The Spirit Horses

Author: J. S. Kindrick

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595130771

Category: Fiction

Page: 140

View: 2148

During Desert Storm, small teams of highly-trained reconnaissance men were sent deep into Iraq on extremely dangerous missions. One such man, Pettis Dentel, came back from the Gulf War only to find that he had brought the desert, with all its horror and bloodshed, home with him. Ravaged by the effects of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Dentel's life and sanity spiral out of control, until his unexpected reunion with the survivors of a terrible battle on the plains of Iraq brings him to the point of destruction—or redemption. Written in a fast-paced, syncopated narrative, The Spirit Horses evokes the madness of war, the hellishly intense lifestyle of the modern day warrior, the hopelessness of failing to reintegrate into society, and the despair and mind-killing anguish of PTSD.

Summer Solstice~Spirit Horses

Author: Paige Truehart

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466936657

Category: Fiction

Page: 96

View: 9735

April Cincinnati lost her parents in a car accident when she was young. Now, eight years later, she can hear her mother's and father's voices again, along with her grandpa's and nana's. That's because she has met the spirit horses. All her family members that have passed are in spirit horse bodies. Whenever they're in trouble, April is always there to help them. But how long will she last after risking her life more than once?

Spirit Horses

Author: Alan S. Evans

Publisher: Oceanview Publishing

ISBN: 193351549X

Category: Fiction

Page: 360

View: 8182

In the hills of Tennessee, Shane Carson, a gifted, nationally-recognized horseman, is living the good life. When a mysterious mustang shows up on his farm, Shane doesn’t know how—or why—the horse appeared, but the horse’s distinctive brand identifies her. She is one of the Spirit Horses, a rare, wild herd that runs free on the Shoshone reservation in Wyoming. Watched over for centuries in the tribe’s ancestral valleys, these exquisite horses, according to belief, provide a link to the afterlife. When tragedy strikes in his life, Shane nearly loses his will to live—but for one promise he made to his young son: to return the mustang to her rightful home. On this bittersweet journey, Shane finds a world where tradition reigns, and ancient beliefs transcend modern logic. In this magnificent expanse of blue sky and wide open spaces, love is alive, but hate, intolerance, and greed threaten to close in. To make good on his vow, Shane must face the danger that threatens these horses, the tribe’s legacy, and his destiny.

The Forgotten Horses

The Beauty of America's Unwanted Horses

Author: N.A

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1577319494

Category: Pets

Page: 192

View: 8634

Showcases the rescued horses at twenty North American sanctuaries, with photographs of former champions and retired workhorses at leisure while out in the fields.

The Spirit Horses

Author: Lou Cameron

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780786224241

Category: Fiction

Page: 291

View: 8120

Jeff Davis' Camel Corps -- the rough-and-readiest bunch the West had ever known -- riding into hell on the wildest mounts the West had ever seen! Respect it -- it refused to cooperate. Beat it -- it fought back. It bucked like a horse, kicked like a mule, and bit like a dog. It spat green slime with sure-shot accuracy, and -- if all else failed -- it gave up and dropped dead in its tracks. But Jeff Davis put some of his best cavalry troopers on the backs of these foreign beasts and sent them out on the deadly desert floor to bring down the most feared of all the Nadene Apache raiders.

Horse Nations

The Worldwide Impact of the Horse on Indigenous Societies Post-1492

Author: Peter Mitchell

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191008826

Category: History

Page: 496

View: 6089

The Native American on a horse is an archetypal Hollywood image, but though such equestrian-focused societies were a relatively short-lived consequence of European expansion overseas, they were not restricted to North America's Plains. Horse Nations provides the first wide-ranging and up-to-date synthesis of the impact of the horse on the Indigenous societies of North and South America, southern Africa, and Australasia following its introduction as a result of European contact post-1492. Drawing on sources in a variety of languages and on the evidence of archaeology, anthropology, and history, the volume outlines the transformations that the acquisition of the horse wrought on a diverse range of groups within these four continents. It explores key topics such as changes in subsistence, technology, and belief systems, the horse's role in facilitating the emergence of more hierarchical social formations, and the interplay between ecology, climate, and human action in adopting the horse, as well as considering how far equestrian lifestyles were ultimately unsustainable.

In the Beginning

Author: N.A

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434946088


Page: N.A

View: 2931


Western Ghost Stories

Haunted Gallows and Spirit Horse

Author: Robert F. (Bob) Turpin

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468939017

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 382

Western Ghost Stories brings you two ghostly tales: 1) Haunted Gallows, the story of Lewis Holder who was hanged for a horrifying murder related to a lost gold mine. All those involved in his hanging later died under strange and unexplained circumstances. 2) Spirit Horse, known as the Chindi (evil animal spirit), was a gold-colored stallion who roamed the desert leading a band of wild mustangs that left death and terror behind.

