The Ecosocial Transition of Societies

The contribution of social work and social policy

Author: Aila-Leena Matthies,Kati Närhi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317034597

Category: Social Science

Page: 348

View: 9564

This groundbreaking book both explains and expands the growing debate on ecological (environmental) social work at the global level. In order to achieve this, the book strengthens the environmental paradigm in social work and social policy by undertaking further research on theoretical and conceptual clarification as well as distinct reflections on its practical directions. Divided into five parts: concepts; the impact of environmental crises; sustainable communities and lifestyles; food politics; and the profession in transition, this work’s main objective is to place ecological social work as a part of the more comprehensive and interdisciplinary eco-social transition of societies towards sustainability, balancing economic and social development with the limited resources of the natural environment. By focussing on these five core concepts, it shows how social work and social policy contribute to this transition through having a research-based approach and orientation on solutions rather than problem analysis. The book will be of interest to scholars from a broad range of disciplines, including those in social work and social policy, sustainability, economics, agriculture and environmental studies.

Ecological Social Work

Towards Sustainability

Author: Jennifer McKinnon,Margaret Alston

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1137401370

Category: Science

Page: 248

View: 5175

The world is on the brink of ecological crisis. In the last decade we have seen a number of catastrophic events that illustrate this, including the 2004 tsunami across the Pacific, which killed over 150,000 people, and Hurricane Katrina in the United States, which left thousands dead and millions displaced. As the frequency and scale of environmental disasters has increased, social workers have found themselves on the front line of crisis interventions, working to ensure that the basic needs of communities are met. This evocative, highly thought-provoking book encourages social workers to incorporate an awareness of the physical environment into their work with individuals, groups and communities. Written by an international group of experts and led by two of the top names in the field, it offers an examination of key theoretical concepts combined with specific guidance on developing an ecological social work practice in a variety of situations – from daily life in urban communities to post-disaster sites – from areas across the globe. A fresh new perspective on a topic that gains greater significance day by day, Ecological Social Work calls for practitioners to use their skills in speaking on behalf of the vulnerable to lend their voice to the physical environment: to bring forward the stories of those marginalised by environmental disaster in order to lead creative solutions to this most fundamental of crises.

Social Work and Disasters

A Handbook for Practice

Author: Margaret Alston,Tricia Hazeleger,Desley Hargreaves

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351612131

Category: Social Science

Page: 254

View: 7605

Disasters are increasing in frequency and intensity across the world, causing significant destruction to individuals and communities. Yet many social workers are ill-prepared for the demands of this field of practice. This book discusses the role of social workers in disaster work, including in disaster-preparedness, during the disaster and in post-disaster practice. It addresses the complexities of social work disaster practice, noting the need for social workers to understand the language of trauma and to respond effectively. The authors discuss disaster theory and practice, drawing out elements of practice at macro-, meso- and micro-levels and at various stages of the disaster. They examine the factors that shape vulnerability in disasters and draw out the possibility of post-traumatic growth. The final section discusses strategies for self-care in disaster practice, noting the organisational and personal strategies that can be adopted to facilitate the wellbeing of workers in the field. With real-life case studies from top scholars in the field, this book is essential reading for social work practitioners working in the field of disaster practice, as well as social work students and academics. It will also be useful to other health professionals who wish to understand this field of practice.

Social Work

Innovations and Insights

Author: Manohar Pawar,Wendy Bowles,Karen Bell

Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing

ISBN: 1925801284

Category: Social Science

Page: N.A

View: 2298

Social Work Innovations and Insights critically reflects on social work education, research and practice. Experienced educators and practitioners offer fresh insights into the conceptualisation of social work, exploring virtues in social work, culturally responsive practice, post-conventional and eco-social paradigms. Creative approaches to pedagogy, curriculum development and delivery in social work education are also presented, in the context of field education, human rights, international mobility and wellbeing. In addition, examples of innovative, applied social work practice are explored including mental health, ageing, multicultural practice, wellbeing at work and the role of hope in crises and service provision.

