Still Captive?

History, Law and the Teaching of High School Journalism

Author: Society Journalism Education Committee

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781581072761

Category: Journalism, Educational

Page: 316

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This book is the work of 14 separate individuals who came together out of a mutual passion: that of teaching journalism. Although all the authors are college or university professors, almost all of them began their journalism journey in a high school classroom - most in a newspaper class, many in a yearbook class. Unfortunately, not all of them see the same enthusiasm for the subject that they remember. What they see in college classrooms are students who think they can jump right into being a sports analyst for a network or a fashion editor for a major publication, all as first jobs out of college. Many who come to higher education without a high school journalism experience come without the necessary critical thinking, creative thinking, collaborative and communication skills. That is the reasoning behind this book: not just to discover the state of high school journalism, but a way to help teachers improve their own skills. This work is for teachers who either are or will be teaching high school journalism and people who are interested in preserving the programs. The first part of this work is a look at the state of high school journalism in America in 2014. This includes a nationwide survey with the results in Section One. For teachers who want to argue for support in terms of newer technology, working with local professionals, additional certification or other issues, this section provides that information. Section Two was developed because it became apparent early on that many high school journalism teachers had no idea about the federal court laws which govern what they teach. The three chapters take teachers from the earliest history and laws through the Hazelwood decision and slightly beyond - cases that have significant impact on governance of scholastic news media. Section Three turns back to the classroom itself and discusses the basics of high school journalism, how outstanding programs have survived, teaching the 4Cs, how teachers can best use available workshops and incorporate more professional assistance in their classroom. The final section gives all the conclusions about what can be done to improve high school journalism, plus an annotated bibliography for anyone who wants to conduct further research in this subject, and brief biographical sketches of the authors and editors of this work. Also added is the original survey sent to 600 high school teachers. It is the sincere hope of the SPJ Education Committee that this work is of assistance to scholastic programs throughout the country

Captive Audience

Prison and Captivity in Contemporary Theatre

Author: Thomas Fahy,Kimball King

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135888957

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

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The first collection on this important topic, Captive Audience examines the social, gendered, ethnic, and cultural problems of incarceration as explored in contemporary theatre. Beginning with an essay by Harold Pinter, the original contributions discuss work including Harold Pinter's screenplays for The Handmaid's Tale and The Trial, Theatrical Prison Projects and Marat/Sade. Kimball King, Thomas Fahy, Rena Fraden, Tiffany Ana Lopez, Fiona Mills, Harold Pinter, Ann C. Hall, Christopher C. Hudgins, Pamela Cooper, Robert F. Gross, Claudia Barnett, Lois Gordon


Author: A.J. Grainger

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1481429035

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 272

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Sixteen-year-old Robyn Knollys-Green struggles to keep faith in her father, the British Prime Minister, while being held hostage by a group of extremist that includes an attractive, kind young man called Talon.

I'm Still Standing

From Captive U.S. Soldier to Free Citizen--My Journey Home

Author: Shoshana Johnson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416570284

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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SHOSHANA HOLDS NOTHING BACK in this harrowing account of an ordinary woman caught in extraordinary circumstances. She reveals decisions made by chain of command that may have led to her twenty-two-day imprisonment, describes the pain of post-traumatic stress disorder, and shares the surprising story of how a specialist in a maintenance company ended up on the front lines of war. Told with exceptional bravery and candor, I’m Still Standing is at once a provocative look at the politics of war and the unforgettable story of a single mom and soldier who became an American hero. In March 2003, Operation Iraqi Freedom made world headlines when a U. S. army convoy was attacked en route to Baghdad. Shoshana Johnson became the first black female prisoner of war in United States history.

472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf

The Survival of Australian Warren Rodwell

Author: Bob East

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443871710

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 195

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In December 2011, the Australian world traveller, ex-member of the Australian Regular Army and university teacher Warren Richard Rodwell was kidnapped for ransom in the Mindanao region of the southern Philippines by a group of criminals claiming to be members of the notorious terrorist/insurgent organisation the Abu Sayyaf Group. This particular group had loose ties with other insurgent groups that were indulging in similar criminal activity in the greater Sulu Archipelago area including the Zamboanga peninsular – where Rodwell was abducted. Rodwell was kept prisoner for a total of 472 days making him the longest held Australian captive outside of official Prisoners-of-War (POWs). During his 472 days of captivity he was moved between various jungle hideouts in the Islands of Basilan and Tawi-Tawi, eventually being freed by his captors only a few kilometres from where he was originally kidnapped. His tale of survival is made all the more remarkable considering he endured an untreated gunshot wound and an almost starvation diet – losing over one third of his body weight – and was forced to walk and climb in oppressive heat and under constant threat of being beheaded. When he was finally released in March 2013 he was emaciated, physically and emotionally at the lowest point in his life, and totally bewildered. During his period of obligatory debriefing by both Philippine and Australian authorities, an amazing tale of survival unfolded. Rodwell’s determination to overcome all obstacles in his path to eventual freedom is the quintessence of all that is dear in life – life itself.

