Tales of Love and Valor

Two Novellas

Author: David Taylor Johannesen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1984519735

Category: Fiction

Page: 482

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A Wife from Scotland Fiona Stoute Liddell lives a quiet life as a veterinarian in rural Utahfar away from her scheming Scottish familyuntil she meets Solomon Fairchild, an American rancher from Boston, and rescues him from a life of self-exile. Their fateful love takes them to Scotland, where they marry in Aberdeen near Fionas clan that is led by legendary horse whisperers and where all members of the secretive Freemason Society. Can their carefree love survive these ancient rituals and superstitions? Tooele to Manila Affable Pete Skip Granger and his fervent wife, Madeleine, meet and marry in the Philippines at the end of World War II where he, a colonel under General Douglas MacArthur and a New England Quaker, develops a highly profitable ship salvage business in Manila Bay and she is a courageous wartime nurse and devout Mormon from Tooele, a small ranching town in Utah. The story follows their courageous but often contentious life together as Madeleine struggles to maintain her faith and identity as they become increasingly entangled with Solomon Fairchilds Boston Brahmin family.

María de Zayas Tells Baroque Tales of Love and the Cruelty of Men

Author: Margaret Rich Greer

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271019871

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 468

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Mar&ía de Zayas y Sotomayor (1590&–1650?) published two collections of novellas, Novelas amorosas y exemplares (1637) and Desenga&ños amorosos (1647), which were immensely popular in her day. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Victorian and bourgeois sensibilities exiled her &“scandalous&” works to the outer fringes of serious literature. Over the last two decades, however, she has gained an enthusiastic and ever-expanding readership, drawing intense critical attention and achieving canonical status as a major figure of the Spanish Golden Age. In this first comprehensive study of Zayas&’s prose, Margaret R. Greer explores the relationship between narration and desire, analyzing both the &“desire for readers&” displayed by Zayas in her Prologue and the sexual desire that drives the telling within the novellas themselves. Greer examines Zayas&’s narrative strategies through the twin lenses of feminist and psychoanalytic theory. She devotes close attention to the weight of Renaissance literary traditions and the role of Zayas&’s own cultural context in shaping her work. She discusses Zayas&’s biography and the reception of her publications; her advocacy of women&’s rights; her conflictive loyalty to an aristocratic, patriarchal order; her crafting of feminine tales of desire; and her erasure of the frontiers between the natural and supernatural, indeed, between love and death itself. In so doing, Greer offers an expansive analysis of this recently rediscovered Golden Age writer.

Tales of Valor

Rebirth of Latter-Day Heroes in the Image of Biblical Paladins

Author: Howard J. Leavitt

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1413411312

Category: History

Page: 608

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Which astronaut repaired the Hubble telescope during a walk in space? Who was the model for the movie "The Man Who Never Was?" What officer was responsible for the eradication of flogging in the U.S. Navy? Who is the most decorated living U.S. Army veteran? That the uncle of a world-famous entertainer won the Distinguished Service Cross in Korea? What officer led the mission to rescue General Patton's son-in-law? Who was the commanding officer of the famed WW II B-17 Rosie's Riveters? Who commanded both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets of the U.S. submarine forces? What soldier, born in Lithuania, was the Commanding General of the U.S. Special Forces? Who commanded the battleship Utah at Pearl Harbor and received the Navy Cross? What French general was commended by Napoleon as "...one of the greatest of the great?" What general commanded the Australian forces in France in World War I? Who was and remains the only dentist in the Army to win the Congressional Medal of Honor? Who won both the Navy Cross and the Distinguished Service Cross in World War I? Who won the Navy Cross during World War I and another during World War II? What Navy surgeon received the Silver Star in Vietnam and is being considered for the Medal of Honor? Who was one of the first nurses to die in Europe in WW II and is buried in a military cemetery in France? What famous Los Angeles police officer and attorney won two Bronze Stars in Vietnam as a paratrooper? Who was the Jewish chaplain who gave his life aboard the SS Dorchester to save American soldiers? What Israeli astronaut was the youngest participant in the 1981 raid on the Osirak nuclear plant in Iraq?

