The Death of Nature

Women, Ecology, and the Scientific Revolution

Author: Carolyn Merchant

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062505955

Category: Religion

Page: 384

View: 5537

An examination of the Scientific Revolution that shows how the mechanistic world view of modern science has sanctioned the exploitation of nature, unrestrained commercial expansion, and a new socioeconomic order that subordinates women.

After the Death of Nature

Carolyn Merchant and the Future of Human-Nature Relations

Author: Kenneth Worthy,Elizabeth Allison,Whitney A. Bauman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351582909

Category: Nature

Page: 308

View: 4682

Carolyn Merchant’s foundational 1980 book The Death of Nature: Women, Ecology, and the Scientific Revolution established her as a pioneering researcher of human-nature relations. Her subsequent groundbreaking writing in a dozen books and over one hundred peer-reviewed articles have only fortified her position as one of the most influential scholars of the environment. This book examines and builds upon her decades-long legacy of innovative environmental thought and her critical responses to modern mechanistic and patriarchal conceptions of nature and women as well as her systematic taxonomies of environmental thought and action. Seventeen scholars and activists assess, praise, criticize, and extend Merchant’s work to arrive at a better and more complete understanding of the human place in nature today and the potential for healthier and more just relations with nature and among people in the future. Their contributions offer personal observations of Merchant’s influence on the teaching, research, and careers of other environmentalists.

Radical Ecology

The Search for a Livable World

Author: Carolyn Merchant

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136190147

Category: Political Science

Page: 302

View: 8004

This is a new edition of the classic examination of major philosophical, ethical, scientific and economic roots of environmental problems which examines the ways that radical ecologists can transform science and society in order to sustain life on this planet. It features a new Introduction from the author, a thorough updating of chapters, and two entirely new chapters on recent Global Movements and Globalization and the Environment.

Science and Nature

Past, Present, and Future

Author: Carolyn Merchant

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351620665

Category: Social Science

Page: 332

View: 1173

Science and Nature brings together the work and insights of historian Carolyn Merchant on the history of science, environmental history, and ethics. The book explores her ideas about the interconnections among science, women, nature, and history as they have emerged over her academic lifetime. Focusing on topics such as "The Death of Nature," the Scientific Revolution, women in the history of science and environment, and partnership ethics, it synthesizes her writings and sets out a vision for the twenty-first century. Anyone interested in the interactions between science and nature in the past, present, and future will want to read this book. It is an ideal text for courses on the environment, environmental history, history of science, and the philosophy of science.


Author: Carolyn Merchant

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781573926003

Category: Science

Page: 383

View: 7218

As we survey the effects of modernism—environmental destruction, the net consumption of irreplaceable natural resources, the ever-widening gulf between first and third worlds—we are forced to grapple with the consequences of the domination of nature by human beings. The readings gathered here join these issues with critical theory to examine the ongoing struggle to rediscover the nature within human beings and to reconnect it with external nature. Starting with an examination of the use of modernist thought as legitimation for the domination of nature, the collection progresses on a broad front: It examines how first-world economies create third-world dependency; the connections between poverty and population; how basic needs could be fulfilled in a green sustainable economy; the debate among deep, social, and socialist ecologists over the new ecological worldview; ecofeminism and the liberation of both women and nature; environmental justice for minorities and third-world peoples; the need for new spiritual relations between people and nature; and a new postmodern science that offers people a partnership with nature. The conclusion presents the "Principles of Environmental Justice," adopted by the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit. Each essay stands on its own as a contribution to the ecological debate, but the cumulative effect is clearly to ask how critical theorists, current environmental philosophers, and scientists propose to liberate both human beings and nature.

Reinventing Eden

The Fate of Nature in Western Culture

Author: Carolyn Merchant

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415931649

Category: Social Science

Page: 308

View: 9838

Visionary quests to return to the Garden of Eden have shaped Western Culture. This book traces the idea of rebuilding the primeval garden from its origins to its latest incarnations and offers a bold new way to think about the earth.