Domestication of Captive Wild Animals

Are Captive Zoo Animals Still Wild Or are They Becoming Domesticated Versions of Their Wild Counterparts?

Author: Nicole Buehler

Publisher: N.A



Page: 198

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The Running of Beasts

Author: Bill Pronzini,Barry N. Malzberg

Publisher: Speaking Volumes

ISBN: 1612321216

Category: Fiction

Page: 322

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THEY ARE DEAD. THEY ARE HIDEOUSLY DEAD. FIVE WOMEN ARE DEAD. A HOMICIDAL MANIAC HAS KILLED FIVE WOMEN. Three down when Ferrara, a psychiatrist, and Valerie Broome, New York feature writer, arrive in the Adirondacks to see when the local Jack the Ripper will kill again. Fatalities and failed assaults ensue. Is it Steven Hook, failed actor, alcoholic, track loser? Or Jack Cross, local newspaperman, with too much mother and a girl who's pregnant? They have their reasons to rage against women...

Setting All the Captives Free

Capture, Adjustment, and Recollection in Allegheny Country

Author: Ian K. Steele

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773589899

Category: History

Page: 552

View: 6106

Among the many upheavals in North America caused by the French and Indian War was a commonplace practice that affected the lives of thousands of men, women, and children: being taken captive by rival forces. Most previous studies of captivity in early America are content to generalize from a small selection of sources, often centuries apart. In Setting All the Captives Free, Ian Steele presents, from a mountain of data, the differences rather than generalities as well as how these differences show the variety of circumstances that affected captives’ experiences. The product of a herculean effort to identify and analyze the captives taken on the Allegheny frontier during the era of the French and Indian War, Setting All the Captives Free is the most complete study of this topic. Steele explores genuine, doctored, and fictitious accounts in an innovative challenge to many prevailing assumptions and arguments, revealing that Indians demonstrated humanity and compassion by continuing to take numerous captives when their opponents took none, by adopting and converting captives into kin during the war, and by returning captives even though doing so was a humiliating act that betrayed their societies' values. A fascinating and comprehensive work by an acclaimed scholar, Setting All the Captives Free takes the study of the French and Indian War in America to an exciting new level.

It's Still All About Love and Some Other Stuff

Author: Terry Ann Williams-Richard

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469108003

Category: Religion

Page: 173

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Do You Want to Love and Be Loved? Everybody wants to love and be loved. Heres a collection of poetry dedicated to love and the search for more. Youll smile and maybe shed a tear as you read this book. Youll want to share it with others. Youll read poems from three LOVE sections: Love: Family, Friends and Just Plain Living---Family, friends and living blesses us with love that helps us weather the storms of life and enjoy sunshine even more. Love: Romance and Some Other Stuff---Infatuation, giggles, heartbreak, courtships, passion and honeymooning represent something we long for and simply wont do without. Love: Gods Love and Abundant Life---The greatest love comes from God. Life lessons are best understood filtered through His unconditional love. Each poem tells its own story, leaving its mark on your soul. --- Nikita Glenn, a book reviewer I appreciate being understood and uplifted as I face daily pressures. ---Jamahl Brown, an educator I could hear the Holy Spirit speak through these written words. ---Sharon Locket

Captives and Corsairs

France and Slavery in the Early Modern Mediterranean

Author: Gillian Weiss

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804777845

Category: History

Page: 408

View: 5770

Captives and Corsairs uncovers a forgotten story in the history of relations between the West and Islam: three centuries of Muslim corsair raids on French ships and shores and the resulting captivity of tens of thousands of French subjects and citizens in North Africa. Through an analysis of archival materials, writings, and images produced by contemporaries, the book fundamentally revises our picture of France's emergence as a nation and a colonial power, presenting the Mediterranean as an essential vantage point for studying the rise of France. It reveals how efforts to liberate slaves from North Africa shaped France's perceptions of the Muslim world and of their own "Frenchness". From around 1550 to 1830, freeing these captives evolved from an expression of Christian charity to a method of state building and, eventually, to a rationale for imperial expansion. Captives and Corsairs thus advances new arguments about the fluid nature of slavery and firmly links captive redemption to state formation—and in turn to the still vital ideology of liberatory conquest.