The Three Brides, Love in a Cottage, and Other Tales

Author: Francis A. (Francis Alexander) Durivage

Publisher: tredition

ISBN: 384720940X

Category: Fiction

Page: 322

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This book is part of the TREDITION CLASSICS series. The creators of this series are united by passion for literature and driven by the intention of making all public domain books available in printed format again - worldwide. At tredition we believe that a great book never goes out of style. Several mostly non-profit literature projects provide content to tredition. To support their good work, tredition donates a portion of the proceeds from each sold copy. As a reader of a TREDITION CLASSICS book, you support our mission to save many of the amazing works of world literature from oblivion.

Love and Valor

The Intimate Civil War Letters Between Captain Jacob and Emeline Ritner

Author: Charles F. Larimer

Publisher: Sigourney PressInc

ISBN: 9780967386300

Category: History

Page: 453

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Vividly depicting life both on the battlefield and at the home front during the Civil War, "Love and Valor" is a priceless collection of letters exchanged between Captain Jacob Ritner and his wife Emeline. While Jacob recounts all the battles he fought in compelling detail, Emeline movingly records the lives of those left behind to raise families and manage farms in their husbands'absence. "Love and Valor" is also the story of a family of Iowa abolitionists who help to make this book a must read.

Chaucer's General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

An Annotated Bibliography, 1900 to 1982

Author: Caroline D. Eckhardt

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802025920

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 468

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This annotated, international bibliography of twentieth-century criticism on the Prologue is an essential reference guide. It includes books, journal articles, and dissertations, and a descriptive list of twentieth-century editions; it is the most complete inventory of modern criticism on the Prologue.

War Stories

37 Epic Tales of Courage, Duty, and Valor

Author: Lamar Underwood

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1493029622

Category: History

Page: 400

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A collection of great war stories! Here is a jumbo book of tales of courage and valor: 37 stories in all. * Our Classics and Greatest Stories series have a proven track record * Readers love tales of honor, courage, and valor * We have successfully re-launched the Greatest Stories series with Special Ops and Snipers * Unlike other books that focus on one war or conflict, this includes tales from more than 250 years of warfare in North America In War Stories, editor Lamar Underwood has pulled together some of the finest writings about war-fighting that capture readers imaginations. It includes legendary tales from the French and Indian Wars, the Civil War, the Great War, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq – more than 250 years of warfare from colonial times up through the present day. This unforgettable collection includes stories by: *Baron Manfred Von Richthofen *Christina Olds *Randy Zahn *Eddie Rickenbacker *William “Buffalo Bill” Cody *Stephen Crane *Michael Lee Lanning *Blake Stillwell *General Custer, and many others.

The Golden Age of Folk and Fairy Tales

From the Brothers Grimm to Andrew Lang

Author: N.A

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 1624660347

Category: Fiction

Page: 752

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In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, attitudes toward history and national identity fostered a romantic rediscovery of folk and fairy tales. This is the period of the Golden Age of folk and fairy tales, when European folklorists sought to understand and redefine the present through the common tales of the past, and long neglected stories became recognized as cultural treasures. In this rich collection, distinguished expert of fairy tales Jack Zipes continues his lifelong exploration of the story-telling tradition with a focus on the Golden Age. Included are one hundred eighty-two tales--many available in English for the first time--grouped into eighteen tale types. Zipes provides an engaging general Introduction that discusses the folk and fairy tale tradition, the impact of the Brothers Grimm, and the significance of categorizing tales into various types. Short introductions to each tale type that discuss its history, characteristics, and variants provide readers with important background information. Also included are annotations, short biographies of folklorists of the period, and a substantial bibliography. Eighteen original art works by students of the art department of Anglia Ruskin University not only illustrate the eighteen tale types, but also provide delightful—and sometimes astonishing—21st-century artistic interpretations of them.

