Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book

Expert Consult

Author: Terri M. Skirven,A. Lee Osterman,Jane Fedorczyk,Peter C. Amadio

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323081266

Category: Medical

Page: 2096

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With the combined expertise of leading hand surgeons and therapists, Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 6th Edition, by Drs. Skirven, Osterman, Fedorczyk and Amadio, helps you apply the best practices in the rehabilitation of hand, wrist, elbow, arm and shoulder problems, so you can help your patients achieve the highest level of function possible. This popular, unparalleled text has been updated with 30 new chapters that include the latest information on arthroscopy, imaging, vascular disorders, tendon transfers, fingertip injuries, mobilization techniques, traumatic brachial plexus injuries, and pain management. An expanded editorial team and an even more geographically diverse set of contributors provide you with a fresh, authoritative, and truly global perspective while new full-color images and photos provide unmatched visual guidance. Access the complete contents online at along with streaming video of surgical and rehabilitation techniques, links to Pub Med, and more. Provide the best patient care and optimal outcomes with trusted guidance from this multidisciplinary, comprehensive resource covering the entire upper extremity, now with increased coverage of wrist and elbow problems. Apply the latest treatments, rehabilitation protocols, and expertise of leading surgeons and therapists to help your patients regain maximum movement after traumatic injuries or to improve limited functionality caused by chronic or acquired conditions. Effectively implement the newest techniques detailed in new and updated chapters on a variety of sports-specific and other acquired injuries, and chronic disorders. Keep up with the latest advances in arthroscopy, imaging, vascular disorders, tendon transfers, fingertip injuries, mobilization techniques, traumatic brachial plexus injuries, and pain management See conditions and treatments as they appear in practice thanks to detailed, full-color design, illustrations, and photographs. Access the full contents online with streaming video of surgical and rehabilitation techniques, downloadable patient handouts, links to Pub Med, and regular updates at Get a fresh perspective from seven new section editors, as well as an even more geographically diverse set of contributors.

Rehabilitation of the hand

surgery and therapy

Author: James Megargee Hunter

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Medical

Page: 1258

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Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Limb

Author: Rosemary Prosser,W. Bruce Conolly

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Medical

ISBN: 9780750622639

Category: Medical

Page: 379

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This valuable resource describes the rehabilitation technique for conditions of the hand and upper extremity in one practical volume. Edited by an experienced hand surgeon and hand professional of international reputation, this authoritative text is heavily illustrated, comprehensive in its coverage, and contains a range of contributions from acknowledged experts in the field. An invaluable companion, it is ideal for physical therapists, occupational therapists, hand surgeons, and all those involved in the assessment and treatment of patients with conditions of the hand and upper extremity. Each chapter includes: Pathophysiology of the condition/injury A brief literature review and present status Therapy treatment with: an easy to read style brief content with adequate detail an emphasis on particular important points or tips specific to the subject good diagrams and photos to help clarify content indications/precautions an emphasis on functional aspects an evaluation of treatment possible complications A reference list

Hand and Wrist Rehabilitation

Theoretical Aspects and Practical Consequences

Author: Grégory Mesplié

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319163183

Category: Medical

Page: 485

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This work demonstrates that hand and wrist rehabilitation calls for precise anatomical, biomechanical, and physiological expertise, as well as mastery of manual techniques and targeted physiotherapy. Particular attention is given to the complementarity between theoretical knowledge and practical aspects; accordingly, refreshers on the underlying theory; descriptions of the rehabilitation protocols and the specific manual and instrumental techniques; and the type of orthesis used depending on the delay of healing are provided for each pathology. This publication will appeal to a broad readership, from physiotherapists and occupational therapists, to surgeons and practitioners specialized in physical rehabilitation, to students in the fields of physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete

Author: James Rheuben Andrews,Gary L. Harrelson,Kevin E. Wilk

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1437724116

Category: Medical

Page: 618

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Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete is a medical reference book that equips you to apply today's hottest strategies in non-operative sports rehabilitation, so you can help your patients return to play as quickly and fully as possible. Send your players back to the field fast with the latest strategies in non-operative sports rehabilitation. Get balanced, dependable guidance on sports rehabilitation from a multidisciplinary author team that contributes perspectives from orthopaedics and sports medicine, athletic training, and physical therapy. Ensure effective treatment planning with a stronger emphasis on evidence-based practice. Master the latest with brand-new chapters on Developing Treatment Pathways, Biomechanical Implications in Shoulder and Knee Rehabilitation, Temporomandibular Rehabilitation, Thigh Rehabilitation, Gait Assessment, Functional Movement Assessment, and Plyometric Training Drills. Access the fully searchable text, downloadable image bank, and 9 online-only appendices at Andrews provides evidence-based guidance for sports medicine rehabilitation.

Splinting the Hand and Upper Extremity

Principles and Process

Author: MaryLynn A. Jacobs,Noelle Austin,Noelle M. Austin

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780683306309

Category: Medical

Page: 498

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This new resource instructs students and clinicians in splint fabrication techniques and related interventions for the upper extremity, and highlights anatomical and biomechanical principles specifically related to splints. It defines the purpose of splints, and offers associated indications and precautions. Intelligently organized and generously illustrated, each chapter includes clinical hints, and a specific section dedicated to splinting for a spectrum of diagnoses and populations. Indexes provide a user-friendly cross-reference that lists splints by name and splints by diagnosis to assist the reader in usage of the manual. Also provides insight into the clinical experience with emphasis on containing cost while maximizing time efficiency. Professional hands-on splinting workshops are going on for all levels of experience--visit to find out if these authors are coming to your area!

