Symbolic Interactionism

An Introduction, an Interpretation, an Integration

Author: Joel M. Charon

Publisher: Pearson College Division


Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 2224

Using a unique step-by-step, integrated approach, this text organizes the basic concepts of symbolic interactionism in such a way that students understand them clearly and are able to apply them to their own lives. It emphasizes the active side of human beings–humans as definers and users of the environment, humans as problem solvers and in control of their own actions–and it shows students how society makes us, and how we in turn shape society.

Symbolic Interaction

An Introduction to Social Psychology

Author: Nancy J. Herman,Larry T. Reynolds

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781882289219

Category: Political Science

Page: 487

View: 6257

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Symbolic Interaction

An Introduction to Social Psychology

Author: Larry T. Reynolds,Nancy J. Herman

Publisher: AltaMira Press

ISBN: 0759117853

Category: Political Science

Page: 504

View: 2021

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New Age Globalization

Meaning and Metaphors

Author: A. Ahmad

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137319496

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 303

View: 1478

Using the frameworks of systems theory, modernization, and the world system, New Age Globalization presents a composite multilevel, multidirectional picture of globalization informed by eight different but interdependent subsystems.

The Meaning of Social Interaction

An Introduction to Social Psychology

Author: Jeffrey E. Nash,James M. Calonico

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1461644771

Category: Psychology

Page: 372

View: 9057

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ACCCN's Critical Care Nursing

Author: Doug Elliott,Leanne Aitken,Wendy Chaboyer

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0729577708

Category: Medical

Page: 1000

View: 8396

Developed in conjunction with the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (ACCCN), the text has been written and edited by the most senior and experienced critical care nursing clinicians and academics across the region. ACCCN's Critical Care Nursing is a resource that will foster the development of skilled and confident critical care nurses. This comprehensive text provides detailed coverage of a number of specialty areas within critical care nursing including intensive care, emergency nursing, cardiac nursing, neuroscience nursing and acute care. It will encourage students to be reflective practitioners, ethical decision-makers and providers of evidence-based care. Written by expert clinicians, academics, and educators Pedagogically rich chapters with learning objectives, key terms, case studies, practice tips, article abstracts, learning activities, research vignettes Heavily illustrated and referenced Reflects current clinical practice, policies, procedures and guidelines The text has a patient-centred approach and will provide students with a sound knowledge base and critical thinking skills Image bank of all illustrations from the text will be available to lecturers for teaching

Maintaining Long-Distance and Cross-Residential Relationships

Author: Laura Stafford

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135607974

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 672

View: 5732

This thought-provoking volume offers an innovative and intriguing approach to the study of long-distance relationships. Author Laura Stafford examines romantic long-distance relationships and then expands the conception of long-distance relationships to include other relational types. She summarizes literature across the social sciences on various types of long-distance relationships and extracts themes and patterns across the relational types. In so doing, she reconsiders approaches to and offers an expanded vision of relational maintenance. By expanding her scope beyond romantic relationships, Stafford includes those that span residences and relational types, such as noncustodial parent-child and geographically and residentially separated adult children and parents. She contends that face-to-face interaction is not necessary to maintain healthy relationships, and questions the assumption that maintaining, rather than terminating, a particular relationship is always best for the involved parties. With its interdisciplinary approach to challenging commonly held assumptions about communication and close relationships, Maintaining Long-Distance and Cross-Residential Relationships will be engaging reading for scholars in communication, psychology, sociology, mass communication, and family studies. It is also appropriate for special topics graduate courses on long-distance relationships and human communication, and will serve as a unique supplemental text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in interpersonal, relational, and family communication and family studies.

The Handbook of Sexuality in Close Relationships

Author: John H. Harvey,Amy Wenzel,Susan Sprecher

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1135624690

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 696

View: 8281

Although sexuality is an integral part of close romantic relationships, research linking these two constructs has been less systematic than other areas pertaining to close relationships. To date, researchers in communication, sociology, family studies, psychology, and psychiatry, have made significant advances in both of these fields. The editors' goal is to integrate this research into one volume. They bring together major scholars from the diversity of fields working on close relationship topics to examine past contributions and new directions in sexuality. The emphasis is on theoretical integration and stimulation, methodological rigor, and critical analysis. This volume explores: *early sexual experiences and their impact on late life sexuality; *how life's stresses impact sexuality and satisfaction with closeness; *the affect of postpartum depression on sexuality; and *the relationship between control, power, anger, as well as revenge and sexual processes in couples. The Handbook of Sexuality in Close Relationships is intended for students and researchers in the disciplines of social, clinical, developmental, and health psychology; family studies; counseling; and interpersonal, family, and health communication. An excellent reference in advanced courses in close relationships taught in psychology, communications, sociology, anthropology, and family studies, the material in Part V will also appeal to clinical psychologists, health professionals, and policymakers.

Handbook of Symbolic Interactionism

Author: Larry T. Reynolds,Nancy J. Herman-Kinney

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 9780759100923

Category: Social Science

Page: 1077

View: 3218

Symbolic interactionism has a long history in sociology, social psychology, and related social sciences. In this volume, the editors and contributors explain its history, major theoretical tenets and concepts, methods of doing symbolic interactionist work, and its uses and findings in a host of substantive research areas.

Structure and Agency in Everyday Life

An Introduction to Social Psychology

Author: Gil Richard Musolf

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742525283

Category: Psychology

Page: 353

View: 9757

Structure and Agency in Everyday Life outlines the major concepts of interactionism through its leading theoreticians, from William James to Erving Goffman, to contemporary writers. The text underscores the dynamic relationship between the structures or social forces of constraint and humans' ability to act self-reflexively and constitute meaning in their lives through everyday action. The major foci of interactionism-emotions, deviance, childhood socialization, gender, the negotiated order, and the self are covered in-depth. The text presents a history of the interactionist perspective.

Wir alle spielen Theater

die Selbstdarstellung im Alltag

Author: Erving Goffman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783492238915

Category: Self-presentation

Page: 251

View: 2271

Kommunikation ; Soziologie ; Psychologie ; Alltag.

Contemporary Sociological Theory

Author: Craig Calhoun

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470655666

Category: Social Science

Page: 620

View: 7034

Complements Classical sociological theory.

Symbolic Interaction and Ethnographic Research

Intersubjectivity and the Study of Human Lived Experience

Author: Robert Prus

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791427026

Category: Social Science

Page: 301

View: 1339

Examines a series of theoretical and methodological issues faced by social scientists in interpretive and ethnographic studies of human group life.