The Idea of the Canterbury Tales

Author: Donald Roy Howard

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520028166

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 403

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Discusses Chaucer's intentions concerning the genre, tone, morality, and unity of the Canterbury Tales as well as the realization of his design in style and structure


Author: Linda Windsor

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 9781601423023

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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A fanciful, romantic tale of passion and faith that invites readers to the "God-graced mountains and plains" of Ireland. Maire, Gleannmara's warrior queen, finds her fierce heart is gentled when she takes a reformed mercenary -- a Christian, no less -- as hostage during a raid. At first she wonders what kind of God would make a fine warrior like Rowan of Emerys such a coward. But as she comes to know Rowan and witnesses the force of his beliefs, she learns that meekness and humility to the one true God are stronger than any blade of steel. And in the process, Maire discovers the transforming power of love and faith. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Whispered Kiss

Author: Marcia Lynn McClure

Publisher: Distractions Ink

ISBN: 0985274026

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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With the sea at its side, the beautiful township of Bostchelan was home to many-including the lovely Coquette de Bellamont, her three sisters, and her beloved father. In Bostchelan, Coquette knew happiness and as much contentment as a young woman whose heart had been broken years before could know. Thus, Coquette dwelt in gladness until the day her father returned from his travels with an astonishing tale to tell. Antoine de Bellamont returned from his travels by way of Roanan bearing a tale of such great adventure to hardly be believed. Further, at the center of Antoine's story loomed a man-the dark Lord of Roanan.Known for his cruel nature, heartlessness, and tendency to violence, the Lord of Roanan had accused Antoine de Bellamont of wrongdoing and demanded recompense. Antoine had promised recompense would be paid-with the hand of his youngest daughter in marriage. Thus, Coquette found herself lost, thrust onto a dark journey of her own. This journey would find her carried away to Roanan Manor-delivered into the hands of the dark and mysterious Lord of Roanan who dominated it.

For Love or Honor Bound

Author: Derek Hart

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595790364

Category: Fiction

Page: 430

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One hundred and thirty-seven years ago, the Countess Isabelle Sophia Bario, diplomatic representative of Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil, sailed to war-ravaged America, to negotiate with President Lincoln to allow Brazil to trade with the Confederate States of America. In fact, she was a Rebel spy and instead of treaties, Sophia was after Union secrets. What she found instead was intrigue and murder. Fleeing for her life, Sophia was rescued by Captain Robert Norton, a Confederate cavalry officer. Thus began a torrid love affair with strategic implications.

American Ideals

Character and Life

Author: Theodore Roosevelt,Hamilton Wright Mabie

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 159605834X

Category: Social Science

Page: 340

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Shut off from Europe by the peril and length of the voyage across the ocean; encircled by vigilant foes; sharing the fortunes of pioneers on a remote frontier, the colonists were driven together by the conditions in which they lived and by a colonial policy which bore heavily upon them all and bred a growing discontent in every colony. The English, the Scotch, the Dutch brought with them well-defined ideas of political liberty; while the French, driven from their old homes by the tyranny of an arbitrary personal government, found the air of the New World stimulating to the impulse toward freedom.-from "Chapter X: The American and His Government"Why are Americans so... American? The question has been vexing the rest of the world since at least the time of the American Revolution, and so in 1913, Hamilton Wright Mabie-one of the more influential American thinkers and popular writers of the early 20th century-set out to explain the character of the nation, not just to foreigners but to Americans themselves. From the very settling of the first European colonies in the New World to the sensationalistic newspapers of his own time, Wright Mabie explores the conditions, attitudes, and beliefs that shaped the idea of America and molded the unique personality of her people.Also available from Cosimo Classics: Wright Mabie's The Life of the SpiritOF INTEREST TO: fans of American history, students of cultural issuesAmerican essayist and critic HAMILTON WRIGHT MABIE (1845-1916) wrote extensively on literature, religion, and mythology, and as the book columnist for Ladies Home Journal magazine from 1902 to 1912, he helped spread the love of reading to the general public. Among his many works are Essays in Literary Interpretation (1892), William Shakespeare, Poet, Dramatist, and Man (1900), Norse Stories Retold from the Eddas (1901), Legends Every Child Should Know (1906), and Heroes Every Child Should Know (1908).

