Reeds Nautical Almanac 2018


Author: Perrin Towler,Mark Fishwick

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472948009

Category: Transportation

Page: 1088

View: 5892

Available as an ebook, Reeds Nautical Almanac is provided in Web PDF (ePDF) format for viewing on all compatible devices (including tablets, laptop and desktop computers). Reeds Nautical Almanac is the indispensable trusted annual compendium of navigational data for yachtsmen and motorboaters, and provides all the information required to navigate Atlantic coastal waters around the whole of the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and the entire European coastline from the tip of Denmark right down to Gibraltar, Northern Morocco, the Azores and Madeira. The 2018 edition continues the Almanac's tradition of year on year improvement and meticulous presentation of all the data required for safe navigation. Now with an improved layout for easier reference and with over 45,000 annual changes, it is regarded as the bible of almanacs for anyone going to sea. The 2018 edition is updated throughout, containing over 45,000 changes, and includes: 700 harbour chartlets; tide tables and tidal streams; buoyage and lights; 7,500 waypoints; invaluable passage notes; distance tables; radio, weather and safety information; first aid section. The ebook incorporates the Reeds Marina Guide. Also available: free supplements of up-to-date navigation changes from January to June at:

Reeds PBO Small Craft Almanac 2018

Author: Perrin Towler,Mark Fishwick

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 147295615X

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 416

View: 1589

In a practical handy format the Reeds PBO Small Craft Almanac contains many unique features for small craft sailors and represents excellent value for money. Meticulously researched, this popular almanac contains a wealth of information presented in an easy to find, quick reference manner for practical on-board use. The Reeds PBO Small Craft Almanac covers the whole of the UK and Ireland and the west coast of Europe from Denmark to the Gironde. It includes a huge amount of information of value to small craft navigators: Tide tables, tidal streams and tidal gates, Secondary port differences, Over 2,500 waypoints, Radio data, Light recognition, Weather information, Principal lights, IALA buoyage, International codes and flags, Sun/moon rise and set plus Emergency information.

Reeds Eastern Almanac 2018

Author: Perrin Towler,Mark Fishwick

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472946529

Category: Transportation

Page: 256

View: 5415

The Reeds Eastern Almanac covers the UK east coast from Ramsgate to Cape Wrath including the Shetland and Orkney Islands, and from Niewport to Delfzjil and Helgoland. It is the complete guide for North Sea mariners, offering ready access to essential navigation information by virtue of its clear layout and user friendly format. Completely updated for 2018, topics include seamanship, pilotage, tide tables, safety procedures, navigation tips, radio, lights, waypoints, weather forecast information around UK and European waters, communications, Mayday and distress procedures. The spiral binding allows the Almanac to be opened flat on the chart table and the large type and clear layout makes information easy to read even in adverse conditions. This handy volume is ideal for anyone cruising the North Sea. Includes a free Reeds Marina Guide. Also available: free supplements of up-to-date navigation changes from January to June at: 'There are some things I would not go to sea without - Reeds is one of them.' Sir Chay Blyth

Nuclear Papers

Author: David Owen

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 1846312272

Category: Political Science

Page: 296

View: 6759

Published in advance of the 2010 Inter-governmental Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Papers makes available for the first time newly declassified government correspondence from David Owen’s tenure as Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, in which capacity he worked closely with high-ranking U.S. officials. Offering fascinating insight into the culture of secrecy in the upper echelons of government and a forceful polemic on nuclear weapons policy, David Owen argues convincingly that progress toward the elimination of nuclear weapons can be made by skillfully tying the events of thirty years ago to the present.

Up the Lamb

A Fictional Autobiography

Author: John Ackerman

Publisher: Seren Books


Category: Maesteg (Wales)

Page: 125

View: 4560

The small Welsh mining town of Maesteg in the Depression of the 30's and the war years is the setting for John Ackerman's early life. Despite the poverty and unemployment which dominated the town and its people, an independent spirit informed life there. This spirit was typified by his matriarchal grandmother, a political woman who ran an unofficial salon in the Lamb, a local pub. Ackerman's detailed descriptions of childhood rivalries and the part played by the women in that society of miners are tellingly recounted in this story of growing up. John Ackerman is the author of The Dylan Thomas Companion and Dylan Thomas: His Life and Work.

Spirit Messenger

Author: Gordon Smith

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1848504411


Page: 284

View: 8532

Gordon Smith's unique gifts as a medium, or messenger from the spirit world, have led him to become known as 'the UK's most accurate medium'. He has proven his ability to scientists exploring the nature of mediumship and has astounded them with the consistency and accuracy of his messages. Spirit Messenger is Gordon's first book, originally published in 2004, and in it he describes the development of his mediumistic skills and the training that he undertook to develop his extraordinary gifts. Since its publication, many people have asked Gordon for advice on how to develop their own psychic an.


