Hans Hansen: Still Life

Author: Hans Hansen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783959051606

Category: Photography, Artistic

Page: 254

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This publication presents a retrospective survey of the work of German photographer Hans Hansen (born 1940), one of the foremost contemporary practitioners of the still life genre. Hansen combines technical precision and graphic minimalism to create poetic images of everyday objects.

Hans Hansen


Author: N.A

Publisher: Lars Muller Publishers

ISBN: 3907078500

Category: Design

Page: 117

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From landscapes to personal studies to ad campaigns and product shots for Lufthansa, American Express, and Audi, all of Hans Hansen's key creative phases are represented herein. Hockey gear and heads of hair, car parts and chairs, butter and bookshelves, fish scales and fruit rinds, sausages and sea shells, textiles and tea cups -- Hans Hansen's camera freezes them all. Rightly admired for his images of objects, Hansen's view on world of the still life is explored in Sachtfotografie, as is the greater scope of his personality, inspirations, and passions.

Hidden Figures - Unerkannte Heldinnen

Author: Margot Lee Shetterly

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 3959676433

Category: History

Page: 416

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1943 stellt das Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory der NACA,die später zur NASA wird, erstmalig afroamerikanische Frauen ein. "Menschliche Rechner" - unter ihnen Dorothy Vaughan, die 1953 Vorgesetzte der brillanten afroamerikanischen Mathematikerin Katherine Johnson wird. Trotz Diskriminierung und Vorurteilen, treiben sie die Forschungen der NASA voran und Katherine Johnsons Berechnungen werden maßgeblich für den Erfolg der Apollo-Missionen. Dies ist ihre Geschichte. "Mit dieser unglaublich mitreißenden und vielschichtigen Erzählung zeigt Shetterly ihr Können. Die Geschichte begeistert in allen Aspekten." Booklist

Marilyn Monroe 50 Sessions

Schätze aus dem Fotoarchiv von Milton H. Greene, herausgegeben von Joshua Greene

Author: Joshua Greene

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783957281487


Page: 360

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Surrealism and Photography in Czechoslovakia

On the Needles of Days

Author: Krzysztof Fijalkowski

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351547410

Category: Art

Page: 214

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Surrealism and Photography in Czechoslovakia: On the Needles of Days sheds much-needed light on the location of the greatest concentration of Surrealist photography and examines the culture and tradition within which it has taken root and flourished. The volume explores a rich and important artistic output, very little of which has been seen outside of its land of origin. Based on extensive research at museums in Prague and Brno and many conversations with participants in and historians of the movement, Krzysztof Fijalkowski, Michael Richardson and Ian Walker analyse how this photographic work has developed cohesively and rigorously, from the beginnings of Czech Surrealism in 1934, to the intriguing researches of the present-day Czech and Slovak Surrealist group by way of mysterious veiled responses to the repressive contexts with which they were faced from the 1950s to the 1980s. The main chapters, ordered chronologically, are intersected with shorter texts examining specific works. The reader will find in this volume images that present challenges to our understanding of how photographic work has been used within surrealism, pinpointing individual pictures whose dynamic charge may induce instants of compelling interrogation and disruption.

Creating distinctions in Dutch genre painting

repetition and invention

Author: Angela Ho

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9048532949

Category: Art

Page: N.A

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In the mid- to late-seventeenth century, a number of successful Dutch painters created a novel kind of genre painting using restricted sets of stock motifs. Focusing on Gerrit Dou, Gerard ter Borch, and Frans van Mieris, this book explores how these artists employed various forms of pictorial repetition-from creating virtuosic, self-referential compositions around signature motifs to engaging esteemed predecessors in a competitive dialogue through emulation - to project a distinctive artistic personality. The resulting paintings, recognizable yet unique, became the occasions for wealthy viewers in the young Dutch Republic to demonstrate their knowledge of art and claim membership in the exclusive circle of sophisticated enthusiasts. Drawing on contemporary art treatises, inventories of collections, and manuals of collecting and connoisseurship, the book considers the visual and social environments in which the paintings were received. It contends that creative repetition was a strategy that served the interdependent interests of artists and viewers.

