The Graduate Jobs Formula

Improve Your Employability and Land Your Dream Career

Author: Paul Redmond

Publisher: Trotman Education

ISBN: 9781844552115

Category: College graduates

Page: 240

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Want to maximise your employability? Are you worried about your job prospects after graduation? Did you know there are 80 graduates fighting for every graduate job? The Graduate Jobs Formula is the new bible for students and graduates who want to know how to get their dream job after graduation. For many students the process of applying for a job after university can be a frightening prospect - and there are 80 applicants for every job! In today's job climate competition is tough and many companies are cutting back on graduate recruitment schemes, so to maximise your chances of getting the job, and career, you want, the Graduate Jobs Formula reveals how. This handbook is full of hard facts on maximising your employability, statistics, case studies of real graduates in employment and advice from its author, Paul Redmond, one of the UK's leading graduate destination experts. If you follow his tried and tested job formula you will ensure that no matter what your degree is you can be confident that you too will find a great job once you graduate. Graduate Jobs looks at the obstacles that might get in your way and the ways in which you can make yourself more employable - with this information you are equipped to start applying for jobs confidently and, more importantly, land that career that you really want.

The Graduate Career Guidebook

Advice for Students and Graduates on Careers Options, Jobs, Volunteering, Applications, Interviews and Self-employment

Author: Steve Rook

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 0230391745

Category: Education

Page: 256

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At last, a practical, positive approach to finding the perfect job – ideal for any student or graduate. In The Graduate Career Guidebook, Steve Rook explains how to find your dream role, regardless of whether you have a career in mind or no idea what you want to do after university. His inspiring approach divides the career journey into manageable steps and helps you navigate each stage, from deciding what you want, to gaining work experience, networking effectively, conducting a job hunt, writing a knock out CV, impressing at interview and getting the job. The text will guide you through the career planning process so you can find a successful and fulfilling future. It includes: • Guidance-based exercises to help you reflect on your personal strengths and find opportunities that are a great match • Useful and inspirational case studies from students, graduates and employers • Sections on entrepreneurship and starting your own business Like your own personal career coach, Steve will motivate you to think broadly and creatively about your opportunities and his expert advice will help you make your dream a reality.

Dividuell aktiviert

Wie Arbeitsmarktpolitik Subjektivitäten produziert

Author: Dennis Eversberg

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593500590

Category: Social Science

Page: 686

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Die Hartz-Reformen rückten das Paradigma der aktivierenden Arbeitspolitik in den Fokus: Durch Eigeninitiative sollen aus »passiven« Arbeitslosen »aktive« Arbeitssuchende werden. Dennis Eversberg entwickelt eine soziologische Konzeption dieses Arbeitsmarkts, der »aktivierte« Subjekte erzeugen soll. Er entschlüsselt damit an einer empirischen Fallstudie die gesellschaftliche Dynamik der »Dividualisierung«: Arbeitskraft bezieht sich nicht mehr auf das Individuum. Stattdessen sind »Dividuen« gefragt, die ihre Kompetenzen permanent messen, vergleichen und optimieren, um den Marktanforderungen gerecht zu werden.

Personal and Professional Development for Business Students

Author: Paul Dowson

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473918200

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 392

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Available as an E-Inspection Copy! Go here to order 'This book clearly approaches the "21st century skills-issue" ... Hands-on, reflective, thorough: a definite must-have for students, professionals and HE institutions.' - Nieke Campagne, Careers/Policy Advisor, Leiden University, The Netherlands Whether you are about to embark on your business degree programme, are already a business student or are a business graduate, this book helps you to develop yourself and your career in ways which will benefit you, your current and future employers and society. Focused on developing study and personal skills to enhance your employability, it provides insights and practical guidance on: Developing a skill set and competencies that will be valued by employers, including team-working, critical thinking, networking, managing emotion and managing technological change Self-profiling through career and life planning, and self-presentation through career communication, volunteering and internships Becoming a global business practitioner, able to anticipate economic and cultural change, understand a diversity of world¬views and the idea of ‘global responsibility’ Becoming a responsible and ethical business practitioner, embodying virtues and values which are increasingly sought after by employers in line with consumer expectations. 'The first thing I really love about Paul Dowson’s hugely comprehensive book is its clarity; he takes complex themes and turns them into accessible learning outcomes. The other thing to love is its humanity – it is insightful and borne of a deep concern about how students transition from higher education to working life and citizenship.' - Jane Artess, Director of Research, Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU), UK

