The Grip of It

A Novel

Author: Jac Jemc

Publisher: FSG Originals

ISBN: 0374716072

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 3694

One of Nylon's "50 Books We Can't Wait To Read In 2017" One of Chicago Reader's "Books We Can't Wait To Read In 2017" A chilling literary horror novel about a young couple haunted by their newly purchased home Jac Jemc’s The Grip of It tells the eerie story of a young couple haunted by their new home. Julie and James settle into a house in a small town outside the city where they met. The move—prompted by James’s penchant for gambling, his inability to keep his impulses in check—is quick and seamless; both Julie and James are happy to leave behind their usual haunts and start afresh. But this house, which sits between lake and forest, has plans for the unsuspecting couple. As Julie and James try to settle into their home and their relationship, the house and its surrounding terrain become the locus of increasingly strange happenings. The architecture—claustrophobic, riddled with hidden rooms within rooms—becomes unrecognizable, decaying before their eyes. Stains are animated on the wall—contracting, expanding—and map themselves onto Julie’s body in the form of bruises; mold spores taint the water that James pours from the sink. Together the couple embark on a panicked search for the source of their mutual torment, a journey that mires them in the history of their peculiar neighbors and the mysterious residents who lived in the house before Julie and James. Written in creepy, potent prose, The Grip of It is an enthralling, psychologically intense novel that deals in questions of home: how we make it and how it in turn makes us, inhabiting the bodies and the relationships we cherish.



Author: Sheena Kamal

Publisher: Ullstein Buchverlage

ISBN: 3843716552

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 747

Nora Watts ist die perfekte Jägerin - als ehemaliges Mitglied der Canadian Forces hat sie ein untrügliches Gespür für Lügen. Sie ist die beste Privatdetektivin Kanadas. Doch ihr Leben ist hart, immer wieder verfällt sie dem Alkohol. Sie vertraut niemandem, lebt heimlich in einer Abstellkammer unter dem Detektivbüro in Vancouver und spricht nur mit ihrer Hündin Whisper. Bis ein Paar sie um ihre Hilfe bittet. Ihre Tochter Bonnie ist verschwunden. Nora stellt entsetzt fest, dass es sich um ihre eigene, vor fünfzehn Jahren zur Adoption freigegebene Tochter handelt. Nur wenn sie sich jetzt zum ersten Mal wieder den Menschen öffnet, kann sie sie retten. Aber Bonnies Entführer sind auch hinter ihr her, und bald wird die Jägerin zur Gejagten ... »Extrem spannend, mit ganz eigener Stimme, psychologischer Tiefe und herzzerreißend lebensnahen Figuren. Untiefen bleibt im Gedächtnis, noch lange nachdem man die letzte Seite gelesen hat. Vielleicht für immer.« Jeffery Deaver »Eine mutige, unbeirrbare Heldin und eine mutige, unbeirrbare Schreibweise ergänzen sich zu einem außergewöhnlichen Debüt – höchst empfehlenswert.« Lee Child

In The Grip Of It

Author: Sheena Kamal

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062879324

Category: Fiction

Page: 96

View: 8294

On a surveillance assignment for a child custody case, PI-in-training Nora Watts finds herself ensconced in a small farming community on a beautiful hippie island in the Pacific Northwest, a place with a reputation for being welcoming to outsiders. But when she arrives there, she discovers her welcome quickly wears thin. Perhaps too quickly. Salt Spring Island, with a history as a refuge for African Americans fleeing the bonds of slavery, is not a place of refuge for her—and, she suspects, may not be for the people who live there, either. As she investigates, nothing about this remote community seems to add up. It gets personal as Nora confronts her own complicated feelings toward her estranged daughter and becomes increasingly concerned about the child she’s been tasked to surveil. She discovers that small, idyllic communities can hide very big secrets. Included with this short story is a sneak peek at the next Nora Watts novel from Sheena Kamal, It All Falls Down

The Grip of Fear

Author: Solur Zeng

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1481700146

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

View: 9124

In an impoverished city where everyman lives for himself, Luke, an inventor, strives to improve the city through his numerous creations. One day, he stumbles upon powers of extreme danger, the roots of evil in the city that hold it back. As Luke and his friend Zack confront these dangers, he learns that if he is to save his city, he must not only confront himself, but also do the impossible and defeat fear itself...

The Grip of It

A Novel

Author: Jac Jemc

Publisher: FSG Originals

ISBN: 0374536910

Category: FICTION

Page: 288

View: 2615

"A chilling literary horror novel about a young couple who purchase and live in a haunted house"--

In the Grip of Desire

A Therapist at Work with Sexual Secrets

Author: Gale Holtz Golden

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1135852480

Category: Psychology

Page: 262

View: 8871

First Published in 2009. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

In the Grip of Grace -

Your Father Always Caught You. He Still Does.

