demands, greater awareness of environmental pressures and more exacting legislation has heightened the need for quantitative models to predict the impacts of groundwater use. In the UK this has culminated in a unique national, regulator-led programme for England and Wales to develop conceptual and numerical models of the principal bedrock aquifers. The outcomes of this programme will be of interest to the international hydrogeological community, particularly as international legislation such as the European Water Framework Directive requires management of water issues across administrative boundaries with a varied cast of stakeholders. The collection of papers provides a contrast between practitioner- and research-based approaches to assess and predict the anthropogenic impacts and environmental pressures.

King Arthur's Wars

The Anglo-Saxon Conquets of England

Author: Jim Storr

Publisher: Helion and Company

ISBN: 1911096966

Category: History

Page: 302

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The story of an era shrouded in mystery, and the gradual changing of a nation’s cultural identity. We speak English today, because the Anglo-Saxons took over most of post-Roman Britain. How did that happen? There is little evidence: not much archaeology, and even less written history. There is, however, a huge amount of speculation. King Arthur’s Wars brings an entirely new approach to the subject—the answers are out there, in the British countryside, waiting to be found. Months of field work and map study allow us to understand, for the first time, how the Anglo-Saxons conquered England, county by county and decade by decade. King Arthur’s Wars exposes what the landscape and the place names tell us. As a result, we can now know far more about this “Dark Age.” What is so special about Essex? Why is Buckinghamshire an odd shape? Why is the legend of King Arthur so special to us? Why don’t Cumbrian farmers use English numbers when they count sheep? Why don’t we know where Camelot was? Why did the Romano-British stop eating oysters? This book provides a new level of understanding of the centuries preceding the Norman Conquest.

Britain’s Game Fishes

Celebration and Conservation of Salmonids

Author: Mark Everard,Paul Knight

Publisher: Pelagic Publishing

ISBN: 1907807365

Category: Nature

Page: 240

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Game fishes, particularly those of the salmon family, are critical indicators of the health of those ecosystems upon which we now know we are dependent. As the authors of this important environmental book argue, “Our game fishes [then] serve as more than merely an indicator of healthy waters. Instead, they can be regarded as iconic of the ecosystems in which they occur.” Moreover, “the quality requirements of different types of fish population have formed the backbone of a great deal of water management in the UK, Europe and the USA over several decades.” With sections on how and why Britain’s game fishes are under pressure from changes in land use, agriculture, housing needs, etc. – and their concomitant pollution effects – this book assesses how our knowledge of these game fishes reflect the changing values we place on our surrounding wildlife.

The Interactions between Sediments and Water

Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on the Interactions between Sediments and Water, held 5–10 May 2002 in Banff, Alberta, Canada

Author: Brian Kronvang

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 940173366X

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 326

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This book focuses on sediments as a pollutant in natural freshwater and marine habitats, and as a vector for the transfer of chemicals such as nutrients and contaminants. Sediment-water research is carried out all over the world within a variety of disciplines. The selected papers cover three main topics relating to assessment and/or restoration of disturbed watersheds, sediment-water linkages in terrestrial and aquatic environments and evaluation of sediment and ecological changes in marine and freshwater habitats. Innovative research in both developed and less developed countries is included. Both fundamental research, insight into applied research and system management are covered. The volume will also appeal to readers involved in sediment geochemistry and dynamics, aquatic habitats, water quality, aquatic ecology, river morphology, restoration techniques and catchment management.

Rivers Run

An Angler's Journey from Source to Sea

Author: Kevin Parr

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473528127

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

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'Kevin Parr knows how to fish, how to read a river and how to write. A book that flows like a river' Chris Yates, author of Out of the Blue Rivers Run is a love letter to Britain’s rivers and waterways by well-known angler and naturalist Kevin Parr. On a journey around his favourite watery hideaways – such as the River Stour in Dorset, the Exe in Devon, the Avon in the Midlands and Parrs Pool in Shropshire – the author shares the thoughts and insights that bubble up while sitting peacefully by the riverside, watching the world go by and waiting for the fish to bite. Each river that he visits has played a central part in his own development as both an angler and a person, and reflects the ways in which landscape, wildlife and plants mirror the themes that flow through all our lives. Rivers Run is a delightful yet profound philosophical and poetic examination of water, of the fish that live within it, the nature that surrounds it and how human life is intrinsically linked to its flow.

Rivers of Hampshire

Avon Water (Hampshire), Bartley Water, Beaulieu River, Bourne Rivulet, Candover Brook, Cove Brook, Dark Water (River), Lymington

Author: Source Wikipedia


ISBN: 9781230541242


Page: 28

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 27. Chapters: Avon Water (Hampshire), Bartley Water, Beaulieu River, Bourne Rivulet, Candover Brook, Cove Brook, Dark Water (river), Lymington River, Monks Brook, Oakhanger Stream, River Anton, River Arle, River Avon (Hampshire), River Blackwater (River Loddon), River Blackwater (River Test), River Dever, River Dun (River Test), River Ems (Chichester Harbour), River Hamble, River Itchen, Hampshire, River Meon, River Rother, West Sussex, River Wallington, River Wey, River Whitewater, West End Brook. Excerpt: River Loddon - a: lang(ar), a: lang(ckb), a: lang(fa), a: lang(kk-arab), a: lang(mzn), a: lang(ps), a: lang(ur)/* cache key: enwiki: resourceloader: filter: minify-css:7: d11e4771671c2d6cdedf7c90d8131cd5 */ The weir and sluice at Longbridge Mill were refurbished in 2006.Records show that milling was taking place near Sherfield on Loddon in 1274, when the miller was called John. There is also reference to a water mill in 1316, and a document recording holdings passed to the Manor in 1601 listed two water mills, a fulling mill and another mill. By 1819, there were two water wheels at the Longbridge mill, which powered four pairs of grinding wheels. By the end of the Second World War, the mill was producing animal feed, and continued to use water power until 1950. Commercial operation of the mill ceased in 1977, and it was damaged by fire in 1991. Restoration of the damaged building began soon afterwards, and was completed in 1997. Since then the mill has been operated on an occasional basis by the Hampshire Mills Group, and is used to grind flour on open days. The building dates from the seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries, and is a listed building. The mill at Stanfordend, to the north of Stratfield Saye Park, has been disused since the 1930s. Power was generated by the use of three turbines, rather than a water wheel.