Pictures of the Spirit

Author: David T. Williams

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1469729717

Category: Religion

Page: 194

View: 1886

On the day of Pentecost, there was the sound as of a great wind, and what appeared to be tongues of fire appeared... Particularly since the start of the twentieth century, the Christian world has been in turmoil over the experiences that the Holy Spirit has given to many Christians. But few understand who it is who is producing such a tremendous effect; after all, unlike Jesus, we cannot see the Spirit! Here the Bible does give a lot of help by describing the Spirit in ways that we understand, such as wind, fire or a dove. These illustrations are explained, and suggestions are made for a number of others, both from the ancient and modern worlds. To better understand what the Spirit does, we need to better understand who he is; this book does just that.

Old West Ghost Legends

Author: Robert F. (Bob) Turpin


ISBN: 131228059X

Category: Fiction

Page: 110

View: 6307

The Old West remains a frontier of mystery and intrigue, filled with desert spirits, haunted shacks, lost trails, strange encounters, eerie unexplained happenings, and haunting spirits seeking revenge, justice, or both. Old West Ghost Legends contains a batch of ageless, never ending, and timeless, Old West haunting tales of strange and unexplained apparitions, long-dead lost souls, and wandering spirits. Some were good; many were evil and ugly, straight from the dark side of the terrifying paranormal and ghostly phenomenon. As you read, keep in mind that things we cannot explain still wander the ruins of our past.

Spirit Horses

Author: Tony Stromberg

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781608681426

Category: Pets

Page: 160

View: 7532

An illustrated celebration of the spirit of horses includes essay contributions from Susan Chernak McElroy, Chief Dan George, Dominique Barbier, the Dalai Lama, Kate Solisti-Mattelon, and many others. Equestrian Edge Book Club.

The Real Middle Earth

Exploring the Magic and Mystery of the Middle Ages, J.R.R. Tolkien, and "The Lord of the Rings"

Author: Brian Bates

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1466891092

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 7528

J.R.R. Tolkien claimed that he based the land of Middle Earth on a real place. The Real Middle Earth brings alive, for the first time, the very real civilization in which those who lived had a vision of life animated by beings beyond the material world. Magic was real to them and they believed their universe was held together by an interlaced web of golden threads visible only to wizards. At its center was Middle Earth, a place peopled by humans, but imbued with spiritual power. It was a real realm that stretched from Old England to Scandinavia and across to western Europe, encompassing Celts, Anglo Saxons and Vikings. Looking first at the rich and varied tribes who made up the populace of this mystical land, Bates looks at how the people lived their daily lives in a world of magic and mystery. Using archaeological, historical, and psychological research, Brian Bates breathes life into this civilization of two thousand years ago in a book that every Tolkien fan will want.

Spirit Horses

Author: Al Hunter

Publisher: Wiarton, Ont. : Kegedonce Press

ISBN: 9780969712084

Category: Poetry

Page: 86

View: 598


Finding Harmony with Horses

Connecting to The Spirit Within

Author: Kylie Maree Dearden

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452502151

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 128

View: 2012

Finding harmony with horses is an inspiring book of Kylie Dearden’s own personal and spiritual journey on how she found harmony with her horse and other horses by connecting to the Spirit Within. Kylie Dearden is a qualified Equestrian Australia Coach and Instructor. In her horse instructing business ‘Finding Harmony with Horses’ Kylie trains horse and rider through the levels of dressage. She has helped many horses and riders develop a deeper connection and relationship. In her inspirational book she inspires people to lift consciousness level enabling them to ride their horses with a feeling of joy, peace and inspiration.

The Healing Energies of Music

Author: Hal A Lingerman

Publisher: Quest Books

ISBN: 0835631036

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 303

View: 9260

Certain types of music can enhance intellectual and spiritual powers and help overcome insomnia, boredom, anger, and stress. Music therapist and teacher Hal Lingerman presents a wealth of resources for choosing just the right music for physical, emotional and spiritual growth and healing. This updated edition offers comprehensive listings of current recordings, including new and remastered CDs, with selections from the classics, contemporary and ethnic compositions, and music composed by and for women. It includes expanded chapters on Women's Music, World Music, the Music of Nature, and Angelic Music.