Author: Max Lucado

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418515906

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 1732

Get caught! Life is full of fumbles and stumbles. Fraught with opportunities to make mistakes, occasions to feel guilty, and the drive to “do it yourself.” The pressure to be self-sufficient is high, but it isn’t the life God offers. The way of the world will direct you to try harder and work smarter so that you can take care of yourself and even make yourself successful. But the way of the cross will point toward the place where you stop striving . . . stop pushing . . . stop every self-initiated effort—so that you can fall into the boundless, liberating, refreshing grace of God! Just imagine being love-driven instead of self-propelled. Imagine abandoning your life to Jesus instead of trying to save yourself. Can you imagine exchanging your fears for that peace that passes understanding? Being relaxed and free instead of stressed-out and anxious? If you can imagine enjoying God instead of trying to repay him, then you can imagine grace. So go ahead! Jump off the cliff of self-sufficiency. Leap out of legalism. Walk off the pier of guilt and condemnation. That’s the only way you’ll land in the strong arms of the Father who loves you . . . the Father who catches you—every time—in the grip of his grace.

In the Grip of the Past

Essay on an Aspect of Greek Thought

Author: B. A. van Groningen

Publisher: Brill Archive



Page: 126

View: 1756


In the Grip of Transition

Economic and Social Consequences of Restructuring in Russia and Ukraine

Author: T. Bruk,Hartmut Lehmann

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230363598

Category: Political Science

Page: 238

View: 1957

This book provides a detailed picture of the equity and efficiency of economic restructuring, focusing on the two most important successor states to the Soviet Union. Analysis is based on a careful examination of micro level data, documenting the experiences of workers, households and firms.



Author: Helene Tursten

Publisher: btb Verlag

ISBN: 3641157129

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 6631

Die neue Serie der schwedischen Bestsellerautorin! In einem abgeschiedenen Wald in der Nähe von Göteborg versammelt sich alljährlich im Spätsommer eine Gruppe von Freunden zur Elchjagd. Darunter die 28-jährige Polizistin Embla Nyström, die durch ihren Onkel Nisse zur Jagd gekommen ist. Am Vorabend der Jagd lernt Embla Peter, den charismatischen Neuling der Gruppe, kennen und verliebt sich sofort in ihn. Doch dem Hochgefühl folgt die Angst, denn in den Wäldern ereignen sich seltsame Dinge. Als ein Teilnehmer tot aufgefunden wird und ein anderer spurlos verschwindet, ist Emblas Ehrgeiz geweckt. Mit Hilfe der überregionalen Einheit der Kriminalpolizei, der sie angehört, beginnt sie zu ermitteln. Wer spielt falsch? Wem kann sie noch trauen?

Beyond the Grip of Craniosynostosis

An Inside View of Life Touched by the Congenital Skull Deformity

Author: Kase D. Johnstun

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786475692

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 244

View: 8841

Both a memoir and a medical study, this unique work explores the extensive and tragic reach of craniosynostosis, the premature fusing of the cranial sutures in infants. The author--born with craniosynostosis in 1975--documents his and his family's struggles, weaving his story into a broader view of this birth defect. Included are interviews with respected craniofacial surgeons, neurosurgeons and pediatric anesthesiologists, an explanation of the major types of craniosynostosis, and a summary of the modern medical history of cranial sutures, as well as ancient treatments dating to the time of Hippocrates. The experiences of 11 American families affected by craniosynostosis are chronicled, demonstrating the uniqueness of each case and each treatment. Their stories illustrate the surgical techniques now being used to release cranial sutures, allowing the brain to grow naturally--though not every story ends this way.

The Grip of Gravity

The Quest to Understand the Laws of Motion and Gravitation

Author: Prabhakar Gondhalekar

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521018678

Category: Nature

Page: 372

View: 6247

Gravity is the most enigmatic of all known forces of nature. It controls everything, from ocean tides to the expansion of the Universe. The search for the laws of motion and gravitation started over two thousand years ago. The reader is taken on an exciting journey through the subsequent centuries, identifying the blind alleys, the profound insights and flashes of inspiration that have punctuated this search. Despite the fantastic progress that has been made, the true nature of gravity is still a mystery and this book attempts to show how the current developments in string theory(s) (perhaps the 'Theory of Everything') may lead to a new and radical interpretation of gravity. This book describes the fundamental concepts, developments and experiments, both performed and planned, to increase our understanding of gravity and the natural phenomena in which gravity is the principal player.

In The Grip Of Winter

Author: Colin Dann

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446480763

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 176

View: 1305

In the depths of winter, with snow thick on the ground, Badger lies alone and injured. No one knows where he is, and the icy cold is tightening its grip every second. What will happen to Badger? And can the other animals of Farthing Wood survive the harsh cold and piercing hunger that winter has brought?