Graduate Employability in Context

Theory, Research and Debate

Author: Michael Tomlinson,Leonard Holmes

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137571683

Category: Education

Page: 377

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This book explores the highly significant and contested area of graduate employability and employment which is paid so much attention by those in the media and policy-makers. This is driven largely by concerns over the wider economic impact and value of graduates as increasing numbers complete their studies in higher education. At a time when graduates are seen as key to economic success, the critical question remains as to how their employability plays out in a changing labour market. This book brings together innovative approaches and research to present an extensive survey of the field. It provides insight on what is a complex and often elusive social and economic problem, ranging from how graduate employability is constructed as an economic and policy agenda to explorations of how graduates manage the transition from higher education to paid employment and finally to suggest future directions for curricula, policy and research.

The Nonprofit Career Guide

How to Land a Job that Makes a Difference

Author: Shelly Cryer

Publisher: N.A


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 284

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This hands-on guide is filled with practical advice from real people working at all levels of diverse nonprofits. In detailed profiles, you'll find out what their work is like, the career paths they followed, and what they look for when hiring new staff.

The Dirty Little Secrets of Getting Your Dream Job

Author: Don Raskin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1942872771

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

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Drawing on his extensive experience evaluating applicants for his marketing agency, and featuring stories based on real-life situations, sample cover letters, resumes, and straightforward advice, Don Raskin’s The Dirty Little Secrets of Getting Your Dream Job offers all the necessary tools for navigating the tough job market and securing your dream job. Don Raskin owns and operates MME, an advertising and marketing agency in New York City. During his twenty-five years at the agency he has interviewed hundreds of new college graduates for positions within his agency and has placed a strong emphasis on entry-level recruitment for positions in creative, account management, traffic, and production. Raskin has also mentored countless students and their parents on best practices for the job search. Over the years, Raskin has kept exceptionally detailed notes on the interviews he has conducted, observing the good, the bad, the ridiculous, the irreverent. He also has a treasure trove of over-the-top cover letters, resumes, interviews, and post interview follow-ups he has conducted and received. Now, he wants to share all the wisdom and insider secrets he has gathered to help students and first-time job seekers find a job in this economy. Based on his remarkable expertise, Raskin's book provides exclusive insight into the job search process and lets readers in on all of the dirty little secrets to landing their first job—or a new one—and finding career success.

Joyce Lain Kennedy's career book

Author: Joyce Lain Kennedy,Darryl Laramore

Publisher: VGM Career Books

ISBN: 9780844281476

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 451

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Life after college

what to expect and how to succeed in your career

Author: Andy Masters

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780975461006

Category: College graduates

Page: 157

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Mach, was Du willst

Design Thinking fürs Leben

Author: Bill Burnett,Dave Evans

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 3843713634

Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

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Design Thinking hilft, kreative Lösungen für komplexe Probleme zu finden. Die Autoren übertragen dieses Prinzip auf das Leben und die Berufswahl. Denke wie ein Designer: Stelle Fragen, suche Verbündete, mache Fehler, baue Prototypen, denke interdisziplinär – und werde zum Designer deines eigenen Lebens! Diese Ideen präsentieren die beiden Professoren seit sieben Jahren an der Stanford University,was zu chronisch überbuchten Kursen führt.


Das ist Management

Author: Jack Welch,Suzy Welch

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593423359

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

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Mit diesem Buch erhalten Sie das E-Book inklusive! Jack Welch ist die größte lebende Managementlegende. General Electric wurde unter seiner Führung eines der erfolgreichsten Unternehmen der Welt. In »Winning« gibt er sein fundiertes Wissen weiter – handfeste, erprobte und garantiert wirksame Methoden – die ihn bis heute weltweit einflussreich machen. Welch verrät, was zu tun ist, um als Manager außergewöhnlich erfolgreich zu werden. »Sie werden nie wieder ein anderes Managementbuch benötigen!« Warren Buffett


The Proven Career Acceleration Formula to Reach the Top Without Working Harder Or Playing Office Politics

