From Intermediate to Advanced

Author: Olga E. Kagan,Kudyma S. Anna,Frank J. Miller

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317661532

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 448

View: 9486

Russian: From Intermediate to Advanced is a vibrant and modern course designed to help students achieve advanced proficiency in Russian. Offering a flexible modular approach structured around contemporary themes, the course further develops reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills while also expanding the student’s cultural literacy. Key features include: Structured chapters presenting a wide assortment of readings that include blogs, forums and surveys as well as opinion pieces and commentaries. Each text is accompanied by assignments with increasing levels of difficulty. Authentic and up-to-date readings, video and audio excerpts covering a range of relevant social and cultural topics, including Demography, Youth Culture, Politics and Society, Economics and Globalization. Video clips from news programs that are used not only to develop listening comprehension but also introduce students to contemporary Russian society. Particular attention to helping students acquire advanced vocabulary and the ability to converse, discuss and argue about issues with extended paragraph-length discourse. Special focus on the development of strong listening and reading comprehension skills, ensuring that students understand the ideas and supporting details in narrative and descriptive texts and connected discourse. A free companion website at offering student and instructor video and audio resources, sample syllabi and tests as well as additional materials. Written by a highly experienced author team that has co-authored the first year Russian textbook Beginner’s Russian (2010) and the second-year textbook V Puti (2005). Russian: From Intermediate to Advanced will be an essential resource for undergraduate students in their third and fourth year of Russian language study. It is also suitable for heritage learners of Russian who have mastered literacy and are familiar with the grammatical structure of Russian.

Russisch für Dummies

Author: Andrew Kaufman,Serafima Gettys,Inge Wanner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527705236


Page: 375

View: 4809

"Russisch für Dummies" bietet einen leichten Einstieg in die russische Sprache. Los geht's mit einer Einführung in die Besonderheiten der russischen Sprache, in die Betonung sowie in die Grammatik einschließlich der Fälle. Dann wird es auch schon praktisch: Jedes Kapitel beschäftigt sich mit einer Alltagssituation: Sie lernen, wie Sie sich auf Russisch vorstellen, etwas beschreiben, telefonieren oder ein Hotelzimmer reservieren. Dabei lernen Sie die wichtigsten Sätze, Umschreibungen und Begriffe, die Sie im Alltag benötigen und bekommen nebenbei viele Informationen zu Alltag und Kultur in Russland. Am Ende jedes Kapitels gibt es eine kleine Übung, mit der Sie Ihre erworbenen Sprachkenntnisse prüfen können. Im Anhang des Buches finden Sie Verb-Tabellen und ein kleines Russisch-Deutsch-/Deutsch-Russisch-Wörterbuch. Auf der beiliegenden CD gibt es die Sprachübungen aus dem Buch zum Anhören und Nachsprechen.

Russian Through Art

For Intermediate to Advanced Students

Author: Anna S. Kudyma,Olga E. Kagan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131531570X

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 250

View: 354

Russian Through Art: For Intermediate to Advanced Students develops all four language skills while enhancing students’ cultural knowledge through exposure to Russian visual arts. Each of the six thematically organised chapters is accompanied by an online lecture, readings, audio and video clips and assignments of varying levels of difficulty, starting with description and narration tasks and progressing to discussion and debate. Each chapter contains a number of task-based and project-based assignments. The book and website’s modular design make it easy to adapt this comprehensive resource to different course needs and different levels. By the end of the course students will have broadened their active vocabulary, enhanced their grammatical skills while familiarising themselves with Russian art in its various representations and periods.