Pape Satàn

Chroniken einer flüssigen Gesellschaft oder Die Kunst, die Welt zu verstehen

Author: Umberto Eco

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446255990

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 2661

Menschen, die ihre Handys verschlingen, Bücher, die die Existenz Napoleons bestreiten und Seeräuber, die vorbildliche Kapitalisten abgeben – so absurd die Phänomene der modernen Gesellschaft erscheinen mögen, sie werfen dringliche Fragen auf: Blüht auf dem Boden einer überkorrekten Politik ein neuer Rassismus? Kann man sich im digitalen Dschungel durchschlagen, ohne völlig den Kopf zu verlieren? Ecos Antworten lassen das Röntgenbild einer modernen Gesellschaft entstehen, sie sind ein letztes Geschenk an seine Leser – scharfsinnig, witzig und immer erhellend. „Pape Satàn“ ist ein Buch, das belebend wirkt wie ein gutes Gespräch, und es ist eine Liebeserklärung an das Lesen.

Handbuch Nachhaltige Entwicklung

Wie ist nachhaltiges Wirtschaften machbar?

Author: Gudrun Linne,Michael Schwarz

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3663102726

Category: Science

Page: 620

View: 8040

Die Ziele einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung sind nicht mehr ernsthaft umstritten. Von einer praktischen Umsetzung ist man aber noch weit entfernt. ExpertInnen aus unterschiedlichen Disziplinen und Praxisfeldern diskutieren, wie nachhaltiges Wirtschaften und Arbeiten realisiert werden kann.

The Eco-social Approach in Social Work

Author: Aila-Leena Matthies,Kati Närhi,Dave Ward

Publisher: Sophi


Category: Social Science

Page: 153

View: 9045

This book examines what the connection between social and environmental issues means for social work practices.


Die radikale Alternative zur ökologischen und kapitalistischen Katastrophe

Author: Michael Löwy

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783944233635


Page: 192

View: 6391


Society and Change

Quarterly Journal of the Association for the Study of Society and Social Change

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Socialism and society

Page: N.A

View: 1723


Praktische Sozialarbeit

Das 'Life Model' der sozialen Arbeit, Fortschritte in Theorie und Praxis

Author: Carel B. Germain,Alex Gittermann

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110511223

Category: Education

Page: 744

View: 939


Earth-honoring Faith

Religious Ethics in a New Key

Author: Larry L. Rasmussen

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199986843

Category: Philosophy

Page: 480

View: 3183

Grand Winner of the 2014 Nautilus Book Awards Thoughtful observers agree that the planetary crisis we now face-climate change; species extinction; the destruction of entire ecosystems; the urgent need for a more just economic-political order-is pushing human civilization to a radical turning point: change or perish. But precisely how to change remains an open question. In Earth-honoring Faith, Larry Rasmussen answers that question with a dramatically new way of thinking about human society, ethics, and the ongoing health of our planet. Rejecting the modern assumption that morality applies to human society alone, Rasmussen insists that we must derive a spiritual and ecological ethic that accounts for the well-being of all creation, as well as the primal elements upon which it depends: earth, air, fire, water, and sunlight. He argues that good science, necessary as it is, will not be enough to inspire fundamental change. We must draw on religious resources as well to make the difficult transition from an industrial-technological age obsessed with consumption to an ecological age that restores wise stewardship of all life. Earth-honoring Faith advocates an alliance of spirituality and ecology, in which the material requirements for planetary life are reconciled with deep traditions of spirituality across religions, traditions that include mysticism, sacramentalism, prophetic practices, asceticism, and the cultivation of wisdom. It is these shared spiritual practices that can produce a chorus of world faiths to counter the consumerism, utilitarianism, alienation, oppression, and folly that have pushed us to the brink. Written with passionate commitment and deep insight, Earth-honoring Faith reminds us that we must live in the present with the knowledge that the eyes of future generations will look back at us.

Value and Economy of Marine Resources

Author: André Monaco,Patrick Prouzet

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111900781X

Category: Science

Page: 316

View: 4584

Marine resources and their exploitation, recovery and economic networks they generate are here from the perspective now inevitable growing environmental constraints, policy management and technical innovation. The recent development of marine biotechnology , the discovery of a great pharmacopoeia especially in reef environments , the development of marine renewables , are examples which show that man can develop through these new technologies property and services of the ocean. But this development resources under pressure of global change requires not only taking into account technical, but also social and political. This is the price that the analysis of maritime activities will assess the sustainability and development of various economic sectors and coastal populations, faced with the objectives of a "blue growth" associated with a return to the "good state" of the marine environment.

