Russia, the West, and Military Intervention

Author: Roy Allison

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 019959063X

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 3490

A detailed and carefully structured study of Soviet/Russian attitudes and responses to military interventions. It explores cases from the Gulf War in 1990 to the intervention led by Western states in Libya in 2011.

Der Weg in die Unfreiheit

Russland - Europa - Amerika

Author: Timothy Snyder

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 3406725023

Category: Political Science

Page: 376

View: 2001

Gleichheit oder Oligarchie, Individualismus oder Unfreiheit, Wahrheit oder Fake News – die Welt, wie wir sie kannten, steht am Scheideweg. Viel hat der Westen selbst dazu beigetragen. Aber er hat auch mächtige Feinde, die seine Institutionen mit allen Mitteln – von der Finanzierung des Rechtspopulismus in Europa bis zum Cyberwar – untergraben wollen. Wer diese Gegner sind, wie sie vorgehen und wie bedrohlich die Lage ist, das beschreibt das aufsehenerregende neue Buch von Tim Snyder. Mit dem Ende des Kalten Krieges hatten die liberalen Demokratien des Westens gesiegt. Von nun an würde die Menschheit eine friedvolle, globalisierte Zukunft erwarten. Doch das war ein Irrtum. Seit Putin seine Macht in Russland etabliert hat, rollt eine Welle des Autoritarismus von Osten nach Westen, die Europ... a erfasst hat und mit Donald Trump auch im Weißen Haus angekommen ist. Tim Snyder, Autor des Weltbestsellers «Über Tyrannei», beschreibt in seinem Buch den Aufstieg dieser neuen «rechten Internationalen», schildert ihre bedrohlichen Ziele und zeigt, wie sehr die Grundlagen unserer Demokratie in Gefahr sind.

Russian Approaches to International Law

Author: Lauri Mälksoo

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 019103469X

Category: Law

Page: 290

View: 6295

This book addresses a simple question: how do Russians understand international law? Is it the same understanding as in the West or is it in some ways different and if so, why? It answers these questions by drawing on from three different yet closely interconnected perspectives: history, theory, and recent state practice. The work uses comparative international law as starting point and argues that in order to understand post-Soviet Russia's state and scholarly approaches to international law, one should take into account the history of ideas in Russia. To an extent, Russian understandings of international law differ from what is considered the mainstream in the West. One specific feature of this book is that it goes inside the language of international law as it is spoken and discussed in post-Soviet Russia, especially the scholarly literature in the Russian language, and relates this literature to the history of international law as discipline in Russia. Recent state practice such as the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Russia's record in the UN Security Council, the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, prominent cases in investor-state arbitration, and the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union are laid out and discussed in the context of increasingly popular 'civilizational' ideas, the claim that Russia is a unique civilization and therefore not part of the West. The implications of this claim for the future of international law, its universality, and regionalism are discussed.

The Rise of Russia - The Turning Point for Russian Foreign Policy

Russia’s Military Interventions in Ukraine and Syria, Interference With the U.S. Presidential Elections, Engagement With Latin America & Interests in Sub-Saharan Africa

Author: Keir Giles,R. Evan Ellis,Strategic Studies Institute,Department of Homeland Security,Federal Bureau of Investigation

Publisher: Madison & Adams

ISBN: 8026879627

Category: Political Science

Page: 243

View: 2447

This book gives a detailed and precise analysis of the rise of Russian foreign policy in this decade. Russia’s military interventions in Ukraine from 2014, and Syria from 2015, caused widespread surprise among Western policy communities including the United States. However, these interventions represented the culmination of two well-established trends that had been clearly identified by Russia-watchers over preceding years. These were first, a mounting perception of direct threat against Russia from the West, and second, Russia’s own greatly increased capability for military or other action to respond to this perceived threat. In addition to the examination of Russia’s use of military force in Ukraine and Syria, this book gives a complete insight into Russian diplomacy by analyzing the interference into the U.S. presidential elections, engagement with Latin America and interests in Sub-Saharan Africa. Contents: The Rise of Russia's Strength Prehistory Threat Perception Instability Before Libya The Arab Spring Libya Information Warfare Exclusion of Russia The Near Abroad Syria—2013 Syria—2015 Russia Is Back Outlook and Implications Summary of Policy Recommendations The Muscovite Mindset Russian Interference Into the U.S. Presidential Elections Description Technical Details Injection Flaws Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities Server Vulnerabilities Recommended Mitigations Detailed Mitigation Strategies Russian Engagement With Latin America Country-by-Country Impacts on the Region and on the United States Recommendations for U.S. Leadership Russian Interests in Sub-Saharan Africa History Russia’s Presence Today — Political Priorities Economic Aims Resource Interests — Minerals Resource Interests - Energy Trade Arms Trade Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa Implications for U.S. Policy Outlook

Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States

Documents, Data, and Analysis

Author: Zbigniew Brzezinski,Zbigniew K. Brzezinski,Paige Sullivan

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9781563246371

Category: History

Page: 866

View: 3789

Assembled here is a documentary portrait of the CIS, drawing on more than 500 official publications and releases and reports from the broadcast and print media. Excep-tionally comprehensive in scope and breadth, Russia and the Commonwealth of lndepen-dent States presents the actual texts of CIS accords and protocols as well as commentary from leading journalists and political actors. The documents are grouped within 10 chapters. Each chapter is preceded by introductory notes written by the editors, supplying historical background and identification of key issues surrounding the documents presented. Also included is a collection of maps which provide geographical detail of the CIS, Russia's Ethnic Republics. The Caucasus and Central Asia, Major Muslim Ethnic Groups in Armenia, Iran, and the Islamic Commonwealth States, and the Major Defense Facilities in the CIS Territory. The volume concludes with five appendixes which provide a chronological listing of key events, CIS development, CIS data, and Country Profiles, in which a political profile, area map, economic and demographic statistics are provided for the 12 member states.

Russia and the West Under Lenin and Stalin

Author: George Frost Kennan

Publisher: Signet Book


Category: Communism

Page: 384

View: 7992

Material is drawn from a series of lectures delivered 1957-58 and 1960 and is a study of the relationship between the Soviet Union and the major western countries, from the inception of the Soviet regime in 1917 to the end of World War II. Includes chapters on the north and Siberia.

Russia in the Wake of the Cold War

Perceptions and Prejudices

Author: Dorothy Horsfield

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 1498552188

Category: History

Page: 228

View: 5482

This study examines the enduring Cold War legacies underpinning Western perceptions of contemporary Russia under President Vladimir Putin. It analyzes the ways in which the West has interpreted and reacted to Russia’s domestic authoritarianism and foreign policy behavior and argues for diplomatic engagement based on liberal pluralism.

Crisis in the Caucasus: Russia, Georgia and the West

Author: Paul B. Rich

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317989120

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 5704

This collection of essays by a series of academic specialists examines the crisis stemming from the Russian invasion of Georgia in August 2008 from a range of standpoints. The chapters probe the geopolitical and strategic dimensions of the crisis as well as the longer term military and diplomatic implications for Europe and the central Asian region. The collection will be of major importance to students of Russia and Eastern Europe, military analysts as well as journalists and politicians concerned with what some observers have termed a "new cold war" between Russia and the West. This book was published as a special issue of Small Wars and Insurgencies.

Russia and the Former Soviet Space

Instrumentalizing Security, Legitimizing Intervention

Author: Vasile Rotaru,Miruna Troncotă

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1527507475

Category: Political Science

Page: 374

View: 8266

This book represents a fresh contribution to the contemporary academic debate regarding the determinants of current Russian foreign policy assertiveness. More precisely, it addresses the ways in which perceived security threats have been used by Russia to legitimize its interventions in the former Soviet Space. It is argued here that the security dimension has been successfully used by the Kremlin for the domestic justification of its aggressive actions in neighbouring countries, and that the narrative of the ‘besieged fortress’ was applied to both the war in Georgia and the intervention in Ukraine. Bringing together a number of authors from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Romania, Germany and the UK, the volume presents both local, regional and Western European perspectives on the various events analysed here. It will appeal to a wide range of students and professors specialized in Russia and the former Soviet space in the fields of international relations, international law, foreign policy analysis and security studies, as well as to think tanks and policy makers.

Russian Nationalism and the National Reassertion of Russia

Author: Marlene Laruelle

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134013612

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

View: 7733

Military action in South Ossetia, growing tensions with the United States and NATO, and Russia's relationship with the European Union demonstrate how the issue of Russian nationalism is increasingly at the heart of the international political agenda.This book considers a wide range of aspects of Russian nationalism, focussing on the Putin period. It discusses the development of Russian nationalism, including in the Soviet era, and examines how Russian nationalism grows out of – or is related to – ideology, culture, racism, religion and intellectual thinking, and demonstrates how Russian nationalism affects many aspects of Russian society, politics and foreign policy. This book examines the different socio-political phenomena which are variously defined as ‘nationalism’, ‘patriotism’ and ‘xenophobia’. As Russia reasserts itself in the world, with Russian nationalism as one of the key driving forces in this process, an understanding of Russian nationalism is essential for understanding the dynamics of contemporary international relations.


eine Biographie

Author: Robert Service

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783406466410


Page: 680

View: 9605


Russia America and the Islamic World

Author: Mike Bowker

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754686272

Category: History

Page: 204

View: 1330

Mike Bowker examines the newly emerging relationship between Russia and the United States and their struggle against the common threat of international terrorism. He looks at the difficulties of such a relationship by analyzing the lingering mutual suspicion, differing views on the nature of the global terrorist threat and how each side has continued to pursue their own national interests.

The Allied Intervention in Russia, 1918-1920

The Diplomacy of Chaos

Author: I. Moffat

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137435739

Category: History

Page: 317

View: 2932

This work explores the reasons for the Allied intervention into Russia at the end of the Great War and examines the military, diplomatic and political chaos that resulted in the failure of the Allies and White Russians to defeat the Bolshevik Revolution.

