The Cosmic Zygote

Cosmology in the Amazon Basin

Author: Peter G. Roe

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 384

View: 2035

A South American Lowland Cosmological Model

Language Policy in the People’s Republic of China

Theory and Practice Since 1949

Author: Minglang Zhou,Hongkai Sun

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402080387

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 343

View: 5145

Language matters in China. It is about power, identity, opportunities, and, above all, passion and nationalism. During the past five decades China’s language engineering projects transformed its linguistic landscape, affecting over one billion people’s lives, including both the majority and minority populations. The Han majority have been juggling between their home vernaculars and the official speech, Putonghua – a speech of no native speakers – and reading their way through a labyrinth of the traditional, simplified, and Pinyin (Roman) scripts. Moreover, the various minority groups have been struggling between their native languages and Chinese, maintaining the former for their heritages and identities and learning the latter for quality education and socioeconomic advancement. The contributors of this volume provide the first comprehensive scrutiny of this sweeping linguistic revolution from three unique perspectives. First, outside scholars critically question the parities between constitutional rights and actual practices and between policies and outcomes. Second, inside policy practitioners review their own project involvements and inside politics, pondering over missteps, undergoing soul-searching, and theorizing their personal experiences. Third, scholars of minority origin give inside views of policy implementations and challenges in their home communities. The volume sheds light on the complexity of language policy making and implementing as well as on the politics and ideology of language in contemporary China.

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Textual Amulets in the Middle Ages

Author: Don C. Skemer

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271046969

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: N.A

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Gender and ICTs for Development

A Global Sourcebook

Author: N.A

Publisher: Oxfam Publications

ISBN: 9780855985653

Category: Social Science

Page: 143

View: 9202

Because of systemic gender biases in ICTs and their applications, women are far more likely than men to experience discrimination in the new information society. In spite of this, resource-poor and non-literate women and their organisations are aware of the power of information technologies and communication processes, and are using them to advance their basic needs and strategic interests, to improve their livelihoods, and to help them achieve their human rights. Gender and ICTs for Development brings together case studies about women and their communities in developing countries, and how they have been influenced by, and have used, ICTs in development.

Health and Social Justice

Politics, Ideology, and Inequity in the Distribution of Disease

Author: Richard Hofrichter

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: 9780787967338

Category: Medical

Page: 688

View: 1430

Health and Social Justice draws on the growing body of recent literature to offer a comprehensive collection of articles written by a panel of expert contributors who represent a broad range of fields?sociology, epidemiology, public health, ecology, politics, organizing, and advocacy. Each article explores a particular aspect of health inequalities and demonstrates how the sources of health inequalities are rooted in injustices associated with racism, sex discrimination, and social class. This important book examines the political implications of various perspectives used to explain health inequities and explores alternative strategies for eliminating them. Health and Social Justice covers a broad spectrum of topics and Analyzes the politics of health inequities Shows how market values often dominate over collective needs for well-being Examines the politics of methodology and its implications for research and public policy Critiques the ideological implications of contemporary health promotion as a model for public health Reviews approaches that influence the social determinants of health Evaluates strategies drawn from the European experience, and others, aimed at eliminating health inequities Proposes principles for action and research Analyzes the role of the mass media in influencing the conceptualization of public health issues

Gender, Citizenship and Governance

A Global Source Book

Author: Minke Valk,Sarah Cummings,Henk van Dam

Publisher: Oxfam Publications

ISBN: 9780855985288

Category: Social Science

Page: 135

View: 1268

In this book, four case studies describe civil society initiatives that have intervened in governance and brought about changes in institutional practice, aiming to secure strategic gender interests, with a global perspective on governance and gender.

Guide for Pavement Friction

Author: N.A

Publisher: AASHTO

ISBN: 1560514280

Category: Pavements

Page: 77

View: 8552

This report contains guidelines and recommendations for managing and designing for friction on highway pavements. The contents of this report will be of interest to highway materials, construction, pavement management, safety, design, and research engineers, as well as others concerned with the friction and related surface characteristics of highway pavements.