Wissenschaft zwischen Qualitas und Quantitas

Author: Erwin Neuenschwander

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3034879946

Category: Science

Page: 444

View: 7202

Wissenschaft und insbesondere die Naturwissenschaften haben heute meist mit "Messen", das heisst mit der quantitativen Erfassung der Wirklichkeit zu tun. Das Eigentliche, die "Qualität" der Dinge, entzieht sich jedoch diesem technokratischen Zugriff. Die Position der Wissenschaft im Spannungsfeld zwischen den Polen Quantitas und Qualitas in Geschichte und Gegenwart auszuleuchten, ist das Anliegen der Beiträge dieses Bandes. Sie führen vor Augen, dass die Wissenschaftskonzeptionen des Altertums und des Mittelalters noch weitgehend qualitativ orientiert waren, und zeigen, wie diese in den verschiedenen Naturwissenschaften durch das neuzeitliche quantitativmessende Paradigma abgelöst wurden und welche Probleme es dabei zu bewältigen galt.

Women and Science

Social Impact and Interaction

Author: Suzanne Le-May Sheffield

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813537371

Category: Science

Page: 409

View: 6955

From Maria Winkelman's discovery of the comet of 1702 to the Nobel Prize-winning work of twentieth-century scientist Barbara McClintock, women have played a central role in modern science. Their successes have not come easily, nor have they been consistently recognized. This book examines the challenges and barriers women scientists have faced and chronicles their achievements as they struggled to attain recognition for their work in the male-dominated world of modern science.

Ecological Revolutions

Nature, Gender, and Science in New England

Author: Carolyn Merchant

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807899625

Category: Science

Page: 424

View: 3293

With the arrival of European explorers and settlers during the seventeenth century, Native American ways of life and the environment itself underwent radical alterations as human relationships to the land and ways of thinking about nature all changed. This colonial ecological revolution held sway until the nineteenth century, when New England's industrial production brought on a capitalist revolution that again remade the ecology, economy, and conceptions of nature in the region. In Ecological Revolutions, Carolyn Merchant analyzes these two major transformations in the New England environment between 1600 and 1860. In a preface to the second edition, Merchant introduces new ideas about narrating environmental change based on gender and the dialectics of transformation, while the revised epilogue situates New England in the context of twenty-first-century globalization and climate change. Merchant argues that past ways of relating to the land could become an inspiration for renewing resources and achieving sustainability in the future.

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women

Global Women's Issues and Knowledge

Author: Cheris Kramarae,Dale Spender

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135963150

Category: Reference

Page: 2050

View: 8687

For a full list of entries and contributors, sample entries, and more, visit the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women website. Featuring comprehensive global coverage of women's issues and concerns, from violence and sexuality to feminist theory, the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women brings the field into the new millennium. In over 900 signed A-Z entries from US and Europe, Asia, the Americas, Oceania, and the Middle East, the women who pioneered the field from its inception collaborate with the new scholars who are shaping the future of women's studies to create the new standard work for anyone who needs information on women-related subjects.

Von Diana zu Minerva

Philosophierende Aristokratinnen des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts

Author: Ruth Hagengruber

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3050061294

Category: Philosophy

Page: 181

View: 2437

Im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert waren Intelligenz und wissenschaftlicher Ehrgeiz keineswegs ausreichende Gründe für eine wissenschaftliche Laufbahn von Frauen. Die wenigen, denen aufgrund ihres hohen gesellschaftlichen Ranges und ihrer besonderen Begabung ein privates Studium ermöglicht wurde, präsentierten jedoch bereits erstaunlich moderne Überzeugungen. Die Göttinnen Diana und Minerva wurden zum Symbol der Unabhängigkeit dieser Frauen. Im vorliegenden Buch werden Biographien und Gedanken gelehrter Damen vorgestellt, die Einfluss auf die geistigen Strömungen ihrer Zeit ausübten, indem sie korrespondierten, kommunizierten, förderten und selbst schreibend tätig wurden.

The Oxford Handbook of Environmental History

Author: Andrew C. Isenberg

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199394474

Category: History

Page: 640

View: 5868

The field of environmental history emerged just decades ago but has established itself as one of the most innovative and important new approaches to history, one that bridges the human and natural world, the humanities and the sciences. With the current trend towards internationalizing history, environmental history is perhaps the quintessential approach to studying subjects outside the nation-state model, with pollution, global warming, and other issues affecting the earth not stopping at national borders. With 25 essays, this Handbook is global in scope and innovative in organization, looking at the field thematically through such categories as climate, disease, oceans, the body, energy, consumerism, and international relations.