Zack and the Validators: Spirit Bridge

Author: Wayne Hunt

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479722316

Category: Fiction

Page: 184

View: 4829

This book, Zack and the Validators: Spirit Bridge, is the fourth in a series about Zack, an intelligent and handsome donkey, and his three donkey friends. They call themselves the Validators. Leaving San Francisco on a passenger ship, they travel to Skagway, Alaska, and then to Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada, to rescue Zacks Uncle Harry. As they travel up the Pacific Coast along the coasts of California, Oregon, Washington states, and the Inside Passage to Alaska, they see many new sights from the decks of their ship. The naturalist expert aboard the ship also provides comments over the ships sound system, periodically, as the ship arrives at certain sightseeing points. In addition, Zack reads books about each state to learn about it landscape, natural resources, industries, and history. He records much of this information in his journal as they reach particular places, cities, or towns. When Zack and his donkey friends arrive at Skagway, Alaska, theyre met at the dock by Miss Darlene Divine, Harrys best friend. Shes a moose whos the entertainment manager of Skagways Pack Horse Inn. She provides rooms for Zack and friends for the night, shows them around Skagway the next day, and helps them board a train to travel to Canada. They see a lot of beautiful sights along the White Pass Trail, one of the two trails used by the Klondike gold rushers to cross the coastal mountains into Canada. They also learn about Dead Horse Gulch where 3,000 horses died during the winter of 1897 because of hazardous trail conditions. The horses were also overloaded with supplies, and many were cruelly treated by their owners. Zack learns about how the gold rushers traveled over the Summit with over 1,150 pounds of supplies during cold, winter conditions. He also learned about how they built boats at Lake Bennett so they could float down the Yukon River to Dawson City. Uncle Harrys eyes were injured in a gold mine explosion near Dawson City and he needs special medical help so his eyes can heal. When Zack and his friends arrive at Dawson City on a paddle-wheeler boat, they soon find Uncle Harry in a Dawson City hospital. They stay in a Catholic churchs rectory with Fr. John Mark and Fr. Christopher Clancy, while Harry recovers enough to travel to Skagway for special medical treatment. While there, Willie and Pedro, two of Zacks donkey friends, travel with Professor Carmacky to Bonanza Creek to pan for gold, while the Professor learns more about the first big Klondike gold discovery. Zack stays in Dawson City with Zelda, another donkey friend, to help Harry regain his strength for travel to Skagway. Finally, Harry is able to travel. They return up the Yukon River through treacherous white water rapids to the town of Whitehorse. From there, they take a train to Skagway. While traveling to Skagway on the historic White Pass & Yukon Railroad train, Harry sees a foggy image of an old railroad bridge near the White Pass Summit of the coastal mountain range. He learned later, from the local Tlingit Indian chief, that he saw an abandoned steel cantilever bridge that crosses Dead Horse Gulch, a historic gulch where the 3,000 horses died during the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush. The chief explained to Harry his tribes great need to have a bridge across the gulch for migrating caribou to cross. He also told Harry about his tribes belief that the spirits of the dead horses need a bridge in order to cross the gulch to the Great Spirit Land (an animal heaven). With these great needs for a bridge, Harry discovers that his good talent is to become a bridge for others. He decides to stay in Alaska to help the chief renovate the bridge to make it usable for caribou to cross the gulch. The chief also believes the spirits of the dead horses will use it to cross the gulch, on their way to the Great Spirit Land. Thats why the name Spirit Bridge was given to the renovated bridge.

Poems for the Game of Silence, 1960-1970

Author: Jerome Rothenberg

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 9780811214612

Category: Poetry

Page: 204

View: 2366

"I look for new forms and possibilities," writes Jerome Rothenberg in Poems for the Game of Silence, "but also for ways of presenting in my own language the oldest possibilities of poetry going back to the primitive and archaic cultures that have been opening up to us over the last hundred years." It is this combined sense of mystery and authenticity, in words and new structures that approach archetypal chant, that informs his poetry. First published in 1971, this volume brings together a selection of Rothenberg's early groundbreaking work: a wide range of experimental forms, both written and oral, set beside renderings of Native American, Australian, and other primitive songs, as well as the ancestral poems exploring his own origins that look forward to his later poetry.

Tilly's Pony Tails: Free Spirit the Mustang

Author: Pippa Funnell

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444004352

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 112

View: 344

Meet Tilly Redbrow, who doesn't just love horses - she lives, breathes and dreams them too! Follow Tilly's adventures as she learns to ride and care for the horses at Silver Shoe Farm, and develops her special gift, with a little help from her favourite horse, Magic Spirit. Tilly is off to Kentucky where her brother Brook is competing. There, she meets a very special horse called Free Spirit, and discovers more about her Native American heritage. For every girl who has ever longed for a pony of her own, these delightful, warm and engaging stories are packed with Pippa Funnell's expert advice on everything you ever wanted to know about horses.

A Gymnastic Riding System Using Mind, Body, & Spirit

Progressive Training for Rider and Horse

Author: Betsy Steiner

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

ISBN: 1570767491

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 272

View: 6502

International dressage rider and trainer Betsy Steiner's unique and well-rounded approach gives comparable attention to the body, mind, and spirit of both rider and horse as they ascend the classical training pyramid together. Includes a Pilates exercise program for riders!