Author: Aimee Carter

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 0373211287

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

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While being forced by the Blackcoats to impersonate Lila Hart, the Prime Minister's niece, Kitty Doe finds herself imprisoned in Elsewhere, an inescapable detention area for criminals.

The Captives

A Novel

Author: Debra Jo Immergut

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062747568

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 4742

The riveting story of a woman convicted of a brutal crime, the prison psychologist who recognizes her as his high-school crush—and the charged reunion that sets off an astonishing chain of events with dangerous consequences for both As an inmate psychologist at a state prison, Frank Lundquist has had his fair share of surprises. But nothing could possibly prepare him for the day in which his high school object of desire, Miranda Greene, walks into his office for an appointment. Still reeling from the scandal that cost him his Manhattan private practice and landed him in his unglamorous job at Milford Basin Correctional Facility in the first place, Frank knows he has an ethical duty to reassign Miranda’s case. But Miranda is just as beguiling as ever, and he’s insatiably curious: how did a beautiful high school sprinter and the promising daughter of a congressman end up incarcerated for a shocking crime? Even more compelling: though Frank remembers every word Miranda ever spoke to him, she gives no indication of having any idea who he is. Inside the prison walls, Miranda is desperate and despairing, haunted by memories of a childhood tragedy, grappling with a family legacy of dodgy moral and political choices, and still trying to unwind the disastrous love that led to her downfall. And yet she is also grittily determined to retain some control over her fate. Frank quickly becomes a potent hope for her absolution—and maybe even her escape. Propulsive and psychologically astute, The Captives is an intimate and gripping meditation on freedom and risk, male and female power, and the urges toward both corruption and redemption that dwell in us all.

Indian Captive

The Story of Mary Jemison

Author: Lois Lenski

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453227520

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 316

View: 3155

Mary Jemison has been captured by a Shawnee war party! How will she survive? When twelve-year-old Mary Jemison and her family are captured by Shawnee raiders, she’s sure they’ll all be killed. Instead, Mary is separated from her siblings and traded to two Seneca sisters, who adopt her and make her one of their own. Mary misses her home, but the tribe is kind to her. She learns to plant crops, make clay pots, and sew moccasins, just as the other members do. Slowly, Mary realizes that the Indians are not the monsters she believed them to be. When Mary is given the chance to return to her world, will she want to leave the tribe that has become her family? This Newbery Honor book is based on the true story of Mary Jemison, the pioneer known as the “White Woman of the Genesee.” This ebook features an illustrated biography of Lois Lenski including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author’s estate.

God Has a Plan

Through Jesus Christ, His Son - Are You Ready? the Holy Spirit and the Word of God Working Together

Author: Shirley Hamilton

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465354379

Category: Self-Help

Page: 238

View: 3883

I believe this book declares what is happening in the spirit realm to activate the "spiritual antenna" of those in and outside the churches, and how God will gather His people together and pour out His Holy Spirit upon them to do His Will, in His Way. God wants an 'army' of ordinary people to play their part in His Final Battle for Souls. Security in God is vital, as is Faith to keep following Jesus -without being deceived and growing cold towards God. God wants to release His people into a SECOND ACT OF JESUS' RESURRECTION POWER to do His amazing works of Grace and Mercy. He wants us to be aware of the spiritual signs, which will continue to increase prior to Jesus' return, so that we are ready for when He does RETURN for HIS SPOTLESS BRIDE HIS CHURCH! Therefore, God wants us to STOP and LISTEN to Him! Personally, God has spoken to me since 1991 regarding "The Final Battle" and has gradually revealed more and more of His plans, but I firmly believe there is very much more revelation to be received by God's people and that this is only just the very beginning. The purpose of these revelations is to give vision and to give spiritual insight into the days and times in which we now live. It is to inform all people about the urgency of these times by alerting their spiritual reception to what God is planning to do in the coming days. In order for people to understand these times they will need to allow God to "give birth" in their hearts to HOPE, FAITH, LOVE, COMPASSION and VISION with an EXPECTANCY that God will do ALL that He says He will do. My prayer is that these revelations will encourage and give assurance of GOD's LOVE for ALL PEOPLE and, also, give warnings and opportunities to others to receive JESUS, GOD'S ONLY SON, as their SAVIOUR and LORD. Therefore, this book is a LETTER from GOD'S HEART addressed to those who: KNOW JESUS, who have been born of His Holy Spirit and are seeking to put His will first in their lives. HAVE KNOWN JESUS, but have lost contact with Him through disappointments, disillusionments, pain, hurt, rejection etc. HAVE KNOWN JESUS but who have fallen prey to lethargy and comfort, having been deceived that following Jesus means only to follow Him and live in the blessings (the good times), and not following Him in the "crucifixion" times (faith-building times), for during these times character growth and maturity can take place. HAVE KNOWN JESUS, but have fallen asleep and have become "spiritually dead" no longer able to hear the voice of their Shepherd calling them to come to Him. LEGALLY PRAISE HIM with their "head" and not with their "heart", as they are missing the point, missing out on their personal relationship with Jesus and missing out on fulfilling their potential and purpose in Him. HAVE HEARD ABOUT JESUS and believe in Him, and that He is the only Son of God, but do not see the need or urgency or relevance of receiving Him as Lord and Saviour of their lives. HAVE NEVER HEARD ABOUT JESUS, and about the Good News that was given to all mankind when Jesus died for ALL of our sins and arose from the dead on the third day, thereby being in a position of authority to remove ALL sin and opposition from the lives of all who will turn to Him in true repentance and with sincere regret for their wrong doings, however big or small, so that they can receive His Forgiveness and His Healing and Saving Love into their hearts and lives. MAY BE either complacent, financially secure, poor and needy, sick and dying, abused physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, or those who may be the perpetrators of this abuse, those who are desperate and despairing, longing and groaning for moral and upright attitudes within our Nations, for which problems and difficulties JESUS IS the only answer. MAY BE plotting evil against those who follow Jesus, to turn from their course while there are still opportunities available to them. To su

