Adventures of a Restaurant Family

Author: Patricia Volk

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307427994

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 8086

Patricia Volk’s delicious memoir lets us into her big, crazy, loving, cheerful, infuriating and wonderful family, where you’re never just hungry–your starving to death, and you’re never just full–you’re stuffed. Volk’s family fed New York City for one hundred years, from 1888 when her great-grandfather introduced pastrami to America until 1988, when her father closed his garment center restaurant. All along, food was pretty much at the center of their lives. But as seductively as Volk evokes the food, Stuffed is at heart a paean to her quirky, vibrant relatives: her grandmother with the “best legs in Atlantic City”; her grandfather, who invented the wrecking ball; her larger-than-life father, who sculpted snow thrones when other dads were struggling with snowmen. Writing with great freshness and humor, Patricia Volk will leave you hungering to sit down to dinner with her robust family–both for the spectacle and for the food. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Stuffed - Stofftiere in der installativen Kunst

Author: Carmen Messmer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783496015352


Page: 291

View: 7803

Stofftiere als Material der Kunst: Carmen Messmer untersucht erstmals die Materialität und die komplexe Semantik von Kuscheltieren. Seit Mitte der 1980er Jahre finden sie als Bestandteile von Skulpturen und Installationen immer häufiger den Weg in die Museen: Sie sind Container für Erinnerungen, Material für (Sex)Monsterkörper oder bilden einen Kontrapunkt zu lebenden oder zu präparierten Tieren. In diesem Überblick wird sichtbar, warum sich die Tierfiguren aus Stoff und Plüsch – industriell gefertigt oder von Hand gemacht, zerschnitten oder auch ›am Stück‹ – für Künstler und Betrachter gleichermaßen zu einem so reizvollen künstlerischen Material entwickeln konnten.

Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads

The Culture and Evolution of Natural History Museums

Author: Stephen T. Asma

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195347463

Category: Science

Page: 320

View: 4112

The natural history museum is a place where the line between "high" and "low" culture effectively vanishes--where our awe of nature, our taste for the bizarre, and our thirst for knowledge all blend happily together. But as Stephen Asma shows in Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads, there is more going on in these great institutions than just smart fun. Asma takes us on a wide-ranging tour of natural history museums in New York and Chicago, London and Paris, interviewing curators, scientists, and exhibit designers, and providing a wealth of fascinating observations. We learn how the first museums were little more than high-toned side shows, with such garish exhibits as the pickled head of Peter the Great's lover. In contrast, today's museums are hot-beds of serious science, funding major research in such fields as anthropology and archaeology. "Rich in detail, lucid explanation, telling anecdotes, and fascinating characters.... Asma has rendered a fascinating and credible account of how natural history museums are conceived and presented. It's the kind of book that will not only engage a wide and diverse readership, but it should, best of all, send them flocking to see how we look at nature and ourselves in those fabulous legacies of the curiosity cabinet."--The Boston Herald.

Get Stuffed Toronto

Author: Julie Crysler

Publisher: Insomniac Press

ISBN: 1897415664


Page: 136

View: 8584

From fusilli to falafel to ph to fish & chips, Get Stuffed Toronto is a grand tour of some of Toronto's best cheap restaurants. Whether you're out for a quick bite, a first date or five-course meal, this guide will show you where to satisfy your champagne tastes on a beer budget. Get Stuffed Toronto features 100 irreverent reviews, celebrity picks from Toronto personalities like Sky Gilbert and the Washed Up Blondes, plus Toronto's top ten pizza slices, patio and more. It's the ideal guide for the spendthrift glutton.


Author: Eric Walters

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

ISBN: 1551435004

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 108

View: 310

After seeing a documentary about the health risks of eating at fast food restaurants, Ian begins an email campaign to get people to boycott one chain--Frankie's--but finds himself in deep when the chain threatens to sue him.


The Art of the Edible Vegetable Boat

Author: Marlena Kur

Publisher: Race Point Publishing

ISBN: 1631064649

Category: Cooking

Page: 176

View: 9143

Looking for creative and delicious ways to eat your vegetables? Now you can eat an array of colorful foods, eliminate cooking with tons of dishes and bowls, and get on board with the hot new trend: the veggie boat! Vegetable and fruit “boats” are a delicious and nutritious vessel for your meals. Stuffed! shows you how to stuff your favorite foods into most types of fruits and veggies. Each chapter is organized by vegetable, and you’ll love the clever combinations available. You won’t believe the incredible flavor combinations for your avocado boats, eggplant boats, red pepper boats, and many more. Enjoy filling meals, know that there is no waste, and love that there are no dishes to clean when you’re done! Author Marlena Kur is the recipe developer and stylist behind Zest My Lemon, the popular healthy eating Instagram and website.

