The Domino Effect

Author: Denyse Bridger

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

ISBN: 1595782850

Category: Fiction

Page: 100

View: 6171

Martin thought his past was behind him. That is until the love of his life is kidnapped. Now he’ll have to call upon all his skill to save her before it’s too late. Denyse M. Bridger presents her action-filled romance, The Domino Effect. Ex-intelligence operative Martin Fowler is a man with a dangerous past, filled with casual liaisons and complex betrayals. In his mentor’s daughter, Martin’s found happiness and trust for perhaps the first time in his life. But, that peace is about to be tested when an old enemy kidnaps Martin’s lover and a mutual friend, and to stay alive they must engage is a betrayal of their own...

The Domino Effect Kit

Author: Chris Brooks,Wayfarer (CRT),Chad Norris,Dave Rhodes

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

ISBN: 1418533408

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

View: 4887

The Domino Effect Leader's Kit helps us enter into the story of good and evil that we find not just in history but all around us. It gives us a behind the scenes look at God's thoughts toward good and evil, and it introduces God's solution to the problem of evil-redemption.

The Domino Effect

Author: Davis Bunn

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441230513

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 3192

A Financial Thriller That Will Keep Readers on the Edge of Their Seats Esther Larsen, a leading risk analyst at one of the country's largest banking institutions, is becoming more and more convinced that she has uncovered a ticking bomb with the potential to overshadow 2008's market crash. And as her own employer pursues "investment" strategies with ever-increasing levels of risk, she becomes convinced she must do something. Yet what can one person really do? The markets are edging closer to a tipping point--like the teetering first domino in a standing row that circles the globe. And when Esther does sound the alarm, she wonders if anyone will take her seriously. But as public support grows for her ideas, so does the desperation of those whose conspiracy of greed she seeks to expose. With global markets on the brink, and her own life in danger, Esther is locked in a race with the clock to avert a worldwide financial meltdown. This fast-paced suspense novel will make you wonder where the fiction ends and reality begins. . . . Endorsement "Davis Bunn applies his deft hand to The Domino Effect with the grace and mastery his dedicated fans have come to expect. . . ."--Jerry B. Jenkins

The Domino Effect

Author: Andrew Cotto

Publisher: Andrew Cotto

ISBN: 0615479677

Category: Bildungsromans

Page: 238

View: 7093

The story of Danny Rorra, a charismatic kid from Queens poisonedby the past.

The Domino Effect: Dominate the Marketplace: New Product & Business Development

Author: Stephen M. Rosen

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1434339866

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 164

View: 5248

How many times have you thought about introducing a new product into the marketplace, and as you thought about it, you realized that you have a great idea, but aren't sure how to make it a reality? Do you need to generate more revenue and more profit for your company but aren't sure the best way to move forward? Maybe you've introduced new products to the marketplace and it hasn't gone as well as you had hoped, maybe you've even "failed"? Maybe your competition is getting just a little too close to your market share or you want more of theirs? There are some basic strategies that can help you dominate. And they're all in this book.

The Domino Effect

Author: Debbie R. Bailey

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1616631554

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 27

View: 9497

Have you ever set up a line of dominoes, tapped the first one, and watched them all fall down one by one? Did you know this domino effect applies to people too? Faith Moore witnesses The Domino Effect firsthand after her brother moves the chair from beneath her and knocks over her bookshelf. Join new author Debbie Bailey in this story about the good and the bad of The Domino Effect.

The Domino Effect

Author: Tim Lewis

Publisher: Gospel Advocate Company

ISBN: 9780892256617

Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 6659

What do dominos have to do with life-changing decisions? More than you might think. However, choosing the first domino is crucial. If you base every decision on the Word of God, then one good decision will lead to the next; it's a domino effect. But bear in mind that the process also works in reverse. If a person refuses to make Bible-based decisions, it is a negative version of the domino effect - a chain reaction that leads from bad to worse. God has blessed you with the freedom of choice. If you are really writing your life story one day and one decision at a time, then you have the power to determine how your story ends. But everything hinges on tipping the first domino. Make sure it falls in the right direction. Tim Lewis, a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University, has a bachelor's degree in English education and a master's degree in ministry. He served as the preacher/youth minister for the Mt. Vernon Church of Christ in Mt. Vernon, Mo., for eight years before moving to Oklahoma City to begin his work with the North MacArthur congregation in 2004. He and his wife, Tawni, have two daughters, Macy and Callie, and one son, Ryder.

The Domino Effect

Author: Julie Elizabeth Leto

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1552545407

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 7142

Domino Black, professional assassin I've killed too many to count. All in the name of United States security. I don't care. I don't feel — I just do what I'm told. My latest assignment was different. I had to go undercover. Try to find out if the nightclub owner, Luke Brasco, was really planning to sell vital information to terrorists — before I took him out. I had to sleep with the target. It was the only way. I showed up at his club, an enigma in black, and asked about renting the apartment above the club. He'd barely said yes before I had him in bed. It wasn't just sex. It was heart pounding, body racking, soul wrenching… Sex like I'd never had before. I made a fatal mistake — I fell in love!