Author: Bozi Dar

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781530826162


Page: 244

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PROMOTED: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula To Reach The Top Without Working Harder Or Playing Office Politics Would you like to make $10,000 more next year? How about $20,000... $30,000? Do you want to be mentored by VP''s, CEO''s and former CEO''s? Do you want to have hiring managers and top recruiters fighting over you? Can you afford 10 minutes a day to get promoted in 12 months? Do you want these results without having to be a sleazy networker or play office politics? Have you ever wondered why, despite doing what you consider to be the "right things" in your career, you''re not achieving the results you know you deserve? In his highly-anticipated book, PROMOTED: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula To Reach The Top Without Working Harder Or Playing Office Politics, you''ll learn Bozi''s unconventional strategy to get you the career results you have always desired. His unique Career Acceleration Formula is the only strategy out there today that''s helped unemployed graduates get their dream job and helped grizzled corporate veterans reignite their career. Advancing your career is SIMPLE if you have a proven strategy, a formula you can use over and over again. Inside PROMOTED, Bozi shares the exact, step-by-step strategy that he used to achieve his amazing results, and that he teaches to top executives around the globe. As your trusted mentor, Bozi spotlights what you''ve been doing wrong, and he''ll shatter some of your most cherished beliefs about your career. Then get ready for the magic. Along your career acceleration journey, you''ll learn: Why entering the 10% club and leaving the 90% crowd behind is the only way to be immune from changing market conditions. How a conventional approach will get conventional results, but an unconventional strategy will yield unconventional results. The traits companies are looking for in their top employees. The 6-step strategy to promotion, a system that''s helped thousands of students obtain the career success they''ve always desired (using the Career Acceleration Formula, which is Mindset x Value x Leverage). How adapting a Career Fast Track Mindset will give you an unfair advantage over everyone else, increase the value you bring to your organization, and increase your career acceleration leverage. The importance of having an influential person as your mentor. Specific case studies from Bozi''s students who have implemented his strategies, only to achieve their own meteoric results. PROMOTED is for you if: You are an ambitious professional working for a medium or large-sized organization and you are failing to progress in your career at the pace you want. You want to advance your career and are tired of being left behind. You are tired of having your career stall, of seeing others in your organization pass you by You want to rapidly advance your career, kick-start your success, and are willing to put in a little bit of work to make it happen. You are ready and willing to take action and implement what you learn. By following traditional career advice, you''re missing out on 70% of available jobs out there, and competing with 90% of job candidates for the left over 30% of the jobs. Make the decision to take action right now, change your situation, not procrastinate anymore about your career, hoping that you''ll finally land that promotion you''ve been working towards for years. Instead you can identify your perfect job role, and take massive action obtain it within 6-12 months. PROMOTED will help get you there. Bozi''s career acceleration formula is used by thousands of achievers from 20+ countries, working for companies like Google, Cisco, JP Morgan & Ford.

Keys to Career Success

Author: Carol Carter,Carol Ozee,Beth Bollinger

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780138342777

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 274

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Die Traumjoblüge

Warum Leidenschaft die Karriere killt

Author: Cal Newport

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593420783

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 245

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"Folge deiner Leidenschaft, dann erntest du das große Geld", das klingt nach einem tollen Rat. Aber für die meisten führt es nur zu beruflichen Fehlstarts und ständigem Job-Hopping. Denn Leidenschaft allein reicht nicht, um in einem Job glücklich zu werden. Cal Newport zeigt anhand zahlreicher Fallbeispiele und mit vielen praktischen Hinweisen den verblüffend einfachen Ausweg: Wer Zeit und Mühe darauf verwendet, in dem, was er tut, immer besser zu werden, der wird mit zunehmender Meisterschaft immer mehr Gefallen an seiner Tätigkeit finden. Das ist der beste Baustein für Zufriedenheit im Job und eine große Karriere.

A Car, Some Cash and a Place to Crash

The Only Post-College Survival Guide You'll Ever Need

Author: Rebecca Knight

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 9781579546267

Category: Self-Help

Page: 368

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Provides young adults advice on living in the real world, covering such topics as job hunting, finding an apartment, living with a roommate, buying a car, and using credit wisely.

Durchstarten zum Traumjob - Das Workbook

Author: Richard Nelson Bolles

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593391112

Category: Law

Page: 92

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Wer auf der Suche nach seinem Traumjob ist, sollte ganz genau wissen, welche Talente und Fähigkeiten er hat – denn nur dann lässt sich herausfinden, welcher Job wirklich zu einem passt. Das Workbook kann begleitend zu dem Bestseller »Durchstarten zum Traumjob« von Richard Nelson Bolles durchgearbeitet werden, es lässt sich aber auch unabhängig davon als eigenständiges Übungs- und Arbeitsbuch benutzen. Jetzt komplett überarbeitet und in neuer Übersetzung.

Working Woman

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Women

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