Author: Gabriele Goderbauer-Marchner,Thilo Büsching

Publisher: UTB

ISBN: 3825244393

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 280

View: 8783

Social-Media-Content professionell zu managen, ist für Journalisten, PR-, Medien- und Marketingspezialisten eine neue Schlüsselqualifikation. Dieses Buch zeigt, wie Content zielgruppengerecht generiert und eingesetzt wird. Es erklärt, wie Sie Social-Media- Content-Kampagnen planen und umsetzen können und dass die Qualität des Contents letztlich über den Erfolg entscheidet. Fallanalysen, über 50 Unternehmensbeispiele sowie 130 Farb- und S/W-Abbildungen machen das Buch zu einem nützlichen Begleiter für Studierende und alle, die beruflich Social-Media-Content erstellen.

Online Marketing für Blogger

SEO – Social Media – Content – Rechtstipps

Author: Peter Singer

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3739242809

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 8282

Unternehmen aller Größenordnungen, z. B. Onlineshop-Betreiber und selbständige Blogger, haben es längst erkannt: ein Blog ist ein starkes Mittel, um eine große Reichweite zu erzielen, um damit, teilweise indirekt, eigene Produkte und Dienstleistungen bekannt zu machen. Doch welche Marketing-Instrumente und Strategien können eingesetzt werden, um die Möglichkeiten eines Blogs auszuschöpfen? In diesem Buch werden die wichtigen Online Marketing - Instrumente für Blogger vorgestellt. Es unterstützt beim Aufbau eines Blogs, beim Generieren von Traffic und bei der Monetarisierung. Wissenschaftliche Methoden, die sich tatsächlich in der Praxis bewährt haben, kommen dabei ebenso zur Anwendung wie Methoden, die sich rein aus der Praxis entwickelt haben. Ziel dieses Buches ist es, umfangreiches Wissen an Blogger als Einzelpersonen aber auch an Unternehmens-Blogger weiterzugeben und diesen Lesern damit einen echten Vorteil zu verschaffen.

Online Social Media Content Delivery

A Data-Driven Approach

Author: Zhi Wang,Wenwu Zhu,Shiqiang Yang

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9811027749

Category: Computers

Page: 109

View: 9275

This book explains how to use a data-driven approach to design strategies for social media content delivery. It first introduces readers to how social information can be effectively gathered for big data analysis, which provides content delivery intelligence. Secondly, the book describes data-driven models to capture information diffusion in online social networks and social media content propagation and popularity, before presenting prediction models for social media content delivery. By addressing the resource allocation and content replication aspects of social media content delivery, the book presents the latest data-driven strategies. In closing, it outlines a number of potential research directions regarding social media content delivery.

How to Write Web Copy and Social Media Content

Spruce up Your Website Copy, Blog Posts & Social Media Content

Author: Paul Lima

Publisher: Paul Lima

ISBN: 1927710081

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 150

View: 7522

How to Write Web Copy and Social Media Content: Spruce up Your Website Copy, Blog Posts and Social Media Content is more than an online writing book. While writing for online media is the focus, the book takes writers through the important writing process--showing them how to think before they write. Then it demonstrates how to apply this process to website copy, including structuring copy on websites, blog posts and social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This book is for those who want to make their website and blog copy sparkle and boost the effectiveness of their social media content. The book is based on business-writing and online and social media copywriting courses that the author teaches for University of Toronto continuing education students and for corporate clients. In short, How to Write Web Copy and Social Media Content will help you organize your thoughts before you write, become a more effective and efficient online writer, make your points in a concise and easy to read/scan manner, achieve your purpose and obtain feedback (if so desired). This book is all about communicating more effectively online so your readers understand why you are writing and what action, if any (remember, a "click" is an action), you need them to take. It is filled with samples, examples and exercises to get you writing for various online media.