Shark People

Author: A. A. Jameson


ISBN: 0956867502

Category: Fiction

Page: 383

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Stanley Blackster had once been a hero to his son Gram, back in the days when he right as usual - he'd let things drift. But now Insidiator was to be screened again, and he would take decisive action. A family expedition to the fabled paradise islands of the Papalinas would surely put things right. The Barracuda had long wanted to visit this place from his past, and he would at last dive on a coral reef with Gram. Certain firmly submerged incidents were becoming restless, but the Blacksters would not be straying from the sun, the sand and the surf. Tsaramaso Atoll would be at a safe range of several hundred sea miles and Stanley would make sure it stayed that way. Of course he would. Even now Tsaramaso was a place undiscovered by the world, a place of mangrove forest and steaming heat, of reptiles and sharks, of teeming reef fishes and sweating black nights, ancestral home of the malevolent Boniface clan and their old, eerie notions of power. The very last place for a family holiday.

The Stonehenge People

An Exploration of Life in Neolithic Britain 4700-2000 BC

Author: Rodney Castleden

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134953518

Category: History

Page: 296

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First published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Palaeolithic of the Hampshire Basin

A Regional Model of Hominid Behaviour During the Middle Pleistocene

Author: Robert Hosfield

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited


Category: Social Science

Page: 218

View: 440

A challenging reply to those who have considered the evidence for Lower and Middle Palaeolithic hominid behaviour as disparate and unworkable. Robert Hosfield takes a new approach to the data involving spatial modelling techniques and GIS-based models in investigating demographic trends and long-term behaviour patterns of Middle Pleistocene hominids in the Hampshire Basin. The study goes beyond the lithic assemblage, site-based studies typical of this period and presents some interesting conclusions on long-term changes and trends.

Celtic Dawn

Author: Gavin Chappell

Publisher: Virtualbookworm Publishing

ISBN: 9781589394797

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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The date is 400 BC. Britain is a patchwork of tribes and kingdoms, united half a century ago by Dumnoualos of Dumnonia, whose armies brought peace to a land torn apart by war. But now the High King is dead, and he leaves two sons, Brenos and Belinos, who are both supported by rival tribal factions. Regardless of their own wishes, one of the brothers is destined to be High King, the other to be banished. And yet his deeds in exile will resound down the centuries, when the savage Celtic tribes burst down from the Alps to sack the nascent city-state of Rome.

Tank Men

Author: Robert Kershaw

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1848946481

Category: History

Page: 480

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'I thought Tank Men was a triumph is a really fine piece of work' - Richard Holmes 'Some of the eye witness accounts Kershaw has collected for this comprehensive review of tank warfare have the power to chill the reader to the bone. This is warfare at the sharp end' --NOTTINGHAM EVENING POST The First World War saw the birth of an extraordinary fighting machine that has fascinated three generations: the tank. In Tank Men, ex-soldier and military historian Robert Kershaw brings to life the grime, the grease and the fury of a tank battle through the voices of ordinary men and women who lived and fought in those fearsome machines. Drawing on vivid, newly researched personal testimony from the crucial battles of the First and Second World Wars, this is military history at its very best.

The Lie of the Land

An under-the-field guide to the British Isles

Author: Ian Vince

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330535889

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 9855

Like most of us, Ian Vince used to think of the British countryside as average, unexciting - as dramatic as a nice cup of tea. Then, over the course of a single car journey, the features of our green and pleasant land reawakened a fascination with geology that he had long forgotten, and he began to delve beneath the surface (metaphorically, that is). From the rocks of north-west Scotland which are amongst the oldest on the planet to St Michael's Mount off the coast of Cornwall, which was still being shaped in human memory, The Lie of the Land takes us on a journey through a fantastically exotic Britain of red desert sands, shattering continental collisions and tides of volcanic lava. Ian Vince shows us how Britain came to look the way it does; and with warmth and wit transports us back through billions of years to a land that time forgot.

The Fisherman

Author: Carol Mattingley

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1780885164

Category: Leukemia

Page: 56

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The Fisherman is a glimpse into a young boy’s love of fishing and a mother’s love for her son when tragedy strikes and he is diagnosed with leukaemia. Carol’s beautiful and painful words consume the reader, but in setting her story within the context of a fishing expedition, we are able to transcend all fear and uncertainty to have hope in the outcome for her son, Matt. The book discusses Matt’s illness and treatment frankly, but the unique device of creating the story within a fishing trip allows for it to take on an allegorical dimension. Through her carefully crafted words, and with the illustrations and photos, Carol reveals the inner strength and vulnerability which she and her family experience as Matt endures his battle.Matt is now a healthy, happy adult who still has a passion for fishing. Over the last 25 years, there has been a dramatic improvement in the treatment and survival of children with leukaemia – and Julia’s House Hospice (Dorset) is crucial in helping families through the worst times. Profits from the sale of this book will be used to support this charity.

This World of Ours

An Introduction to the Study of Geography

Author: Hugh Oakeley Arnold-Forster

Publisher: N.A


Category: Geography

Page: 312

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Author: Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Civil engineering

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