The Routledge Intermediate Russian Reader

Author: Lydia Buravova

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317487486

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 306

View: 575

The Routledge Intermediate Russian Reader has been specially designed for intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced learners of Russian and comprises a wide range of graded readings. The materials include authentic extracts from mass media and literature by renowned modern writers such as A. Slapovsky, E. Grishkovets, A. Starobinets and M. Shishkin. The texts have been specifically selected to ensure that students receive maximum exposure to topics relevant to Russian language, history, culture and society, making the Reader an engaging and stimulating resource with a meaningful cultural context. Each reading is supported by: a general introduction supportive exercises consolidating students’ knowledge of frequent grammar and vocabulary structures from the texts text related comprehension questions and classroom tasks to help students build up strong and productive spoken and written skills a vocabulary list with English translation and answer key to the exercises for helpful reference lists for further reading, suggested topics for essays and discussions and internet research tasks to encourage proactive further learning. Suitable for both class use and independent study, The Routledge Intermediate Russian Reader is an essential tool for increasing language proficiency, developing reading skills and enriching learners’ cultural knowledge. Internet links to the tasks are available at

Unforgettable Classics

Russian Reader Intermediate-Advanced, 19th Century

Author: Lidia Mccarthy

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 1581124643

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 352

View: 8391

Unforgettable Classics: Russian Reader Intermediate-Advanced, 19th Century is a collection of five great stories and novellas by famous Russian writers of the 19th century - After the Ball by Leo Tolstoy, Anna on the Neck by Anton Chekhov, Bela, a chapter from A Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov, Asya by Ivan Turgenev and Gambler by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It consists of two parts of intermediate and advanced level. The stories are abridged and arranged by the level of difficulty. Each story is divided into numbered paragraphs with corresponding extensive vocabulary lists in the end of each story. It also contains asides with information about a story and a writer's biography, as well as asides with relevant cultural information, idioms and useful Russian expressions. Discussion questions in the end of each chapter will help students to develop and improve their conversational skills. They can also be used as essay topics. Every chapter is concluded with blank personalized vocabulary sheets for students' convenience. The Russian Reader is aimed at language students learning Russian at intermediate or advanced level and provides a lot of useful information on the Russian literature, history and culture while developing students' reading skills and building up their vocabulary. It can be used both for classroom and personal study.

Faces of Contemporary Russia

Advanced Russian Language and Culture

Author: Olga M. Mesropova

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781626166714


Page: 272

View: 3253

Faces of Contemporary Russia is a one-semester textbook for high-intermediate to advanced level Russian students that aims to develop students' linguistic proficiency by examining significant personalities in current Russian culture. In addition to introductory and concluding chapters, the book features twelve individuals (one per chapter), drawing from a range of areas such as arts, sports, journalism, and business. While upper-level Russian textbooks tend to emphasize grammar and reading more traditional works from Russian literature, this book seeks instead to primarily engage students in learning about and discussing the breadth of contemporary Russian culture while weaving the study of grammar and vocabulary into those discussions. In addition to readings and in-class communicative activities, the book also features guided research assignments that encourage students to make use of the many personality interviews and YouTube clips available online.

Essential Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Grammar and Composition In English-Russian

Author: Nam H Nguyen

Publisher: Nam H Nguyen



Page: 824

View: 9681

The Essential Basic, Intermediate and Advanced English Grammar and Composition are a great resource anywhere you go; it is an easy tool that teaches the rules of sentences, noun, verbs, question mark, adjectives, and adverbs; prepositions, propositions, and pronoun pronouncements; punctuation; possessives; and proofreading skills for all communication. Essential Basic, Intermediate and Advanced English Grammar and Composition for explaining everything from basic sentence structure to the finer points of grammar with exercises. This eBook will help you to communicate more effectively and make the right impression every time and it will be very useful for everyone (home, school, students, travel, teachers, interpreting and learning English). Just remember one thing that learning never stops! Read, Read, Read! And Write, Write, Write! A thank you to my wonderful wife Beth (Griffo) Nguyen and my amazing sons Taylor Nguyen and Ashton Nguyen for all their love and support, without their emotional support and help, none of these educational language eBooks and audios would be possible. Эфирное Basic, средний и продвинутый английский-русский Грамматика и состав большой ресурс в любом месте вы идете; это просто инструмент, который учит правила приговоров, существительного, глагола, вопросительный знак, прилагательных, наречий и; предлоги, предложения и заявления; местоимение пунктуации; притяжательных; и корректуры навыки все коммуникации. Эфирное Basic, средний и продвинутый английский-русский Грамматика и Состав для объяснения все от основной структуры предложения в тонкостях грамматики с упражнениями. Это книга поможет вам более эффективно общаться и произвести правильное впечатление каждый раз, и это будет очень полезно для всех (дома, в школе, студентов, учителей, путешествия, интерпретации и изучения английского языка). Просто помните одну вещь, что обучение никогда не останавливается! Читать, читать, читать! И писать, писать, писать! Спасибо моей замечательной жене Бет (Гриффо) Нгуен и мои сыновья удивительные Тейлор Nguyen и Эштон Нгуен за их любовь и поддержку, без их эмоциональной поддержки и помощи, ни один из этих образовательных языковых книг и аудио не было бы возможным