The New Science and Women's Literary Discourse

Prefiguring Frankenstein

Author: J. Hayden

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230118437

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 263

View: 4668

Looking at literary discourse, including poetry, fiction and non-fiction, diaries, and drama, this collection offers remarkable and fascinating examples of women writers who integrated scientific material in their literary narratives.

Nature and Experience in the Culture of Delusion

How Industrial Society Lost Touch with Reality

Author: D. Kidner

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230391362

Category: Psychology

Page: 327

View: 3315

While the historical development of symbolic power has benefitted humanity enormously, there is an insidious and seldom recognised price that goes beyond environmental degradation and cultural disintegration. With insights from both social and natural sciences, this book explores the changing character of subjectivity in contemporary life.


Author: David Walliams

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644560218

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

View: 9307

In Zoes Leben gibt es eine Menge Dinge, die sie nicht gerade glücklich machen: - ihre Stiefmutter Sheila, die sogar zu faul ist, um sich selbst in der Nase zu bohren – und es stattdessen von Zoe verlangt, - ihre grässliche Klassenkameradin Tina, die ihr das Leben schwermacht – am liebsten, indem sie Zoe auf den Kopf spuckt, - und als wäre das alles nicht schon genug, hat der fürchterliche Bert von Berts Burgerbude etwas richtig Schlimmes mit Zoes kleiner Ratte vor. Ich kann dir nicht verraten, was genau er mit ihr vorhat – aber ein kleiner Hinweis verbirgt sich im Titel dieses Buches.

Political Ecology

Global and Local

Author: David Bell,Leesa Fawcett,Roger Keil,Peter Penz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134670915

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 408

View: 5429

Political Ecology addresses environmental issues which Innis was concerned with, from a contemporary, political economy perspective. They explore a wide range of themes and issues including: * sustainability * risk and regulation * population growth * planetary management * impact of humanity on environment * role of technology and communication. Case studies provide further insight into issues such as industrial racism, women and development and collective action by highlighting ethical and political questions and providing critical insights into the issues and debates in political ecology.

Alexander von Humboldt und die Erfindung der Natur

Author: Andrea Wulf

Publisher: C. Bertelsmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641195500

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 560

View: 9874

Was hat Alexander von Humboldt, der vor mehr als 150 Jahren starb, mit Klimawandel und Nachhaltigkeit zu tun? Der Naturforscher und Universalgelehrte, nach dem nicht nur unzählige Straßen, Pflanzen und sogar ein »Mare« auf dem Mond benannt sind, hat wie kein anderer Wissenschaftler unser Verständnis von Natur als lebendigem Ganzen, als Kosmos, in dem vom Winzigsten bis zum Größten alles miteinander verbunden ist und dessen untrennbarer Teil wir sind, geprägt. Die Historikerin Andrea Wulf stellt in ihrem vielfach preisgekrönten – so auch mit dem Bayerischen Buchpreis 2016 – Buch Humboldts Erfindung der Natur, die er radikal neu dachte, ins Zentrum ihrer Erkundungsreise durch sein Leben und Werk. Sie folgt den Spuren des begnadeten Netzwerkers und zeigt, dass unser heutiges Wissen um die Verwundbarkeit der Erde in Humboldts Überzeugungen verwurzelt ist. Ihm heute wieder zu begegnen, mahnt uns, seine Erkenntnisse endlich zum Maßstab unseres Handelns zu machen – um unser aller Überleben willen.

I Am the Other

Literary Negotiations of Human Cloning

Author: Maria Aline Seabra Ferreira

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313320064

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

View: 7432

Investigates the topic of human cloning from literary, psychological, and philosophical points of view.

Environmental Ethics, Ecological Theology, and Natural Selection

Suffering and Responsibility

Author: Lisa Sideris

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 023152949X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 328

View: 9412

In the last few decades, religious and secular thinkers have tackled the world's escalating environmental crisis by attempting to develop an ecological ethic that is both scientifically accurate and free of human-centered preconceptions. This groundbreaking study shows that many of these environmental ethicists continue to model their positions on romantic, pre-Darwinian concepts that disregard the predatory and cruelly competitive realities of the natural world. Examining the work of such influential thinkers as James Gustafson, Sallie McFague, Rosemary Radford Ruether, John Cobb, Peter Singer, and Holmes Rolston, Sideris proposes a more realistic ethic that combines evolutionary theory with theological insight, advocates a minimally interventionist stance toward nature, and values the processes over the products of the natural world.