The Case for God

What religion really means

Author: Karen Armstrong

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409058336

Category: Religion

Page: 384

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There is widespread confusion about the nature of religious truth. For the first time in history, a significantly large number of people want nothing to do with God. Militant atheists preach a gospel of godlessness with the zeal of missionaries and find an eager audience. Tracing the history of faith from the Palaeolithic Age to the present, Karen Armstrong shows that meaning of words such as 'belief', 'faith', and 'mystery' has been entirely altered, so that atheists and theists alike now think and speak about God - and, indeed, reason itself - in a way that our ancestors would have found astonishing. Does God have a future? Karen Armstrong examines how we can build a faith that speaks to the needs of our troubled and dangerously polarised world.

Warum Gott?

Vernünftiger Glaube oder Irrlicht der Menschheit?

Author: Timothy Keller

Publisher: Brunnen Verlag Gießen

ISBN: 3765570370

Category: Religion

Page: 336

View: 533

Warum Gott? Ist es heute noch vernünftig zu glauben? Ist der Glaube nicht irrelevant, ohne Antworten auf die drängenden Fragen der Zeit? Hat die Wissenschaft nicht den Glauben an Gott längst widerlegt? Mächtige Fragen an den Allmächtigen! Tim Keller findet Antworten, die nicht nur den Zweifler nachdenklich werden lassen. Und er nennt gute Gründe für den Glauben.

Der Fall Jesus

ein Journalist auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit

Author: Lee Strobel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783865918000


Page: 319

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The Case for Faith

A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity

Author: Lee Strobel

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310565707

Category: Religion

Page: 304

View: 5224

In his #1 best-seller The Case for Christ, legally trained investigative reporter Lee Strobel examined the claims of Christ, reaching the hard-won verdict that Jesus is God's unique son. But despite the compelling historical evidence that Strobel presented, many people grapple with serious concerns about faith in God. As in a court of law, they want to shout, "Objection!" They say, "If God is love, then what about all the suffering in our world?" Or, "If Jesus is the door to heaven, then what about the millions who have never heard of him?" Or, "If God cares for everyone, then why does he eternally torture some in hell?"In The Case for Faith, Strobel turns his tenacious investigative skills to the most persistent emotional objections to belief--the eight "heart" barriers to faith. The Case for Faith is for those who may be feeling attracted to Jesus but who are faced with formidable intellectual barriers standing squarely in their path. For Christians, it will deepen their convictions and give them fresh confidence in discussing Christianity with even their most skeptical friends.

God in Us

A Case for Christian Humanism

Author: Anthony Freeman

Publisher: Imprint Academic

ISBN: 9780907845171

Category: Religion

Page: 78

View: 7284

This text is a radical representation of the Christian faith for the 21st century. It overturns received ideas about God. God is not an invisible person "out there" somewhere, but lives in the human heart and mind as "the sum of all our values and ideals" guiding and inspiring our lives.

A Case for the Existence of God

Author: Dean L. Overman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 074256553X

Category: Religion

Page: 264

View: 6507

Some of the brightest scientific minds of our time, from Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking, have made incredible insights into the earliest origins of the universe, but have failed to ultimately discover why there is something rather than nothing—why we exist. In A Case for the Existence of God, Dean L. Overman examines the latest theories about the origins of the universe and explains why even the most sophisticated science can only take us so far. Ultimately we must make a leap of faith to understand the world, and Overman argues that a leap into theism provides the most satisfying conclusions. Overman explores fundamental questions about why our world exists and how it functions, using principles of logic, physics, and theology. In a time when religion and science are often portrayed as diametrically opposed, A Case for the Existence of God presents a refreshing view of the interplay between science and religion and makes a compelling case for the existence of God and his role in our world.

Why Believe? God Exists!