Arabic Second Language Learning and Effects of Input, Transfer, and Typology

Author: Mohammad T. Alhawary

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 1626166471

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 223

View: 9801

Despite the status of Arabic as a global language and the high demand to learn it, the field of Arabic second language acquisition remains underinvestigated. Second language acquisition findings are crucial for informing and advancing the field of Arabic foreign language pedagogy including Arabic language teaching, testing, and syllabus design. Arabic Second Language Learning and Effects of Input, Transfer, and Typology provides data-driven empirical findings for a number of basic and high-frequency morphosyntactic structures with two novel typological language pairings, examining Arabic second language acquisition data from adult L1 Chinese- and Russian-speaking learners of Arabic as a foreign language. Alhawary’s study examines the different processes, hypotheses, and acquisition tendencies from the two learner groups, and documents the extent of the successes and challenges faced by such learners in their L2 Arabic grammatical development during the first three years of learning the language. In addition, the book offers both theoretical and practical implications related to input exposure, L1 and L2 transfer, and typological and structural proximity effects. This book serves as a valuable resource for both second language acquisition experts and foreign language teaching practitioners.

Complete Russian Beginner to Intermediate Course

Enhanced Edition

Author: Dr Daphne West

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473672449

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 336

View: 8754

Do you want to develop a solid understanding of Russian and communicate confidently with others? Through authentic conversations, vocabulary building, grammar explanations and extensive practice and review, Complete Russian will equip you with the skills you need to use Russian in a variety of settings and situations, developing your cultural awareness along the way. What will I achieve by the end of the course? By the end of Complete Russian you will have a solid intermediate-level grounding in the four key skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening - and be able to communicate with confidence and accuracy. Is this course for me? If you want to move confidently from beginner to intermediate level, this is the course for you. It's perfect for the self-study learner, with a one-to-one tutor, or for the beginner classroom. It can also be used as a refresher course. What do I get? -25 learning units plus verbs reference and word glossary and revision section -Discovery Method - figure out rules and patterns to make the language stick -Teaches the key skills - reading, writing, listening, and speaking -Learn to learn - tips and skills on how to be a better language learner -Culture notes - learn about the people and places of Russia -Outcomes-based learning - focus your studies with clear aims -Authentic listening activities - everyday conversations give you a flavor of real spoken Russian -Test Yourself - see and track your own progress *Complete Russian maps from Novice Low to Advanced Low level proficiency of ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and from A1 Beginner to B1/B2 Upper Intermediate level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) guidelines. This pack includes a book and one mp3 CD of audio material. What else can I use to learn Russian? If you require an absolute Beginner course, you can try our Get Started in Russian Absolute Beginner course: 9781444174892 Rely on Teach Yourself, trusted by language learners for over 75 years.