Captive Angel

Author: Cheryl Anne Porter

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 146688603X

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 9263

The day her mother died, Angel Devlin killed a man in self-defense. And a lynch mob put a noose around her neck. Then Wallace Daltry stepped forward to save her life. A secret had brought the elderly rancher to Red River Station, Texas, to find Angel--and offer her something the outcast daughter of an "upstairs girl" in a saloon never had. A home. Jack Daltry came back to his father's ranch to mend fences between them. Instead, he finds his father dead, and a feisty, beautiful woman claiming his dad gave her the circle D ranch. Now a standoff begins between a man eaten up with anger and a defiant beauty with emotions locked behind a wall of self-control. But when a ruthless killer comes after them both, Jack finds a woman of passion and courage beside him...and a chance for redemption if he can show Angel the transforming power of love, in Cheryl Anne Porter's Captive Angel.


Author: Emily Vance

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493184008

Category: Fiction

Page: 396

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"Thrown into life in a strange city, Mati, a young village girl, finds herself trapped in a battle between two empires, one thirsting for blood, the other for gold. With nothing to gain from this war, she must fight to survive so that she can escape the city with her life. The longer she stays, the more she learns about a world she knew nothing of. Life is driven by death, and death is driven by the gods. But when the gods are taken away, all that is left is humanities' fight for salvation. Only, for Mati, that salvation must be found in the shadows of an enemy's crumbling empire"--Page 4 of cover.

The Reformation Made Easy

Author: C. Matthew McMahon

Publisher: Puritan Publications

ISBN: 1937466507

Category: Religion

Page: 500

View: 841

The history of the Reformation is a demonstration of one of the greatest revolutions that has ever been accomplished in human affairs by the sovereignty of God. In many respects the history of the Reformation is distinct from that of Protestantism. In the former everything bears the mark of a regeneration of the human race, of a religious and social change emanating from God himself through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Reformation was not a single moment in time where the stalwart reformer Martin Luther stood against the Roman Catholic Church at the Diet of Worms. Instead, in looking at the history of the Reformation, we find it to be a much more complex organism and the direct result of God's vast work of providence across continents and countries. Many times such a history is complex and difficult to wade through for the student. In this work, the Reformation is made easy.

The Church at Home and Abroad

Author: Henry Addison Nelson,Albert B. Robinson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Presbyterian Church

Page: N.A

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Author: Simone Conward

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493190180

Category: Bibles

Page: 302

View: 1400

The book “Prophecy” is a book for truth seekers, because it reveals what the prophets of “The Bible” said in the prophecies. It is an interpretation that can’t be denied, but one that most people won’t accept though it’s clearly written and is the truth. It is raw, biblical, factual, and controversial, and all the texts are interpreted from “The Bible”, and explained through history, and life’s experience, and it is written so that those who are seeking the truth would search the scriptures and seek THE HOLY SPIRIT to know what they should do to finish the race of life and gain their reward. The stories are told prophet by prophets, book by book, and verse by verse in order as one complete story from The Old Testament to The New Testament, up until Jesus resurrected to heaven. It is part of a two part series in which this book “Prophecy” explain the prophecies up until Jesus, and the other book “Revelation is Prophecy II” explain from the time of Jesus to what Jesus said would happen in the prophecies of “The End Times”.