Switzerland in Europe

Continuity and Change in the Swiss Political Economy

Author: Christine Trampusch,André Mach

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136815023

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

View: 3349

The book provides the first systematic overview of Swiss political economy in comparative perspective. It provides an analysis of major socio-economic institutions, economic actors, economic and social policies, and political institutions and their recent changes.

Gleanings in Europe


Author: James Fenimore Cooper

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780873954228

Category: History

Page: 361

View: 3194

In the summer of 1828 James Fenimore Cooper, his wife, and their five children set out from Paris for Switzerland, and Cooper wrote that he experienced a “glorious anticipation,” for “a common-place converse with men was about to give place to a sublime communion with Nature.” Sketches of Switzerland, the book which describes this experience and which is republished here for the first time in the United States since its original issue in 1836, was the first of five European travel books written, Cooper said, “for my own Countrymen,” in which the American novelist gave “rapid sketches” of what he saw “with American eyes,” studiously avoiding the drab, factual accounts of ordinary tourists. His indispensable resources in the composition of Switzerland were his gifts of total recall and his skill in writing prose pictures in the style then known as “picturesque.” Seeking an immediacy analogous to that of the artist’s brush, Cooper captures various elements of “picturesque” style, especially the incongruity between the sublime, terrifying scenery and the more familiar sights and associations of domestic life. Even in the creation of verbal pictures, Cooper could not resist expressing his concerns with society and politics; and though his criticism seems harmless enough today—perhaps even salutary—it was disturbing to American readers less secure than Cooper in their confidence in their institutions and society. Partly, at least, for this reason, Cooper’s most successful nonfictional experiment in the “picturesque” mode has never been adequately appreciated.

International Migration and the Future of Populations and Labour in Europe

Author: Marek Kupiszewski

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9048189489

Category: Social Science

Page: 350

View: 8917

The changes of populations are determined by fertility, mortality and migration. On the national level, international migration is a factor of increasing demographic, economic, social and political importance. This book addresses the debate on the impact of international migration and economic activity on population and labour force resources in future. It presents a study conducted for 27 European countries, looking 50 years ahead (2002-2052). An extended discussion of theories and factors underlying the assumed evolution of the components of change and economic activity is included as well as a detailed analysis of the historical trends. These theoretical and empirical considerations lead to defining scenarios of future mortality, fertility, economic activity and international migration, which have been fed into a projection model, producing various future population dynamics and labour force trajectories. In addition, simulations have been made to estimate the size of replacement migration needed to maintain selected demographic and labour market parameters in the countries of Europe. The results presented in this book allow researchers, governments and policy makers to evaluate to what extent various migration and labour market policies may be instrumental in achieving the desired population and labour size and structures. The secondary purpose of this volume is to reveal the methodology and argumentation lying behind a complex population forecasting and simulation exercise, which is not done frequently, but is critical for the assessment of the forecasts and also valuable from a purely didactic point of view.

Modes of Migration Regulation and Control in Europe

Author: Jeroen Doomernik,Michael Jandl

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9053566899

Category: Social Science

Page: 212

View: 7315

In Europe, immigration is a politically potent issue—especially when it comes to the treatment of asylum seekers and illegal labor immigrants. This volume draws the reader into the complex and contradictory world of migration regulation and control, covering the wide range of different policy approaches that aim to control the entry and residence of non-EU citizens. Revealing the common framework, tendencies, and policy convergences brought about less by design than a common concern about migration’s impact on the future of the EU, Modes of Migration Regulation and Control in Europe questions the effectiveness of additional efforts in terms of their fiscal and societal costs. “This important book emphasizes that European countries individually and collectively are converging in their efforts to manage migration.”—Philip Martin, University of California, Davis

Multilingual Encounters in Europe's Institutional Spaces

Author: Johann W. Unger,Michal Krzyzanowski,Ruth Wodak

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441144846

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

View: 6927

Multilingual encounters have been commonplace in many types of institutions, and have become an essential part of supranational institutions such as the EU since their inception. This volume explores and discusses different ways of researching the discursive dimension of these encounters, and critically examines their relevance to policy, politics and society as a whole. This includes institutions at the local, regional and supranational level. Multilingualism in institutions is currently often seen as an obstacle rather than an opportunity, at least with respect to European public and private spheres. The volume asks: - exactly how is multilingualism conceptualized and talked about in different institutions? - how do different institutions 'deal' with multilingualism, both internally and externally? - what are the policy making rules and challenges for the future for various institutions with respect to multilingualism?