Routledge Handbook of Russian Foreign Policy

Author: Andrei P. Tsygankov

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134994230

Category: Political Science

Page: 440

View: 1884

Providing a comprehensive overview of Russia’s foreign policy directions, this handbook brings together an international team of scholars to develop a complex treatment of Russia’s foreign policy. The chapters draw from numerous theoretical traditions by incorporating ideas of domestic institutions, considerations of national security and international recognition as sources of the nation’s foreign policy. Covering critically important subjects such as Russia’s military interventions in Ukraine and Syria, the handbook is divided into four key parts: Part I explores the social and material conditions in which Russia’s foreign policy is formed and implemented. Part II investigates tools and actors that participate in policy making including diplomacy, military, media, and others. Part III provides an overview of Russia’s directions towards the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Eurasia, and the Arctic. Part IV addresses the issue of Russia’s participation in global governance and multiple international organizations, as well as the Kremlin’s efforts to build new organizations and formats that suit Russia’s objectives. The Routledge Handbook of Russian Foreign Policy is an invaluable resource to students and scholars of Russian Politics and International Relations, as well as World Politics more generally.


Leben auf den Trümmern des Sozialismus

Author: Swetlana Alexijewitsch

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446244123

Category: History

Page: 592

View: 7638

Der Kalte Krieg ist seit über zwanzig Jahren vorbei, doch das postsowjetische Russland sucht noch immer nach einer neuen Identität. Während man im Westen nach wie vor von der Gorbatschow-Zeit schwärmt, will man sie in Russland am liebsten vergessen. Inzwischen gilt Stalin dort vielen, auch unter den Jüngeren, wieder als großer Staatsmann, wie überhaupt die sozialistische Vergangenheit immer öfter nostalgisch verklärt wird. Für Swetlana Alexijewitsch leben die Russen gleichsam in einer Zeit des "secondhand", der gebrauchten Ideen und Worte. Wie ein vielstimmiger Chor erzählen die Menschen in ihrem neuen Buch von der radikalen gesellschaftlichen Umwälzung in den zurückliegenden Jahren.

In Putins Russland

Author: Anna S. Politkovskaja

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783596179275


Page: 314

View: 6000


Yeltsin's Russia and the West

Author: Andrew Felkay

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275965389

Category: Political Science

Page: 258

View: 3031

Boris Yeltsin set Russia on an unprecedented new political, economic, and foreign policy course. He pulled his country out of the Communist morass and charted a new Western foreign policy path for Russia. Felkay analyzes the successes and failures of Yeltsin's attempts to integrate Russia into the world of Western democracies.

Canada and the Great War

Western Front Association Papers

Author: Briton C. Busch,Western Front Association

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773525467

Category: History

Page: 240

View: 1210

The topics covered are wide-ranging and eclectic, and include, among others, studies of the Battle of Amiens, the Halifax explosion, Charlie Chaplin and wartime propaganda in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, Newfoundland's contribution to the war effort, the leadership capabilities of Brigadier General Griesbach, and the wartime poetry of John McRae. Contributors include Major John Armstrong (ret.), author many articles on military history and an administrative specialist in the Canadian Forces for thirty-two years, including stints as an instructor in history at the Royal Military College; Laura Brandon, curator of war art at the Canadian War Museum and co-author of Canvas of War: Painting and the Canadian Experience, 1914-1918; Patrick Brennan, associate professor of history at the University of Calgary; Tim Cook, archivist at the National Archives of Canada; Owen Cooke, independent researcher and former chief archivist at the Directorate of History, Canadian Department of National Defence; Andrew Horrall, archivist in charge of military records at the National Archives of Canada; John Hurst, retired administrator from the University of Guelph and head of the Ontario Branch of the WFA ; Jeff Keshen, associate professor of history at the University of Ottawa; David Parsons, Lt. Colonel with the Canadian Forces in Korea and chair of the Newfoundland Branch of the WFA; Roger Sarty, director of Historical Research and Exhibit Development at the Canadian War Museum; Christopher J. Terry, director, Canada Science and Technology Museums and chair of the Aviation Museum Group of the International Association of Transportation Museums; and Sidney F. Wise, professor emeritus in history and former dean of Graduate Studies and Research at Carleton University.

Russia, the West, and the Ukraine Crisis

Author: Elias Götz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780367229450


Page: 150

View: 7968

This book examines the causes and consequences of the Ukraine crisis, with a special focus on Russia's relations with the West. Towards that end, it brings together international relations scholars and area specialists. Issues covered include: the evolution of EU-Russia and US-Russia relations, the role of strategic culture and ontological insecurities in the formation of Russian foreign policy, the role of hybrid warfare in Russian military policy, the geopolitical drivers of Russia's Ukraine policy, and a discussion of the decision-making dynamics that led to Russia's intervention in eastern Ukraine. The contributors employ different theoretical approaches and offer partly complementary and partly competing analyses. In so doing, this book seeks to stimulate dialogue between different positions and advance our understanding of a topic that will shape the European security order for many years to come. This book was originally published as a special issue of Contemporary Politics.