Gods, Heroes and Men of Ancient Greece

Mythology's Great Tales of Valor and Romance

Author: W. H. D. Rouse

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101663618

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

View: 6581

The Adventures that Shaped the Western World First published in 1934, Gods, Heroes and Men of Ancient Greece has become one of the most popular, enduring--and captivating--retellings of the ancient myths for modern readers. Recognizing the sheer entertainment value of these timeless adventures, world renowned classical scholar W.H.D. Rouse delighted his students at the Perse School in Cambridge, England, with a conversational style and childlike wonder that made the legends come alive--a rare storytelling gift that continues to engage young and old alike. Many of the characters in this book are familiar to us--Helen of Troy, Icarus, Zeus, Athena, to name just a few--but rarely have their stories of war and adventure, bravery and romance, been so simply and thrillingly told. From the strong-arm heroics of Heracles, to the trickery of the Trojan Horse, from the seductions of Circe the sorceress, to the terrors of the Cyclops and Minotaur, these legends have outlived the culture that bore them. But while the ancient Greeks may be long gone, their fables and morals, their heroes and heroines, live on today…


Author: ʻInāyat Allāh,Alexander Dow

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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The Red Branch Tales

Author: Randy Lee Eickhoff

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 9781429973434

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 1857

Randy Lee Eickhoff continues his translation of the Ulster Cycle, often referred to as the Red Branch Cycle, the large corpus of work that is primarily responsible for establishing the cultural identity of today's Ireland. In this collection of Ireland's famous myths, Eickhoff once again proves his mastery of translation and his ability to give these classic tales new life. Here he presents more than twenty stories that reveal ancient Irish culture as it's seldom been seen before. All of the characters of Irish myth receive new life and are presented in vibrant and unique ways. In addition, by providing introductions to the tales, Eickhoff gives insight into the legends that formed the identity of a people. In the pre-Christian era, when warriors fought from chariots, Druids provided the mystical answers to the universe, and men and women believed strongly in magic, these stories begin. Prepare to enter Randy Lee Eickhoff's Ireland. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.



Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 149070910X

Category: Fiction

Page: 296

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'The History of modern West Africa is largely the history of five centuries of trade with European nations commerce was the fundamental relationship that bound Africa to Europe '- Kenneth Onwuka Dike. African Tales Of a Green Planet is a fictional work set in the Niger Delta area of West Africa roughly between 1730-1850, among the Igbo speaking peoples of the Niger Delta. The Niger Delta area of Nigeria is an area blessed in economic terms and has played a pivotal role in the economic history of Africa as a whole. It is an area, which in the first 400 years of trade with Europe produced, first gold, then slaves during the period of the slave trade, and palm oil after the prohibition of the slave trade, and finally crude oil in modern times. This tale explores one man's attempt (Nwosisi) to preserve the African way of life in the Sacred Forest away from all foreign intrusion. He falls deeply in love with a very beautiful girl (Ugonma) and that changes not only the course of his life but that of his environs as well, a metaphor for Africa. This tale is recounted by an old Iroko tree five hundreds of years old. In true oral tradition it captures a story of love, trade and politics, power struggles, foreign intruders, mysticism, and the daunting task of one man's attempt to preserve 'a way of life' in danger of extinction. This attempt seemed doomed from the onset; just as the notion of preserving a green planet is doomed in the context of so-called modern civilization.