Author: Alan Everett,C. M. H Barritt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317893263

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 272

View: 4189

A well-known and respected standard reference, this fifth edition provides a thorough treatment of the properties of building materials and their manufacture, both on-site and in the factory.

Business Skills for Engineers and Technologists

Author: Harry Cather,Richard Morris,Joe Wilkinson

Publisher: Newnes

ISBN: 9780750652100

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 366

View: 4168

The scope of Business Skills for Engineers and Technologists is wider than many traditional business texts, including hot topics such as e-commerce, business ethics and law, as well as fully up-to-date coverage of management issues and finance. The interactive style of the book is ideally suited for the study of business and management topics. Rather than focussing solely on management theory, the subjects are explored within real-world engineering contexts through numerous case studies and activities, which bring the content to life and create a highly accessible text for the student reader. The IIE Textbook Series from Butterworth-Heinemann Student-focused textbooks with numerous examples, activities, problems and knowledge-check questions Designed for a wide range of undergraduate courses Real-world engineering examples at the heart of each book Core texts suitable for students with no previous background studying engineering "I am very proud to be able to introduce this series as the fruition of a joint publishing venture between Butterworth-Heinemann and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers. Mechanical Engineering Systems is one of the first three titles in a series of core texts designed to cover the essential modules of a broad cross-section of undergraduate programmes in engineering and technology. These books are designed with today's students firmly in mind, and real-world engineering contexts to the fore - students who are increasingly opting for the growing number of courses that provide the foundation for Incorporated Engineer registration." --Peter F Wason BSc(Eng) CEng FIEE FIIE FIMechE FIMgt. Secretary and Chief Executive,IIE This essential text is part of the IIE accredited textbook series from Newnes - textbooks to form the strong practical, business and academic foundations for the professional development of tomorrow's incorporated engineers. Content matched to requirements of IIE and other BSc Engineering and Technology courses An essential textbook, providing all the information for student engineers preparing to work in a business environment, including hot topics such as e-commerce and business ethics Student-centred text featuring worked examples, case studies, assignments and knowledge-check questions throughout


From Sumer to Saddam

Author: Geoff Simons

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1349247634

Category: History

Page: 444

View: 2830

This book presents a broad history of Iraq, from the earliest times to the present, with particular attention to the emergence of modern Iraq in the twentieth century, the power struggles that led to the rise of Saddam Hussein, and recent events such as the Iran-Iraq war, the 1990-91 Gulf crisis, and the continuing depiction of Iraq as a 'pariah' nation. Detailed information is included, much of it unsympathetic to western propaganda, to encourage a deeper understanding and a deeper ethical perception of the 'Iraq Question'.

Principles of Administrative Law

Author: David Stott,Alexandra Felix

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1859413706

Category: Law

Page: 380

View: 5559

The Principles of Law aims to provide the law student with texts on the major areas within the law syllabus. Each text is designed to identify and expound upon the content of the syllabus in a logical order, citing the main and up-to-date authorities. This work covers administrative law.

The Busiest Man in England

The Life of Joseph Paxton, Gardener, Architect, & Victorian Visionary

Author: Kate Colquhoun

Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher

ISBN: 9781567923018

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 303

View: 8426

Today One would be hard pressed to choose a "Pre-eminent Victorian," but among the Victorians themselves it was agreed that one figure towered above the rest. His name was Joseph Paxton (1803-1865), and he bestrode the worlds of horticulture, urban planning, and architecture like a colossus. This was the self-taught polymath who had a solution to every large-scale logistical problem, the genius whom an impossibly overworked Charles Dickens dubbed "The Busiest Man in England." Rising quickly from humble beginnings, Paxton, at age 23, became head gardener and architect at Chatsworth, the estate of the sixth Duke of Devonshire. Under Paxton's direction, Chatsworth was transformed into the greatest garden in England, a paradise of magnificent greenhouses, gravity-defying fountains, and innovative waterworks. Queen Victoria herself came to marvel; here was Britain's answer to the hanging gardens of Babylon. But it was the Crystal Palace, home of the Great Exhibition of 1851, that secured Paxton's fame. Two thousand men worked for eight months to complete this unprecedented temporary structure of iron and glass. It was six times the size of St. Paul's Cathedral, and entertained six million visitors. In the wake of its spectacular success, Paxton was in constant demand to design public buildings and propose ways to ease congestion in London, then the world's most populous city. An artist among researchers, Kate Colquhoun handles her complex subject as if she were born to biography. She tells the compelling story of a man who embodied the Victorian ideals of self-improvement, industry, and civic service, and paints a touching portrait of a remarkably down-to-earth visionary.