Crime and Criminal Justice in Europe

Author: N.A

Publisher: Council of Europe

ISBN: 9789287143785

Category: Social Science

Page: 180

View: 334

"Crime Policy in Europe" brings together fourteen policy specialists from across. It covers: existing and recent trends of crime; the importance of victim concerns; crime prevention and policing; the role of the prosecution and sentencing; different kinds of sanctions ranging from imprisonment to community service and other measures. The prosecution, imprisonment and rehabilitation of criminals has changed dramatically in Europe over the past ten years. New pressures are forcing many of its philosophies and procedures to be re-evaluated. This book explains why many of the new decisions being taken and options that are available to the courts.

Switzerland and the European Union

A Close, Contradictory and Misunderstood Relationship

Author: Clive H. Church

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134194358

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

View: 6738

Despite its geographical centrality and its considerable economic involvement in Europe, Switzerland remains unusual in that it is neither a member of the European Union or the European Economic Area. At a time when the Union is both expanding and seeking to develop its integration, the country constitutes a real anomaly amongst west European states. This book demonstrates the range, depth and complexity of Switzerland’s developing relations with Europe and provides detailed and up-to-date information on Switzerland itself. Considering a variety of dimensions of the country and its ambiguous relations with the EU, the contributors, all of whom are leading specialists on Swiss-EU relations, explore: the classical political obstacles to entry: federalism, direct democracy, neutrality and the growing strength of anti-European populism policy barriers to integration: in trade and economics generally, in financial matters, and in social provisions relating to the movement of people the negotiation of the two sets of bilateral accords which presently structure Swiss relations with the Union the EU response and the prospects for future Swiss-EU relations. Switzerland and the European Union will appeal to specialists on Switzerland, academics and students in politics and international relations, and practitioners in European integration and Swiss politics.

Assisted Death in Europe and America

Four Regimes and Their Lessons

Author: Guenter Lewy

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199746419

Category: Medical

Page: 250

View: 8673

This book describes the way assisted death -- physician-assisted suicide and/or voluntary euthanasia - functions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and the state of Oregon - and states the lessons that can be drawn from this experience.

Harmonization of Criminal Law in Europe

Author: Erling Johannes Husabø,Asbjørn Strandbakken

Publisher: Intersentia nv

ISBN: 905095474X

Category: Law

Page: 157

View: 3368

In articles by legal scholars from six countries, the ongoing harmonization of criminal law in Europe is analysed from different perspectives. Through an examination of the rapid progress in European Union Law in this area, both the harmonization of substantial criminal law provisions and criminal penalties is shed light on. The development in criminal law cooperation is also accentuated, especially the breakthrough of the principle of mutual recognition and the proposal to establish a European Prosecutor. Special attention is given to the Schengen Agreement, the role of Europol and the more general influence of the harmonizing processes on European states remaining outside the EU. Conclusively, the challenges presented by a transnational criminal procedure to the preservation of human rights, are examined. The articles are based on lectures given at a colloquium in Bergen (Norway).

From the Margins to the Centre

Irish Perspectives on Swiss Culture and Literature

Author: Patrick Studer,Sabine Egger

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783039107162

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 372

View: 1738

Arising from a colloquium held in Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, in March 2004, this volume offers fresh insights into Swiss culture and literature from an Irish perspective. It brings together articles by writers and scholars from various academic fields including cultural studies, linguistics and literature. The book is a reflection of the multifaceted interests of Irish academics in Switzerland as a cultural space in the heart of Europe. Ireland as a vantage point, situated at the western margin of the European continent, offers new perspectives from which differences as well as surprising parallels between the two cultures become visible and from which Switzerland appears in a different light. The volume critically addresses questions of identity in Swiss literature and culture and discusses them from various angles - by analysing the representation of minority cultures in Swiss literary and media discourse, by reading Swiss literature in an intercultural context, but also through accounts of Irish visitors in Switzerland and Swiss writers travelling to or living in Ireland.

Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Europe [2009] III

Author: Christian, Editor Campbell

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0557213355

Category: Business enterprises, Foreign

Page: 440

View: 9079

Vol III 2009: Monaco-United Kingdom. "Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Europe", a three-volume set with more than 1,400 pages, provides a survey of the requirements for doing business and investing in Europe. The reports are prepared by local business practitioners and offer practical insights into issues relating to selection of form for doing business, incentives, taxation, labor and employment, liabilities, and dispute resolution. Order volumes I and II to complete the set. The publication is replaced by an updated volume annually. Purchase includes 24/7 online access. A 10% discount applies to a subscription for next year's update. A 25% discount applies to a subscription for three years of updates. Discounts are applied after purchase by rebate from publisher.