Social Media Data Extraction and Content Analysis

Author: Hai-Jew, Shalin

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1522506497

Category: Computers

Page: 493

View: 509

In today’s society, the utilization of social media platforms has become an abundant forum for individuals to post, share, tag, and, in some cases, overshare information about their daily lives. As significant amounts of data flood these venues, it has become necessary to find ways to collect and evaluate this information. Social Media Data Extraction and Content Analysis explores various social networking platforms and the technologies being utilized to gather and analyze information being posted to these venues. Highlighting emergent research, analytical techniques, and best practices in data extraction in global electronic culture, this publication is an essential reference source for researchers, academics, and professionals.

Stand Out: Your 2015 SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing Guidebook

Increasing Website Traffic Series, #5

Author: Greg Strandberg

Publisher: Greg Strandberg

ISBN: 1311859926

Category: Computers

Page: N.A

View: 7144

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be quite confusing. You’re going to find lots of advice out there, but not a lot that really gets you where you want to go. Where do you want to go? To the top of Google, that’s where. So how do you get there? You can start by buying this book. It’s full of the most useful articles from 2014, plus tons of commentary on them. In conversational, simple and to-the-point English you'll learn the proven secrets that allow you to: · Create content that people and search engines love · Discover the traffic-generating, money-making ways to conquer your niche · Optimize your website, blog, and social media posts for the best search engine rankings, and conversions · Use Social Media Marketing to boost your audience (without spending all day on social media) · Use effective content marketing strategies to attract people from Google to your website · Boost the speed of your site to draw and keep visitors, something Google loves · Get hundreds of proven, insider-only and industry-secret tips that typically take years of surfing the net to figure out This book has the 2015 SEO and social media strategies you need in order to get ahead! · Has everything you’ve done to rank higher on Google fallen flat? · Does the next algorithm change make you toss and turn at night? · Has that ‘proven’ niche let you down, and now all your time and money seems wasted? · Are you starting to think that SEO is some kind of black art or bad juju, best left for others to endure? Stop! This action-packed and tip-filled book has the secrets and solutions that your site has been waiting for. You’ll discover what experienced SEO, social media and content marketing professionals routinely do and say to get big-time clients to their sites, and so much traffic it just makes your head spin. You can do this too – this book tells you how, and it does so by giving you the best social media, content marketing and SEO posts from 2014 – plus great analysis on how they can work for you! So what are you waiting for? Buy this book today and get your site moving up the search results tomorrow!

Social Media Marketing

An Hour a Day

Author: Dave Evans

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470439335

Category: Computers

Page: 380

View: 9724

If the idea of starting a social media marketing campaign overwhelms you, the author of Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day will introduce you to the basics, demonstrate how to manage details and describe how you can track results. Case studies, step-by-step guides, checklists, quizzes and hands-on tutorials will help you execute a social media marketing campaign in just one hour a day. In addition, learn how to integrate social media metrics with traditional media measurements and how to leverage blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, and user-generated content sharing sites like YouTube.

The Social Media Industries

Author: Alan B. Albarran

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136325182

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 250

View: 7709

This volume examines how social media is evolving as an industry—it is an extension of traditional media industries, yet it is distinctly different in its nature and ability to build relationships among users. Examining social media in both descriptive and analytical ways, the chapters included herein present an overview of the social media industries, considering the history, development, and theoretical orientations used to understand social media. Covered are: Business models found among the social media industries and social media as a form of marketing. Social media as a form of entertainment content, both in terms of digital content, and as a tool in the production of news. Discussions of ethics and privacy as applied to the area of social media. An examination of audience uses of social media considering differences among Latinos, African-Americans, and people over the age of 35. Overall, the volume provides a timely and innovative look at the business aspects of social media, and it has much to offer scholars, researchers, and students in media and communication, as well as media practitioners.