Marie Lloyd

The One and Only

Author: Midge Gillies

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780575064201

Category: Entertainers

Page: 338

View: 5020


Understanding Your One-Year-Old

Author: Sarah Gustavus-Jones

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1846420180

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 80

View: 5530

How does the world look to a one-year-old? When your child doesn't have words to explain things to you, how can you begin to understand how she feels? How do you support and understand your very young child as his independence increases and he starts to become a toddler, beginning to learn to dress himself, share toys and play with other children? Acknowledging the crucial role of relationships and parenting, Sarah Gustavus Jones offers guidance and reassurance in this sensitive exploration of the issues central to your child's developing physical and emotional needs.

The Bronte Project

Author: Jennifer Vandever

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780996679510


Page: N.A

View: 3995

An irreverent and comic look at love, loss, literature, and pop culture, and a guide to reconciling the mythology of romance with the reality of modern love. Young scholar Sara Frost's unsuccessful search for the lost love letters of Charlotte Brontë hasn't won her any favor at her university, particularly now that the glamorous and self-promoting Princess Diana expert, Claire Vigee, has introduced her media-savvy exploits to the staid halls of academia. But it's not until Sara's fiancé suddenly leaves that she begins to question her life's vocation and is forced to reconcile the mythology of romance with the reality of modern love. Sara's jolt brings her to an unusual new world, one populated by a cheerfully amoral Frenchman Denis, a pair of New York eccentrics who pretend to live in the 19th century, a lapsed methadone-addict and screenwriter, and a Hollywood producer who mistakenly assumes that the short, sad life of Charlotte Brontë has the makings of the next "feel good" movie blockbuster. Along the way, Sara discovers that the life and writings of Charlotte Brontë may have taught her more than she ever guessed about the virtues of being a romantic with the heart of a pragmatist.

Cooking for Blokes

Author: Duncan Anderson,Marian Walls

Publisher: Little Brown

ISBN: 9780751515633

Category: Cookery

Page: 330

View: 1209

Hungry? Can't find the menu from the takeaway up the road? Can't face beans on toast again? COOKING FOR BLOKES tells you all you need to know - from which pots you need in your cupboard to what to put in the spice rack. From the simplest of '11.30 on a Friday night, drunk, starving' snacks (cheese on toast) to dishes that might even impress Mum (trout and almonds), the simple, short recipes take you through the process step-by-step.


Author: John Lescroart

Publisher: Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 9780440222811

Category: Fiction

Page: 622

View: 6193

When San Francisco attorney Mark Dooher becomes a suspect in his wife's murder, all he--who gets what he wants, including a beautiful mistress and the power of the Church behind him--has to fear is the truth

Hospitality Sales and Promotion

Author: Derek Taylor

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136398147

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

View: 5117

'Hospitality Sales and Promotion' is the essential guide for every manager in the hospitality industry wanting to achieve maximum profits from their sales promotions. Practical and down-to-earth, this guide discovers: * who is your customer? market segments and groups * how can you reach them effectively? the secrets of successful public relations * new and traditional technologies; from direct mail to using the Internet to maximum advantage. Derek Taylor has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and has worked with and advised numerous international corporate hospitality companies. Concrete and relevant case studies and examples from his experience are used to illustrate throughout the guide, from companies such as: Whitbread, Hilton International, Pizza Express and Stakis.

Introduction to Engineering Design

Author: Andrew Samuel,John Weir

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080509142

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 405

View: 4863

Introduction to Engineering Design is a completely novel text covering the basic elements of engineering design for structural integrity. Some of the most important concepts that students must grasp are those relating to 'design thinking' and reasoning, and not just those that relate to simple theoretical and analytical approaches. This is what will enable them to get to grips with *practical* design problems, and the starting point is thinking about problems in a 'deconstructionist' sense. By analysing design problems as sophisticated systems made up of simpler constituents, and evolving a solution from known experience of such building blocks, it is possible to develop an approach that will enable the student to tackle even completely alien design scenarios with confidence. The other essential aspect of the design process - the concept of failure, and its avoidance - is also examined in detail, and the importance not only of contemplating expected failure conditions at the design stage but also checking those conditions as they apply to the completed design is stressed. These facets in combination offer a systematic method of considering the design process and one that will undoubtedly find favour with many students, teaching staff and practising engineers alike.