Hand Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy

Author: Jane Bear Lehman,Florence S Cromwell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136552278

Category: Medical

Page: 206

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This practical book presents the latest and most effective occupational therapy methods and theories designed for treating patients with decreased hand function. The growing incidence of hand injuries in recent years has challenged occupational therapists to develop innovations in hand care. Now, with this authoritative resource, you can greatly enhance your practice skills and ability to plan effective treatment programs. The contributors provide clear examinations of such topics as wound and scar tissue management, the treatment of Colles fracture, and pre- and post-operative approaches to therapy, among many other pertinent areas.

Ergotherapie in der Handrehabilitation

Ein Praxisleitfaden. Band 2: Verletzungen

Author: Birgitta Waldner-Nilsson

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662070901

Category: Medical

Page: 563

View: 7267

Erfahrene Ergotherapeutinnen fassen in diesem zweibändigen Kompendium alle praxisrelevanten Fachkenntnisse aus ihrem jeweiligen Spezialgebiet zusammen, ergänzt durch das für die Therapieplanung notwendige medizinische Basiswissen. Ein unentbehrlicher Praxisratgeber, mit dem Therapeuten ihre Behandlungsprogramme optimal planen und die Therapiemaßnahmen fundiert begründen. Concise text: Ein unentbehrlicher Praxisratgeber, mit dem Therapeuten ihre Behandlungsprogramme optimal planen und die Maßnahmen fundiert begründen!

Concepts in Hand Rehabilitation

Author: Barbara G. Stanley,Susan M. Tribuzi

Publisher: F A Davis Company

ISBN: 9780803680920

Category: Medical

Page: 582

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Our primary tools for manipulating the environment are our hands. With only one, an individual is significantly limited. Loss of both hands necessitates the use of prostheses, which can only partially compensate for the incredible proficiency of the machinery controlling the hands' intrinsic and extrinsic musculature. To manage the rehabilitation of patients whose hands have suffered injury due to trauma or diseases of metabolic, joint, or connective tissue requires the combined efforts of talented clinicians from many disciplines.

Instrinsic Muscles of the Hand, An Issue of Hand Clinics - E-Book

Author: Steven Green

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 145574283X

Category: Medical

Page: 640

View: 4082

The intrinsic muscles of the hand account for about 50% of grip strength and allow fine motor control. This issue will serve as a concise and comprehensive source of information on this muscle group, and procedures for treatment for chronic and traumatic problems in this group.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinical Advisor - E-Book

Author: Derrick Sueki,Jacklyn Brechter

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323072526

Category: Medical

Page: 984

View: 5658

Access the information you need to confidently diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disorders at a glance! With a "5-books-in-1" approach, this essential clinical reference provides up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic information on over 200 orthopedic conditions in a bulleted, quick-reference format ideal for both students and practitioners. Content is written entirely by orthopedic physical therapists and is logically organized to promote accurate, efficient differential diagnosis and intervention. '5-books-in-1' format combines essential content on foundational knowledge, clinical reasoning, orthopedic pathologies, common clinical questions, and pharmacology all in one place for fast, efficient reference. UNIQUE: Expert insight and decision-making strategies for the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pathologies help you apply sound clinical reasoning to determine the needs of patients with musculoskeletal disorders. UNIQUE: Succinct, bulleted text organizes information consistently for easy access. Clinician-oriented profiles cover 200 orthopedic pathologies with considerations specific to your needs in orthopedic rehabilitation practice. 51 drug class monographs detail indications, dosages, contraindications and physical therapy implications to help you better understand drug interactions and more effectively manage patients.

Examination of the Hand and Wrist

Author: Raoul Tubiana,Jean-Michel Thomine,Evelyn Mackin

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781853175442

Category: Medical

Page: 408

View: 7781

Originally Published in 1996 in Hb at 49.95.

Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines - E-Book

Author: Shirley Sahrmann

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323083781

Category: Medical

Page: 568

View: 6726

Extensively illustrated and evidence based, Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines helps you effectively diagnose and manage musculoskeletal pain. It discusses diagnostic categories and their associated muscle and movement imbalances, and makes recommendations for treatment. Also covered is the examination itself, plus exercise principles, specific corrective exercises, and the modification of functional activities. Case studies provide examples of clinical reasoning, and a companion Evolve website includes video clips of tests and procedures. Written and edited by the leading experts on muscle and movement, Shirley Sahrmann and associates, this book is a companion to the popular Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes. An organized and structured method helps you make sound decisions in analyzing the mechanical cause of movement impairment syndromes, determining the contributing factors, and planning a strategy for management. Detailed, yet clear explanations of examination, exercise principles, specific corrective exercises, and modification of functional activities for case management provide the tools you need to identify movement imbalances, establish the relevant diagnosis, and develop the corrective exercise prescription. Case studies illustrate the clinical reasoning used in managing musculoskeletal pain. Evidence-based research supports the procedures covered in the text. Over 360 full-color illustrations -- plus tables and summary boxes -- highlight essential concepts and procedures. A companion Evolve website includes video clips demonstrating the tests and procedures and printable grids from the book.

Fundamental Orthopedic Management for the Physical Therapist Assistant - E-Book

Author: Gary A. Shankman,Robert C. Manske

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323291597

Category: Medical

Page: 536

View: 6522

Designed to meet the unique needs of physical therapist assistants, Fundamental Orthopedic Management for the Physical Therapist Assistant, 3rd Edition focuses on critical thinking and helps you apply fundamental orthopedic principles in physical therapy interventions. Clear explanations cover basic concepts such as the PTA's role in physical assessment of flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance, along with the specifics of tissue healing; medications; gait and joint mobilization; and an introduction to biomechanics. It also describes the application of therapeutic interventions for many orthopedic conditions by region and affliction. Edited by two experienced clinicians, Gary A. Shankman and Robert C. Manske, and written by contributors who are experts in their respective fields, this is your one-stop source for PTA practice in orthopedics.