Fair Future

begrenzte Ressourcen und globale Gerechtigkeit : ein Report

Author: N.A

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 9783406527883

Category: Anti-globalization movement

Page: 278

View: 1766

Ölkrise, Wasserkonflikte, schwindende Ernährungssicherheit - die Botschaften von knappen Ressourcen häufen sich. Und dies in einer Welt mit wachsender Bevölkerung, zahllosen Armen und stolzen Nationen, die auch ihren Platz an der Sonne fordern. Ihr Recht auf Entwicklung kann man im Zeitalter der Globalisierung nicht bestreiten - und dennoch ist bereits jetzt die Biosphäre überfordert. Die Inder wollen Straßen und die Chinesen mehr Öl: Der Kampf um die knappe Natur wird die Krisen des 21. Jahrhunderts mitbestimmen. Ressourcenkonflikte, große und kleine, sind oft der unsichtbare Faktor hinter Chaos und Gewalt. Wo jedoch der Kuchen immer kleiner, der Hunger immer größer und die Gäste immer zahlreicher werden, da ist es höchste Zeit, nach Wegen einer gerechteren Verteilung von Ressourcen zu suchen. Dieses Buch, verfaßt von Fachleuten des international renommierten Wuppertal Instituts, liefert eine Analyse der Konfliktlagen. Es entwirft überdies Perspektiven einer Politik der Ressourcengerechtigkeit und umreißt die Konturen einer globalen Umwelt- und Wirtschaftspolitik, die gleichermaßen der Natur wie den Menschen verpflichtet ist. Ein wichtiges Informationswerk und ein Kompass für alle, die nach Wegen zu einer zukunftsfähigen Weltgesellschaft suchen.

Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics: E-I

Author: Chadwick

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780122270673

Category: Applied ethics

Page: 740

View: 7470

Applied ethics, a subdiscipline of philosophy, lends itself to an encyclopedia format because of the many industries and intellectual fields that it encompasses. The Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics is based on twelve major categories, such as Biomedical Ethics and Environmental Ethics. Religious traditions that embody normative beliefs, as well as classical theories of ethics, are explored in a non-judgmental manner. Each of the twelve categories is divided into discrete areas that are covered by 5,000-6,000 word articles. Each of the 281 articles begins with a definition of the subject and includes a table of contents, glossary of key terms, and bibliography. Second- and third- level headings, boxes, sidebars, and the like emphasize the reference-oriented nature of the material. The four volumes are arranged in an A-Z format, with a complete subject index at the end of the last volume. Articles are written by international experts, arranged alphabetically by title, not by subject, and cross-referenced so the reader can locate relevant information in other articles.

Energie und soziale Ungleichheit

Zur gesellschaftlichen Dimension der Energiewende in Deutschland und Europa

Author: Katrin Großmann,André Schaffrin,Christian Smigiel

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658117230

Category: Social Science

Page: 695

View: 6485

Der Sammelband gibt den aktuellen Stand zu Energiearmut, Energiepolitik und sozialer Ungleichheit wider und analysiert grundlegende Zusammenhänge und Determinanten in Deutschland und Europa. Seit Jahren, und nicht erst im Zuge der Energiewende, steigen in Deutschland die Energiekosten privater Haushalte. Dies trifft verschiedene soziale Gruppen in unterschiedlichem Maße, was wiederum unterschiedlich stark von wohlfahrtsstaatlichen Politiken abgefedert wird. Es ist jedoch der anhaltenden Debatte um steigende Strompreise für Privathaushalte im Zuge der Energiewende in Deutschland zu verdanken, dass Themen wie Energiearmut und Kostenbelastungen das Interesse der Öffentlichkeit geweckt haben. Gleichzeitig wurde deutlich, dass die wissenschaftliche Beschäftigung mit den Wechselwirkungen von Energiesystemen und sozialer Ungleichheit in Deutschland bis vor kurzem noch ein völlig unterbelichtetes Forschungsgebiet mit nur wenigen Pionierarbeiten war. Zu zeigen, welche Arbeiten in den vergangenen Jahren stattgefunden haben und welche Erkenntnisse dabei zutage gefördert wurden, ist das Ziel dieses Sammelbandes.