Die neuen Marketing- und PR-Regeln im Social Web

Wie Sie mit Social Media und Content Marketing, Blogs, Pressemitteilungen und viralem Marketing Ihre Kunden erreichen

Author: David Meerman Scott

Publisher: mitp Verlags GmbH & Co. KG

ISBN: 3826682068

Category: Computers

Page: 480

View: 7206

Wie Sie mit Social Media und Content Marketing, Blogs, Pressemitteilungen und viralem Marketing Ihre Kunden erreichen Zahlreiche Fallstudien und Beispiele für erfolgreiches Content Marketing Alle Social-Media-Kanäle effektiv nutzen: Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook uvm. Aufmerksamkeit erregen durch interessante Inhalte und Echtzeit-Meldungen zu aktuellen Ereignissen br />Das Internet hat die Art und Weise, wie Menschen miteinander kommunizieren und wie Unternehmen mit potenziellen Kunden interagieren können, grundlegend verändert. Während Zielgruppen früher nur durch aufwändige und teure Werbung erreicht werden konnten, bietet das Internet heute zahlreiche neue und effektive Wege, Kunden direkt auf sich aufmerksam zu machen und eine persönliche Beziehung mit ihnen aufzubauen. Diese einzigartige Anleitung für modernes Online-, Social Media und Content Marketing zeigt Ihnen, welches Potential die webbasierte Kommunikation und Social Media Ihnen eröffnen. Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg sind Aufmerksamkeit erregende Inhalte, die Sie zum passenden Zeitpunkt in den dafür besten Kanälen verbreiten. Mittel zum Zweck sind Blogs, Podcasting, Online-Videos, Bilder, Fotos und Infografiken über Pinterest und Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pressemitteilungen, virales und Mobile Marketing sowie Echtzeit-Meldungen zu aktuellen Geschehnissen. Der Autor zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie Ihre Zielgruppen identifizieren, überzeugende Botschaften formulieren, diese über die richtigen Kanäle verbreiten und die Konsumenten zum Kauf anregen. Die aktualisierte und erweiterte vierte Auflage zeigt überzeugende Fallstudien und anschauliche Beispiele von Firmen, die erfolgreich ihre Kunden erreicht haben. So erhalten Sie zahlreiche neue Ideen für Ihre eigenen Marketing-Strategien. David Meerman Scott ist ein preisgekrönter Online-Thought-Leadership-Stratege. Mit den von ihm entwickelten Marketing-Programmen wurden Produkte und Dienstleistungen im Wert von über einer Milliarde Dollar weltweit verkauft. Es ist eine unschätzbare Anleitung für jeden, der sich, seinen Ideen und seinem Unternehmen einen Namen verschaffen will. Mark Levy, Gründer von Levy Innovation, einem Unternehmen für Marketingstrategie Die neuen Marketing- und PR-Regeln geben Ihnen einen präzisen Plan für erfolgreiches Handeln an die Hand. Scott beschränkt sich nicht auf die Darstellung einer einzigen Lösung, sondern zeigt, wie Sie mehrere Online-Tools kombinieren können, um den Bekanntheitsgrad Ihres Unternehmens zu steigern und im allgemeinen Gespräch zu bleiben. Roger C. Parker, Buchautor Dieser ausgezeichnete Blick auf die Grundlagen des Marketings im neuen Jahrtausend sollte seinen Weg in die Hände aller ernsthaft an ihrem Erfolg interessierten PR-Profis finden, die auch morgen noch dabei sein wollen. Publishers Weekly Was für ein Weckruf! David Meerman Scott zeigt Ihnen mehrere Wege, wie Sie Ihr Unternehmen in Ihrem Markt zum Innovationsführer machen und Ihre Umsätze steigern können – und zwar ohne ein Riesenbudget. Jill Konrath, Autor von Selling to Big Companies, Verkaufsleiter,

The Social Media Management Handbook

Everything You Need To Know To Get Social Media Working In Your Business

Author: Robert Wollan,Nick Smith,Catherine Zhou

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118003527

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

View: 3711

How do organizations manage social media effectively? Every organization wants to implement social media, but it is difficult to create processes and mange employees to make this happen. Most social media books focus on strategies for communicating with customers, but they fail to address the internal process that takes place within a business before those strategies can be implemented. This book is geared toward helping you manage every step of the process required to use social media for business. The Social Media Management Handbook provides a complete toolbox for defining and practicing a coherent social media strategy. It is a comprehensive resource for bringing together such disparate areas as IT, customer service, sales, communications, and more to meet social media goals. Wollan and Smith and their Accenture team explain policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities, metrics, strategies, incentives, and legal issues that may arise. You will learn how to: Empower employees and teams to utilize social media effectively throughout the organization Measure the ROI of social media investments and ensure appropriate business value is achieved over time Make smarter decisions, make them more quickly, and make them stick Get the most out of your social media investment and fully leverage its benefits at your company with The Social Media Management Handbook.