Rethinking the Case for God and Christianity

Author: Terry L. Miethe,Gary R. Habermas

Publisher: College PressPub Company

ISBN: 9780899006994

Category: Religion

Page: 400

View: 7659


Reimagining God

The Case for Scriptural Diversity

Author: Johanna W. H. Van Wijk-Bos

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 9780664255695

Category: Religion

Page: 119

View: 2591

Johanna van Wijk-Bos examines alternatives to the dominant male language associated with God in the Bible. Focusing primarily on the Hebrew Bible.

Religion ohne Gott

Author: Ronald Dworkin

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518737325

Category: Philosophy

Page: 146

View: 4384

Das Zentrum wahrer Religiosität, so der bekennende Atheist Albert Einstein, sei die Ehrfurcht vor den Mysterien des Universums, »deren höchste Weisheit und strahlende Schönheit wir mit unseren matten Erkenntnisvermögen nur rudimentär begreifen können«. In diesem Sinne sei er, Einstein, ein tiefreligiöser Mensch. Aber was ist religiös an einer solchen Haltung, in der Gott offensichtlich keine Rolle spielt? Mit dieser Frage beschäftigte sich Ronald Dworkin in seinen Einstein-Vorlesungen, die er bis kurz vor seinem Tod zu diesem Buch ausgearbeitet hat. Religion, so seine Antwort, bezeichnet eine Sicht auf die Welt, die von einem tiefen Glauben an objektive Werte getragen wird – etwa daran, dass Geschöpfe eine Würde haben, dass ein Leben erfüllt oder verfehlt sein kann oder dass Schönheit, die uns den Atem raubt, sich nicht als pures Produkt unserer Sinnesorgane erklären lässt. Auch Theisten teilen diese Werte, meinen aber, sie seien gottgegeben. Für Dworkin verhält es sich genau umgekehrt: Die Idee eines Gottes rührt daher, dass es diese Werte wirklich gibt. Und an Gott (oder Götter) zu glauben ist eine Weise, dies auszudrücken, aber nicht die einzige. Von der Physik über die Politik bis hin zum Recht erkundet »Religion ohne Gott« den Perspektivwechsel, der mit einem solchen gottlosen Verständnis von Religion verbunden ist. Das Buch, das mit einer eindrucksvollen Reflexion über Tod und Unsterblichkeit schließt, ist das Vermächtnis eines bekennenden religiösen Atheisten. Es weitet den Blick für das, was wichtig ist.

God and Evil

The Case for God in a World Filled with Pain

Author: Chad Meister,James K. Dew Jr.

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830866465

Category: Religion

Page: 360

View: 7575

The question of evil--its origins, its justification, its solution--has plagued humankind from the beginning. Every generation raises the question and struggles with the responses it is given. Questions about the nature of evil and how it is reconciled with the truth claims of Christianity are unavoidable; we need to be prepared to respond to such questions with great clarity and good faith. God and Evil compiles the best thinking on all angles on the question of evil, from some of the finest scholars in religion, philosophy and apologetics, including Gregory E. Ganssle and Yena Lee Bruce Little Garry DeWeese R. Douglas Geivett James Spiegel Jill Graper Hernandez Win Corduan David Beck With additional chapters addressing "issues in dialogue" such as hell and human origins, and a now-famous debate between evangelical philosopher William Lane Craig and atheist philosopher Michael Tooley, God and Evil provides critical engagement with recent arguments against faith and offers grounds for renewed confidence in the God who is "acquainted with grief."