Stuffed Vegetables

50 Delicious of Stuffed Vegetables

Author: Denny Levin

Publisher: 50 Delicious of Stuffed Vegetables

ISBN: 1519729634


Page: 38

View: 5684

Stuffed vegetables refer to a dish of vegetable filled with meat, vegetables or with some kind of sauce. The most famous sorts of stuffed vegetables are: stuffed peppers, stuffed olives, stuffed mushrooms etc. Stuffed peppers is a dish which exists in different names and forms around the world. Here are some interesting information about stuffed peppers around the world. Stuffed peppers or pimientos rellenos are a piece of customary Spanish food, particularly that of the district of the Basque Country. Normally piquillo peppers are utilized. The fillings fluctuate from Manchego cheddar, to meat or cod in a béchamel sauce; hamburger likely being the most famous formula.


Author: Brian M. Wiprud

Publisher: Dell

ISBN: 0440335450

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 8475

Leaping fishes. Prowling bobcats. Frosty penguins and mute moose heads...These are the things that fill Garth Carson’s life as he buys, sells, and rents exotic taxidermy from his funky New York City storefront. But now Garth and his gal, Angie, have acquired the most sinister stuffed critter in the world: a certain white crow in a bell jar that Angie swoons over–and that other people are dying to get their hands on. When the crow is stolen, along with $50,000 worth of their best taxidermy, Garth and Angie are plunged into the spooky heart of old New England and a realm of crazed carnies, bumbling feds, and a couple of freshly snuffed collectors. To save their bird–and their lives–these two reluctant sleuths must penetrate a zany, highly illegal international treasure hunt...and confront a freak who has a thing for murder. “The funniest tough-guy writer there is.” –Lee Child “Audacious and always original. Wiprud twangs funny bones I never knew I had.” –T. Jefferson Parker From the Paperback edition.

Stuffed Spuds

100 Light Meals in a Potato

Author: Jeanne Jones

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1590772415

Category: Cooking

Page: 150

View: 5773

The potato has gone gourmet, with a healthy twist! Here are a hundred diverse, exciting yet nutritionally-sound recipes for turning the world's most popular vegetable into a satisfying light meal. Hungry for a different taste? Choose from the Chicken Tarragon Stuffed SPud, Chili Bowl Spud, Ham Quiche Spud, the Pizza Potato and many more to satisfy that appetite. High in vitamins, minerals and fiber, lower in cholesterol, these one-dish meals can be simple or elaborate, economical or extravagant, sinfully indulgent with an eye on what's good for you. For a fresh new kind of meal sure to tickle your palate without giving you a gut, start stuffing spuds!

Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook

Taking Your Favorite Foods and Stuffing Them to Make New, Different and Delicious Meals

Author: Dan Whalen

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

ISBN: 1624140386

Category: Cooking

Page: 208

View: 8445

Take Your Favorite Comfort Foods to the Next Level with Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook Dan Whalen is a mad scientist of comfort food. Dan's recipe takes a full-sized cheeseburger, stuffs it into a ravioli and calls it dinner. Another puts pineapple and bacon into jalapeno peppers to create a tasty, flavorful appetizer. With every recipe so fun and different, you'll be able to make dishes that your family and friends have truly never seen before. Dan is the genius behind the popular blog, The Food in My Beard. His recipes have been viewed over 6 million times and his work has been featured in Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking magazine and on and Huffington Post. Recipes include Cheesesteak Stuffed Soft Pretzel Calzones, Chicken Stuffed Waffles, Cheddar Sriracha Stuffed Mushrooms and Cherry Pie Stuffed Chocolate Cake, so get ready to take the best comfort foods and stuff them with even more awesome flavor. With Stuffed, you'll be making the best tasting dishes you've never even dreamed of.


Luscious Filled Treats from Savory to Sweet

Author: Chris Fennimore

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781943366446


Page: 192

View: 6078


How to Make Stuffed Animals

Modern, Simple Patterns and Instructions for 18 Projects

Author: Sian Keegan

Publisher: Quarry

ISBN: 1592537995

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 4494

Learn how to make 18 stuffed animal projects with original sewing patterns and illustrated instructions with this endearing new guide! With a complete overview of techniques and materials, How to Make Stuffed Animals shows that making these cuddly creatures is fun, addictive, and much easier than one would think. Anyone who has completed the most basic of sewing projects can master the projects in this book, and these cute creations can be used as decorative objects for the home or as great handmade gifts. Inside, you’ll find adorable animals like: - A squirrel holding an acorn - A grizzly bear - A raccoon - A horse - A bird mobile - Cute canines - Furry felines - And many more Explore a comprehensive range of animals in a modern and simple style with How to Make Stuffed Animals!