Die Content-Revolution im Unternehmen

Neue Perspektiven durch Content-Marketing und -Strategie

Author: Doris Eichmeier,Klaus Eck

Publisher: Haufe-Lexware

ISBN: 3648056220

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 257

View: 7918

!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2016-07-08T13:46:33 -- Wie können es Unternehmen vermeiden, Kunden mit belanglosen Inhalten zu langweilen? Die „Content-Revolution" zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie relevante Informationen für Ihre Kunden bereitstellen und dafür professionelles Content-Marketing betreiben. Erst mit einer ganzheitlichen Content-Strategie erreichen Sie Bestand- und Neukunden. Klaus Eck und Doris Eichmeier beleuchten sämtliche Aspekte des Themas „Corporate Content": Von der Produktion über das Management bis hin zum Marketing. Damit bietet das Buch eine einzigartige Sammlung von Vorschlägen, Inspirationen und Praxis-Tipps. Mit diesem Wissen stärken Sie Ihre Marke und setzen kaufentscheidende Impulse entlang der Customer Journey. Darüber hinaus tragen Content-Strategie und Content-Marketing zu einem Erfolgs- und Effizienzschub in den Unternehmen bei. Die Content-Revolution hat begonnen - profitieren Sie davon! Inhalte: Warum Content-Marketing ohne Content-Strategie nicht funktionieren kann. So planen und realisieren Sie Ihre Content-Strategie. Verzahnen Sie Online-Aktivitäten, Social Media und klassische Medien für wirkungsvolle Botschaften. Die hausinterne Redaktion als Content-Zentrale.

The Social Media Handbook

Rules, Policies, and Best Practices to Successfully Manage Your Organization's Social Media Presence, Posts, and Potential

Author: Nancy Flynn

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118206819

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

View: 3693

The Social Media Handbook is a comprehensive risk and compliancemanagement toolkit that walks employers step-by-step through theprocess of developing and implementing effective social mediapolicy and compliance management programs that are designed tominimize—and in some cases prevent—social networkingand web 2.0 risks and other electronic disasters. Throughout this important resource Nancy Flynn (aninternationally recognized expert on workplace social media) offersa guide to best practices for creating safe, effective, andcompliant electronic business communications. The book contains athorough review of the risks inherent in employees' social mediause and content and explores how organizations can help managebehavior, mitigate risks, and maximize compliance through theimplementation of strategic social media compliance managementprograms. These programs combine written policies, supported bycomprehensive employee education and are enforced byproven-effective technology tools. Once these policies and programsare in place employers can safely take advantage of the marketingand communications benefits offered by social media. Covering a wealth of material, the book includes vitalinformation on topics such as social media and the law; managingrecords and e-discovery compliantly; regulatory compliance; privacyand security; blog risks and compliance rules; mobile devices drivesocial media risks; a seven-step plan for social media policy andcompliance management; conducting a social media audit; creatingsocial media policies; content rules and compliance; policycompliance and education; reputation management; and more. In addition to addressing pertinent topics on risk management,the book contains cautionary, real-life social networking disasterstories that show how organizations can lose revenue andreputations, reveals how employees can lose jobs, and explains howindividuals can face public humiliation. The Social Media Handbook is a hands-on guide written for humanresource professionals, information technology managers, legalprofessionals, compliance officers, records managers, and otherswho need to manage today's technology tools with up-to-dateemployment rules.