Only Imagine

Fiction, Interpretation and Imagination

Author: Kathleen Stock

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192519239

Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

View: 1982

Only Imagine offers a theory of fictional content or, as it is sometimes known, 'fictional truth'. The theory of fictional content Kathleen Stock argues for is known as 'extreme intentionalism'; the idea that the fictional content of a particular work is equivalent to exactly what the author of the work intended the reader to imagine. Historically, this sort of view has been highly unpopular. Literary theorists and philosophers alike have poured scorn upon it. The first half of this book attempts to argue that it should in fact be taken very seriously as an adequate account of fictional truth: better, in fact, than many of its more popular rivals. The second half explores various explanatory benefits of extreme intentionalism for other issues in the philosophy of fiction and imagination. Namely, can fiction give us reliable knowledge? Why do we 'resist' imagining certain fictions? What, in fact, is a fiction? And, how should the imagination be characterised?


Author: Robert Harris

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 364121372X

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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September 1938 – in München treffen sich Hitler, Chamberlain, Mussolini und Daladier zu einer kurzfristig einberufenen Konferenz. Der Weltfrieden hängt am seidenen Faden. Im Gefolge des britischen Premierministers Chamberlain befindet sich Hugh Legat aus dem Außenministerium, der ihm als Privatsekretär zugeordnet ist. Auf der deutschen Seite gehört Paul von Hartmann aus dem Auswärtigen Amt in Berlin zum Kreis der Anwesenden. Den Zugang zur Delegation hat er sich erschlichen. Insgeheim ist er Mitglied einer Widerstandszelle gegen Hitler. Legat und von Hartmann verbindet eine Freundschaft, seit sie in Oxford gemeinsam studiert haben. Nun kreuzen sich ihre Wege wieder. Wie weit müssen sie gehen, wenn sie den drohenden Krieg verhindern wollen? Der neue Politthriller von Robert Harris – ein Roman über Hochverrat und Unbestechlichkeit, über Loyalität und Vertrauensbruch. Und wie immer bei Robert Harris lassen sich über die historischen Figuren und Ereignisse erhellende Bezüge zur aktuellen Weltpolitik herstellen.

A Generous Vision

The Creative Life of Elaine de Kooning

Author: Cathy Curtis

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019049848X

Category: Art

Page: 352

View: 8874

The first biography of Elaine de Kooning, A Generous Vision portrays a woman whose intelligence, droll sense of humor, and generosity of spirit endeared her to friends and gave her a starring role in the close-knit world of New York artists. Her zest for adventure and freewheeling spending were as legendary as her ever-present cigarette. Flamboyant and witty in person, she was an incisive art writer who expressed maverick opinions in a deceptively casual style. As a painter, she melded Abstract Expressionism with a lifelong interest in bodily movement to capture subjects as diverse as President John F. Kennedy, basketball players, and bullfights. In her romantic life, she went her own way, always keen for male attention. But she credited her husband, Willem de Kooning, as her greatest influence; rather than being overshadowed by his fame, she worked "in his light." Nearly two decades after their separation, after finally embracing sobriety herself, she returned to his side to rescue him from severe alcoholism. Based on painstaking research and dozens of interviews, A Generous Vision brings to life a leading figure of twentieth-century art who lived a full and fascinating life on her own terms.



Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641053579

Category: Fiction

Page: 1536

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Das Böse in Gestalt eines namenlosen Grauens In Derry, Maine, schlummert das Böse in der Kanalisation: Alle 28 Jahre wacht es auf und muss fressen. Jetzt taucht »Es« wieder empor. Sieben Freunde entschließen sich, dem Grauen entgegenzutreten und ein Ende zu setzen. Stephen Kings Meisterwerk über die Mysterien der Kindheit und den Horror des Erwachsenseins. »Ein Meilenstein der amerikanischen Literatur.« Chicago Sun-Times

Der Kater mit Hut

Author: Dr. Seuss,Theodor Seuss Geisel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783492240789

Category: Bilderbuch

Page: 75

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Two children sitting at home on a rainy day are visited by the Cat in the Hat who shows them some tricks and games.