Author: Karen Armstrong

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783546002561


Page: 278

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Answering Atheism

How to Make the Case for God with Logic and Charity

Author: Trent Horn

Publisher: Catholic Answers

ISBN: 9781938983436

Category: Religion

Page: 335

View: 4987

Today's New Atheists don't just deny God's existence (as the old atheists did) - they consider it their duty to scorn and ridicule religious belief. We don't need new answers for this aggressive modern strain of unbelief: We need a new approach. In Answering Atheism, Trent Horn responds with a fresh and useful resource for the God debate, based on reason, common sense, and more importantly, a charitable approach that respects atheists' sincerity and good will, making this book suitable not just for believers but for skeptics and seekers too. Meticulously researched, and street-tested in Horn's work as a pro-God apologist, it tackles all the major issues of the debate, including: -Reconciling human evil and suffering with the existence of a loving, all-powerful God -Whether the empirical sciences have eliminated the need for God, or in fact point to him -How atheists usually deny moral laws (and thus a moral lawgiver) in theory

God in One Person

The Case for Non-Incarnational Christianity

Author: A.Richard Kingston,Jo Campling

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1349130982

Category: Religion

Page: 204

View: 398

This text defends a special focus on Jesus in theistic faith, whilst denying his divinity. Having limited the genuine choice in Christology to orthodoxy or unitarianism, it argues first for the prior improbability of an incarnation, examining and dismissing possible justifications.

God's Battalions

The Case for the Crusades

Author: Rodney Stark

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061942983

Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 424

In God’s Battalions, distinguished scholar Rodney Stark puts forth a controversial argument that the Crusades were a justified war waged against Muslim terror and aggression. Stark, the author of The Rise of Christianity, reviews the history of the seven major crusades from 1095-1291 in this fascinating work of religious revisionist history.

Das Buch Mormon

Author: Joseph Smith

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5883931774

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 3561


God’s Good Earth

The Case for an Unfallen Creation

Author: Jon Garvey

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 153265202X

Category: Religion

Page: 250

View: 4856

God's world was created "very good," Genesis chapter 1 tells us, and in this book Jon Garvey rediscovers the truth, known to the Church for its first 1,500 years but largely forgotten now, that the fall of mankind did not lessen that goodness. The natural creation does not require any apologies or excuses, but rather celebration and praise. The author's re-examination of the scriptural evidence, the writings of two millennia of Christian theologians, and the physical evidence of the world itself lead to the conclusion that we, both as Christians and as modern Westerners, have badly misunderstood our world. Restoring a truer vision of the goodness of the present creation can transform our own lives, sharpen the ministry of the church to the world of both people and nature, and give us a better understanding of what God always intended to bring about through Christ in the age to come.

A Case for the Divinity of Jesus

Examining the Earliest Evidence

Author: Dean L. Overman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742563278

Category: Religion

Page: 317

View: 7866

Whether Jesus was really the Son of God or not is a central question for Christians and one that has provoked heated debate since the time of Jesus' birth. Dean L. Overman examines the earliest Christian records to build a compelling case for the divinity of Jesus. Overman analyzes often-overlooked evidence from liturgies and letters written in the years immediately following Jesus' death decades earlier than the Gnostic gospels or the New Testament gospels. Addressing questions raised by books such as Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus and Elaine Pagels' The Gnostic Gospels, Overman presents powerful evidence from the earliest Christian communities that will be new for many modern Christians and builds a carefully reasoned case for Jesus truly being the Son of God.

Das Buch Jesaia

Author: Bernhard Duhm

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 9783525516560

Category: Bible

Page: 490

View: 9439


A Case for Christianity

Author: Morris A. Inch

Publisher: Tyndale House Pub

ISBN: 9780842303255

Category: Religion

Page: 139

View: 8371

A Case for Christianity is a user friendly text in Christian apologetics. Combining philosophic theology and real-life experiences, it affirms belief in Christianity. After giving a historical overview of Christian apologetics, the book builds a case for theism, then pressing on to defend Christianity in particular.-- A positive apologetic, rather than defensive.-- Easy to read and understand.-- Study questions at end of each chapter.

In Defense of Miracles

A Comprehensive Case for God's Action in History

Author: R. Douglas Geivett,Gary R. Habermas

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830815289

Category: Religion

Page: 330

View: 5038

Can modern intellectuals believe in miracles? Editors R. Douglas Geivett and Gary R. Habermas provide a collection of essays to refute objections to the miraculous and set forth the positive case for God's action in history.