American Firms in Europe

Strategy, Identity, Perception and Performance (1880-1980)

Author: Hubert Bonin,Ferry de Goey

Publisher: Librairie Droz

ISBN: 9782600012591

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 699

View: 5715

The processes of the Americanisation of Europe and the moves of American firms abroad have been already well studied. But the very expansion of American firms in Europe still lacked a comprehensive survey. This book gathered two dozens of academics on an actual European level, which paves the way to comparisons, synthetised by leading business historian M. Wilkins. The breakthroughs achieved here concern the topics of timetable and rhythms of American FDIs in Europe, the patterns followed in each country, along with the specificities of each industry or service sector, and the strategy adopted by big firms. Beyond the facts, the immaterial aspects of this business history are scrutinised, especially about the perception of American firms by Europeans: firms' corporate image and identity were at stake. The Europeanisation of American firms is a key issue, about industrial relations, management. commercial policies. brand image, connections and embeddedness. The positions of public authorities and of (industrialists and trade unions') lobbies in front of such an American offensive are also gauged. Graphs and tables of figures provide numerous data. And a few chapters are accompanied by an overview of ads published by American affiliates in newsmagazines. to fuel analysis of their perception by consumers.

Governance, Citizenship and the New European Football Championships

The European Spectacle

Author: Wolfram Manzenreiter,Georg Spitaler

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317988779

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 206

View: 4766

Over the past decade, European football has seen tremendous changes impacting upon its international framework as well as local traditions and national institutions. Processes of Europeanization in the fields of economy and politics provided the background for transformations of the production and consumption of football on a transnational scale. In the course of such rearrangements, football tournaments like the UEFA Championship or the European Champions League turned into mega-events and media spectacles attracting ever-growing audiences. The experience of participating in these events offers some of the very few occasions for the display and embodiment of identities within a European context. This volume takes the 2008 EUROs hosted by Austria and Switzerland as a case study to analyze the political and cultural significance of the tournament from a multidisciplinary angle. What are the special features and spatial arrangements of a UEFAesque Europe, in comparison to alternative possibilities of a Europe? Situating the sport tournament between interpretations of collective European ritual and European spectacle, the key research question will ask what kind of Europe was represented in the cultural, political and economic manifestations of the 2008 EUROs. This book was published as a special issue of Soccer and Society.

Metamorphoses of Travel Writing

Across Theories, Genres, Centuries and Literary Traditions

Author: Grzegorz Moroz

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443820458

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 285

View: 4320

This book reflects, comments on and adds to a fast growing field of travel writing studies. The twenty-five papers in this volume rely on a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches and explore a diverse body of travel writing texts created over the last three hundred years in English, Polish, Hungarian and French. The book is divided into three parts. The first one includes papers which apply the findings of post-structuralism, generic and cultural criticism as well as narratology to explore theories, canons and genres in travel writing drawing material not only from non-fictional and fictional prose narratives but also from poetry and tragedy. The second and third parts contain papers on a wide selection of travel writing texts, both fictional and non-fictional, written in Anglophone, as well as other literary traditions. They are arranged chronologically: the second part is devoted to texts written in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, while the third part focuses on those written in the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

Small States Inside and Outside the European Union

Interests and Policies

Author: Laurent Goetschel

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1475728328

Category: Political Science

Page: 296

View: 4546

Small States in and outside the European Union offers a broad overview of the small states problematic in Europe. It touches upon definition issues, history, security policy, neutrality, EU institutional aspects and also includes contributors from Central and Eastern European countries. It presents a thorough analysis of different scenarios for EU institutional reform and their repercussions on the influence of small member states. The comparative results are visualized in tables. The work contains several contributions from practitioners who give insight into policy games and issues of national sensitivity not usually covered by purely scholarly publications. The European environment has changed dramatically through the processes of regional integration and rising interdependence. Relations between European states both inside and outside the EU are governed as never before by rules, norms, and fixed procedures. The book investigates the consequences of these developments on the foreign and security policy of small states. Academics and professionals from Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland, as well as from the European Commission and the Council of Ministers, elaborate on these issues. Institutional regulations and traditional power politics as well as the foreign and security policy traditions of the states concerned, including the question of neutrality, are investigated. In addition, the book identifies the main interests of small states in today's Europe and offers an overview of different strategies these states apply in the realm of foreign and security policy. The book is interesting for the case studies it offers as well as for the reflections it contains regarding fundamental questions of the essence of statehood in today's Europe.