Human-Centered Social Media Analytics

Author: Yun Fu

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3319054910

Category: Computers

Page: 208

View: 5988

This book provides a timely and unique survey of next-generation social computational methodologies. The text explains the fundamentals of this field, and describes state-of-the-art methods for inferring social status, relationships, preferences, intentions, personalities, needs, and lifestyles from human information in unconstrained visual data. Topics and features: includes perspectives from an international and interdisciplinary selection of pre-eminent authorities; presents balanced coverage of both detailed theoretical analysis and real-world applications; examines social relationships in human-centered media for the development of socially-aware video, location-based, and multimedia applications; reviews techniques for recognizing the social roles played by people in an event, and for classifying human-object interaction activities; discusses the prediction and recognition of human attributes via social media analytics, including social relationships, facial age and beauty, and occupation.

Social Media Monitoring

Author: Jim Sterne

Publisher: MITP-Verlags GmbH & Co. KG

ISBN: 382669094X


Page: 276

View: 5056


Erfolgreiche Social-Media-Strategien für die Zukunft

Mehr Profit durch Facebook, Twitter, Xing und Co.

Author: Claudia Hilker

Publisher: Linde Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3709303680

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

View: 6211

Social Media sind aus den Kinderschuhen raus. Viele Unternehmen nutzen bereits die Möglichkeiten von Facebook, Twitter oder Blogs. Doch nach wie vor sind viele Fragen offen und nicht wenige Betriebe scheitern daran, die hierzu notwendigen Veränderungen konsequent umzusetzen. Social-Media-Expertin Claudia Hilker hilft Entscheidern, diese Herausforderung zu meistern und damit die Zukunftsfähigkeit von Unternehmen zu sichern. Sie stellt erfolgreiche ganzheitliche Modelle zur Social-Media-Implementierung vor und zeigt anhand von Best-Practice-Beispielen von Vorreitern verschiedener Branchen, welche Strategien in den nächsten Jahren erfolgreich sein werden.

The Social Media Manifesto

Author: Jed Hallam

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137271426

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 163

View: 9937

The Social Media Manifesto is a handbook to enable leaders across the business to understand how social technology can be incorporated into their company. Including case studies from Google, IBM, Spotify, Unilever, and Coca-Cola, it provides insight and practical advice for managers to implement their own social business plans.

Social Media Marketing

Auflage November 2015

Author: Martina Dalla Vecchia

Publisher: wifimaku



Page: 113

View: 9045

«You are what you share!» - «Du bist was Du teilst!» Das ist das Motto von Prof. Martina Dalla Vecchia, wenn es um Social Media geht. Alles, was wir in der digitalen Welt von uns preisgeben, sagt etwas über uns selber aus. Jeder Kommentar, jedes hochgeladene Bild, jeder "gelikte" oder "gesharte" Post auf Facebook, jeder Retweet auf Twitter verrät etwas über uns. Wir sind das, was wir teilen und von uns geben. Wenn Sie in diese neue Welt der Sozialen Medien eintauchen möchten, dann ist das neue wifimaku-Kapitel von Martina Dalla Vecchia genau richtig. Inhalte: - Einführung ins Social Media Marketing - Social Media Radar - Social Media Plattformen - Social Media Customer Journey - Social Media Framework als 5-Stufen Modell - Social Media in der Praxis für KMU - Social Media Know-how - Ausblick im Social Media Marketing

Sport, Racism and Social Media

Author: Neil Farrington,Lee Hall,Daniel Kilvington,John Price,Amir Saeed

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134473575

Category: Social Science

Page: 150

View: 9026

Racist abuse may at one time have been hurled across the sports stadium or scrawled on a wall. But in today’s social media world it can be published to millions, from almost anywhere, in an instant. Sport, Racism and Social Media provides the first significant, academic account of how social media is shaping the nature of racisms in sport. Among the questions it addresses are: How, and why, is racism being expressed across different social media platforms and sporting contexts? To what extent is social media providing new platforms for traditional prejudices or actually creating new forms of racism? How can campaigners, authorities and individuals best challenge and counter these forms of racism? Combining analysis of social media content with in-depth interviews with athletes, fans, campaigners and officials, and including extensive case studies of soccer, boxing, the NHL, the NBA, and cricket, the book provides important new insights on a familiar but ever changing story. It is essential reading for any student, researcher, media professional, administrator or policy-maker with an interest in sport, new media or the issue of racism in wider society.