In the Grip of Light

The Dark and Bright Journey of Christian Contemplation

Author: Paul Murray,Paul Murray OP

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441145508

Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 7248

Increasingly the contemplative tradition in Christianity is being seen as essential to our understanding of Christianity itself. Here is the book to explain all.

Einer von uns


Author: Daniel Magariel

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 3406711847

Category: Fiction

Page: 172

View: 6779

Ein fesselnder, erschütternder Roman über zwei junge Brüder und ihren zugleich liebevollen und übergriffigen Vater – Daniel Magariels Buch ist das verblüffende Debüt eines neuen, großen Talents. Die drei – ein zwölfjähriger Junge, sein älterer Bruder und ihr Vater – haben den „Krieg“ gewonnen: So nennt der Vater seine bittere Scheidung und den Kampf ums Sorgerecht. Sie verlassen Kansas und fahren nach Albuquerque, um noch einmal neu zu beginnen. Die Jungen gehen zur Schule, spielen Basketball, finden Freunde. Ihr Vater arbeitet von Zuhause aus. Bald aber wachsen sich kleine Fehltritte des Vaters zu einer finsteren Irritation aus, müssen die Jungen erkennen, dass sich ihr Vater verändert, unberechenbar wird, mitunter brutal. Vor der kargerhabenen Kulisse der Landschaft New Mexicos erzählt Magariel mit bestechender Klarheit, wie die Jungen verzweifelt versuchen, die Familie zusammenzuhalten, sich gegenseitig schützen und helfen, und schließlich ums eigene Überleben kämpfen. „Einer von uns“ ist eine kurze Geschichte mit gewaltiger emotionaler Wucht.

In the Grip of Disease

Studies in the Greek Imagination

Author: G. E. R. Lloyd

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191589287

Category: History

Page: 280

View: 8475

This original and lively book explores Greek ideas about health and disease and their influence on Greek thought. Fundamental issues such as causation and responsibility, purification and pollution, mind-body relations and gender differences, authority and the expert and who can challenge them, reality and appearances, good government, happiness, and good and evil themselves are deeply implicated. Using the evidence not just from Greek medical theory and practice but also from epic, lyric, tragedy, historiography, philosophy, and religion, G. E. R. Lloyd offers the first comprehensive account of the influence of Greek thought about health and disease on the Greek imagination.

In the Grip of Freedom

Law and Modernity in Max Weber

Author: Cary Boucock

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802083425

Category: Political Science

Page: 230

View: 2830

Examining the relationship between Weber's Sociology of Law and his interpretation of the structure and meaning of modern society, Boucock looks at Weber's thought in the context of developments in Canada since 1982.

Die Gesichter


Author: Tom Rachman

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423434961

Category: Fiction

Page: 412

View: 1643

Ein gefeierter Künstler, ein liebender Sohn, eine Suche nach dem eigenen Leuchten Mit einer einzigen beiläufigen Bemerkung wischt Bear Bavinsky (gefeierter Maler, zahlreiche Ex-Frauen, siebzehn Kinder) jede Hoffnung seines Lieblingssohnes Pinch beiseite, auch nur halb so viel Talent zu haben wie er. Desillusioniert zieht es Pinch raus in die Welt, in Kanada versucht er sich an einer Biografie über Bear, als Italienischlehrer in London hat er es fast geschafft zu vergessen, dass auch er einmal Großes vorhatte. Seine wahre Begabung findet er schließlich doch noch, und er schmiedet einen schier unmöglichen Plan, nicht nur sein eigenes Leuchten zu entfalten, sondern auch das Andenken seines Vaters zu retten. Kann man gleichzeitig ein gefeierter Künstler und ein liebender Vater sein? Muss ein Sohn seinen Eltern verzeihen, nur weil sie bedeutend sind? Tom Rachman hat einen elektrisierenden und immer wieder auch nachdenklich stimmenden Roman geschrieben über das Streben nach Anerkennung – im Leben und in der Kunst.

Der Hauch des Drachen


Author: Peter Straub

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783453873513


Page: 847

View: 3916


Licht und Zorn


Author: Lauren Groff

Publisher: Hanser Berlin

ISBN: 3446254285

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 2811

Lottos Charme bezwingt jeden, Mathildes Schönheit wirft ein Schimmern an jede Wand. Sie lieben und begehren einander, sie heiraten, ziehen nach New York. Ihre Partys sind legendär, und irgendwann feiert Lotto Triumphe als Dramatiker. Ist das glückliche Fügung, oder lenkt hier jemand mit kühlem Verstand die Geschicke? Ahnt Lotto, welchen Zorn Mathilde hinter ihrem Lächeln verbirgt? In einer vor Energie pulsierenden Sprache entwirft Lauren Groff das Bild einer Ehe, hinter deren Glanz sich schleichend etwas Dunkleres offenbart. Denn die Geschichte von Lotto und Mathilde kann auch ganz anders erzählt werden.