Citizens' Initiatives in Europe

Procedures and Consequences of Agenda-Setting by Citizens

Author: M. Setälä,T. Schiller

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230369901

Category: Political Science

Page: 262

View: 1214

An exploration and analysis of the regulation and practices of citizens' initiatives in eleven European democracies and the EU. The contributors to this volume shed light on how citizens' initiatives influence patterns of political agenda-setting in representative democracies and how they can contribute to participatory democracy.

The Practice of Soil Reinforcing in Europe

Proceedings of the Symposium ... Organised by the Tenax Group Under the Auspices of the International Geosynthetics Society, and Held at the Institution of Civil Engineers on 18 May 1995

Author: Terry S. Ingold

Publisher: Thomas Telford

ISBN: 9780727720832

Category: Geosynthetics

Page: 309

View: 4459

This book provides details of the materials, design considerations, applications and construction techniques currently employed in Europe. Topics covered include the development and use of polymetric reinforcement, basal reinforcement, the use of reinforced soil structures in landfill, and ballistic soil nailing.

Management des Markenwerts bei Luxuskonsumgütern

Author: Daniela Rogall

Publisher: diplom.de

ISBN: 3832433953

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 98

View: 3209

Inhaltsangabe:Problemstellung: Profitierten traditionelle Luxusunternehmen wie Chanel, Hermes, Cartier oder Louis Vuitton im vergangenen Jahrzehnt noch von der wirtschaftlichen Hochkonjunktur, so sehen sich die Nobelhäuser jetzt einer besorgniserregenden Stagnation ihrer Verkaufszahlen gegenüber. Problematisch wirkt sich zum einen die stetig wachsende Zahl der Unternehmen aus, die versuchen, von den hohen Margen auf dem Luxusmarkt zu profitieren, und damit die Konkurrenz in bisher nicht gekannter Weise verschärfen. Zusätzliche Brisanz erhält die Situation, da die von den Luxushäusern für ihre Produkte in Anspruch genommene überragende Qualität aufgrund der im allgemeinen zu beobachtenden Tendenz der fortschreitenden Homogenisierung des Produktangebots nicht länger einen wettbewerbsentscheidenden Vorteil darstellt. Die Jahre des absoluten Wachstums in den 80ern, als sich Luxusprodukte fast von selbst verkauften, sind also definitiv vorbei. Gleichzeitig darf damit eine Ära für beendet erklärt werden, in der lediglich kreative Intuition als bestimmende Erfolgsformel die Geschicke der Unternehmen zu lenken vermochte. Vielmehr sind jetzt klare Konzepte vonnöten, die den speziellen Eigenarten der Luxusgüter gerecht werden und die Existenz der Hersteller auf dem Luxusmarkt sichern helfen. Doch statt sich an die veränderten Bedingungen anzupassen und diese Umstellung konsequent zu vollziehen, sonnen sich viele im Glanz alter Tage und erliegen den Verlockungen kurzfristig angelegter umsatzsteigernder Maßnahmen, ohne langfristige Konsequenzen für die Marke in Betracht ziehen. Unter Umständen mit fatalen Folgen: Gerade im Luxusbereich lässt sich nämlich eine Erweiterung des Abnehmerstamms nicht beliebig vornehmen, da die Exklusivität der Produkte ihr entscheidendes Wesensmerkmal repräsentiert. Zunehmende Verbreitung in der Bevölkerung birgt grundsätzlich und insbesondere vor dem Hintergrund des allgemein konstatierten Wertewandels auf seiten der Konsumenten, der sie dem Luxus ohnehin kritischer gegenüberstehen lässt, immense Risiken des Imageverlusts, der sogenannten Banalisierung der Luxusmarken. Exklusivität und Vermassung heißen dann auch - etwas überspitzt formuliert - die beiden Gegenpole, zwischen denen sich das Spannungsfeld Luxus aufbaut. . Gang der Untersuchung: Hauptanliegen der vorliegenden Arbeit ist es, die spezielle Problematik des Marketings von Luxuskonsumgütern transparent zu machen und daraufhin der Situation adäquate [...]