Roads and the Environment

A Handbook

Author: Christopher J. Hoban,Koji Tsunokawa

Publisher: World Bank Publications


Category: Nature

Page: 225

View: 2307

Content Description #Includes bibliographical references and index.

Gender Training

The Source Book

Author: Henk van Dam,Minke Valk

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 176

View: 1694

After more than a decade of practice, gender training is no longer the preserve of the original advocates, the international women's movement: it is widely recognized by governments, international donors, non-governmental organizations and United Nations' bodies as an important tool for gender-aware transformation of institutions and societies. Gender training: the source book reviews experiences of gender training practitioners in a broad sense, including those involved in gender education and training, as well as research.

The naked tree

Author: Wan-sŏ Pak

Publisher: Cornell Univ East Asia Program


Category: Fiction

Page: 188

View: 1879


Frankfurt on the Hudson

The German Jewish Community of Washington Heights, 1933-1983, Its Structure and Culture

Author: Steven M. Lowenstein

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814323854

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 403

Washington Heights in located in New York City.

Permitted and Prohibited Desires

Mothers, Comics, and Censorship in Japan

Author: Anne Allison

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520923447

Category: Social Science

Page: 251

View: 5867

This provocative study of gender and sexuality in contemporary Japan investigates elements of Japanese popular culture including erotic comic books, stories of mother-son incest, lunchboxes—or obentos—that mothers ritualistically prepare for schoolchildren, and children's cartoons. Anne Allison brings recent feminist psychoanalytic and Marxist theory to bear on representations of sexuality, motherhood, and gender in these and other aspects of Japanese culture. Based on five years of fieldwork in a middle-class Tokyo neighborhood, this theoretically informed, accessible ethnographic study provides a provocative analysis of how sexuality, dominance, and desire are reproduced and enacted in late-capitalistic Japan.

Banana Fish

Author: Akimi Yoshida

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

ISBN: 9781421502601

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 208

View: 4344

VICE CITY: NEW YORK IN THE 80s... Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful; nurture made him a cold ruthless killer. A child runaway brought up as the adopted heir, hatchet man, and sex toy of "Papa" Dino Golzine, the East Coast's Corsican crime lord, Ash is now at the rebellious age of seventeen - forsaking the kingdom of power and riches held out by the devil who raised him, preferring a code he can live with among a small but loyal gang of street thugs. But his "Papa" can't simply let him go - not when the hideous secret that drove Ash's older brother mad in Vietnam has suddenly fallen into his insatiably ambitious hands. It's exactly the wrong time for Eiji Okamura, a pure-hearted young photographer from Japan, to arrive in NYC and make Ash Lynx's acquaintance... and fall with him into the bloody whirlpool of pride, greed, lust and wrath unleashed by the enigma code-named Banana Fish... Epic in scope, and one of the best-selling shojo titles of all time in Japan, Akimi Yoshida put an electric shock into the genre and gained a huge crossover audience through Banana Fish's stripped-down, non-stop style

Foundations of Indian Culture

Author: N.A

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 9788120807129

Category: India

Page: N.A

View: 3006


The Rule of Law

Politicizing Ethics

Author: Michael Neumann

Publisher: Ashgate Pub Limited

ISBN: 9780754605256

Category: Philosophy

Page: 161

View: 5152

The rule of law neither celebrates human rights nor simply ratifies whatever happens to be on the statute books. At its core it simply guarantees that laws, however immoral or unjust, penalise people only for what they do, and never for what they are. Yet even when its moral accretions are stripped away, the rule of law offers protections that morality itself has trouble maintaining.This book draws on contemporary moral theory, philosophy of law and political theory to explore the rule of law. Offering new perspectives on contemporary moral issues, particularly those related to race relations, cultural diversity, and 'political correctness', Neumann argues that the rule of law does not compete with morality, but complements it, suggesting how, if we cannot find principles suitable to our societies, perhaps we can make societies that fit our principles.