The Domino Effect

Housing Prices Leaves Many Behind

Author: Eric T. Jackson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780985560218


Page: N.A

View: 2302

Eric Jackson's Manifesto expressing his 18 month full immersion in a completely foreign community of amazing individuals, the American with no permanent address for dwell. Providing options and understanding.

Understanding Drugs of Abuse

The Processes of Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery

Author: Mim J. Landry

Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub

ISBN: 9781585621934

Category: Medical

Page: 384

View: 812

This is designed to bring the everyday reader face-to-face with drugs of abuse and addiction. Through frank, no-nonsense explanations of the stimulants, depressants, psychedelics, and inhalants, this accessible guide will help the reader to understand how drugs of abuse affect thinking, behavior, perceptions, and emotions.

The Domino Effect

How to Grow Sales, Profits, and Market Share Through Super Vision

Author: Donald J. Vlcek,Jeffrey P. Davidson

Publisher: Irwin Professional Pub

ISBN: 9781556236020

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 270

View: 6085

For the nation's 14 million executives and 18 million entrepreneurs, Domino's Pizza is a shining beacon. Following the new management ideas--rewards, action plans, decentralization, and empowerment--implemented at Domino's, they can transform their own businesses into leaner, more competitive operations.

The Domino Effect

Author: Chad Clegg


ISBN: 9781435752399


Page: 344

View: 6475

The Domino Effect delves into the less-than-favorable side of celebrity when Hollywood heartthrob Chase Landers feels his life plummet the moment he receives the call. His A-list girlfriend must give birth dangerously prematurely due to complications. Once their baby is delivered -- though still not out of the woods -- they feel like the worst is behind them. They can breathe again -- or so they think. Shortly thereafter, they're awakened to any parents' worst nightmare when the doctor conveys inconceivable news, which inevitably takes on a life of its own. What they've learned could threaten Hollywood like never before. This shocking new development triggers a slew of tragic events -- none of which, unfortunately, pales in comparison to the initial shock. Now Hollywood's most adored couple has nowhere to hide as their life comes totally unraveled. --If you choose the free download, in return, please leave a review. Thx!

The Domino Effect

Author: Ann Coburn

Publisher: Random House of Canada Limited

ISBN: 9780099336914

Category: Children's stories, English

Page: 171

View: 9570

Rowan adores her cool mum, Eleanor, and loves their unusual home. Tucked on a hill-side in a beautiful converted barn they are miles from anywhere - and they think no-one could spoil their idyllic life. But then Eleanor is sexually attacked by her boss and when her case is brought to trial, Rowan and Eleanor discover that their happiness is as fragile as a row of tumbling dominoes. . . .

The Domino Effect

Live Your Rich Life with a Few Keystone Habits

Author: Michael Hammond

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781981356720


Page: 42

View: 3702

When was the last time you told yourself... I want to spend more time with my family and friends... I want more energy.. I really want to get in shape.. Damn, I want to be the best version of myself!! If so, you've come to the right place. The good thing is, it might be much easier than you think. Our whole lives are a bunch of habits linked together. Some of them matter a lot more than others. You don't need to make massive changes in your life and implement 100+ new habits like many experts tell you. All you need to do is to implement a few keystone habits and the rest will take care of itself. It's a domino effect leading to personal and professional success. Start your domino effect today! Don't forget to click the BUY button.

Impact Mechanics

Author: W. J. Stronge

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521602891

Category: Science

Page: 280

View: 8073

A new approach to analysing the dynamic response of structures to low-speed impact.

Think Opposite

Using the Domino Effect to Change Your Business, Change the World

Author: Alison Donaghey

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1683503473

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 144

View: 3596

Remember when you thought owning your own business was going to be fun and help you change the world? Then, somewhere along the line, your business became just hard work and wasn’t fun at all. You’re not alone, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Alison Donaghey offers a way to reclaim your business by using a new way of thinking to improve your customer experience, staff contribution, and community involvement. You can make the positive impact on the world you’ve been yearning for. All it takes is a little shift in your critical thinking and Think Opposite is the guide to help take you and your business to new heights, while keeping your mission front and center.

A Young Woman's Guide to Making Right Choices

Your Life God's Way

Author: Elizabeth George

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736931961

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 208

View: 1302

Elizabeth George, author of A Young Woman After God's Own Heart (more than 230,000 copies sold), offers another life-changing teen book—A Young Woman's Guide to Making Right Choices. Today's teens are bombarded with choices about attitudes, behaviors, friends, clothes, finances, and college. And with the rise of alcohol, drugs, sexual issues, and crime, they must make serious decisions daily. Bible teacher Elizabeth George takes teens through the step-by-step process of making decisions that are life-affirming, godly, and wise in areas that include— managing emotions improving relationships developing confidence living in the center of God's will avoiding trouble and bad situations Teens will discover checkpoints to use as guides for making decisions, and they will learn to take the long view when considering consequences. Young women will also realize the tremendous wisdom, guidance, and answers available in God's Word. Great for individuals, small groups, and mentoring.