Stuffed Lives

Author: Alastair Scott

Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing

ISBN: 190600031X

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 7678

Change was never popular on the island of Muckle Flabbay, a bastion of tradition, but the death of the landowner heralds the end of the Old Order: ... the heir to the estate seeks to implement 'nouveau landlordism' - radical land reform with community participation - but he will only inherit if he fulfils a whimsical set of conditions; his new neighbour turns out to be an Arab with a very different agenda. New Age Travellers roll in with equally divergent concepts of morals and fun to those Muckle Flabbians who adhere to the established Churches, which dissolve into bitter and violent schisms ... ... crofters find themselves threatened by the corncrake, and rally in defence of their island when - a shiorraidh! - politicians light on Muckle Flabbay for their flagship 'Private Funding Initiative' project, a bridge to the mainland with the highest tolls in Europe ... desperately trying to maintain Law and Order - and failing spectacularly - is Sergeant Cleghorn, in hot pursuit of a pornography ring while his lonely wife seeks love elsewhere ... Muckle Flabbay's peace will not return until this destructive tour-de-force has run its course. Only then will life revert to its former tranquillity, its time-honoured domestic routines of bloodless back-stabbing, alcohol-idolatry, tourist-fleecing and grant-grabbing. This is Stuffed Lives and any similarity with persons and places in existence in the Highlands is entirely intentional. Alastair Scott's first novel is a comic tour-de-force in the style of Tom Sharpe, but much, much sharper.

The Story of a Stuffed Elephant

Author: Laura Lee Hope

Publisher: The Floating Press

ISBN: 177653199X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 71

View: 727

The Story of a Stuffed Elephant is another winner from the masterminds of timeless juvenile fiction at the Stratemeyer Syndicate, the twentieth century group responsible for classics such as The Bobbsey Twins, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew. In this charming tale intended for younger audiences, the rich inner life of a humble stuffed elephant is revealed.

Never Have Your Dog Stuffed

Author: Alan Alda

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409060357

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 4017

He's one of America's most recognisable and acclaimed actors-a star on Broadway, an Oscar nominee for The Aviator, and the only person to ever win Emmys for acting, writing, and directing during his eleven years on M*A*S*H. Now Alan Alda has written a memoir as elegant, funny, and affecting as his greatest performances. 'My mother didn't try to stab my father until I was six,' begins Alan Alda's irresistible story. The son of a popular actor and a loving, but mentally ill mother, he spent his early childhood backstage in the erotic and comic world of burlesque and went on after early struggles to achieve extraordinary success in his profession. Yet Never Have Your Dog Stuffed is not a memoir of show business ups and downs. It is a moving and funny story of a boy growing into a man who then realizes he has only begun to grow. It is the story of turning points in his life, events that would make him what he is - if only he could survive them. From the moment as a boy when his dead dog is returned from the taxidermist's shop with a hideous expression on his face, and he learns that death can't be undone, to the decades-long effort to find compassion for the mother he lived with but never knew, to his acceptance of his father in him, personally and professionally, he learns the hard way that change, uncertainty and transformation are what life is made of, and the good life is made of welcoming them. Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, filled with curiosity about Nature, good humour and honesty, is the crowning achievement of an actor, author, and director, but surprisingly, it is the story of a life more filled with turbulence and laughter than any he's ever played on the stage or screen.

The Stuffed Frog in Santa's Sack

Author: Lauren Conners

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449046231


Page: 28

View: 9394

This book is about a Christmas story in which an elf named, Molly, thought that all of the presents for the children should be surprises.

My Saucy Stuffed Ravioli

The Life of Angelica Cookson Potts

Author: Cherry Whytock

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0689865503

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 168

View: 3778

While preparing for and going on vacation to Italy with her friends and family, food-loving English teenager Angelica deals with her unrequited love for Sydney, her fear of being seen in public in a bikini, and her worries that her mother might be havinga

From Stuffed to Sorted

Your Essential Guide To Organising, Room By Room

Author: MaryAnne Bennie

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0730378292

Category: House & Home

Page: 176

View: 3584

"MaryAnne is the only person I would consider consulting to tackle any organising challenge." —Shaynna Blaze, interior designer and TV presenter Follow organisational expert MaryAnne Bennie's in8steps system and organise your entire home without turning it into total chaos in the process. In eight simple steps the system helps you to decide what stays and what goes, and how to store what remains efficiently. Learn how to: reorganise your whole house in a series of eight-minute blitzes bust your excuses and find the motivation to start develop techniques to set yourself up for success focus on one area of your house at a time—from kickstarting your kitchen to boosting your bedroom make the finishing touches to create the home you have always wanted. So, what are you waiting for? Work at a pace your lifestyle allows and use this tried-and-tested system to completely overhaul your relationship with your stuff. Take control of your clutter and enjoy living in your home once again.

God Is Not a Stuffed Shirt: Love Poems to My Heavenly Father

Author: Susan Wahome

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1770674071

Category: Poetry

Page: 144

View: 998

TO THE GLORY OF GOD!Hello PaPa, Oh Father, if only I could teach someoneYour loving laughter, reach someone to tell of Your sacred heavenly realm.Oh, if they will only trust in You, Father!If only they will stay and bathein the radiance of Your angelsall around.Their hearts open up like blossoms of flowersreaching their thirsty petals to the rain and their grinning faces to the sun, which warms them.Love brings out the colors of joy, and the songs of angels intertwine with Your sweet breath.Finally Your children's eyes are lifted upto the Glory of You, Heavenly Father.To the Glory of God!