Yamamoto Masao: Tori

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781942185130

Category: Photography

Page: 160

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The master of the silent moment trains his lens on his lifelong obsession: birds As a small boy growing up in the Japanese countryside, photographer Masao Yamamoto enjoyed looking up at the sky. From his classroom window, he would gaze at the windblown clouds, mesmerized by airborne creatures such as birds, butterflies and winged insects. He sometimes dreamed of riding on the back of a bird and flying away to faraway places. Yamamoto's career as a photographer began in 1993. One of Japan's most important living photographers, Yamamoto has taken many different approaches to photography over the past 20 years. But what has remained constant is the artist's belief that humans are just a small part of nature, united with it and part of it. Throughout his career, Yamamoto has often returned to animals, particularly birds, as a subject, reflecting his childhood fascination with the creatures and his eternal commitment to the unity of humanity and nature. With Tori, the photographer departs on yet another artistic journey, with a new series of quietly moving animal images (torimeans "bird" in Japanese). Yamamoto asks himself, and his viewers: What do we see, and what do we identify with, in birds? Yamamoto Masao (born 1957) trained as an oil painter before turning to photography. His portraits, landscapes and still lifes are silver prints that are delicately toned and sometimes overpainted/dyed. Among his previous publications is Small Things in Silence (RM/Seigensha, 2015). In the US, Yamamoto is represented by the Yancey Richardson Gallery in New York, Jackson Fine Arts in Atlanta, Craig Krull Gallery in Los Angeles and the Etherton Gallery in Tucson, among others.


Author: Alex Flinn

Publisher: Bastei Lübbe (Baumhaus Taschenbuch)

ISBN: 9783843200691

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 336

View: 2822

Kyle Kingsbury ist eine Bestie, die nachts durch New York streift - als hässliches Monstrum. Doch Kyle war nicht immer so. Er war mal ein Junge, mit dem jeder andere gerne getauscht hätte, ein gutaussehender, reicher und bei vielen Mädchen beliebten Kerl, aber er war auch arrogant, eingebildet und überheblich. Zur Strafe wurde er dazu verflucht, dieses grässliche Biest zu sein - jetzt kann ihn nur noch die Liebe von diesem Fluch erlösen.

Der Raum als Membran

Edition Bauhaus 43

Author: Siegfried Ebeling

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783944669465


Page: 40

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Der Raum als Membran“, 1926 von Siegfried Ebeling als eine Art Flugschrift in Dessau, dem ku?nstlerischen wie technischen Labor der Moderne, veröffentlicht, hat immer wieder das Interesse seiner Zeitgenossen hervorgerufen. Wir finden ein Exemplar auf dem Schreibtisch von Walter Gropius am Dessauer Bauhaus, ein weiteres mit Anstreichungen von der Hand des Architekten in der Bibliothek Ludwig Mies van der Rohes. Und immer wieder wenn das utopische Bauhaus thematisiert wird, taucht auch das Titelbild von „Der Raum als Membran“ auf. Der Autor aber und seine weiteren Versuche, die Theorie einer biologischen Architektur zu entwickeln, wurden vergessen. Verarmt und isoliert von der Nachkriegsarchitektur starb Siegfried Ebeling 1963 in Hamburg. Zusammen mit der umfangreichen Band „Das leichte Haus. Utopie und Realität der Membranarchitektur“ von Walter Scheiffele veröffentlichen wir einen Reprint von „Der Raum als Membran“.


Author: Hilaire Belloc,Basil Blackwood,Quentin Blake

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783725411399


Page: 135

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Ukrainische Nacht

Author: Kateryna Mishchenko

Publisher: Spector Books

ISBN: 9783944669717


Page: 180

View: 6129

Bis die Autoreifen auf dem Maidan brannten, war die Ukraine ein weißer Fleck auf der Landkarte am Rande Europas. Der Maidan – Symbol und Ort des monatelangen Protests der Bürger – kennzeichnet einen neuen Zeitabschnitt in der ukrainischen Geschichte. Der Fotograf Miron Zownir reiste im Jahr 2012/13 gemeinsam mit Kateryna Mishchenko, ukrainische Autorin und Übersetzerin, in ihr Land, um den Alltag von seinen Rändern her kennenzulernen. Zownir fotografierte Drogenabhängige aus Poltawa, Obdachlose am Hauptbahnhof in Kiew, Straßenkinder in Odessa und Czernowitz sowie Bewohner verschiedener Roma-Lager. Mishchenkos einfühlsame Texte und Zownirs Nahaufnahmen sind ein Dokument der tiefen sozialen Verwerfungen in der ukrainischen Gesellschaft, in denen die Vorzeichen der Revolution bereits spürbar sind.