Read and Think Russian

An Intermediate Reader

Author: Basil Bessonoff

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692929322

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 328

View: 7814


Focus on Additivity

Adverbial modifiers in Romance, Germanic and Slavic languages

Author: Anna-Maria De Cesare,Cecilia Andorno

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9027265259

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 334

View: 2563

The present volume is centered on the notional domain of additivity. Many linguistic phenomena are based on additivity (i.e. are incremental) and additive relations are a mechanism that underlies a wide array of text types. Specifically, the present volume is centered on the class of function words which have been labeled, among many others, Additive Focusing Modifiers (FMs). The chapters gathered in this volume deal with the syntactic, prosodic and pragmatic properties of Additive FMs and new lines of research on these items are pursued, including (i) the historical development of Additive FMs and the use of these forms in older stages of the European languages; (ii) the pragmatic and sociolinguistic properties of Additive FMs, in particular of the functions they play in discourse and their distribution in different language varieties; (iii) the processing of Additive FMs by adults, in particular by relying on reading experiments involving eye tracking and self-paced reading; (iv) the use of Additive FMs in language contact situations and (v) the acquisition of Additive FMs by different learner groups.

101 Questions on How to Play Chess

Author: Fred Wilson

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486282732

Category: Games

Page: 77

View: 955

A chess expert has distilled an enormous amount of information into an easy-to-follow, question-and-answer format that not only explains the most basic rules and essentials of play, but also offers advice on opening, combinations, middle- and end-game strategies, notation, castling, and other topics. Over 100 carefully chosen diagrams and illustrations.

Learning Strategies in Second Language Acquisition

Author: J. Michael O'Malley,Anna Uhl Chamot

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521358378

Category: Education

Page: 260

View: 9097

O'Malley and Chamot review the literature on learning strategies, describe and classify learning strategies in second language learning, and discuss why learning is affected in a positive manner when such strategies are used. The authors present instructional models for learning-strategy training that teachers can apply to their own classes. The material is based on current research in second language acquisition and cognitive theory.

Fließend in drei Monaten

Wie Sie in kürzester Zeit jede Sprache erlernen

Author: Benny Lewis

Publisher: MVG Verlag

ISBN: 3864157358

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 1182

Eine Sprache lernt man nicht nur, sondern man lebt sie. Benny Lewis ist Autodidakt und hat im Laufe der Zeit herausgefunden, worum es tatsächlich beim Lernen einer Sprache geht. In diesem Buch erklärt er, was es wirklich braucht, damit man jede Sprache in kürzester Zeit erlernt. Unerlässlich ist eine enorm hohe Motivation für das Erlernen der Sprache, und man muss sich trauen, die Sprache auch zu sprechen. Sei es durch eine persönliche Reise in das entsprechende Land, übers Internet oder durch einen Tandempartner. Darüber hinaus sollte man möglichst alles in der Fremdsprache tun, was Praxis bringt: Fernsehen schauen, Musik hören und lesen. Mit diesem Buch gibt der Autor Tipps für Eselsbrücken, um Vokabeln und die Grammatik einfacher zu erlernen, und er hilft dabei, die Herangehensweise an das Lernen so zu optimieren, dass es zu einem Kinderspiel wird. Sein Erfolg spiegelt sich im weltweit größten Sprachlernblog wider, mit dem er bereits Millionen Menschen dabei geholfen hat, eine neue Sprache zu erlernen.

Jazz Time, 15 Pieces for Piano, Easy-Intermediate to Advanced

Author: Misha V. Stefanuk


ISBN: 1411607147


Page: 51

View: 6862

JAZZ TIME is a collection of 15 original Jazz piano pieces representing different styles and eras in Jazz history. The book consists of pieces for easy- intermediate to advanced level pianists. Friendly and charming musical language equally appeals to all age groups from children to adults. Each piece paints a colorful picture of some moment in time, sometimes in the past, other times in the future, and creates a wonderful Jazzy mood. The collection represents Ragtime, Blues, Big Band, Swing, Jazz Waltz, New Age, Funk, Bebop, Boogie Woogie and a Ballad. Titles include Sunny Day Rag, Bluer Than Blue, Doing The Town, Friday Jive, Melancholy Waltz, Water So Clear, Carnaval in Brasil, Necessary Jam, Autumn Dance, Broken Circles, Rocking on Through, Artistry In Rhythm, Flowing Dreams, Canada Rag and Moon Dance.CD Accompaniment is available from